A Brat's Bad Day

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

Jack looked around and grimaced. Ever since Jason had moved into his apartment, his previously pristine environment had changed. There were clothes from the bedroom to the living room and back. He suddenly smiled as he thought of Jay; he wouldn't have it any other way. That young man was a real charmer and the six months they'd been together, had been the best six months of his life.They had a routine. Jay's shift ended at noon so he would be home for lunch. Jack opened the fridge and smiled as he saw Pepsi sitting there along with everything else. He'd bowed to the inevitable within a couple of days; that his partner drank soft drinks, but he had put his foot down regarding Mountain Dew. He was of the opinion that it had far too much caffeine in it and his lover was hyper enough as it was. He turned as the door opened."Hey, lover, perfect timing."

Jay closed the door behind him, letting it slam shut and making Jack a little irritated.“Hi,” Jay greeted him with a smile and a hello kiss. “Is lunch ready? I am starved,” Jay asked as he opened the closet door with one eye on Jack and one eye on the bag. He placed it on the peg Jack had put there for him. He reached in to it to retrieve their mail, while he also shoved a twenty-oz Mountain Dew bottle to the bottom of the bag.

Jack swallowed his irritation and returned the kiss. "I like that door with the hinges on," he commented mildly, turning to the stove to heat the soup. He was amused; he knew full well that his Brat smuggled Mountain Dew in his backpack but had early on decided not to make an issue of it. He just made sure it was not readily available in the apartment.He put the soup on the table and produced a loaf of freshly baked bread, from his newly purchased bread maker. "Now what's in the mail?"

Just the norm for the middle of the month, bills, your Jewelry Catalogue and junk mail," Jay told him, dropping the stuff where Jack sat as he plopped down in his own chair with a thud.

"Bills? I thought I'd paid everything this month," Jack said, his voice puzzled. He opened one of the bills. He looked up at his Brat. "Jay did you post those letters I gave you the other day?"

Now it was Jay's turn to be irritated. He pushed himself up right and crossed his arms across his chest. "Yes, what doyou think I am a irresponsible mail worker that can't even post his own mail? Did you ever think maybe theycrossed in the mail? Nooooooo, you just jump right in and thought I forgot to do it." Jay stood up to leave. "Well if that's what you think th...." Jay let his words trail off as he shoved his hands into his jacket pockets to feel something in them, knowing full well what they were before he pulled them out. He swallowed the last of his words as he pulled the mail he was supposed to have drop off at the post office.

Looking up at Jack he gave him an ‘oops’ look. "I guess I forgot," Jay said as he made a beeline for the door.

"Hold it, right there, bucko," Jack's voice was pure steel. "I asked a question, I did not accuse you of anything and I do not appreciate you throwing a temper tantrum. We have discussed this before. I understand you can make a genuine mistake with the bills, it's not like you did it on purpose. There is no excuse for the tantrum that gets us no-where and is disrespectful." He looked his young lover in the eye.

Jay stood there for a moment, thinking. If he took the spanking now, which he did earn for the temper fit, he’d end up in bed asleep and he already had plans to catch a ride with a friend and head over to Kelowna.Turning to Jack he gave him a smile and said, "They asked me to work the counter until three today.” With that he left, letting the door slam behind him.

"Brat," Jack growled as the door swung shut. He always preferred to get spankings out the way. He wondered about the smile which seemed a little too bright for a Brat who'd earned a spanking."What's he got up his sleeve?" Jack wondered to himself. "I hope whatever it is it doesn't involve him getting into more trouble."

Jay quickly jogged down the steps, hoping Jack would not figure out he was lying and catch him half way. Once outside, he retrieved his skateboard from the basement and headed out to meet his friends.Sometime later, he glanced at his watch and saw it was almost three in the afternoon. ‘Nope, don’t want to go home yet,’ he thought as he took out his cell phone and called Jack.

“Jack McCallum speaking," Jack answered the shop phone on the third ring.

"Yeah, hey sorry for such a late notice but I'm going to help a friend load a truck. Sorry, love ya, bye," Jay told him. Hanging up and taking a deep breath, he turned to his buddy and smiled. "All clear," Jay told his buddy as he handed him another beer.

Jack looked at his phone angrily. "What the hell?" he thought to himself. Jay would do almost anything to keep from loading the trucks.They'd set the rule that Jay had to be home before five for a reason. His young Brat had a habit of losing track of time and Jack liked eating his dinner before 6.30 pm. It didn't ring true. If he found out his Brat was lying to him....well,he wouldn't want to be Jay after he got through with him.

Jay and his buddies were having way too much fun to pay attention to the time or their surroundings and since the area where they were at had lights, they never noticed it getting dark.

Jack looked up at the clock. It was seven pm. "When I get hold of him, that Brat is toast," he thought grimly to himself.

Jay stood and looked up at the stairs. How was he going to explain how come he was all sweaty and smelly by just loading a small truck and how long it took? He looked at his watch again. ‘Five hours?’ Jay sighed to himself. ‘God, I am so dead,’ he thought as he climbed the stairs to his doom.Jay stopped with his hand on the knob and taking a deep breath, he let it out slowly. He was trying to calm his stomach, hoping what was in it didn't end up on the floor. He could hold his beer but cheap beer with greasy food on top of it; he was not to sure about that.Jay took another deep breath as he open the door. He knew Jack was going to mad as hell. When he open the door, his fears came true. Jack was mad as hell at him. ‘Where’s the jam, cause I’m toast?’ he thought as he looked into the eyes of his lover.

"Where the hell have you been?" Jack asked. "I was worried about you. Correct me if I'm wrong; but we made a deal that you would be home by five pm at the latest. It does not take five hours to load a goddamn truck." He took a step closer to his Brat. "And mouthwash does not mask the fact you've been drinking."

Jay opens his mouth to say something only to close it again in fear of barfing all over Jack and the floor. Even though Jack was not really yelling, it just sounded like it to Jay. God, was he sick.

“I really don't give a damn at the moment what your excuse is," Jack said. "You escaped a spanking this afternoon. Now I'm going to give you that; plus for staying out, drinking and worrying me, you're grounded for the next month.You go to work, you come straight home; and I'm sure I can find enough chores to keep you occupied."Jack didn't wait for Jay to try to stall. He guided the young man gently across his lap. He bared his Brat's bottom and began to spank, steadily turning the bottom from white to a glowing red. When he finished, he wasn't surprised to see Jay dash to the sink to throw up.

Once Jay's stomach stopped rebelling on him, he turned on the water, reached for the spray nozzle and did his best to rinse out his mouth. Jay took the towel that was handed to him and wiped his face. He turned to see Jack's concernedeyes. That was all it took; he rushed into Jack's arms and burst into tears. He felt Jack's hand rubbing his back and telling him he was forgiven.Jay turned his head so his mouth was next to Jack's ear. “I’m sorry, for the running (yawn) the lying (yawn) drinking (yawn) and not coming home (yawn),” he whispered and promptly went to sleep.

The End

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