The Motorcycle and the Strap

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason.

Jay ran up the stairs to the loft, taking two at a time. He was truly excited about some news he had just received from one of his skating buddies. He could hardly wait to tell Jack.

“Jack, Jack, where are you?” Jay yelled as he came into the loft, letting the door slam behind him hard enough to make the windows rattle down stairs. He looked around the loft. ‘Where the hell is he?’ Jay thought when he didn’t see Jack at the stove like he usually was at this time of day. Since the loft was an open floor plan and Jack was nowhere to be seen, it meant only one thing. Jay stood outside the bathroom and tapped on the door. “Jack, are you in there?” he called, bouncing on the heels of his shoes.

“Jay,” Jack’s voice was exasperated. “Whatever it is, it can wait until I’m finished up in here. Sit, Brat!”

“Just don’t take all day,” Jay groused. He went over to the sofa and flopped down hard, but was up in a few seconds. Too excited to sit, he paced back and forth.

Jack came out of the bathroom. “What is all the fuss about?” he asked.

“You remember my buddy Kermit; you know the rich little shit, the one with the red and white Mohawk?” Jay moved his hand up over his head. “And the Maple leaf on the side of his head.” He pointed to the side of his head. Jack still looked confused. “The one you said needed a good Top to straighten him out. Anyway his uncle owns a bicycle repair shop over in Kelowna and his helper is taking off for a few weeks to a month and Mr. LaCox asked Kermit if he knew anyone who could do that kind of stuff so he would not get behind.” Jay took a breath. “Kermit said I knew how, so Mr. LaCox said if I wanted the job, I could have it. I start Monday at one-thirty to five or so. I will still be home in time for dinner with you. It pays minimum wage and the best thing is it pays under the table. I told him I had think about it first because I knew I had to ask you. Can I take the job please?” Jay asked bouncing up and down on his feet.

Jack knew his Brat was excited but he had a few concerns. “What about your mail job?” he asked. “I know you finish at noon, but you need to have time for lunch and it takes an hour to get to Kelowna. And how are you going to get there? You don’t have a car and I can’t really spare mine. And why is he paying you under the table?” Jack, as a business owner, was more than a little uneasy about that. “You don’t need to ask for permission to take the job,” he said gently. “But you do need to stop and think things out.”

“Dude, I still have my mail job. I’ll leave at noon and head straight over there and an hour is not too long anyway. “Jay stopped and took a deep breath. “No paperwork, that’s why. I am asking you to help me to make the right decision on it,” Jay shrugged his shoulders, turned and headed for the fridge. “Shane’s going to bring my motorcycle up on Saturday along with some other stuff of mine,” he told Jack. “What’s for lunch?” he asked, not liking the look on Jack’s face. “Hey, you all right?” Jay was getting concerned.

“Your what?” Jack asked sharply. “A motorcycle. No way! I don’t like motorcycles; they're downright dangerous. My Mom told me if I even though of riding a motorcycle she’d tan my ass. Even now, my age wouldn’t stop her from doing it.” He drew a breath. “I mean this, Jay. No motorcycles.”

Jay thought that was funny, but still he was a little pissed to be told No without a fair chance to discuss it. “Whoa Dude, wait a minute; back the bike up. It so happens, my mom was the one who taught me how to ride and I been doing it safely since I was…oh let see,” Jay put his finger to his chin and looked up at ceiling fan, “eight and I’ve had not one accident or speeding ticket.” Jay stood with his hands on his hips. “If DJ and I can ride from Vancouver to Los Angeles at fifteen without getting stopped or in an accident,” Jay body trembled when he remembered Shane’s reaction when he found out, “then riding from here to Kelowna will be a breeze.” Jay made his way across the room. “And yes, Jack, a motorcycle.”

“Did I not just make my feelings clear on the subject of motorcycles?” Jack asked; his voice dangerously low. “Am I supposed to be reassured that at fifteen years of age you broke the law by riding your motorbikes on the public highway? This is something we don’t discuss. When I say no motorbikes, I mean no motorbikes. They are too dangerous.” Jack just LOOKED at Jay.

Jay didn’t like the look he was getting from Jack. ‘Cool your jets, dumb ass,’ Jay thought as his lower lip came out in a pout. He crossed his arms and let out a huff. “They are not dangerous,” he snapped. In one single move he stomped his foot, spun around and then dropped hard on the sofa, squishing a box that had come in the mail for Jack. Jay lifted his hip and pulled the box out from under him. ‘No noise, so I guess it alright,’ he thought as he handed it to Jack. Jay was not talking to Jack right now, not until he came to his senses about motorcycles. And from the look on Jack’s face, it was going to take longer then a few days.

Jack looked at the package and then at his Brat. “That temper of yours is getting you into more trouble than you can handle, sunshine.” Jack was giving Jay a chance to apologise and calm down. He didn’t want to spank his Brat but Jay was treading on very thin ice.

“Sorry about the package. I just forgot it was there,” Jay said as he got up. “You forgive me, huh?” Jay asked, batting his eyelashes at Jack as he ran his finger up and down Jack’s shirt.

Jack laughed out loud. “I forgive you,” he said. “But we haven’t got time for that. I need lunch and then I need to go back to work.” Jack made a couple of quick sandwiches and the two of them ate. Jack put a glass of milk in front of Jay and his eyes dared his Brat to make a protest.

Jay had a bad feeling that he was on thin ice with his Top and what sealed it was when a glass of milk was placed in front of him. His face twisted a bit as he hated the stuff, but he knew Jack was trying to prove a point so he picked up the glass and drank it down. Getting up, he gave Jack a hug. “Soda would have tasted better.” Hey gave Jack hard kiss to his lips, milk moustache and all.

“Milk is good for you,” Jack said calmly, after returning the kiss. “About the job you can take it if you solve the problem of transport. Doesn’t the post van head off around midday to go to Kelowna?”

“Cool, and no, it shows up early morning only,” Jay told him. “I’ll figure something out,” he said as he reached around and gave Jack’s ass a good squeeze with one hand and lightly traced the head of Jack’s dick with the other while he gently sucked on Jack’s neck. ‘He still has fifteen minutes,’ Jay thought as he continued the sexual assault.

Jack growled under the assault. He lifted Jay onto the table and proceeded to strip him. He then shucked his own trousers and his erection popped free. “Is this what you want, little boy?” he growled.

Jay just gave Jack a sassy grin. Reaching in between the napkins, he pulled out a small tube of lube and handed it over while raising his eyebrows in a seductive way. Jay braced himself the best he could. “Let’s not break the table,” Jay said as Jack stepped in between his legs.

Jack wasted no time in preparing Jay. Then he entered him smoothly. He began to stroke Jay in time with his thrusts, making sure to brush Jay’s prostate with every thrust. “Come for me, boy,” Jack whispered into his Brat’s ear. Jay came with a cry and Jack followed a second later. “God, Jay that was great,” Jack said, snagging his lover’s t-shirt from the floor to clean himself and Jay off. He tucked himself back into his pants and headed towards the stairs to the shop. “Behave yourself this afternoon.” It was not an order; it was more of a plea.

Jay busied himself by sanitizing the kitchen. After that was done, he picked up his dirty uniform and tossed it into the laundry basket then grabbed a quick shower. Dropping down on to the sofa, he smiled smugly to himself.

Sex on a full belly always made him sleepy, but before a nap came a challenge. Grabbing his cell phone, he dialled a number that he had memorized a long time ago. When the voice answered he smiled once again. It had been a long time since he heard that voice. “Hey, Sis, what are you doing?” Jay asked his sister-in-law. “Cool! Look I need you to email me some stuff that I have saved on Shane’s computer. Cool, yeah, I’ll wait.” It took about ten minutes before the file was found and on its’ way. “Okay, Sis, thanks, yeah, see you all on Saturday,” Jay said as he ended the conversation and flipped his phone shut. It was not long before Jay had what he wanted in his hands and was placing it on top of the entertainment center.

After he found what he wanted to snack on, he flopped down on the sofa and clicked on the TV to watch some silly kiddy cartoon. Jay let out a yawn and the last thing he remembered hearing was something about a pineapple under the sea.

Jack came up the stairs, tired out but content. His shop was prospering and he had a lover he intended to spend the rest of his life with. What could be better? He spotted Jay sleeping and grinned. ”Wake up, sleepy head,” he said. “How about I treat us to dinner at the Maple Grill to celebrate your new job.” He went to turn off the TV and saw a stack of paper on the entertainment center. “What’s this?” he asked intrigued.

Jay sat up and rubbed his eyes. He blinked a couple of time to get his eye focus. “Maple Grill sounds great,” Jay told Jack as he sat up. Seeing the stack a papers in Jack’s hands, he swallowed. ‘Oh God,” Jay thought. “Umm, it is just some motorcycles safety course certificates that I’ve gotten over the years,” he told Jack. “So how was your day?”
Jay asked, sliding his backside into the corner of the sofa. ‘Out of sight, out of mind, I hope,’ Jay thought as he waited for the fireworks.

“Jason.” Jack’s contentment was suddenly replaced with irritation. He flipped through the certificates. “As impressive as these are, I do not want you riding a motorcycle. I’ve seen far too many motorcycles vs. car crashes and I can promise you, I've never seen the motorcycle come out best off.” Jack throttled down his irritation. He looked at his Brat and said intensely, “I can promise you if you defy me in this that I’ll make sure you don’t want to sit on anything for a week. Do I make myself clear?”

Jay’s mouth twisted this way then that way. He was thinking hard. He stood up, calmly doing his best to match Jack’s height. “The only thing you’re making clear is that you’re being a pig headed, hard headed, selfish donkey butt.” With that said, Jay stomped his foot and spinning around, he headed for the door. Jerking the door open, it slipped out of Jay’s hand and slammed into the wall with a BANG. The window could not take anymore stress. They heard a loud CRACK as it shattered. Since the screen was on the glass, it simply fell to the sill instead of the ground below. Jay gulped hard.

Jack moved fast. He had Jay over his lap and bared within a second. He proceeded to turn his Brat’s bottom a fiery red. “That’s for the window,” he said grimly. “As for swearing at me, you’re going over the back of the couch and I’m giving you ten with a strap.”

When Jay heard the word ‘strap’, the little boy in him came out. “I didn’t use bad words.” His eyes darted back and forth. ‘Wonder if I can make it to the basement,’ he thought as he spied the still opened door. The last time he got strapped, he was living with Shane.

Jack saw Jay’s eyes dart towards the door. “Jason, if you even think about running I will double the strokes. And if I remember correctly calling me a pig headed, hard headed, selfish donkey butt is hardly the way to speak to your Top.” He looked at Jay. “Over the couch,” he said firmly. “I want to get this over and done with.”

“NO.” Jay shouted as he moved a little closer to the door.

“Jay, don’t make this any worse than it is already.” Jack knew his Brat was melting down. “Okay, I’ll make you a deal. You either take the strap or I paddle you and ground you for another month. Which means you can’t take the bicycle repair job. Your choice.”

“Are you nuts?” Jay said without thinking. He quickly put his hand over his mouth. Taking a deep breath he steadied himself. “I’m sorry I should not have called you those things.” As he slowly made his way over to the sofa, he made sure to keep his backside out of target range for now.

“Thank you,” Jack said, taking a deep breath. “As I think you spoke in the heat of the moment, I am willing to drop the stroke count to six, but you do need to make a decision.” Jack knew what Jay was going through. He remembered the same decision being given to him by his father when he was sixteen. He shuddered; his father had not reduced his
strokes. In fact, he’d ended up taking twenty strokes and a month’s grounding. Maybe calling his father a fucking tyrant had not been his smartest move. He still wasn’t going to let Jay off, his temper tantrums had been getting worse and Jack was determined to nip them in the bud.

‘Oh God, he’s going to make me say that word,’ Jay thought. Now he knew Jack was nuts. Jay felt like he did when he was standing in front of Shane. His belly felt like it had a hive of mad bees in it, swarming and stinging all at the same time. He swallows the lump in his throat. “The s-s-str…” Jay swallowed again and looked at the floor. He could feel his cheeks get hot and his ass twitched. “Strap,” Jay said in a low boyish voice.

The strapping did not take long but it took Jack about an hour to calm Jay down enough for him to fall asleep. Jack threw the strap in the back of the cupboard, determined never to use it again.

He stretched out on the sofa, emotionally exhausted but keeping an ear open just in case Jay needed him. He idly picked up the certificates Jay had printed off the computer and leafed through them. He got up and logged into the internet and spent the next two hours going through motorcycle sites and traffic safety sites. He sat back and thought hard.

When Jay wake up he was hot, sweating, his head hurt, his ass was numb, his mouth was dry, his nose was stuffed up his eyes were swollen and sore and he had to take one hell of a piss. ‘Yup empty,’ Jay thought as his hand went out to feel if Jack was still in bed He opened one eye and looked around to find the apartment was dimly light. He could see Jack sitting at the computer doing something. He slowly slid off the bed belly down until his toes hit the cold hard wood floor. Then lifting himself up, he let out a moan of pain. He did his best to be quiet as he didn’t want to disturb Jack because he really didn’t want to talk to him right now. He slowly walked to the bathroom, rubbing his ass to get the feeling back into it. Once he was done in the bathroom, he headed back to bed.

“Jay.” Jack’s voice was gentle. He heard every moan and groan his Brat had let out. His lip twitched slightly as he thought there was a touch of self-pity in Jay’s complaints. “Can I have a few words with you?” He watched Jay walk painfully over. “I’ve been doing some research and it seems to me that you’ve done some very worthwhile defensive driving courses on your motorcycle. So after some thought, I’ve decided you can use your motorcycle, but there are conditions.” He looked sternly at Jay. “You will wear a helmet and full leathers at all times. One speeding fine or accident and the bike will be confiscated for a longer or shorter term depending on the severity of the offence. Does that sound doable to you?”

At first Jay thought he was dreaming. Then before Jack could take it back, he had arms and lap full of an excited young man. “Yes, thank you, (kiss) thank you (kiss), I promise to be safe (a harder kiss).” Jay was more than excited. “I’ll obey all traffic rules.” Jay gave his lover a hug and then he pulled back and stared at him. “I don’t own leathers.” Jay told him hoping it wouldn't change his mind much. “Will you ride with me?” Then he remembered what Jack had said about his mom. “We don’t have to tell your mom,” he said sheepishly as he curled up in Jack’s lap.

“We can get you some leathers,” Jack said calmly. “We’ll go into Kelowna tomorrow and see what we find. As for riding with you, we’ll see and you’re right, we are not telling my Mom. I value my hide.” Jack grinned. “She is the only person in the world I’m scared of,” he said. “Now, young Brat, it’s been a tough day. I guess the Maple Grille is still open and I believe they have soft seats,” he said laughing at the expression on Jay’s face.

“Yeah, I am a little hungry,” Jay said, wincing as he got off Jack’s lap. “Hey, since you’re letting me keep my motorcycle, will they revoke your Top license?” Jay asked as his eyes twinkled just a little.

Jack just laughed. “Nope,” he replied. “Not unless they revoke your Brat one. Now let’s get moving; I’m starving.” The two men left the loft joking and laughing together.

The End

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