More Trouble

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

The next afternoon Jay changed from his postal uniform to his baggy shorts and T-shirt that he used for the bike shop. Jay stood up. Something didn't feel right. Looking at himself in the mirror, his baggy shorts were not so baggy anymore. Pulling out the scale from under the sink, Jay almost shit himself. He had gained fifteen pounds since he'd moved in with Jack. `Yup, diet time,' Jay thought as he shoved the scale back under the sink. Giving Jack a good bye kiss and
showing his cell phone was fully charged, he grabbed his sack lunch and headed for his bike.

Before he left for work stopped by the drug store. The bell jingled above the door and he gave the lady who looked up a smile before going towards what he was looking for. It only took him a few minutes to find it. Picking up what he needed, he headed over to the counter to pay for it. He set down a box of appetite suppressants, one container of a diet mix and a box of laxatives. Once he paid for his stuff, he gave the lady another winning smile and headed for his bike. Jay
swallowed the last of his Mountain Dew and popped two of the diet pills.

And Jack had been right. He didn't like the long ride on a sore butt. At least he could lean forward a little to take the pressure off his backside. At work while working on a bike, he was able to figure out his diet plan. If he popped two pills in the morning when he first got up, he could eat a light breakfast to keep Jack happy. At break he'd fix the diet mix so that by lunch he would not be all that hungry. Since he took off a little after noon, Jack had been giving him a sack lunch. He could have another diet drink for lunch and pop two pills about four or so and by the time he got home he would not be all that hungry. When he got home he could eat some of what was for dinner, and Jack would be none the wiser.

Every thing went fine, except that night his sexual appetite increased and his body was jittery while he slept. By Saturday, Jay was not able to sit still.

Jack's radar was giving off signals. He'd noticed that Jay's appetite was not what it had been. He thought his Brat was coming down with something but his temperature was normal. He noticed casually that Jay was in the toilet more often. That with the restless sleep and the higher than usual energy level, finally led him to make inquiries. After breakfast, he grabbed Jason, sat down on the sofa, pulled Jay onto his lap and held him.

"OK Brat. Confess. What's going on?"

`Shit, a direct question," Jay thought as he fought to get up but after a stinging swat to his thigh, sat still. "Nothing," Jay told him with a snap as he tried to get up again. Jay's mind had to go into over drive if he wanted to get Jack to drop the subject and to leave him alone. "Just don't spank me," he told him as he swung his leg around so he is straddling the lap, making it harder to be laid over it. "I felt sluggish half way through work so I tried one of those energy-booster drinks. Guess what? It worked," Jay told him, hoping his Top would buy the lame excuse. `Note to self, take only one pill in afternoon,' Jay thought as Jack processed the line of bullshit Jay just feed him.

"Why would I spank you, Jay?" Jack asked mildly. "I'm just worried about you, that's all. Relax." Jack thought over Jay's answer and thought it could be true. He didn't want to accuse Jay of lying so he accepted the explanation. "No more energy drinks if they affect you this way, Sunshine," Jack ordered, hugging his Brat.

"Just covering the bases," Jay told him as he ground his ass into Jacks crotch. "Got time for a quickie?"

"No," Jack replied. "We're too busy in the shop and I've got a couple of commissions to finish. In fact I have to go back down now. I suggest you try and get some extra sleep as you've been working pretty hard recently." Jack headed downstairs.

"I just got up," Jay said to an empty room. Once the loft was clean, he headed down to wash his bike and Jack's car. Seeing Kay's dirty white car he figured, `Hell why not?' Jay decided to wash hers also.

Grabbing up the cleaning stuff, he headed upstairs to change in to his skate stuff. Grabbing Amie on his way out, Jay slipped through the side door so Kay would not see Amie. The first time she saw her, Jay though she was going to have a heart attack. Who knew someone was that scared of snakes. Seeing the love of his life, Jay made his way over to the table Jack was working at. "I'm taking Amie for a ride," Jay said. "Oh hey, Kay, I washed your car for you."

"Don't start waving Amie in front of everyone," Jack ordered, seeing Kay his shop assistant turn a bit white when she acknowledged Jay's cleaning of her car and caught sight of the snake. "Not everyone loves snakes the way we do. Have a good time, lover."

Jay headed over toward the Library. They had a long side walk that was not crowded and the kids that hung out there loved Amie. After a few hours of showing off his skating abilities to the younger crowd, Jay decided to rest for a minute. He only scared one lady but it was her fault. He told her it was not a stick. Seeing it was close to noon anyway, he decided to head home. He was hot and sweaty and for some reason his heart rate was up a bit and his hands trembled. Jay skated
down the main sidewalk and this time he really didn't care who yelled at him. Once home, Jay sat on the sofa and closed his eyes. He never felt Amie leave his neck.

It had been a hard day and Jack was looking forward to some down time with his lover. He saw Jay on the sofa and walked over and was shocked to see how white his lover was. He checked his heart rate and was alarmed at its speed. "Jay, wake up." Jack shook his lover.

"Dude, let me sleep," Jay mumbled as he fought off Jack. Pulling one of the small sofa pillows that Amie was hiding behind under his head, Jay gave a snort then curled up into ball and fell back to sleep

"I'm taking you to Emergency," Jack said, lifting his lover from the sofa. "Your heart is racing and you look terrible."

Jay's brain was in a fog but when he heard the word Emergency, the fog was gone. "No," Jay said as he tried to get away from Jack.

"Yes," Jack replied, easily holding onto his Brat. "You are sick and it isn't a cold or flu. I want you checked out asap."

"Jack, chill! I just got over heated when I was showing off to the yard rats," Jay told him. "That's all." Jay wasn't for sure if they could tell his been popping diet pills like M&M's. He just hoped Jack would forget the ER thing. "Sides I got to put Amie up."

Jack's eyes narrowed, "I think the Brat talks too much," he said, his voice cold. "Is there something you want to tell me about Jason?"

`Oh yeah, like I'm going to tell you, not,' Jay thought. "I already told you I over did it. I forgot to take water with me so I probably got a little dehydrated and with the lack of sleep from last night, I'm just worn out," Jay told him, giving him a peck on the check. "Honest," Jay told him. "Can I put Amie up before she gets in the heater vents?" Jay asked, watching Amie try to figure out how to get down.

"Sure, pick up Amie and put her in her tank on the way out the door and on our way to the ER. If you're dehydrated, they can rehydrate you and that doesn't explain your heart rate. March, brat!"

`Jesus Christ, Sonofabitch, ' Jay thought. "You know all they are going to do is tell me to take it easy, drink plenty of fluids, get plenty of rest and then send me home," Jay said as he put Amie her back into her tank. "And you do most of that already," Jay said as he turned to face his concerned lover. "Please, love, I don't want to spend hours upon end at the ER. Can't we just eat and take a nap?" Jay pleaded with the older man. Jay was not sure if they could tell he was popping diet pills with a simple blood test.

Jack lifted Jay onto his shoulder and walked out the door. He dumped him into the passenger seat of the truck. "We are going to the ER to get you checked out," Jack said. "Any more arguments and you'll be seeing the doctor with a red butt." Jack started his truck and set off to the small local hospital.

Jay kept quiet on his way to the hospital. He really didn't want to go in the first place but he defiantly did not want to go with a red butt. Once there, it did not take long for him to be stripped, gowned and bedded. Then he was hooked up to a monitor that took his blood pressure, kept track of his heat rate and recorded O2 stats.

The doctor came in asking all kinds of question, which he answered before Jack could open his mouth. "Well we are going to do some tests to see what might be going on with you. For the simple reason at your age you should not be having those problems. So some one will come in and take blood and hook you up to an IV. Oh and we need a sample. " The doctor gave Jay a urinal. "Some one will be right with you." The doctor said as he left.

After a few minutes the nurse, came and took his blood. It hurt and Jay mumbled `stupid bitch.' After the blood was drawn, an IV was hooked up.

After what seemed like hours, the doctor came back in with his file. He was shaking his head. "Well, young man, besides being dehydrated and a little under weight, you're fine. All tests came back negative. We are sending some blood work off for more testing and we should get that back in a few days, but nothing to keep you over night. So once we get the IV out, you can go home. I want you to rest tomorrow, drink plenty of fluids water or Gatorade, but try not to drink too much caffeine. I am going to write an excuse for work for a day but if you feel fine you're free to go," he told him as he handed Jay the files and showed him where to sign.

When the same nurse walked in that Jay had called a bitch, his face flushed red. As she took the IV out Jay let out a sigh, "Sorry about the name calling, it just hurt," he told her meekly. Again she just smiled at him. "Its ok, honey I've been called worse," she told him as she left the room. It didn't take him long at all to get dressed again. He didn't want to say I told you so. "Can we go home now?" he asked as he pulled on his shoes.

"Yes," Jack replied, who'd had a talk with the doctor. "You will not be going to work tomorrow. You and I will be talking about what caused your troubles." The ride home was silent and when they got into the loft, Jack sent Jay to bed.

When Jay was settled, Jack walked over to the bed carrying Jay's backpack. He silently opened it and upended the contents onto the bed. He ignored the Mountain Dew, although he did note it was the diet version. It was the laxatives and appetite suppressants he picked up. He raised his eyebrows at Jay. "Jason, would you like to explain why these are in your bag?" he asked.

"Hey, you have no right! That belongs to me!" Jay snapped as he got up on his knees. Technically he was still in bed, just not lying down. "Hell, even Mac never went through my shit and he was a total bastard," Jay yelled, making a grab for his bag. "Give it back!" Jay demanded.

"Never, ever, compare me to Mac," Jack snapped. "I gave you plenty of chances to tell me what was going on. Jason, you are not fat. These medicines are not necessary and they're making you sick." Jack was not good at hiding his feelings and he was scared.

"Sorry, that was uncalled for. You nothing like him," Jay said as he sat back on to the bed. "I know you did. I just couldn't tell you. I am fat; your scale even showed me." Jay got up and went to his part of the closet. "When Shane dropped off the bike, he brought some of my stuff that I left at his place. Just junk," he said as he pulled out a pair of black jeans and a black vest. "I bought these a month before I high tailed it out of Dodge. They fit great; a little tight but they relaxed and I looked good in them. Now I can't even button them," he said as he tossed them to the floor of the closet and he headed back towards the bed. "Even my baggy pants aren't baggy anymore," Jay said as he sat back down on the bed. He could not bring himself to look up at Jack.

"Jay, you are not fat," Jack said. "You're growing up. It happens about your age. Your shoulders broaden and with all the work you've been doing, you've put on muscle. That's all. It's not fat. No matter what, taking that shit is no way to lose weight."

Taking a deep breath, Jay knew Jack was going to kill him. "So like in high school minus the pot when I started taking the diet pills to lose the pounds and the laxatives to help me go when I couldn't go and it worked great until Shane found out." Since the diet mix was at work, he figured he better keep his mouth shut. "I only got to lose ten more pounds before I am back to my normal weight." Jay took a deep breath. "It's just this time it backfired." He looked up in to his lover's eyes. "You're going to spank me, aren't you? He could tell by the look it was going to be bad and he could already feel his butt twitch.

"Yes," Jack replied. "Putting your health at risk is not acceptable. That means the paddle, period. However, I'm not going to do it now. We'll wait on the tests to make sure everything is ok. What did Shane do when he found out?" he asked curiously.

Jay took a deep breath. "Since I would not tell him were I got the pot from, it was Mom by the way, he had me locked up in a juvenile detection center for a few days. After he got me home, he spanked my ass bloody raw and then he gave me ten whacks with a bamboo cane. That's was the only time I was actually scared of him," Jay told him. "Are you really going to make me wait a few days?"

"Yes," Jack replied. "No way am I going to punish you if you have a health problem, especially if it's a heart problem. I want to make sure you're perfectly healthy before I paddle you." He brushed Jay's hair back off his forehead. "And no way would I want you to be scared of me," he said, gently kissing his forehead.

Jay settled back into bed. "I don't think I could ever be scared of you," Jay told him. "Man, the next few days are going to go to be pure hell," Jay said. Jay was not looking towards the paddling but he sure didn't want to wait forever for it either. "He said my EKG, whatever that is, was fine."

"Yes, but he didn't send off tests for fun," Jack replied. "We wait until we get the ok. Meanwhile you can think about what you did and write an essay on the perils of laxative and appetite suppressive medicines. If you still want to lose weight, you need to convince me why and ill fitting clothes don't count," he said as Jay opened his mouth.

"I'm not writing any essay or lines," Jay said as he grabbed the sheet and pulled it over his shoulder. "Wake me when we get the info," he snapped as he grabbing his pillow and pulled it over his head.

Jack swatted him hard, once. "Jason," he rumbled. "You're in enough trouble already. Trust me, you don't want anymore." He just looked at his Brat, pulling the pillow away.

Jay looked up into Jack's face. He could tell by the look Jack was losing patience with him but also a look of concern was there. So he bit back what he was going to say. "How long do I have? Can I use the computer to gather the information, and do you want it long hand or typed?" he asked, rubbing the sting out.

"You have three days when the tests should be back. You will need to use the computer for the information and I want it long hand," Jack replied. "I want you to remember this and writing it will help." He kissed Jay gently. "I love you, baby," he said. "You scared me tonight. I thought you were dead."

"I love you more and I didn't mean to scare you," Jay said as he tried to pull Jack down beside him. "Just lay with me for a while," he asked.

Jack sighed and lay down next to his Brat. Before he knew it, he was asleep.

On Monday, Jay didn't fight much when Jack said he was staying home and not working either job that day. But there were a few intense moments when it came to work on Tuesday. He was only allowed to work his morning job and the one in Kelowna had to wait until the test came back.

The front door opened and shut with a soft click. "Well I don't have AIDS, HIV, Hepatitis A, B, or C, Spinal Meningitis, my liver is normal, my thyroid is fine, my kidneys are fine, I don't have cancer, and there is no sign of a heart attack and I need to find a doctor for follow up," Jay said as he dropped the stack of papers down on the counter where Jack was working. "Oh yeah, I'm home. Love you, lover, and what's for lunch?" Jay asked as he grabbed Jack's butt then gave
him a kiss.

Jack returned the kiss. "Well I guess that means you're all clear for going back to work tomorrow," he replied. "Now the tests are clear we can move on." He looked at Jay. "Do we need to go over why I'm paddling you?" he asked.

"No, but you might want to get rid of this," Jay said as he handed Jack a box of diet pills. "They were in my locker at work," he said sheepishly.

Jack sighed and tossed the box in the bin. He went into the living room and took the paddle out of the drawer it lived in. "Come over here Jay," he ordered.

Jay slowly made his way across the room. Jay decided he didn't want to be paddled. "You know, it's been almost three days. I understood why you were upset after I read all that stuff. I had no idea it would do that to me," he rambled on. "Do you haveta?" he asked, stopping in front of Jack. Jay's hands are usually behind him when he going to be punished but this time they were in front of him, holding tightly on to his snap. He was trying had not to let the tears fall.

"Have I ever let you off a paddling?" Jack asked. "Especially where your health is concerned." He moved Jay's hand away from the front of his trousers and unsnapped them for him. He placed Jay over his lap and then lowered his underpants. He started the warm-up spanking, concentrating on Jay's pale globes. They turned pink, then red. Once Jack was happy with the glowing red colour, he picked up the paddle. "Ten swats," he said and slowly applied them, hardening his heart when
he heard his Brat wailing. Jay was going to learn this lesson once and for all.

Jay kept his emotions in while he was being spanked, but it all came out with the first smack of the paddle. Burying his head under his arms, he wailed into the sofa cushions. He knew Jack could hear him but he prayed no one else could. When the last smack of the paddle hit he didn't move. He waited until Jack said he could.

"Okay, baby, all done," Jack said, gently rubbing his Brat's back. "If you're worried about your weight, talk to me and we'll work something out." He pulled Jay up to sit on his lap, holding him close. "I love you, baby, and want you to stay healthy so we can spend the rest of our lives together."

Jay melted into the tight embrace of his lover's arms; he felt safe in those strong arms. The hands that hurt so bad a few minutes ago were now using a gentle touch to smooth the worries away. He looked up into his lover's eyes. "So you'll take me shopping for new clothes?" he
asked softly.

Jack laughed. His Brat was incorrigible "I guess so," he said. "Saturday."

The End.

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