The Postman Pays a Call

By Jo and Carol

O.C.s: Jackson and Jason

Jackson, or Jack which he preferred, looked around his jewellery shop and smiled. His grandfather had left the shop and the apartment above to him in his will. In the six months since the old man had died, Jack had worked fourteen hour days getting the shop back into the black. He'd strengthened the arrangements his grandfather had with the local artisans so now had local jewellery sold on a commission basis, plus Jackson McCullum’s originals. As a manufacturing jeweller, most of his money was made by one-off commissions for local and international customers he had met whilst travelling.

The bell on the door sounded and Jack, looking around to find both his shop staff busy, greeted the young man who had just entered.

"Hi, how can I help you?" he asked pleasantly.

Jay turned to face the man who had asked if he needed any help and was pleased at what he saw. Smiling shyly, he replied. "I hope so. I’m looking for a very special present for my brother, for his birthday. Can you suggest something?"

"Well I guess it depends what your budget is and whether you want jade, silver or a combination." Jackson wasn't fazed by the somewhat vague question as this was his area of expertise. He enjoyed interacting with customers and giving them exactly what they needed. "We have quite a variety of pieces here on display but if you have a specific idea, I could make something for you." Jackson felt himself drawn to this young man. "But I warn you that does increase the price." He smiled at the younger man kindly.

Living on a postal worker's salary, Jay knew a custom made piece would be almost impossible to afford, but the thought of working closely with the jeweller pushed common sense about his budget straight out of his mind. “My brother loves Jade. Besides, it’s his birthstone. Do you think we could work together to create a unique bracelet for him, one that would showcase his personality and interests?” Jay waited with baited breath for the jeweller’s reply.

Jack felt himself drawn to the younger man. "We sure can. Look, why don't you come to dinner tonight and we can discuss things then," Jack suggested. "I live above the shop and dinner's at seven." The younger man couldn't afford his normal fee but he was more than willing to discuss options with him.

Jay couldn't believe his luck. He was going to get to spend some time alone with this man who he found so attractive. Trying to hide the blush he knew was creeping up his face, he did his best to contain his excitement. "I would be honoured to come to dinner with you tonight to discuss what I have planned. Would you like me to bring anything? Wine perhaps?" Jay asked.

“A nice bottle of red will be great," Jack said. "I have a beef roast in the fridge, so I'll treat you to a full English roast beef with roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding and all the trimmings." He grinned broadly. "I have a feeling we're going to be working hard enough to burn off the calories." He had noticed the blush on Jay's face and couldn't stop his grin turning wicked. "Maybe in more ways than one," he added softly. Jack did not believe in pussy-footing around when he was attracted to someone.

Later on, after he closed the shop, he heard a knock on the door a little before seven pm. He opened the door and Jay stood there.

Jay held his breath as he heard the sounds of footsteps approaching the door. A huge grin came over his face as the door opened and this man who had dominated his every thought ever since he walked into the jewellery store that day, stood before him. He handed him the red wine and as he was lead into the hallway, Jay hoped the evening would end the way he fantasised it would all the way here.

“You look great,” Jack said, looking Jay up and down. “Good enough to eat,” he joked. He was sexually attracted to Jay. He wondered if Jay was attracted to him and decided to take the plunge. He leant over and kissed Jay, hoping that the young man would respond in kind.

Jay's heart raced as he felt soft but strong lips touching his. He opened his mouth to allow Jack's tongue's entrance. He was in dreamland and as he responded to the kiss, he hoped he never woke up.

"Wow," Jack said as he came up for air. "That was great." He looked into Jay's eyes. "I'd say let's get more comfortable but Yorkshire pudding waits for no man. Let's eat."

He pushed Jay gently towards his dining area. His apartment was open plan with a four poster bed in the far corner. Rooms could be created using curtains which at the moment were all open and tied back. There was a big table in one corner that was obviously used for Jack's work, as there were sketches and half-finished jewellery scattered over it .

The two men ate the dinner Jack had cooked. Jack felt the sexual tension but kept his desire under control. He wanted Jay and guessed the young man felt the same way. After dinner they loaded the dishwasher and Jack took every chance he got to brush against Jay, giving all the signals of wanting to move this relationship to the next step.

Jay couldn't believe how controlled this man was. For himself, he had such an erection it was hard to concentrate on anything but the man bustling around the kitchen. What was the jeweller waiting for? He was driving him crazy. It wasn't in Jay's nature to make the first move, but if Jackson made him wait to much longer he would because he wanted this relationship to move beyond dinner. He knew this was the man for him and he also knew this man would have what it took to keep him on track.

Finally the dishes were done and there were no more distractions. Jay waiting with heated anticipation and
he hoped his eyes as well as his body language told the older man to make his move.

Jackson made his move. Before Jay knew where he was, Jack had claimed his mouth and his tongue demanded entrance. Whilst they were kissing, they moved towards the four poster bed.

“I don't do one night stands,” Jack growled, breaking off the kiss. “And I top in all ways.”

“Me either,” Jay said as he brushed his hand against Jack's strong jaw while the other one slid down Jack's back only to stop on his left cheek. “And that’s fine by me.” Jay's response was a squeeze as he batted his eye-lashes at him.

They made love urgently, both climaxing and screaming the other's name. Then Jack slowly began to play with Jay's body, learning all those spots where he was most sensitive. He played with his nipples, running his fingers all over the man's body, teasing and probing. Jay's cock rose to attention and Jack chuckled.

“Slut,” he said affectionally and swallowed it whole, milked it dry. He kissed Jay again deeply, sharing the taste.

Jay laid there with half closed eyes when he heard Jack call him a slut. ‘How do you respond to that?’
“Only for you,” Jay said as he let a yawn escape. “Excuse me.”

Jack sat cross-legged on the bed, watching Jay sleep. He felt things for this man that he'd never felt before with anyone. They'd proved without doubt they were sexually compatible but he wanted more; he wanted a partner. He wondered how Jay would react when he found out Jack was a Top. ‘Did he see himself as a Brat? Did he even know what a DP was?’ Jack tormented himself with these questions.

He shook himself. Time enough to address those problems after Jay woke. He pulled on a pair of jeans as the loft was warm enough despite it being winter, and went over to his workbench. He became deeply engrossed sketching a design he thought his bed-mate would like for his brother

Jay’s eyes fluttered open, his face buried deep into the pillow of a man he just had sex with on the first date. He didn’t even know the man's last name and he'd jumped into bed with him. ‘God, Jack was right. He was a slut.’ Jay sat up in the bed, pulling the sheet over his lower-half as he looked around. Then his mind wondered back to what Jack said. “I don’t do one night stands. I top only, in all ways.” If Jack was into DP relationships, his dream man would be complete, Jay thought as he slid out of bed. The loft was warm so he just pulled on his pants and left his shirt open. Picking up his shoes, he padded barefoot across the loft.

Making his way across the room where Jack was hard at work, he gave him a kiss to the top of the head.
“That’s nice,” he said as he looked over Jack’s shoulder at the drawing he was working on.

“Thanks.” Jack stretched out stiff muscles. “I hope it's something your brother would like; a real Jackson McCullum’s original. Obviously you know your brother the best, so do you think it's right for him?”

Giving him a sly smile, “He’ll love it,” Jay told him as he rubbed his hand together to get the chill off. He gently placed his hand on Jack’s shoulder, gently but firmly giving his new lover a massage to help loosen his muscles. Using his thumbs, he gently massaged around the nape area of the head while the fingers worked the muscles in his neck. Jay longed to give him a gentle nip but was unsure how Jack would react. Jay slowly moved his hands down the shoulders and then back up, being careful so his fingernails would not scratch him. Just touching Jack gave him goose-bumps and made him feel warm inside.

“Look, I'll make some coffee,” Jack said. “I think we need to talk about where we're going with this relationship. I told you I don't do one night stands and I realise by jumping into bed we've bypassed the courtship phase of the relationship. All I know is in within less than twelve hours, I've fallen for you.” Jack didn't usually wear his heart on his sleeve, but he wanted Jay to realise how serious he was. “By the way,” he added. “I called you a slut and I apologise for that. It is not appropriate.” Jack locked eyes with Jay. “I can be wrong but I hope I'm man enough to apologize when it happens.”

‘Well no shit, Sherlock,’ Jay thought to himself. Having sex with a guy on the first date does kind of toss the whole ‘no kissing until the third date’ thing out the window. Why had his brother told him that? “Umm, not crazy about coffee. Pepsi is more my drink or Mountain Dew,” Jay told him. “For the slut remark, no biggy. I’ve been called worse,” Jay told him as he followed him into the kitchen area.

Before he could stop himself, he asked. ”So when do I get to move in?” ‘Oh great, now I really am a slut,’ Jay thought to himself.

“I don't have Pepsi and as for Mountain Dew there is way too much caffeine in that to be healthy. I have coffee, tea, hot chocolate or bottled water.” He quickly and efficiently made a pot of real coffee and fixed cocoa for Jay. “As for moving in, we need to discuss a few things before we make that decision. Come into the sitting room.”

Jay stop himself from stomping his foot. He really wanted Pepsi but he settle for hot chocolate. Jay accepted the cup of hot liquid and carefully followed Jack into the sitting room. He wanted to reach out and pinch the butt in front of him but he didn't want to spill anything on the floor. When they came to the sofa, Jay sat with his legs curled under him like he owned the place. Elbows on knees and raising the mug to his mouth, he formed a ‘O’ so he could cool the hot cocoa before he took a sip.

The two men sat down on the sofa together. Jack looked at Jay, almost pinning him in place with all traces of the laidback jeweller replaced by the Top.

“Do you remember what I said just before we made love?” Jack asked. “To remind you, I said I was a Top in all ways. That means sexually and in the relationship. Do you understand what that means? I am not looking for a vanilla relationship, I want a DP.”

Jay started open his mouth to say ‘yes’ he understood what he meant, but stopped. Maybe Jack’s explanation of Top was different then what he was used to. “Could you refresh my memory on the meaning of Top, it has been a while,” Jay told him, hoping he didn't sound too snotty.

“A Top is the head of the household,” Jack said “We talk a little and agree on some rules. If you break them there are consequences which range from extra chores and lines up to corporal punishment. Does that sound like something you would agree to?”

Jay almost jumped up and hugged him. “A DP relationship is fine by me but I won't allow you to cane me. That hurts like a bitch and there is no way I will allow that to happen again.”

“I have used the cane in the past but I don't see any problem with disposing of it,” Jack said calmly. “I will usually use my hand but a paddle will be used for serious transgressions.” He pulled Jay into an embrace. It was clear from Jay's comments, face and posture that he understood DP's. “Now how about we go back to bed, to sleep? Then tomorrow we can go and collect your stuff and get you moved in.”

And that's how it started.

The End

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