By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

Just as a customer entered, the entire shop was filled with, “I don’t give a flying rat’s ass if the bitch turns hundred and one. I’m not coming.” Jack knew the voice. Then the sound of the loft door being slammed shut. Kay gave Jack a weak smile as every one turned and looked at him.

“Sorry folks, I think my partner has had some bad news,” Jack said, smiling through gritted teeth. He'd had sound-proofing done for a reason. “Now can I help anyone?” He served a couple of customers and then made his way upstairs.

Jay didn’t hear Jack enter; he was too pissed at his brother to pay attention to the surroundings. Pacing back and forth, he held the phone so tight his knuckles were white. “I don’t care … you have no … Go to hell Shane…” Jay screamed. Slamming his phone shut, he spun around to throw the thing. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Jay asked as he saw the love of his life staring at him.

“You throw that phone and I'll paddle you,” Jack warned. “Now do you want to explain what's going on or do you want to calm down in a corner first?” Jack's eyes were blazing. His Brat's temper tantrums, although less frequent than they had been, were an old ongoing problem.

“He’s a fucking bastard, that’s what wrong,” Jay shouted, shaking the cell phone he still had clutched in his hand at Jack. He was breathing hard. When his phone rang again, he didn’t even have to look and shouted, “NO!” and shut the phone. Shaking his head at seeing what time it was, he spun around and grabbed his jacket. “Asshole’s going to make me late,” Jay yelled as he headed for the door.

Jack picked up the lunch he'd packed for Jay. “Jason,” he snapped. “Catch!” throwing the bag at him. “We'll talk later. Drive safe.” After Jay had left the loft, he grabbed his address book and rang a number. “Hi Shane,” he said. “It's Jack, what's up?”

When Jason arrived home that night, Jack was sitting on the sofa nursing a small scotch. “Jay, why don't you want to celebrate your Mom's 60th birthday?” he asked.

Jay was in a better mood. “Look Jack, I’m sorry for this afternoon and all but this is really none of your business,” Jay told him, praying he would not get smacked. “Can I have one?” Jay eyed the glass.

Jack shrugged. “Sure,” he replied. “You know where it's kept.” He waited until Jay had settled with his scotch and said mildly, “You know it might to a good opportunity for you to reconnect with your family.”

Jay settled close to Jack. “Yeah, but I rather just stay disconnected,” Jay said taking a sip. “You don’t understand, Jack; your mom loves you, I guess.” Jay kicked off his sneakers and stretched his legs out on the sofa. “Mine, she’s the alcoholic, drug addict, biker bitch from hell,” he said as he gulped the last of the drink down. “She’s the one that got me hooked on pot and smoking, so I would leave her alone,” Jay said as he pulled Jack's arm down over his shoulder, the drink hit him harder then he expected. “I’ve got two brothers in Quebec and a sister living some where between here and there, and I even got twin sisters living with their dad in the States, all of them older then Shane. Besides Shane, Sarah and a few close friends are the only ones that know I’m gay,” he said, letting out a yawn. “According to Shane, it’s this Saturday and we’re supposed to go shopping.” Jay twisted his head back so he could look up at Jack. “Right?”

“Right,” Jack replied. “I understand although I was accepted when I came out,” Jack said, “Mum for a while thought it was a stage I was going through.” Jack laughed. “But she got over that after Dad talked to her.”

“Yes, we're shopping on Saturday. We could make a weekend of it and go to Vancouver,” Jack replied. “No hang on, we've got a wedding to attend this Saturday,” Jack said. “An old friend of mine and his partner are getting married. I promised them a couple of stand-in rings. I'll finish their final rings while they're on honeymoon.” Jack took a sip of his scotch, savoring the taste. “So we may have to postpone the shopping trip.” He braced for the reaction from his Brat.

Jay sat up and spun around to stare at his partner. “Now wait a minute, you told me,” Jay stopped when he saw Jack's eyebrow jump a little. He knew if he threw a fit over this, he would be in for a world of hurt. “Fine, but I don’t have anything to wear to a wedding.” Jay slumped back on to the sofa with his arms crossed. He was not happy about putting his plans on hold, but at least he was not going to his mom's this weekend.

Jay gave Jack a kiss to his cheek. “What’s for dinner dear?” Jay said as he stood up to stretch. As he stretched, his shorts dropped just a little off his slim hips, just a hint of hair peeked above the waist of his shorts.

“Casserole,” Jack replied, admiring the view. He felt himself hardening. “Calm down, boy,” he said to himself. “You've got some more work to do tonight.” He looked at Jay. “Why don't you set the table?” he said. “It's almost ready.”

“Alright,” Jay said, heading for the kitchen. After setting the table, Jay grabbed one of the chairs and spun it around to sit so his chest would be at the back, folding his arms and laying them across the top of the chair, his chin rested on his arms. “So how was your day?” he asked, as he picked a napkin apart.

“Good,” Jack replied. “Mason came in and we talked about what he needed for the wedding. They moved it forward so he understood why I couldn't have his rings finished in time. I've got two silver rings they can use. You don't have to worry about clothing. Mason said it's pretty casual; slacks and shirts are more than acceptable.” He took the casserole out of the oven and served it up. When they finished eating, he stood up. “I need to go back down to the shop,” he said. “I've got some work I need to get finished. Don't wait up for me.”

Jay was a little confused. Jack usually wasn’t so short with him. “Are you mad or something?” Jay asked as he gathered the dishes up.

“Not really, honey,” Jack replied. “I didn't much like the temper tantrum I walked in on earlier and the fact it drifted down into the shop disappointed me.” He looked at Jay. “I'm giving you all sorts of breaks today, as I know talking about your Mom upsets you. I just have some work to finish and I need the equipment down in the shop.”

“Oh,” Jay said as he put the dishes in the sink. When he heard that the people in the shop heard, his face grew hot with embarrassment. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” Jay said as he took deep breath trying to fight back the tightness in his chest. The last thing he wanted to do was to embarrass or disappoint the man he loved.

“Hey, it’s ok baby,” Jack reassured Jay. “No harm done this time. Don't do it again is all I ask. Next time, I won't be so understanding, the soundproofing is there for a reason.” Jack went downstairs. He did have work on but was a bit apprehensive about one piece he was doing. “Mrs. Copeland, I hope you see this as an olive branch,” he said to himself. He'd talked with Shane for about an hour and learnt that Jay's mother had been to rehab and was six months clean. He couldn't force Jay to see his mother but Jack could at least try to not make it harder for his Brat's mother to stay clean.

Jay was a little shocked that Jack let him slide. He at least expected to get scolded for his behavior, but what Jack decides is what happens. Jay finished up the dishes and gathered his dirty clothes while listening to his music that Jack hated. Figuring he'd call it an early night, he got ready for bed, but something else was playing in his mind after brushing his teeth. Going back into the room he noticed it was only eight o’clock. “Fuck it,” Jay yelled to an empty room.

Grabbing his black jeans, plain t-shirt and vest, he got dressed and headed for the door. Since Jack was in the shop, the alarm was not set, so he slipped out into the night, slipping on his boots once he got passed the shop. Jay headed for the bar and grill for a few beers.

Jack was fathoms deep in his work. He had finished the two plain rings for Mason and Billy and was now working on Jay's mother's present. He finished at about 1am, stretched and wondered idly whether waking up his Brat for a quick fuck was possible.

He walked up to the loft and wandered over to the bed. He stopped still in shock, no Brat lay there. He looked around and realized Jay was not in the loft. “Where the hell is he?” Jack growled.

It took a while for the bartender to realize Jay's ID was not a fake and yes, he was actually the age it said. Once he got his beer, he turned to watch some poor drunks try to play pool; laughing to himself he headed over to join in.

Jay smiled to himself. After four years, he could hustle a good game. Grabbing up the cash on the end of the table, he started to thumb through it when ‘never count you winnings at the table, son. It's bad manners,’ Jay's mom's voice went thought his head. He smiled and shoved the fist full of bills in his pocket and headed out the door and headed toward home.

Once there, he realized the light in the shop was off and the one in the loft was on. Worst yet, he'd forgot to grab his keys. Laying his head on the cool brick wall, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and pushed a single key. He heard the phone above his head ring. “I’m locked out,” Jay said. Before the person could say anything, he hung up his phone.

Jack unlocked the door and stood there. “Where have you been?” he rumbled.

Jay stood before his lover like a naughty child with both hands behind his back and took a deep breath.” I went for a walk and ended up at the bar and grill and had one beer,” Jay said, holding up one finger. “I played a few games of pool, that’s all,” Jay said as he rubbed the top of his boot up and down the back of his leg.

“Why did you feel the need to sneak out?” Jack was confused. He was no boozer. He enjoyed a drink and although he played pool badly, he liked watching his young lover bent over the table.

“I didn’t sneak out. You were busy and I didn’t want to bother you. Can we discuss this inside, please?” Jay asked. He didn’t want the neighbors to think they were having a fight and call the local police.

“Sure,” Jack replied. “I can't wait to hear this.”

Once they were in the loft, Jay made a beeline for the bathroom. When he came out, he was in his boxers and T-shirt. Seeing Jack was not about to let this slide, Jay let out a breath and stood before the only person he loved and cared for. “I needed to think and the only time I can think is when I am walking.” Jay stopped to breath. ‘Or standing in the corner,’ he thought, before he went on. “I didn’t ask cuz I thought you’d say no.” Jay hoped he was not hanging himself here. Jay glanced at the clock on the DVD ‘Shit, I had no ideal it was that late,’ he thought as he saw it was now 1:30 in the morning. “I really didn’t mean to be out this late,” Jay said, trying to look sorrier then he was.

Jack put his head in his hands. “Well seeing as you start work at 6am every day, staying out until after 1am is not smart now, is it?” He looked at his Brat. “What did you need to think about?” he asked gently.

“No Sir,” Jay swallowed. “My Mom,” he whispered.

“Why were you thinking about your Mom?” Jack pulled his Brat into his arms.

Jay snuggled close. “She might not have been the best mom in the world, but she is mine and she did teach me some real neat stuff like how to ride a motorcycle, hustle pool, darts, and cards.” Jay face lit up with a smile. “And a few other things I won't tell you about. Anyway, I was thinking.” Jay took a deep breath. “Do you think it might be possible for us to head over after the wedding and go see her on Sunday? I can help drive.” Jay held his breath and waited for Jack to explode this time.

“Baby, I think that's a great idea,” Jack said, kissing his Brat. He took a deep breath and said, “I'd like you to come down to the shop. I've got something I want to show you.” Jack led the way downstairs followed by a puzzled Jay. “I'd like you to take a look at this and tell me if your mother would like it.” Jack held his breath waiting for an explosion.

Jay looked at the pendant that was laid on a green silk cloth. It took his breath away and almost made him cry to think Jack loved him that much to make something so beautiful for him to give to someone he’d didn’t even want to see. ‘Wait a minute,’ Jay thought to himself. “I can’t believe you; you were going to make me go?” Jay’s ranted, his voice raised a little then he stopped. As he looked into Jack's eyes, he shook his head and gathered himself as he stepped closer to Jack. “I’m sorry. She’ll love it.” Jay laid his head on Jack's shoulder. “How did you know I’d change my mind?” Jay asked him. ”I’m such an ass,” Jay muttered.

“I didn't,” Jack replied. He looked at the pendant with the motorcycle delicately etched into it. “I just talked to Shane who said your mother had been in rehab and was sober now. I wanted to make sure she didn't relapse if you didn't show up to her birthday. I thought the pendant would help. I'm so pleased you changed your mind, Baby.” Jack kissed Jay, wrinkling his nose at the taste of beer. “Let's go to bed,” he said, grinning at his sleepy Brat.
“Ok,” Jay said as he yawned. Jay looked at his watch; he had to get up in three hours. “I take it a quickie is out of the question?”

“Nope,” Jack said, leering. As they walked up the steps, he stripped Jay and by the time they reached the bed, he was naked as well. He reached for the lube and slowly prepared Jay, starting with one finger then adding the second. Then he quickly lubed his hard cock and thrust into his lover.

“Oh God, Jack,” Jay gasped as Jack thrust into him. It didn’t take long for Jay to cum. He came hard with out touching himself. When he felt Jack swell inside him, he reached up and pulled Jack down to him, locking lips and he only pulled away after Jack had cum. “Wow,” Jay gasped, as Jack fell on top of him. “Stay in me,” Jay begged.

“If I stay inside you,” Jack teased, “we'll stick together and that could be embarrassing.” He withdrew slowly and cleaned them off using the face towel he got from the bathroom. He looked down and saw Jay was fast asleep. He spooned himself around his Brat and dropped off to sleep as well.

The End

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