Home Again

By: Jo and Carol.

Jay was finally on his way home, after a long week, helping Sara out after Shane came home from the hospital. Since his uncles was still there, Jay figured it would be best that he left, and let them take care of Shane, since they were older then him, and Shane would do as they said, with little or no argument. Then they could have the little cottage, and let Benji have his room back.

Jay was tickled that Shane let him have their mother’s 1970 Triumph TR6 PI convertible. Shane kept the bike for Sara, so they could ride together. The car needed some work, but he knew Billy would either do the job, or help him do it. Another thing the car needed was a paint job, it was supposed to be Candy Apple red, but it looked more like cotton candy pink.

Jack was supposed to pick him up on Saturday, but since he had the car now, Jay left mid-Friday morning, for the simple reason, he just wanted to get home to his lover. Jay's head jerked up, when his chin hit his chest, let out a yawn, as he rubbed his eyes he hadn't slept more than eight hours, since Jack left. Jay was not use to sleeping by himself, and he was not able to sleep, with out Jack there. Jay shook his head, he only had another fifteen miles to go, stopping to take a nap was out of the question now. Taking a drink of his energy drink, he pushed on.

Jay let out a sigh, when he pulled into the back of the store. He left everything in the trunk, and made his way through the alley, up to the front of the building. There, he glanced into the big window, Jay found his lover helping a couple with something. Jay just watched for a moment, he grew hard just watching his lover. "Down boy," Jay thought. as he headed upstairs for a needed shower. Once his shower was over, Jay laid naked on his and Jack's bed, grabbing Jack's pillow he buried his face into it, taking a deep breath he could smell his lover scent. "God I miss that smell," Jay thought, as he let out another yawn and holding onto Jack's pillow, as it was his favorite bed time toy, he fell asleep

Jack finally finished with the couple, who had kept him busy for almost an hour. He was missing Jay horribly, although he had managed to keep himself busy. A couple of hot phone sex sessions had helped keep the edge off, but he wanted his lover back. His whoop of joy when he saw a naked Jay on the bed could have woken Vancouver.

Jay opened one eye when he heard the whoop. He lightly scratched himself, causing his hard dick to slap against his abs, giving Jack a sexy grin he patted the bed beside him. He didn't care if Jack was fully dressed or not, all he wanted was his, lover, top, best friend, fiancé and his sole mate beside him. Jay was happy to see Jack walk towards the bed.

Jack sat on the bed, leant over and kissed Jay. "Missed you," was all he said when he disengaged. His hand went down to gently massage Jay's cock.

"Missed you too," Jay said smiling up at his lover, "so good, so long" he mumbled as Jack gently massaged his cock. Jay's hand went to Jack's crotch. Jay's fingers traced the outline of Jack's now hard cock through his slacks. Jay wanted to sleep a little more, but he wanted Jack to fuck him even more. Jay reached up and pulled Jack down toward him taking Jack's mouth to his. With talented fingers, Jay quickly undid Jack's shirt, taking each nipple between his
fingers, he gently pinched, then ran his thumb over them. Jay then moved his hands to Jack's back gently clawed at his lover’s back a few times then he moved his hands to Jack's slacks. Jay buried his face into Jack's neck and stifled a yawn giving the area a nip. Jay looked into his lover eyes; "Jack please now" Jay panted with his eyes full of lust and hunger for his top

Jack smiled, "My pleasure, lover," he said, grabbing the lube from the bedside. He shrugged out of his clothes and flipped Jay over. He began by butterfly kissing down his lover's back as he flipped open the lube. He continued kissing Jay, as he gently began to prepare him, his finger scissoring gently and he slowly finger fucked his lover.

When Jay felt fingers on his opening, a smile came to his lips as he pushed back on to the fingers "oh, that feels so good," Jay mumbled, as he rocked slightly on his knees. Jay bit his lower lip when Jack touched his sweet spot so he would not cum, he knew as soon as Jack started to fuck him he'd cum, so he mentally prepared himself for it, he wanted to cum when Jack did, cause it felt so awesome, when they did it together. He could feel the pre-cum dripping from his
cock on to the bedding below him, grabbing his pillow he shoved it under him, wishing a pillow was easier then taking a down bedspread to the cleaners. "Now, please." Jay begged, knowing his body would not take much more of the pleasure Jack was giving him. He arched his back and pushed back trying to get Jack to fuck him.

Jack slowly entered Jay, knowing he wasn't going to last long. It was a quick fuck and they came together. Jack got up, grabbed a cloth and cleaned them both up so they wouldn't stick together. He looked down and smiled tenderly, Jay was already fast asleep.

Jay tossed back the light blanket that was covering him, and made his way to the bathroom. He pulled on a pair of boxers and stepped out the door of the bathroom, glancing around the lightly lit room, Jay found what he was seeking and headed over toward the sofa. Jack was watching the nightly news. Jay quietly slipped up behind Jack and slipped his arms around Jack's neck. When the older man jumped Jay laughed and gave his lover a kiss on the cheek. Jay climbed over the back of the sofa and made himself at home on Jack's lap. Jay's mouth founds Jack's, the kiss was long and breath taking. "Mmm whiskey and soda," Jay said, as he pulled back from the kiss licking his lips then snuggled back into Jack.

A short time later Jay's stomach let it be known, it was time to feed the younger man. "Sorry," Jay said as he lightly slapped his stomach. Both men went back to snuggling, when. Jay's stomach demanded attention again. "I guess my pet is hungry," Jay said, as he got up, "Speaking of how is Amie?" Jay asked as he looked over at the tank.

"Amie's fine," Jack replied, "I feed her yesterday so she'll be okay for a while. There's chicken salad in the fridge. I made it fresh this morning, when I couldn't sleep." He grinned at Jay, "I'm not used to sleeping alone," he said.

After giving Jack a big kiss for the salad, Jay headed toward the kitchen, grabbing plates and stuff to set the table. "You, hell I only slept a few hours each night, some times I crashed on the sofa for a hour or two, but never a full night. Leo was going to give me a sleeping pill, but I told him no way. Sara tried the cocoa trick one night. but all it did was wire me up, so now their garage is in order. Last night, all I did was stay in the room clean up, went through the stuff I brought home, slept about four hours and then after breakfast this morning, I headed home." He talked non stop as he set the table. "What do you want to drink?" Jay asked, as he set his Mountain Dew on the table, when he didn't get an answer he looked over at Jack, "What?" Jay asked not understand why Jack's eyebrow was almost under his hair line.

"You drove home with less than four hours sleep?" Jack asked, his voice was not amused. "You're wired, how much caffeine have you had in the last 12 hours?"

Jay head jerked up "How you know I drove, you saw it, man; I wanted it to be a surprise," Jay said, crossing his arms as a pout crossed formed on his lip. His mind was trying to figure out how not to answer those other questions.

Jack smiled grimly, he had noticed Jay was avoiding the last part of the question. He picked up the can of Mountain Dew and put it back in the fridge and put a glass of water in it's place. His eyes dared Jay to make a protest.

"Oh come on water with chicken salad, no way, that's just too gross to swallow!" Jay snapped, glaring at his lover; he knew he had way too much caffeine in the last few days. Even thought he hated the taste of the white stuff. "Can I at least have milk with dinner?" he asked, knowing if he argued any more he probably end up getting a few smacks and that he did not want `love making yes, spanking no,' Jay thought, as he waited for Jack's answer.

Jack looked at Jason. He didn't want to spank Jay the first day he was home anymore than Jay wanted to be spanked. “Milk is okay," he said easily. "No more caffeine is all I insist on."

Giving his lover a smile, Jay poured himself a small glass of milk as he put it back in the fridge, he eyed something as he took it out he turned toward Jack, "Luv? Does chocolate milk have caffeine?" Jay asked as took the chocolate syrup out of the fridge. He knew the answer he just wanted to see what Jack's reaction was.

Jack caught Jay's smile. He took the chocolate syrup out of Jay's hand and put in back into the fridge. "I think you know the answer to that Brat," he replied, laughing out loud.

Jay laughed as he quickly sidestepped his lover. He gave him a kiss to his cheek and took his seat before his seat got swatted. Once Jack was seated, Jay told his lover what happened after he left nothing too exciting and all the exciting places his uncles traveled. Jay swallowed what he had in his mouth. "So you never said how you knew I drove home, do you actually know or where you just guessing?" Jay asked while he piled salad on a cracker.

"Shane mentioned he was going to give you your Mom's car," Jack replied, "So I was pretty sure you'd driven. Besides with your face wasn't windchapped, which it usually is after you've been on the bike."

"Damn you, Shane," Jay mumbled around a mouth full of salad. "After dinner do you want to help me un-load it I finally got the last of my belongings home?" Jay asked. Seeing the expression on Jack's face Jay let out a laugh, "It's only one small suitcase, and a box." Jay said, laughing again as his lover expression went from `oh hell to thank God' in a matter of seconds. Jay scrapped the last of his salad off his plate and took it over to the sink when he heard the clearing of a throat and a sound of something being tapped on a glass. Jay then pick up his glass and quickly drink down the milk, "Nasty," Jay grumbled as he sat the now empty glass down in the sink. "Who ever said milk was good, had to be smoking crack," Jay said, as he swept his arm across his mouth to get the last of the milk off. Shoving his hands into his pockets his eyes brows went up when he touched something. "Oh yeah, Sara gave this back to me" Jay said pulling
something out of his pocket. "Maybe you can fix it or melt it down to make something." Jay said as he handed Jack a necklace, to the untrained eye it is a pile of gold junk; however, to a professional eye it once said JASON in delicate script letters. "I tried to get it fixed when it got crushed, but, the guy said he wouldn't touch it cause it could ruin the value of it, if the person who made it didn't repair it, since I have no idea who made it or where my uncle got it and since it was like twelve years ago when he bought it he don't remember." Jay told him as he wrapped his arms around his lover's neck, and nuzzled deep into it.

Jack had a trained eye. "I think I can fix this," he said, "I think I know who made it and I worked for him for a while. He was a tough old bird, but a good teacher." he kissed his lover gently. "How did it get crushed?"

Jay became a little tense he really didn't want to say how "umm Mac and I got into a fight and he went to grabbed me by the throat one night and got it instead, good thing huh, he probably would have crushed my larynx," Jay told as he straddled Jack's lap. "So you want to help me?" Jay asked rubbing his nose to Jack's.

"Always," Jack replied, leaning in to kiss Jay. "Did I say how much I liked having you back?" he asked teasingly.

"Mmmm, nope," Jay said, as he gently kissed Jack taking his lover's upper lip between his lips he gently sucked on it for a few seconds, before he started a tongue battle with Jack's tongue, as he lightly ran a thumb over Jacks nipple giving it a light pinch. With his other hand he laced his fingers through Jack's hair, lightly pulling his hair. "God I missed this," Jay said as he broke the kiss, "I think something else need your help," Jay said looking down between them. Jay's cock was hard and escaping his boxers through his waistband while Jack threaten to bust out the zipper of his slacks, "I'll help you, if you help me?" Jay said as he wiggled on Jack's lap.

Jack helped out his lover and after a bout of hot sex, Jay fell asleep. Jack looked down a tender smile on his face. He's really missed this little bundle of energy. Jack rolled out of bed and walked over to his work desk and was soon deep, working on Jay's necklace.

Jay stretched, as he rolled over, slipping his arm under Jack's, he snuggled closer to his lover. He let out a muffled yawn, glancing at the window; he noticed it was snowing softly. Then he glanced at the clock on Jack's nightstand, it was two a.m, closing his eyes he buried his face into Jack's back smelling his lover's scent. He thought for a second, and then his eyes flew open. "Fuck, the cat," Jay yelled, as he jumped out of bed and bounded for the door grabbing his coat on his way out, forgetting he was bare assed and shoeless. A second later the sound of the alarm went off, and then the phone started to ring. Jay forgot about the alarm until it went off, "Oh hell now I've done it,' Jay thought, as he reached his car. Inside on the passengers seat under blanket was a stuffed Siamese cat, wearing his mom's bracelet that Jack made her, and a pair of diamond earrings.

Jack was jerked awake by Jay's yell, and sat straight up when the alarm went off. "Cat? What bloody cat?" he asked, as he saw Jay dash out the door in a jacket and not much else. "Jason Copeland, get your butt back in here now," he yelled.

He got up to answer the phone, and had to explain to the alarm company, that it had been a false alarm. While he was doing that, Jay crept back inside, and Jack grimly pointed to the sofa, and mouthed the word "Sit." He tossed a bathrobe to his Brat. He put down the phone, turned and grimly said, "Explanations now, Jason."

Jason heard Jack bellow for him, as he feet hit the bottom step, but figured he was already downstairs, he might as well go get what he went after. With Miss Priss safely tucked inside his jacket, Jay made his back upstairs. He was not surprise to see Jack up and on the phone, probably with the alarm company, or the police.

Jay went to where he was told to, as he sat he wrapped his legs up in his robe and then tucked his cold, wet, and probably blue feet up under him. When the order for an explanation came out of Jack's mouth, Jay thought for a minute, opened his mouth and closed it again. Jay said nothing as he opened his jacket and held up a very old, realistic, stuffed Siamese cat on his lap, wearing his mother necklace. "She belonged to Mom when she was a teenager, and when I got home one thing lead to another, and well I just forgot her." Jay told his lover, as he looked up.

Jack felt a headache come on. "Why did you feel that you had to go out in the middle of the night, stark naked to fetch a stuffed cat? I'm sure it could have waited. It's not that it's going to freeze to death."

Jay rolled his eyes as he snorted. "Helloooo, I didn't want her stolen," Jay said, as he put the cat down of the coffee table, "I'm cold, my feet are bluish, I going back to bed," he told his irate lover as he stood up making sure his butt was out of harms way. "And I wasn't stark naked, I had my jacket on."

"Oh no you don't," Jack replied snagging his Brat. "I'm going to make sure you think twice before you do that again." he pulled Jay over his knees and lifted the robe to expose his Brat's bare bottom. His hand rose and fell.

"OWW, Jack wait, do what again?" Jay yelped between swats. His butt was cold but it didn't take long for it to get warm.

"Put yourself in a position where you can catch pneumonia," Jack replied, making sure his Brat's bottom was turning red.

"Oww alright" Jay yelped again, "Outside, clothes, I got it, promise," Jay cried out between swats. "Oww I got it," Jay yelled out, when the swats landed on his sit spot.

"Good," Jack replied, as he finished spanking his Brat, landing the last three swats to make sure Jay would remember the lesson each time he sat down the next day. He guided his sobbing brat to the bed and after getting under the covers, held him and gently rubbed his back until the sobs tapered off.

Jays butt stung as bad as his feet did, it felt like he sat in a bunch of stinging nettles, "Well that's one-way to defrost a frozen rump," Jay snorted, as he snuggled closer to Jack bringing his one leg up and over Jack's legs to pull him closer, "My feet are still cold," he said with a smile as he placed one very cold foot against Jack's ass.

Jack jumped. "Brat," he said with a smile in his voice. "I strongly suggest socks be used rather then me."

Jay only gave Jack a sassy grind "But you're softer." Jay said as he curled up against Jack giving Jack's chin a kiss Jay fell back to sleep.

Jack just looked down with a fond grin. He was glad to have his Brat home again.

The End

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