Two Mothers and the Ticket

By Jo and Carol.

Jackson and Jason

Jack moaned. He'd overindulged at Mason and Billy's wedding and had the hangover to prove it. He rolled over and found his Brat was already up. He sat up in bed and was unsurprised to find he was naked. His Brat looked as though all he'd done was drink soda all night and Jack knew he hadn't been. He growled and as his bladder made its’ presence known, stumbled to the bathroom. Jay handed him a coffee, well aware that just at the moment Jack did not want to talk.

Jack relaxed as the coffee hit his bloodstream. He opened his eyes slightly. “Want to take the bike to visit your Mom?” he asked. Jack had become totally reconciled with the motorbike and enjoyed riding pillion with his young partner.

“Yes,” Jay’s voice told Jack that his boy was excited about being able to take the bike. Jay was a little surprised that Jack suggested it though, after a small incident where Jack caught Jay slipping through stalled traffic. Jack knew it was his brat’s bike because not too many bikers had a gay pride rainbow sticker on the back fender, with Marvin the Martian under it giving you the bird. That had led to a hell of a paddling. “I’ll go get my shower.” Jay told him giving him a kiss.
When Jay came back into the kitchen area, he was dressed in tight jeans, a tight fitting white t-shirt fastening his leather chaps around his waist. “So you ready?” Jay asked giving Jack a sly grin.

“Only when we've both got full leathers on,” Jack replied. He always got hard when he saw Jay in the chaps. One of his best memories was one night when Jay came to bed with nothing on underneath the chaps. The tight jeans and t-shirt made him gulp. Jay was almost edible. “Let's get going,” he suggested, throwing Jay his black leather jacket while he donned his own.

The trip on the motorbike was smooth and after some hours, they pulled up to Shane's house. There was an older woman sitting on the porch and Jack guessed that it must be Jay's mother.

Jay pulled his bike up into the driveway, parking it right behind Shane’s truck. Jack could feel Jay take a deep breath. Once they both were off the bike, he and Jack stripped their leathers off and laid them in the back of Shane’s truck along with the helmets. They both heard the door open but not shut. Jay turned to see Shane standing in the door way. Gulping, he turned to Jack. “You’re not going to allow him to spank me, are you?” Jay asked, remembering what he said to his brother just the other day.

“He will not lay a hand on you,” Jack growled. “If he tries, I'll call the police on him for assault.” He walked to the door “Shane,” he said, “good to see you again. Sorry we couldn't make the party yesterday but we had a prior engagement.”

The older woman walked along the porch to the door. “Mrs. Copeland, I assume,” Jack said. He knew Jay's parents had been married and since they'd divorced, his lover's mother had kept her married name. “Jay has something for you; a present to help celebrate your landmark birthday.” Jack smiled, trying to put this very, tense woman at ease.

“Shit, I forgot it,” Jay said as he headed back toward the bike. Pulling his jacket out of Shane’s truck, he retrieved the present out of his pocket and shaking his head, he walked back up to the house.

“Boy, you'd lose your head if it wasn’t attached,” Shane yelled after him.

“Here mom,” Jay said in a low voice which sound like he was ten instead of 22. “Jack designed and made it just for you,” he told her as he handed her the nicely wrapped box.

Jay’s mom’s eyes sparkled when she saw the broach. “It’s lovely; thank you, dear,” she said with a smile and pulled Jay into a hug. “This one is a hot stud. You better keep him under lock and key,” she whispered into her son's ear.

Jay stepped back and looked at his mom. “Kid, I've known since you were twelve,” she told him. “Come on, let's go into the house before the neighbor gets nosy,” she said, grabbing Jay by the hand and pulling him into the house. “So what’s his name?” she asked

“Oh I’m sorry. Jack, my mom Sharon; Mom, my boyfriend Jack,” Jay said with pride in his voice. Jack and Sharon greeted each other with a hand shake and a smile.

Once inside the house, Sharon pulled Jack over to a wall that had family portraits on it. She pointed out one large picture frame that showed Jay from new born to high school graduation. In every picture from kindergarten to eighth grade, Jay was a sad child and then when he entered high school, a smile was on his face.

“You were a cute kid,” Jack said to Jay. “Not quite as cute as you are now,” he smiled. He quietly resolved to find out why Jay had been so sad. His life before Jade Heights was not something Jay talked about. The few facts he'd got had been rather disturbing and he hadn't pried.

“Thanks, I think,” Jay told him.

“Jay, catch,” Shane yelled out. Jay looked up and caught a Mountain Dew with one hand. Just as he went to pop the top, he stopped and looked at Jack. “Can I?” he mouthed. He knew Jack didn’t like him to drink it, but he hadn’t had one yet today.

Jack felt a little finger pull his. “Uncle Jack, come see,” one of Jay's nephews said, pulling on Jack's hand. Jay smiled when he heard Benji call Jack uncle. He never did that with Mac.

“Yes,” Jack mouthed back to Jay. He looked down at young Benji. “OK kiddo,” he said. He was already Uncle Jack to quite a few of his siblings' children and he had no objection to adding to his extended family. Benji took him off to look at the tower he'd built with his building blocks. Jack sat on the floor and began to play with the kids.

“You’re nicer then the other guy Jay had,” Benji told him. Jay smiled when he came into the room.

Jay bent down so his mouth was close to Jack's ear. “We need to go,” Jay told him.

When Jack looked at him he could tell Jay was getting upset about being around his mom. “OK,” Jack bid farewell to young Benji, and promised he'd come back soon. “Mrs Copeland it was great to meet you, but I'm afraid Jay and I have to go.” Jack smiled as he made his farewells.

They drove out of town and Jay pulled to the side of the road and threw up. “Want to talk to me?” Jack asked calmly, handing Jay a bottle of water.

Jay downed the water and crushing the bottle with one hand, he threw it into the field beside the road. “It was either the burger or the guilt trip mom was doing on me,” Jay told him. “Hell Jack, Shane raised me from the time I was born. What does she expect; the mother of the year award?” Jay told him. His eyes were wet with unshed tears and his lower lip trembled a little. “I didn’t even know they got divorced. I just figured dad was locked up again,” Jay told him as he bit his lower lip. “Let just go home,” Jay said as he put his helmet back on.

“OK.” Jack knew when to leave things alone. He'd just make sure he was there for Jay. He had a feeling his Brat would open up more and Jack was a firm believer in not letting things stew.

Jay flipped up the face shield on his helmet and turned to look at Jack. “You know I love you and nothing will change that.” Jay gave him a smile.

Jack smiled. “I know that,” he said. “I've got an idea. Let's go visit my Mom. She's always complaining I don't visit, and she and Dad aren't too far away. It's way past time you met her. She doesn't come to town at all any more and I know she's curious about you.”

“Cool, just point the way.” Jay told him as he flipped the face shield back down. “You know, we really need to get the helmets with two ways in them,” Jay said as he started the bike and followed Jack's directions.

After a while, they pulled up to a nice house When Jay saw the house, he felt butterflies in his stomach. ‘Don’t let me throw up again,’ he thought as he pulled off his helmet.

Jack didn't go to the front door. He wandered around the side of the house and gave a crooked smile when he saw his mother in the kitchen and his Dad sitting out back. “Hi,” he said mildly and was immediately engulfed in a hug as his Mom flew out the back door. Then he felt a sharp pain as his mother swatted him. “What do you think you're doing on a motorcycle?” she demanded.

Jay put his and Jack's helmets on the side mirrors of the bike and then followed Jack around the house to the back yard. Jay jumped back out of the way when he saw a woman come flying out to the back door. His eyes went wide when he saw her smack Jack on his butt and his hands automatically went straight to his to protect it. He thought Jack was just kidding him when Jack told him his mom would tan him for being on a bike.

“Maaaa,” Jack whined as the second and third swat landed. “That stings.” He danced out of her range. “Don't you want to meet my boyfriend?” he coaxed, trying to distract her. “Dad, help me out here, will you.”

His father laughed and shook his head. “Oh no,” he said. “This is between you and your Ma. She's been on the warpath ever since she heard about you on a motorcycle.” He spotted Jay standing behind the corner of the house. “Welcome lad,” he said. “Don't you worry; Jack and his Ma won't be long.” He said this as Jack was dragged into the house by his mother.

Jay didn’t know what to do. Should he step in and try to stop this woman from smacking his lover? Jay jumped when he heard Jack's dad say something. He wanted to say hi to Jack's dad but lost the ability to speak, so he just waved. When he saw Jack get smacked again and dragged into the house, his eyes went huge. Then he became scared when he didn’t know what to do, so he just stepped back out of view and wrapped his arms around his chest as he laid his head back against the house. He knew he was at fault for this. If he hadn’t decided to come to see his mom, his lover would not be getting his ass beat at this moment by a pissed off mom. Would Jack ever forgive him for this? Jay could feel hot tears fall down his cheeks. ‘Today really sucks,’ Jay thought as he heard a noise from inside the house.

Jack was laughing. “Ma, you're going to freak my boyfriend out,” he said as his mother thrust a glass of iced tea at him. “Not that those swats didn't hurt. I'm glad I sent you that letter confessing all, with Jay's certificates and all.” He heard his father bellow out his name and abandoning the iced tea, he ran out.

At Jack's questioning eyes, his father gestured to the corner of the house. He turned the corner to see his Brat crying.

“Jesus Jay, it's okay,” Jack knelt by his lover. “Ma and I were joking around, although those swats of hers were not love taps.”

When Jay heard Jack's dad yell out his son's name. “Great now his dad's after him,’ Jay thought as he slid down the side of the house and laid his head on his knees, wrapping his arms around his legs. When Jay's brain registered what Jack had just told him, he lifted his head off his knees. His eyes were red from crying. Jay stood his full height of 5’8” and he squared his shoulders.

“A joke,” Jay yelled as Jack stood. “Well it wasn’t fucking funny, Jackson,” Jay yelled. He didn’t care if the neighbors could hear him.

“I'm sorry, baby,” Jack said. “Ma and I play around a lot and we do tend to forget how others see it. I'm not saying twenty years ago it wouldn't have been for real, but I wrote to her about the bike.” He grinned ruefully. “And I got a letter back that scorched the varnish off the table. Come and meet her and Dad, They really are keen to meet you.”

Jay took a deep breath to calm his nerves. He pulled his t-shirt up to his face to wipe his eyes. “I look like hell,” Jay said as he tucked his shirt back in. He gave Jack a small smile and took his hand. “Ok, but no more sick jokes, ok?” Jay asked. “Or I am going home without you.”

Jack swatted Jay hard, once. “Don't forget who the Top is in this relationship,” he whispered into Jay's ear. “Drop the attitude. I've already apologized, I won't do it twice.”

Jay’s jaw went tight as he clamped his teeth together so he would not cry out. “Sorry,” Jay whimpered. Jay gave Jack an odd smile “Do you want me to call the authority for Top cruelty?” he asked as he slipped past Jack toward the back yard.

Jack just shook his head and sighed. “Smart-aleck,” he muttered as he followed Jay to the backyard. “Ma, Dad, I'd like for you to meet Jason, better known as Jay, my life partner.” Jack had decided early on not to introduce Jay as his boyfriend; their relationship went much deeper than that. “Jay love, these are my parents, John and Lisa McCullum.”

Jay put on his killer smile. “Nice to meet you both,” Jay said as he shook hands with Jack's dad and then giving Jack's mom a kiss to her hand. “Jack has told me a lot about you,” Jay told them, still smiling. God, he was nervous.

Jack's Dad and Mom looked at each other. They knew Jay was nervous and they both looked at Jack severely. Jack blushed and put his arms around Jay. “Relax, baby,” he said. “They don't bite.”

“Welcome to the family, Jay,” Jack's dad said and his Mom handed Jay an iced tea.

“Yes, Jason,” she said. “Welcome to our family. We're so glad Jackson has found you.”

Jack sighed, his mother had never used shortened names it was a peculiar quirk she had.

“Thanks,” Jay said as he took the glass. He was not sure; the way his hand trembled causing the ice to click together. Jay took a drink to calm his nerves, trying not to make a face at the bitterness. ‘They didn’t believe in sugar either,’ Jay thought as he sat the glass down.

“Jackson, go and fetch some sugar, boy,” his mother ordered. “I made this tea far too bitter. I'm sorry, Jason. I should have thought.”

Jack laughed. “Getting old, Ma,” he said, escaping to the kitchen to get the sugar.

“That boy,” Jack's father turned to Jay. “Does he tease you this much at home?” he asked.

“No sir,” Jay said as a silly grin spread across his face. ‘Unless you count the foreplay as teasing,’ Jay thought as he took a sip of his tea. Jay's eyes scanned the back yard. “You got a lovely rose garden, Mrs. McCullum. Do you know each color has there own special meaning?” Jay asked. ‘Oh God, how gay is that?’ Jay thought when he got an odd look from Jack's dad.

Jack laughed. “Dad's been telling her that for years,” he said. “Every time he brings home a new rose, he explains the meaning to her. I'm sure the oldest rose in that bed relates to their honeymoon.” He put his arms around his Brat. “Want to start planting roses for us?” he whispered into Jay's ear.

Jay gave Jack a smile as he took the sugar. “Sure,” Jay said as he added a couple of teaspoons to his glass. “But where? In the bathtub?”

“Bathtub?” Jack was confused. “Petals in a bath, I understand.” He grinned at his Brat. “Maybe we'll try that sometime,” he said.

Jay just smiled. “O-kay,” he said as he shook his head. Jay leaned over close so only Jack could hear him. “Help me here, I am dying.” Jay was not sure what to talk about. He didn’t know what Jack's parents’ interests were. All he knew was that motorbikes were out of the questions.

“You're doing fine, honey,” Jack reassured him. “Just calm down and be yourself. They really like you. If you're really uncomfortable, we can leave. I know it can be overwhelming.”

He was always told if the adults are talking, a child stays quiet until spoken to so he’d just wait. ‘At least they aren’t fighting with each other,” Jay thought as he watched Jack's parents. “No, I don’t want to leave,” Jay told Jack. Soon after some small talk, Jay was able to relax a little.

Jack and his mother purposely toned down their normal teasing of each other. They were both aware of Jay's jumpiness. “Well, Ma,” Jack said finally. “If we don't get going, we'll be traveling at night and I'd rather not do that.”

Jack's Mom did not come and see them off as she still did not approve of her son on a motorbike. Jack held onto Jay's waist all the way home. “You know, baby,” he said. “I wonder if you could teach me how to ride a bike. That way I could really freak Ma out.” His grin was irrepressible.

"And get my ass paddled, no way dude" Jay told him laughing.

“Why would I paddle you if I asked you to teach me?” Jack asked confused. “My Ma would never ever dream of paddling you. You know we were only joking around, right?” Jack was concerned. He'd never meant to make Jay feel uncomfortable in his mother's presence. He sometimes forgot that Jay didn't have a basis to judge a normal family, his own having been so dysfunctional.

Once they were home, Jay feed Amie. Jay made sure Jack was no where in the room as he flopped down on the sofa and at the same time pulled out a letter that Shane gave him. The return address was from Kelowna Court House. Jay looked at the yellow piece of paper that read, running a red light, failure to appear, failure to pay $350.00. `Man, Jack was going to kill me.' When Jay heard a noise, he jumped and stuffed the papers down into sofa cushion.

Jack came in and leaned over his Brat. He kissed him and his hand went under the waistband of his Brat's pants. “Want to make love?” he asked with a grin as he felt Jay's cock respond to his gentle fondling.

“Actually I do,” Jay told him as he stood up and pulled Jack closer to him, capturing his mouth with his. While they kissed, Jay made quick work of Jack's pants and they were undone and down around his ankles before he could blink. Then Jay slowly slid his hands down Jack's back and into his briefs. Grabbing both cheeks, he gently squeezed and lifted them. Jay broke the kiss only to attach himself to Jack's neck. Then slowly moving down to Jack's chest, he gently bit each of Jack’s nipples through his shirt. Jay then dropped to his knees and gently bit Jack's hard cock through his briefs, working up and down a few times before he pulled Jack's briefs down with his teeth just enough to take the head of Jack's throbbing, hard, leaking cock into his mouth and gently sucking it. The whole time, Jay's hand never left Jack's ass.

Jack just let Jay set the pace. Although when Jay went to his knees, he took the opportunity to pull Jay's t-shirt off. Jack closed his eyes, savouring the feeling of Jay's mouth on his cock and Jay's hands kneading his ass. He briefly considered giving into that mouth and coming but decided he wanted to cum in Jay's sweet ass. He gently pulled Jay's head up and knelt down beside him. He began to kiss Jay, undoing his young Brat's trousers as he did so. Then he pulled the boxers down and stood up, lifting Jay up as he did so.

He bent Jay over the table and grabbed a bottle of lube. He gently prepared his lover, gently inserting one then two fingers and opening him, making sure he brushed his lover's prostate with each stroke. He then coated his erection and gently entered Jay. “Hard and fast or long and slow?” he whispered into Jay's ear.

Jay panted as Jack stretched him. Jay turned his head to look at Jack. Jay's eyes had a wild looked to them and there was a need in those brown eyes. “Fast, hard,” Jay said as he grabbed the edge of the table, moving his legs farther apart and giving Jack better access. “Hurt me, make me howl,” Jay told his lover as he felt Jack pass the tight ring.

Jack took Jay at his word. He took him hard and fast, making sure he hit the prostate with every stroke. He heard Jay vocalizing his delight but made very sure he wasn't hurting his lover. He felt Jay clench around him and with a couple more thrusts, he came. “God, lover,” he said after he'd got his breath back. “You are amazing. Now time for a shower,” he grinned evilly at his Brat. “Together.”

Jay just gave his lover a lopsided grin, breathing in hard pants. Once he was able to think, he stood up. His knees were weak so he reached out and took a hold of Jack’s strong shoulder. “Ok, you lead,” Jay panted out. In the bathroom Jay leaned against the counter, waiting for Jack to get the shower at the right temp. Jay himself loved it hot, so hot it turns the skin red but Jack says no. Jay looked down at his hands. Smiling to himself, he slipped a ring off his pinky. “I love you, Jackson McCullum, more then you’ll ever know,” Jay told him as he showed the small ring to Jack. “My uncle gave me this before he moved to the England. He said I was to wear it until I found the right person to give it to.” Jay took a deep breath. “Will you be that right person?” Jay asked him then bit his lower lip just in case he was wrong; he would not cry.

Jack smiled. “I am honoured,” he said, slipping the ring onto his pinky. “Perfect fit,” he said, smiling. “I'll make you a replacement,” he promised, leaning in and claiming a kiss. “Let me show you how much.” With this, he grabbed some lube from the washstand, bent Jay over and fucked him vigorously. After he was finished, he held up his weak kneed lover. “Cold shower anyone?” he laughed.

“No, let’s go to bed. We can shower in the morning,” Jay told him as he pulled Jack toward the door.

Jack couldn't sleep. He got up and made himself a cup of coffee and grabbed his sketchpad. He sat on the sofa and began to sketch a design for Jay's ring. He reached over to grab his coffee and saw a letter stuffed down the side of the sofa. He frowned as he saw it was from the court and addressed to his Brat.

“Let this not be what I think it is,” Jack prayed. He decided not to pry into Jay's mail but the next morning he was sitting cross-legged at the foot of the bed when Jay woke up. “Want to tell me what this is about?” he growled, waving the letter at his Brat.

Jay growled and tossed the covers back. “It’s a ticket for running a red light,” Jay snapped at Jack, grabbing the letter and headed for the bath room, fast. When Jay came out, Jack was still seated on the bed. Jay groaned and went to sit on the bed. “I didn’t see it in time. No, I was not speeding and anyway, it was one of those cameras that got me. I didn’t even know I got the damn thing until we were at Shane’s.” Jay stopped and looked at the letter again. “The only reason he got it instead of me is because the bike still has his address on the registrations. I haven’t had a chance to change the address over yet.” Jay took a deep breath. “Shane already paid the fine. All I have to do, is pay him back.” Jay was in deep trouble and he knew it. He only hoped Jack won't ground his bike.

His hope was in vain. Jack narrowed his eyes. “I strongly suggest you drop the attitude, Jason,” he said. “Let's see if I’ve got this right? You run a red light, get an infringement notice, then receive the reminder and still don't pay. Do not tell me Shane did not inform you of those letters.” Jack just looked at Jay. He knew Shane sent on a bundle of letters every week. “So having made the decision not to pay, it was handed onto the court. Have I got it right so far?” At Jay's reluctant nod, Jack continued. “And to top it off, you let your brother who's got a family to support, pay your bill.” Jack was not impressed by the tears Jay was shedding. “Right, then let us start with the obvious. Your bike will be locked in the garage for a fortnight. You won't mind because you're grounded for the same time period. You can ring the bike shop in Kelowna and inform them you are not available for the next fortnight. Any questions so far?”

Jay looked at the sheet he was playing with and whispered “No sir” to Jack's question. “But I do have to go to work,” Jay stated.

Jack looked at Jay and relented slightly. “I will be driving you in and picking you up then,” he stated. “I'm sure Kay will be glad of the extra wage you pay her.” He raised his eyebrow at Jay. “That should take care of ½ the wage you receive for your afternoon job. The rest will go to Shane until such time as your fine is fully paid. Any further questions?”

“No, that not fair,” Jay yelled, jumping to his feet. “Shane said I can pay him back in payments. I already gave him half on Sunday. And you can leave the shop at five to come and get me. There no reason for her to work overtime. I’ll pay for gas but that is it,” Jay said as he crossing his arms like an ump for a safe run. “And I meant the post office.”

“Of course you go to your job at the post office, Jason,” Jack replied his voice chilly. “I don't care what deal you made with Shane, you will pay him the rest asap. If I'm driving you in, I'm not driving back and then leaving three hours later to pick you up. Be sensible.” Jack raised his eyebrows. “I have a friend in Kelowna who'll lend me some space for the fortnight, but I still need to keep the shop here open. Who else do you think should look after the shop, Jason?”

Jay dropped back down on to the bed, letting out a frustrated sigh. “No, there’s no reason for that,” Jay told him. “I made this mess, I’ll figure out what to do,” Jay said, running his hands through his hair. “I need to get a shower and get ready for work,” Jay informed his pissed off Top. “Do you still want to take a shower together?” Jay asked with a sexy smirk.

Jack just looked at his Brat, who squirmed. “Oh no, we are not done yet. You still have an hour before you have to be at work.” He raised an eyebrow. “Anything to say before I spank you?” he asked. “And yes, it wasn't a slip of the tongue. You're getting a spanking, not a paddling.”

At first Jason was going to argue that the light was an entrapment but thought better of it. If he came right out and told Jack about the ticket when Shane told him about it or when they first got home Sunday, he would probably have only lost the bike for the two weeks. Jay took a deep breath as he slid over to where Jack was setting on the bed, turning so he would be facing Jack. Jay took a deep breath. “I’m sorry I kept it from you. I should have taken care of it when I was first told about it.” Jay sat there waiting to be told to go over or to be pulled over. Jay was hoping Jack would at least let him keep the silk sheet that was covering his lower half.

It was a vain hope, Jack always spanked bare. He didn't want to bruise his lover; he just wanted to leave a strong message. He began to spank, ensuring he covered the entire surface and paying special attention to his Brat's sit spot.

Jay grunted and gasped as the swats landed. When the swats started landing on the sit spot, the grunts become owws and gasps were now mmms. Jay thought for sure his butt was as red as the red light that he'd run, if not redder. “Oww, not oww, so hard,” Jay gasped out between swats. Jay was not so lucky to keep the sheet around his butt but now his legs were tangled up in the damn thing, so he couldn’t even kick his legs. “Oww, stop, oww,” Jay yelled. Man, was he glad the paddle was not involved in this talk. “JACK, please, STOP. I’m SORRY.” Jay finally gave up and went limp, crying hard into the bed spread.

“OK, baby,” Jack soothed his Brat who was always vocal through a punishment. “All done.”

Jay quickly grabbed Jack around the neck and buried his face into the curve where neck meets shoulder while moving around so his butt was not sitting on Jack's lap. “That really hurt,” Jay whined into his lover neck. “Rub it for me so it will go away,” Jay begged as he raised his hip a little.

Jack laughed at his Brat. “Baby, if I rub it, believe me, it will hurt more,” he said. “I would guess you'll be feeling the sting of that spanking for a couple of days. I was not mucking around. You should go have a shower and get ready for work, sweetheart.”

Jay let out a sigh. “All right.” Jay slid out of the loving arms of his Top and headed toward the bathroom. It only took him twenty minutes to wash and shave what little of it there was. After a quick breakfast, Jay headed down the steps to the storage area. Grabbing his board and a mountain dew, he headed to work. It was a long painful morning for Jay. Every time he turned around, his butt hit something. Several times his co-workers gave him an odd look. Finally Jay was able to go home. His mood was not good because his butt still hurt from the spanking. And now he had to get Jack to take him to go get his stuff from the bike shop, since he will no longer be working there. Maybe Jack will let him take a pillow to sit on.

It was a relatively non-stressful trip to pick up Jay's stuff, which Jack was thankful for. That evening after dinner, the two of them just cuddled.

“Come on, sleepy head,” Jack said to Jay and they went to bed to cuddle a bit more. Jack sighed as Jay fell asleep. Why did his Brat always look so innocent when sleeping?

The End.

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