Early Morning Manoeuvres

By Jo and Carol.
Jackson and Jason.

Jay's eyes fluttered open glancing at the clock. It stated two am. With a low growl, Jay climbed out of bed and made his way to the bathroom. Once he had relieved himself, he washed his hands and headed back to bed. When he finally got settled back in bed and was snuggled up next to Jack he realized something. He was horny.

Glancing up at Jack to see he was still asleep and his moving around didn't wake him, he let out a sigh. With his eyes on Jack's face, Jay licked Jack's left nipple. When that didn't cause Jack's eyes to flutter, he gently sucked it for a few seconds. Still not getting any response or movement, Jay slowly kissed his way down toward Jack's belly button. Once he got there, he licked around the navel then with just the tip of his tongue, he licked his way down to Jack's flaccid cock. Carefully, he took the soft cock into his mouth. For some reason, Jay loved it when Jack got hard in his mouth. Once it was semi-hard, Jay let the muscles in his throat relax. He swallowed and when his nose was touching Jack's balls he took a deep breath. Jay loved the way Jack smelled, his scent was intoxicating. With one hand Jay lightly played with Jack's balls. The other hand was playing with his own nipple. The scent, the taste, the feel of Jack's cock deep in his throat was almost more than Jay could withstand.

Jay heard Jack slowly take in a deep breath. Jay looked up at Jack's eyes. They were still closed and his face looked like he was still sleeping. Jay pulled back to where just the head of Jack's dick was in his mouth. Jay smiled to himself when Jack's hips moved.

Jack woke up. It wasn't the first time he'd been woken by Jay this way. He smiled as Jay worked on him. The hip movement was involuntary as the sensation started to over-ride his senses. "Oh yeah, baby," he said.

Jay smiled knowing Jack loved what he was doing. When he felt Jack's cock twitch, he pulled off and gave the head a gentle nip, hearing Jack sigh. He swung one leg up over Jack as he straddled Jack's throbbing cock and slowly lowered himself on to it. Once his ass cheeks were touching Jacks balls, he let out the breath he was holding. "Oooh that feels soooooo good," he whispered as his body shivered with delight. He had to control himself not to cum. Once he got used to the fullness, he began to ride Jack's hard cock slowly. Giving Jack a seductive smile as he rode harder and catching Jack's hand as they went for his cock, he placed them on his hips. "I want to cum only by you fucking me," he said in a raspy voice. After a few minutes, Jay felt it coming hard. He pushed down hard, doing his best to push Jack further into him. "Oh, Oh, Oh, Jaaaaaaaaack, " Jay yelled out as he came hard.

"Wow, what a way to wake up," Jack said after getting his breath back. He rolled onto his back and looked at the clock. He stiffened. "Tell me, Jay," he said his voice deceptively calm. "Why you decided to wake me up at 2.30am?"

"Cause I woke up horny and as we won't have time in the morning or in the afternoon now, I thought it would be a good time to do it now," Jay said as he let out a yawn and he snuggled up to Jack's side. "Beside it's your fault," he told his lover as he let out a bigger yawn.

"How is it my fault you woke up horny?" Jack asked. He wasn't tired, not after a wake up call like that. He knew he'd never get back to sleep now.

"Your scent always makes me horny," Jay said, as he curled up against Jack's side. He flopped an arm across Jack's chest and pulled him close to him. "Night," Jay said as he pinched one of Jack's nipples.

"Oh no you don't," Jack growled, sitting up and flipping Jay over his knee. "You were a bad boy and bad boys get their butts warmed for them." He swatted Jay hard twice then started to gently rub the reddened areas oh so gently. Then just as Jay was relaxing, he swatted him twice again. "Liking this, are you, baby?" he growled into Jay's ear as he gently began to stroke Jay's butt.

Jay lifted his ass up a little. Yeah he was liking it; it was the hard swats he didn't like much. Jay let out a low moan of pleasure he could feel himself grow hard again. "Mmmmmmm," Jay let out a soft whimper as he rubbed his semi-hard cock into Jack's naked thigh. As Jack stroked
his ass, Jay spread his legs open, hoping Jack would get the hint.

"Oh no, little boy," Jack teased "We have a long way to go before I fuck you through the mattress." He continued to alternate hard swats with lighter ones, with gentle rubbing until he felt Jay starting to squirm. "Stay there," he ordered rolling Jay off his lap. He got up and went to his closet. He came back holding four ties. "Seeing as you can't seem to keep still," he growled, "I'm going to tie you down." Jack kept a close eye on his Brat. This would be a new thing between them and he didn't want to spook the younger man.

Jay read about this kind of sex. Watching Jack cross the room with the ties in hand, he could not help himself; he giggled. His rock hard cock was even harder then before and he could feel the pre-cum drip from the slit. The way Jack held the ties reminded Jay of a cat-o-nines tail. Getting up on his knees and folding his hands like he was praying, he spoke in a good awful southern accent. "Don't beat me, Master, please don't beat me."

Jack saw his Brat wasn't spooked and laughed. "No, Brat, I'm not going to beat you but I am going to tie you down." He grabbed Jay's arm and efficiently tied his arm to the post of the four poster bed. Then moving quickly he tied the other arm and both his legs. Jack paused to
admire his spread-eagled Brat. "Now I get to play," he teased and he began to rub his hand over his lover. "Hang in there," he said with an evil grin and went back to his closet. When he turned around he had a feather in his hand.

`Oh shit' Jay thought. "A feather is that the best you can do?" Jay squeaked as he pulled on the ties that were just tight enough so he could not slip out.

Jack smiled when he saw Jay try to escape. He was not the first lover he'd tied down. He started to run the feather up and down his Brat's body until he was squirming and tears running down his face. He then tossed the feather aside and swallowed Jay's erection whole.

"Oh, mmm." Jay's mind melted quickly when Jack swallowed him. All he could do was hum, mumble and purr as Jack's warm mouth sucked him. He gasped as Jack's tongue touched his nuts sack. When Jay felt his climax coming, he started to thrust his hips so he could drive his cock farther into Jack's mouth while his head rolled back and forth on the pillow, his eyes closed and mouth open. He licked his dry lips. "Oh, please. Fuck Me, now," Jay begged between gasps of breath.

"Don't you dare cum," Jack ordered. "I mean it," he growled. "Do I need to make sure you don't?"

Jay let out a moan when Jack stopped and pulled his mouth off his hard and throbbing cock. His body convulsed when the cool breeze in the room hit his wet cock making it twitch and jump. "Yes," Jay babbled. "Stop me," he mumbled as his head rolled back and forth. His mind was total mush at this point he didn't care what Jack did to him.

Jack was aware Jay was too close to the edge and wished in hindsight that he'd thought to include a cock ring. His mouth went down and engulfed Jay's cock again. He worked him and when Jay came took everything he gave. He then untied Jay and flipped him on his front. He grabbed some lube and liberally coated himself, then gently pushed into Jay and paused a minute so Jay could realize what was going on.

When Jay felt his legs released, he automatically tried to pull his knees to his chest then he felt himself being flipped over and he knew what was going on. As he laid his head down, he spread his legs open. He gasped out when Jack penetrated him. If he hadn't of cum a second a
go, he would now. "Hard," Jay whispered to his lover.

Jack was more than willing to grant his Brat's request. It was a quick, hard fuck and Jack came. He withdrew carefully and curled around his Brat. "Now we can sleep," he said, sated.

Jay rolled over to face Jack with his head under Jack's chin, one arm slung over Jack's side and a leg over Jack's hip, gently nip a nipple then he took Jack's hand and slid it down to where it was resting on his hip. "Ok."

The End

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