Brotherly Love

By Jo and Carol

Phone ringing at three am.

"God, I hope I got the right number," a female voice said into the phone as soon as she heard someone mumble. "Is this Jackson McCullum?" she asked

"Speaking," Jack replied; his voice showed how deeply he'd been asleep.

"Hi. (pause) Oh, God, this is so hard (sniffing). This is DJ. (pause, sniffing). Ummm, Shane and Sharon have been in an accident (sniffing); she didn't make it; Shane is on his way to surgery. (Deep breathe, more sniffing) They're not sure if he's going to make it." DJ took a deep breath, not really giving Jack time to ask questions. "They really need Jay here," DJ told him.

Jack sat up with a bang. He looked over at his Brat, who hadn't stirred when the phone rang. "We'll be there as soon as we can," Jack said. "Which hospital is he at?" Jack noted down the name, and hung up the phone. He took a deep breath and gently shook Jay awake.

Jay rolled away from Jack, as he pulled the sheet over his head. "Five more," Jay mumbled. After another shake, Jay rolled back, opening one sleeping eye as he stared at his lover. "What's wrong?" Jay asked when he saw the look on Jack's face.

"Shane and Sharon have been in a bad accident," Jack replied. "That was DJ on the phone; we should set out now and get there as quickly as we can." Jack threw back the blankets, and quickly began to dress.

Jay bounded out of bed, almost falling on his face when the sheet tangled around his feet. "Is Shane alright?" Jay asked, as he grabbed the jeans Jack tossed him. "What hospital is he in? Were Sarah and the boys with him? Jay asked questions faster then Jack could answer. "What the hell was he doing out this late at night?" Jay yelled, out of frustration. "Jack," Jay stopped in the middle of getting dressed, taking a deep breath. "Are they alright?" he asked quickly, wiping the tears from his eyes, trying to stop his quivering lip as he stood with his t-shirt half on and half off.

"They're taking Shane into surgery," Jack answered. "DJ said he's pretty badly hurt, and its touch and go." Jack closed his eyes briefly, and prayed for guidance. "Sharon was too badly hurt; she passed away at the scene."

Jay's eyes went big; he blinked a couple of times, and swallowed hard "Then we need to get," Jay said, as he slipped on his shirt the rest of the way. Grabbing his jacket, Jay turned to look at Jack. "I'll put my boots on when we get there," he said, as he picked up them up. "Do you want me to drive?" he asked, as he opened the door, so they could leave. Hell, he and Jack had only been asleep for a few hours before the call. Jack worked all day, while he'd been napping that afternoon, and goofing off the rest of it. "I mean, if you're tired and all," Jay told Jack, as he watched Jack lock up the loft.

"I'm not tired," Jack replied, softly. "You get into the passenger side." Jack was aware Jay was holding onto his emotions, and there was no way he'd trust his young lover to drive when he was emotionally unstable.

Jay got in and buckled up. He knew Jack always warmed up the engine before taking off; usually it didn't bother him; this morning it frustrated him. Once on the road, Jay knew the trip was going to be a long one. He kept shifting from hip to hip. Glancing over at the speedometer, he let out a sigh. "Damn-it, Jack. Can't this thing go any faster?" Jay yelled, as he punched the dash with his fist.

"Yes, it can go faster," Jack replied calmly. "It isn't safe to go any faster, and we'd lose a lot more time if I got pulled over for speeding. Calm down, sweetheart; I know you feel powerless, but when we get there, you'll need to be alert enough to cope. Try to sleep now."

"Sleep! Are you nuts, and there's not a cop for miles?" Jay yelled, as he stomped both feet on the floorboard and slammed his back into the seat. "What the hell was he doing out with her?" Jay was still yelling.

Jack stopped the truck. "Throwing a temper tantrum will not get you anywhere, except over my knee," he warned sternly. "I know you're upset and worried, so I'll cut you some slack; but one warning is all you get."

Jay about freaked when the truck suddenly came to a stop in the road. His heart thumped hard in his chest; he thought for sure he was going to get it. He didn't say anything; just balled up his jacket, and rested it and his head against the passenger's window. Letting out the breath he was holding, he closed his eyes. "I can't lose them both," Jay mumbled, as a tear slid down his cheek.

Jack undid his seat belt, and unbelted Jay, and pulled him into his strong arms. "Cry it out, baby," he suggested gently. "Just remember, I'm always here for you."

Jay jumped, and reached for the door handle when he felt his seatbelt being undone. He thought for sure Jack had changed his mind, and his ass was toast. "I'm sorry," Jay cried into his lover's shoulder. After a few minutes, Jay pulled back. "We need to get; I'm fine now." Jay took a deep breath and said, "As long as you are here, I'm fine," Jay told him. Giving him a kiss then he laid his head on Jack's shoulder and wrapped his arms around Jack's arm, and held it tight.

Jack waited until he heard Jay's breathing evening out, indicating his Brat was asleep. He gently moved him back to his seat, and refastened the seatbelt. Before he started driving again, he put a blanket over his sleeping Brat; Jay slept almost all the way.

"Damn-it" Jay yelled, as he jumped and banged his head on the window. Pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, he glanced at the screen. "He's out of surgery, in ICU room 2; check in at nurse's station. Sis," Jay read aloud, while he rubbed the spot on his head. "How close are we?" Jay asked, as he got ready to send a text back to his sister-in-law. "Jack, I got to go," Jay told him, wiggling in the seat.

"We're about 5 minutes away. Jack replied his voice tired. "I'll let you out at the front, and then find a park. I'm sure you can find a toilet easily enough." Half an hour later, the two men stood outside the ICU.

After checking in at the nurse's station they waited for Sarah or someone to come out. When the doors opened, a very tired Sarah came out. "Jay," Sarah yelled, and grabbed him. Jay led Sarah over to the chairs and listened to what she had to say. "He's got a busted arm, a few stitches, and a tear in his liver, but other than that, they said he's going to be alright. Jay was thanking a Man he'd stopped believing in a long time ago, when he heard his brother was going to be alright. The ICU was just a stop over, because of the liver. "I'm sorry about your mom, Jay, but the other car hit the passenger side; she didn't know what happened," Sarah told him.

"Where were they coming from?" Jay asked.

Sarah looked over at Jack for help, as she took Jay's hands into hers. Jack could see she really didn't want to answer that question. She swallowed. "A bar," Sarah told him.

Before Jack could stop his Brat, Jay was on his feet. "That bitch!" Jay yelled out, and punched the wall beside him.

"That was a wee bit stupid," Jack said calmly, forcing Jay to sit down, and gently manipulating his Brat's hand. "You're lucky nothing is broken," he said, "although the bruises might be spectacular. " He fixed his Brat with a glare. "No matter how upset you are, this is not the place to display your temper."

Jay glanced up at Jack with narrowed eyes. "She's used to my outbursts," Jay stated.

"Guys, Shane will be asleep for a while; let's go home and get something to eat, and some sleep," Sarah said, as she got up. "You can put ice on that," she said, jabbing a finger into Jay's chest.

Once home, Sarah gave Jay a bag of frozen veggies for his hand; then made a quick lunch of sandwiches. After lunch, she showed the guys to the little guest room out back. "It was supposed to be a surprise for Sharon. Not sure if you smoke still or you Jack, but please not in here, "Sarah said, as they entered the room. Jay looked around; it was one big room - a kitchenette and bathroom. "Thanks, Sis, and we don't," Jay told her. As she left, he went over and sat on the neatly made bed. "Hey, it's my old bed," Jay said aloud, as his hand swept over the name `Jason' that was carved into the old cherry wood head board. "Love, you need to lie down, before you fall down," Jay said, as he let out a yawn.

Jack stretched out on the bed and held out his arm for his lover. "It's a long time since I slept in a single bed, or is it a small double?" Jack asked his eyes heavy. "I'm sorry, lover; I need to crash," he murmured, and before he knew it he was asleep.

"No, it's a full," Jay said, as he lay down beside his very tired lover. With one arm across Jack's chest, Jay laid his head lower to snuggle as close to him as possible. He waited until he heard heavy breathing; then slipped the truck keys out of Jack's pocket. Jay headed to the hospital to sit beside his brother's bed. He jumped a foot when a hand landed on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw his dad standing behind him.

"Uncle Jack, mom needs you," a little voice said, as he shook Jack by the foot.

"Well, hi young Benji," Jack said, with a smile for Jay's young nephew. "I'll be right there, after I've used the toilet." Afterward, Benji escorted Jack to Sarah. "You needed me?" Jack inquired. "Where's Jay?" He looked out the front window. "Strike that; where's Jay gone to with my truck? As if I can't guess," he growled under his breath.

"Benji, go see Mrs. Edwards," Sarah told her son. Once the boy was gone, Sarah grabbed her jacket as she turned Jack toward the door. "I just got a call from the ER; Jay's being treated. It seems he got into a small fight, with who I don't know" Sarah told him, as they made their way to her car.

When they got to the hospital, a policeman was putting someone in the back seat of a unit. Sarah pointed Jack toward the ER area. "When you get Jay, come up to the ICU, so I can find out what happened," Sarah told him, as she headed for the elevators.

When the curtains were pulled back, Jay looked over to see Jack standing there. "Hi," Jay said. The left side of his face was very red, and his lip was swollen and split.

"Hi, you," Jack replied. "What the hell happened to you? I'm assuming you didn't start the fight." He raised his eyebrow in question.

"No, and it wasn't much of a fight. He hit me; I hit the floor; he got restrained," Jay told him. Jay knew that look. "It was Dad; he asked me where I was living; I told him. He asked me who I was living with; I told him I was living with my fiancé Jackson. He told me `No son of mine was going to marry a man.' When told him I stopped being his son when I moved in with Shane." Jay tried to sit up. "That's when I saw stars, the floor, and I was sitting down," Jay told him. "No, I am not pressing charges," Jay said, as he swung his legs around, so he could face Jack.

Jack gently kissed Jay on his right cheek. "Did I ever tell you how much I love you and how proud of you I am?" Jack asked. "It's up to you whether you press charges or not, but I'm guessing the hospital will take care of that for you. What does the doctor say about you?"

"Yes, but you can show me later, to remind me," Jay told him, giving Jack's ass a good pinch. "I'll be sore for a while, and they were waiting for you to get here to release me," Jay said, as he stood to his feet. "Can we go see Shane?" Jay asked, as they started to leave the room.

"Of course," Jack replied. "We will be talking later about sneaking out and 'borrowing' the truck," he said sternly, after signing Jay out.

Jay gave Jack a small smile, when he mentioned the truck, and sneaking out. When they got to the unit, Shane was awake, and wanting to get up and go home. "Now you know where I get it from." Jay said to Jack, as they walked into the room. "The nurse said as long as you behave yourself we all can stay in here, but if you start acting up, two of us will have to leave, and I don't think Sis will be one of them," Jay said, as he gave Shane a hug. Shane asked what happened to him. "I'll tell you in a few days," he said.

Shane then told them what he remembered about the accident, which was bright lights and a crunch; then waking up in the ER. When he asked how Mom was, Jay and Sarah just looked at one another. He just shook his head, as he read the looks on their faces. "I'm sorry, Jay; it was not my fault."

"Not blaming you," Jay said, as he squeezed Shane's hand. `Blaming her' Jay thought, as he looked over at Jack.

After about an hour, "Well, bro; Jack and I are going to head for the house; let you and Sis chat a while," Jay told him, as he stood up. "Jack's probably still tired from the long drive," Jay said, giving Jack a wink.

Jack just smiled. His Brat was irrepressible. "Yeah, I could do with some shut eye," he drawled. "And so could Jason." He just looked at Shane, who had picked up the use of his brother's full name. Shane just rolled his eyes.
"The rooms I built for Sharon are sound proofed," was all he said.

"Good," Jack replied. "We wouldn't want your kids to hear anything and get more of an education than they need." They left the hospital and drove to the house.

Jay didn't hear his full name; his mind was on other things at the moment. Jay handed Jack the keys to the truck, after he put on his jacket, and followed Jack out of the hospital. Jay could only smile as they drove toward the house. He had thoughts of hot sex and a long nap. Once inside the main house, Jay grabbed a Mountain Dew from the fridge, and a bag of hot Cheetoes off the top of it. He also grabbed a bottle of water for Jack, and then they headed out toward where they were staying. "Now what did I do to make you go all quiet and all?" Jay asked, once they were inside the apartment.

"Sneaking out and 'borrowing' the truck," Jack replied. "I'm not happy, Jason. Maybe if I'd been with you, we could have avoided you ending up in the emergency department."

Jay rolled his eyes, "Yeah and it could have been you there instead of me," Jay told him, as he came over to stand in front of his irate lover. "And I didn't sneak out; and you said I could use the truck, if I needed it. All I wanted to do was to be there when Shane woke up, or if he needed anything like blood," Jay said, as he pulled Jack into a hug. "I'm sorry; I should have left you a note; I didn't expect dad to be there." Jay said, looking up at Jack. "Am I in trouble?" he asked.

"Yes," Jack replied. "How do you think I felt when I realized you weren't here; and it wasn't until I saw the truck missing that I worked out what had happened. If you wanted the truck, why didn't you ask for the keys before I fell asleep? Why sneak them out of my pocket? If you wanted to go sit with Shane, I wouldn't have minded. After all, you slept most of the way. A note would have been the least I expected. We both have cell phones; text messaging was invented for times like this." He returned Jay's hug fiercely; he didn't do `scared `well.

When hearing the `Yes,' Jay dropped his head down into the crook of Jack's neck, letting out a heavy sigh, and his body trembled a little. "Scared, I don't know; forgot, didn't work." Jay tried to answer each question as they got fired at him. "M'sorry," Jay mumbled into Jack's shoulder, tightening his hold around Jack's waist.

"I know, baby," Jack replied. He turned Jay around and gave him two hard swats. "Now you've paid, and it's all over." He grinned crookedly at his Brat.

Jay yelped when the swats landed on his jeans-clad bottom. Jack had to put some force behind them, to get them to hurt that badly. Jay pulled Jack over to the bed, and lay down, curling up beside his lover. The day had finally come crashing down around Jay; he let out a yawn, and was asleep within a few minutes.

When he and Jack awoke that afternoon, Jay's Uncle Dean and his partner, Leo, were there to help Sarah make funeral arrangements, which was graveside.

At the funeral Jay was relieved that his dad didn't say anything to him. Jay knew if he had, Jack would have torn him apart. He was a little upset because Shane was not able to be there with them, but he understood why. With Jack by his side, along with his two favorite uncles, he stood tall and brave. He knew he had to there for Sarah and Benji's sake.

Jay had to bite his tongue, or squeeze Jack's hand tightly when someone said something like, "She was always such a good mom; she always put you boys first," or some other lie. Jay wanted to tell them the truth, but figured since he and Shane knew the truth, and that is all that mattered, he let it get buried with her.

After the funeral, most of the people headed home. Everyone decided it would be best to wait until Shane got home to have the wake. There was a knock on the door; then they heard…

"Jay, the hair bear bunch has arrived, looking for their lost cub," Sarah yelled, from the front room. Jay dropped his stuff back on the table, and made a mad dash for the door, almost knocking little Benji down on his way out.

"Bird," someone yelled out. Jack soon saw the man he loved engulfed by a small group of young adults. He could see Sarah shake her head.

"No drinking or smoking of any kind around the house," she ordered, "or I'm calling the police," she said to the group that was no longer listening to anything.

"Yeah, sure; no problems; we'll take it down the street," someone said.

"Jack, you need to watch him close; they're all trouble magnets," Sarah said, as she passed him at the door way.

"Jack," Jay yelled out. "C'mere," he said, looking over to him. "I want you to meet the gang."

Jack smiled easily, and sauntered over. "Hi gang," he said cheerfully. "I'm Jack."

"This is Bear, Paul, Lee, Erick, and this is the lovely DJ," Jay said, who in turn soundly punch Jay in his arm as he took her by the arm and pulled her to stand in front of him. DJ stood eye to eye with Jay, and she was in flats; long black hair pulled back into pig tails, big brown doe eyes - she had the typical skater look,

"Hi, Jack; nice to meet you finally," she said, blushing a soft pink as she held out her hand. "Is it alright if Bird comes out to fly for awhile?" She asked.

"Fine by me," Jack replied. "Just need to speak to my partner before you guys go." He pulled Jay aside. "No smoking, and watch your drinking," he said quietly. "You have consequences to your actions that the rest of your gang don't have. Have a good time, lover." He watched the gang head off, and turned to Sarah. "I hope they're not as bad as you say," he said.

Sarah just smiled at him and shook her head. "Live and learn." was all she said.

It was just after six when Jay came in, his face red from the cold, eyes blood shot, smelling of smoke. "Hi," Jay said, as he came in and headed for the bathroom. "I didn't smoke anything, and I only had one beer," Jay said, tossing his coat out the bathroom door. After a few minutes, the water came on. Inside the bathroom, Jay pulled a bloody t-shirt off, wrapped it up in a towel, and shoved it into the hamper. Glancing at his face in the mirror, there was no evidence of an incident.
"Care to join me in a few minutes?" Jay asked, sticking his head out the bathroom door.

Jack rolled his eyes at Sarah. "I promised Benji I'd read him a bedtime story," Jack replied, shooting his Brat a warning look.

Sarah laughed; then went into the kitchen. Jay couldn't figure out why he got that look, but figured he'd find out sooner or later. He quickly took his shower, getting all the smoke smell from his hair. Grabbing up his stuff off the floor, he fished out the t-shirt, and took everything into the wash room. "Sis, how do you get blood out of whites?" Jay asked, showing Sarah the t-shirt.

"You only get a bloody nose when you smoke pot," she said, looking at the shirt and shaking her head. "This, you toss it in the trash," she told him, throwing the shirt away. She then handed Jay one of Shane's white shirts.

"I was not smoking pot," Jay told her, as he put on the shirt. He didn't see Jack standing by the door.

"Is that the truth?" Jack asked bluntly. "Why were your eyes so bloodshot?"

Jay jumped a mile. "God, Jack, scare the hell out of me. Because they were smoking cigarettes in the car on the way home, and that shit always make my eyes red. Honest, Jack, after what you told me, do you think I'd be dumb enough to smoke pot?" he told him, as he pushed past him to go back into the house. "If you don't believe me, we can go have my blood tested, or better yet, have a cop come over and check my eyes; they can tell just by looking at you; or have one of the dogs sniff me out." Jay grabbed up his jacket and headed for the back door. "I'm going to bed," Jay yelled, slamming the back door behind him.

Sarah jumped when the door slammed shut." He still does that, huh?" she asked, giving Jack a quirky smile.

Jack sighed. "Yes," he said. "I'm surprised we still have windows left at home. I guess I better go and make apologies to him." Jack went to the room he and Jay were staying in. "I'm sorry, Jay," he said, to the hump under the covers. "I should always trust your word; I listened to Sarah too much, and forgot you had changed since she knew you. Will you accept my apology?"

Jay also slammed the door to the cottage they were staying in; he was so pissed off, he could not see straight. Jay quickly stripped off his clothes, and climbed into bed; he wanted nothing to do with Jack at the moment, and bed was the safest place for him right now.

It was not long before Jay heard the door open, then close. He could feel Jack looking at him. Instead of telling him to bug off, he listened to what his lover had to say. "Of course I forgive you," Jay told him, as he sat up. "You know, a few years ago, I would have gotten high and thought nothing of it, `cause I didn't care what happened to me. But when I met you, I figured I don't need it, `because you make me feel good," Jay told him. "I am sorry for yelling at you like that." Jay tried to look up at his lover, but it was hard to keep eye contact with him; so he just played with the ring that Jack gave him for Christmas. Deep down, Jay knew his little tantrum in the house was uncalled for.

"That's good to hear, baby," Jack said, sitting down on the bed. "Maybe tomorrow morning you should apologize to Sarah for slamming her doors. After all, you're not really the door slamming type any more." Jack smiled. "After you fixed how many windows at home?"

"Yes, sir," Jay said, crossing his legs to give Jack room to sit in the small bed. He really didn't think he should have to apologize, because Sarah was the one that started it. "I don't know; I've lost count," Jay told him, as he watched Jack sit, while he pulled the little lint balls off the blankets. "So, what happened after I left," Jay asked, not wanting to think of what might happen next.

"Sarah and I just talked a little," Jack replied, pulling Jay close in a tight hug. "And what you're apologizing for is for slamming doors. There are better ways of expressing your emotions than throwing a temper tantrum as though you were no older than Benji. You're an articulate young man when you put your mind to it; I just wish you'd use that talent more often."

`I could have told her to fuck off,' Jay thought, as he leaned into the hug. "So how long do we get to stay, since Shane's not as bad as they first thought?" Jay asked, as he buried his face into Jack's neck, smelling the man he loved, letting his lips gently touch the skin under them. Jay moved his mouth to give his lover butterfly kisses along the neck, as his breath came out in whispers. "I love you," Jay whispered into Jack's ear, as he gently sucked the earlobe into his mouth. Jack could feel Jay's fingers running though his hair, his fingers gripping his head to move it to one side, so he could get a better taste of the neck that he was nibbling on. Jay's thumbs gently rubbed the erect nipple under Jack's shirt. He wiggled just a little to get a better seat on his lover's lap.

Jack felt himself harden under Jay's assault. "You want the spanking before or after I fuck you?" Jack asked. "You thought you could distract me using sex?" he continued, his voice amused. "You never get let off when you throw temper tantrums; you know that."

"You can't spank me here," Jay said, giving Jack a light kiss on his lips. "Sarah will hear you, or the neighbors will, and they'll call the police, thinking someone is being killed," Jay told his lover, in a soft voice. "If it wasn't for that I say before, `cause getting a spanking after getting fucked hurts like hell, and getting a spanking hurts bad enough," Jay said, pulling away from Jack. Besides, can't you let this one go; I mean, hell, you are the one that caused it," Jay asked, as he sat back, playing with the button on Jack's shirt.

"And where exactly did Shane punish you?" Jack asked, curiously. "And I apologized, but you didn't need to throw a temper tantrum and slam doors. I've never let one go before; why would I start now?"

"In the basement," Jay said, looking some what worried that Jack might haul his ass down there, and he didn't want that. There was something down there he didn't want Jack to know about. "Hey, you can't blame the condemned for trying, now can you?" Jay told him, with a small smile, as he laid his head on Jack's shoulder. "I said I was sorry for yelling at you, and I didn't mean to slam the door that hard; it just slipped; that's all; and `no' you have not let me get by with it before, and I really didn't expect you to this time either, " Jay said, as he moved around so he was beside Jack.

Jack gently placed Jay over his lap, and pulled his pants down. He started to spank his Brat, making sure he turned the butt over his lap a bright red color. He was determined to teach Jay once and for all that temper tantrums were zero tolerance.

Jay quickly grabbed his pillow and buried his face into it. He was determined to take this spanking with little or no fuss. Also, he did not want the neighbors to hear this, nor did he want Sarah to know what was going on. Shane knowing was one thing, but his sister-in- law, never. To hell with being brave; "Oww, Jack; please, ok, ok you made your point; no more tantrums," Jay yelled out. After the tenth swat had landed, he finally gave in and went limp over the lap of his top; he was not going to fight it anymore.

Jack's gentle stroking motion to calm his Brat didn't stay chaste for long. His touch became, oh so soft; and he gently laid Jay face down on the bed, and straddled him, leaning over to gently nip his lover's neck.

`This is new,' Jay thought, as he felt Jack straddle him. This was the first time Jack wanted to fuck, right after a spanking; but Jay had no problem with that; he still had that kinky part of him. Jay liked the feeling of cool skin next to his heated skin; the burning sensation he got when his lover pressed into him. He whimpered a little when he felt Jack nip his neck, feeling Jack press into him, causing him to wiggle his ass a little. Jay moaned a little "Backpack, side pocket, lube," he grunted, in between nips to his neck.

Jack just laughed. "Patience, my little Brat, is a virtue," he replied. "We won't be needing the lube, until I've driven you wild, cooled you down, then wound you up again." Jack then proceeded to do as he promised. He ran his tongue over all his young lover's erogenous zones, adding the odd nip as he went, ignoring the straining cock until the last possible second, and then swallowing it whole, as Jay shot for the first time.

Jay's eyes rolled to the back of his head. When he came, his mouth gapped open, "Awww, mmmm, Shhhhhhh," Jay mumbled, as he thrashed back and forth, his finger laced into Jack's hair, lightly moving his head under it. Jays' body jerked as he came down from the high, his organ being sensitive to the touch. He moaned when he felt the soft lips of his lover tighten around the shaft; as he moved upward to milk him of the last of his seed. Then he gasped, and his body shivered with goose bumps. When he felt the velvet touch of his lover's tongue, as it licked the sensitive head, he was totally speechless; all he could do was purr.

Jack gently stroked Jay, as his lover came down from his high. He leaned over and grabbed the lube. Then he flipped Jay over onto his back, and began to tease his lover's nipples. Once Jay had begun to moan again, he flipped him back over and began to butterfly kiss him down his back, moving down onto his Brat's reddened bottom. He then began to loosen his Brat's hole. First using his tongue, and then introducing well-lubed fingers, making sure he rubbed over Jay's sweet spot as he did so, Jack undid his trousers and released his cock. He drove in smoothly, and heard Jay's howl as the rough material of his jeans impacted against his tender bottom's cheeks.

Jay lost the ability to speak, at the beginning. When he felt Jack lean over to get the lube, he spread his legs apart to give Jack more room. He gasped loudly, as his body quivered, when he felt Jack's tongue licking the length of his crack, stopping at the hole for a few passes; he moaned when it stopped. Feeling his lover's fingers, he pushed back to help them along. With the gentle finger-fucking, all Jay could do was whimper softly. As the fingers passed over his sweet spot, Jay kneaded the bed as he purred; he was almost there. Then the fingers were gone; he let out a loud disappointed groan . When he heard the zipper being slid down, ass up, head and chest down, like a cat in heat, he wiggled his ass. He grabbed a fist full of bedspread, and waited for the penetration. Jay gasped, as Jack entered him, and he howled as the rough jeans touched his tender thighs; the combination of the two excited him beyond measure. Jay couldn't help it; his muscles tightened around Jack's cock. He let out a grunt and came hard. "M'sorry," Jay whispered, as he knew Jack liked it when they came together.

"No need to apologize, sweetheart," Jack replied, moving easily in and out of his lover. His hands crept around, and he began to play with Jay's limp cock. "I'm sure he can rise to the occasion again, and I'm in no hurry at all."

Jay moved his hand down to cover Jack's, as Jack stroked him to hardness, his fingers lightly touching Jack's balls on the inward thrust, and then sliding against Jack hard cock, as it fucked him. It was no time at all that Jay was harder then before. He bit his pillow as an anal climax hit him in waves, causing him to tighten his anal muscles around Jack's member. His body jerked several times, before he could think or breathe again. "Damn, Jack," Jay whispered softly, as his lover rode him, soft and steady. "Face me," Jay said; he wanted to be face to face with his lover, as the love making went on.

Jack withdrew slowly, and grinned as Jay protested the loss. He flipped his young lover over, and slowly entered Jay again, looking intently into Jay's eyes as he set the pace once more. Before long, Jay came again, and Jack followed him in a glorious rush. "Love you," was all Jack said, as he carefully withdrew and flopped down next to his lover and Brat.

Jay could only grin; the climax was the best yet. Slipping an arm under Jack's head, Jay rolled over and sucked on one of the erect nipples, giving it a loving nip. He placed his other hand on Jack's face, and turned his face to where they were eye to eye. He opened his mouth, and then closed it again. "I love you, too, love," Jay said, as he snuggled closer to Jack's chest. They lay chest to chest, and Jay lightly traced Jack's nipple with his fingers until he went to sleep.

The End.

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