By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

Jay lay on the sofa bouncing a tennis ball off the wall. He had done everything Jack had told him to do without too much of an argument. The apartment was clean from top to bottom, even the ceiling fans were dust free. Amie’s cage was the cleanest it had ever been. The windows were so clean that a pigeon smacked into one, knocking the breath out of itself before flying off a few minutes later. The basement was spotless, all the old magazines and papers were gone; hell, he’d even mopped the concrete floor. Even the dryer was lint free and spotless as was the washing machine.

With Jack’s help he'd put shelves up along the far wall so everything was neatly boxed and labeled. Jack even gave him an area so he could have a work station so he could fix his skates, skateboards and bike when needed. He would no longer have ball bearings and grease all over the place.

The only thing he has not cleaned up was Jack’s work area because Jack has told him in no uncertain terms he was not to bother with it. Jack kept that area cleared up anyway.

He had twelve days left on his grounding and he really was trying to be good, but if he heard the words obey, sit or good-boy again, he swore he was going to bite someone. Jay was tired of being grounded, he was bored to tears and he was getting fat.

Jack knew Jay was bored and he had a plan. Tomorrow was Sunday and the shop was closed. It had been a tough two weeks for him as well so he decided both he and Jay needed some fresh air. He walked through the door and intercepted the bouncing tennis ball. "Check your fishing gear, honey," he said, "We'll walk up to the clearing and have fresh fish for dinner tomorrow."

Jay was not sure how to tell Jack he didn’t like to fish. However, seeing the excitement on Jack's face, Jay was not the one to bring him down and being outdoors was better then being indoors. “Cool!” Jay jumped up and gave Jack a hug. “But I left my fishing stuff in Vancouver.”

"That's ok," Jack said. "I've got a couple of rods you can use." He was happy to see his Brat more animated. "We'll make a day of it," he said. "So we'll leave about seven tomorrow morning."

As long as he was with Jack Jay didn’t mind getting up at the butt crack of dawn on a Sunday. “Cool, we can take a lunch. We can grab something on our way out or you can make the chicken salad stuff that’s just the bomb. We can take chips and something to drink besides water.” Jay was rambling on and on. Suddenly he stopped and turned to Jack. “What do you wear when you go fishing?”

"Warm clothing," Jack replied, happy to see his Brat respond with so much enthusiasm. "It may be summer but the mountains can still be chilly. Layers are the best thing. I'll be happy to make the chicken salad and I'm sure a few beers won't go amiss."

“Yessssss,” Jay said, jumping up like he had made the winning touchdown. “I’ll run down and get the cooler. Which one do you want; the one with wheels or the one we carry?” Jay asked as he slipped on his flip-flops “Oh yeah, do you want your windbreaker while I am down there?” Jay asked as he headed for the door

“Hey, calm down," Jack said, laughing. "We've got a two-hour hike to get to the clearing. I have a backpack and we can chill the beer in the water when we get there. It's snow-melt so it should be cold enough and the chicken salad will stay cool enough during the hike." He reached out to grab Jay. "We'll go down together. Tomorrow does not mean your grounding is over, you know." He kissed his young lover, hard.

Jay kissed back just as hard, mapping out Jack’s mouth with his tongue at the same time taking in Jack's scent; his aftershave, the soap he used to wash with, his sweat. Jay pulled back and looked up into his lover’s eyes. “It is just that I am excited, that’s all,” Jay said as he nuzzled Jack's neck. Just then a horrible thought entered Jay’s head. “Umm, Jack, you’re not going to add another day, are you?” he asked.

Jack choked. "No," he managed to say. "Tomorrow is all about us. I know you've been frustrated and so have I. I thought we could both use some fun and exercise. I know you don't really like fishing but I'd like the chance to teach you the art of fly-fishing. Plus I love cooking and eating fresh fish." He picked Jay up and tossed him on the bed. "Now enough talking," he said as he started to tickle Jay.

Jay squirmed under Jack's fingers, trying his best not to laugh because when he laughed he made a snorting noise. After a few minutes of playful torture, Jay gave in and started to laugh. What Jay didn’t realize was the more he squirmed to keep away from Jack's fingers, the more he wriggled out of his loose fitting shorts. Once he realized his shorts were down past his knees, he looked up at Jack. “No, not there” Jay giggled as he saw Jack's fingers head for the one area he was extremely ticklish in.

Jack loved Jay's laugh. He was very aware that Jay's shorts were coming down and moved in for the kill. "Yes there," he said wickedly, moving down towards Jay's groin.

Thank God no one lived close to them because the scream Jay let out was loud enough to bring the police. Jay was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes and running down his cheeks, but they were tears of fun and joy. Every now and then he would yell out, “Not the hair!” He knew Jack would not pull his hair out, but old fears come back now and then. Jay continued to twist and turn but Jack was always one tickle ahead of him. “Uncle!” Jay yelled out. He was breathing hard and his face was red. “I’m going to piss myself,” Jay said, giggling like a little boy.

Jack stopped tickling his young lover and began to stroke him instead. He knew where he wanted this to go and his erection had become too intense for the tickling to continue. "I want to fuck you," he said to Jay, his voice harsh with desire. He lent over and claimed Jay's mouth.

Jay pulled back from the kiss and looked up into Jack's eyes. “Ok,” Jay told him with a shy grin. He could feel his cheeks flush. Jay pulled Jack back into the kiss and while they were kissing Jay was busy stripping Jack's clothes off, a talent he learned far too young. One of Jay’s hands was busy undoing the buttons on Jack's shirt while the other was undoing the pants. Jay hated it when Jack wore button up shirts, it took too long to get him out of them. Jay rubbed his foot up Jack's legs and by using his toes he was able to pull Jack's socks down and off. Before long Jack was completely naked; the only thing he had left on was his watch. Jay felt Jack's erection on his leg. “Now please,” Jay whispered in Jack’s ear.

Jack flipped Jay over and grabbed some lube from the bedside drawer. He began to prepare his lover, one finger then two, gently stretching him. Then he coated himself with the lube and gently entered his lover. He started out slow and then sped up while making sure he hit Jay's prostate with each stroke. "God, you're so good baby, so hot," he gasped into Jay's ear. "I'm ready to come, come for me lover." Jack shuddered to completion and carefully withdrew and collapsed on the bed next to Jay, breathing hard.

Once Jay caught his breath and his eyes got back into focus, he rolled over so he and Jack were face to face. He gently rubbed his thumb over Jack’s still erect left nipple. “You’re not so bad yourself, old man,” Jay said, giving the nipple a nip.

“Give me some time, Jay," Jack said, gasping as Jay worked on his nipples. "Although if you continue doing that; it won't take long."

The next morning they had to stop off and buy the elements for their picnic lunch, having run out of time to make it. Jack packed them carefully in his backpack which also contained a first aid kit and a box of flies he had inherited from his grandfather. Five minutes later they were on the track that led to Jack's favourite fishing spot. Jack was whistling as he walked. He'd been born in Jade Heights and spent his childhood here. He was happy to be introducing his lover to his favourite places.

Jay was a tad bit disappointed that Jack was not able to make the chicken salad stuff for their lunch. ‘But it’s not every night a sex-a-thon happens,’ Jay thought as he followed Jack up the trail, watching the ass before him swish with each step. Jay shook his head to clear his mind. He quickened his step to get up beside Jack. He had never been much for the hiking, fishing, camping outdoors type thing, but if that what Jack wanted to do, he would learn to do it. He did see why Jack loved it so much as it was a sight to see. “Hey, Jack, you ever do it in woods before. And how come those things are called flies? They don’t look like flies to me. Are we going to use worms? Cause I am not touching those slimly little things. And what if I got to go to the bathroom?” Jay asked as he stopped for a minute. He was definitely out of shape. “Hey, Jack, how much farther is it?”

“To answer in order, yes I have done it in the woods," Jack said, laughing. "Two, the flies look like the things the fish eat. You cast and land it gently on the water and hope the fish strikes for it. A worm is not used in fly fishing. The bathroom? Find a bush and use a leaf; just be careful which leaf you use." Jack paused. "It's about another hour," he said. "We can rest for a little while. I'm a bit out of shape."

Jay thought resting was a good ideal. “Yeah, if you want to,” Jay told him. “Sorry for all the questions. It is just that I’ve never done anything like this,” Jay told him. He waited until Jack found a spot to sit and then he slid in between Jack's legs. He laid his head back and looked up at Jack. “This is nice, thanks for thinking of it,” Jay told him. “But Jack, using a leaf? That’s just gross.” Jay shuddered at the thought.

Jay was in awe when he saw the area Jack had taken him to. He did not know what to say except for ‘WOW!’ as he looked around the lake. It was beautiful; quiet and yet you could hear the water moving slowly along its’ way to wherever it was going. The leaves of the trees gently moved as the soft breeze passed. Jay took a deep breath. The air was clean and crisp. Jay jumped back when he saw a fish jump out of the water, snag a fly out of the air and then flop back down into the water faster then he could blink. "Jack, did you see that?" Jay asked.

"Yep, they do seem to be biting," Jack said mildly. "But I've never been here when they haven't." He loved seeing Jay's reaction to his favourite place. "Why don't we put the beer in the lake to chill and set up the rods?" he suggested. "Or we can re-enact my wild youth and do it in the woods." Jack's eyebrow rose in question.

Now Jay had to think about that. ‘Fish or sex, hummmmmmm?’ “I‘ll go and put the beer in the lake and since you know your way around, you can go find a nice spot for some, you know, in the woods,” Jay told him as he fished the beer out of the backpack and headed down towards the water. ‘As long as I don’t fall in, I am fine.’ Jay thought as he got close to the edge of the water.

Jack admired Jay's rear as he made his way towards the river. He removed a picnic rug from his backpack. "Here is just fine," he said. "I may want to recreate my youth but age and wisdom will make it much more comfortable.” Jack had vivid recollections of removing pine needles and soil from some very intimate places last time he'd had sex in the forest. "After we can go for a quick swim to clean off," he added cheerfully.

“Sounds like fun,” Jay said, heading back toward his lover. “But won’t the water be too cold to swim in? I mean if it’s cold enough to chill beer, won't it chill us?” Jay asked slipping his hands around Jack's waist and pulling him close to him. He felt Jack’s erection and gave Jack a sly smile while at the same time undoing Jack’s pants. “What if someone see us?” Jay asked as he dropped to his knees and took Jack into his mouth.

Jay's skillful mouth prevented Jack from speaking. His brain turned to mush. He gathered himself enough to speak. "If you don't stop that soon," he said, his voice breathless, "I'll come and I don't bounce back that quickly." He sighed in relief when Jay stopped the blow job. He had no objection at all to it but he wanted to make this time last. He didn't answer Jay's question until he had entered Jay and was slowly thrusting. "The water's cold but a quick dip won't hurt us," he said, thrusting in and brushing Jay's sweet spot as he did so. "And in all the years I've been coming up here, I've seen nobody else.” He slowly pulled back. Then he picked up the pace and had no more breath left to answer questions.

Jay was no longer able to talk or think after Jack entered him. It took several minutes for Jay to get his breath back after his heart rate was back to normal. Once he was able to think straight again, he remembered what Jack had said about swimming afterwards. “Hey, if it’s alright with you, I’ll try to get my tan line to match while you go for a swim,” he told Jack.

“You mean you're not hot, sweaty and sticky?" Jack teased gently. "If you're not, it's obvious I wasn't doing it right. Come on in, sissy, it's not that cold." It had never occurred to Jack that Jay couldn't swim.

“As the matter of fact, yes, I do like to be all hot, sweaty, and sticky as long as I smell like you," Jay told Jack as he looked up at him swatting flies off his legs and his back side. "Fine," Jay said as he got up off his butt. Taking Jack by the hand, he let Jack pull him to the lake edge. Jay stopped at the edge, feeling the mud and muck squish between his toes. It reminded him of why he didn't like the water so much. He so wanted to turn around and head back to the blanket where he'd be safe, but he didn't want Jack to think of him as a scaredy-cat or a sissy girl or worse yet, a pussy. Feeling Jack pull his hand, he slowly followed him into the water. Once Jay was hip deep his foot slid on the rocks causing him to almost lose his balance. When he got his footing back, he looked up at Jack. "I'll wash off here," Jay told his lover. "You can swim; I'll just watch." He gently started to wash himself.

Jack's eyes narrowed as he looked at Jay. He knew when Jay was scared. "Is there something you want to tell me?" he asked.

Jay just looked at Jack and blinked and started to back step toward the shore. ‘Damn a direct question,’ Jay thought. “You know I read some where that it is not a good thing to go skinny dipping in a river or lake. Especially after sex 'cause you might get a parasite in an open wound or some other opening and you could get a fungus or some kind of a bacterial virus and…..” Jay noticed Jack's eyebrow starting to make that little twitch it does when Jack's had enough and is about ready to start swatting. Jay took a deep breath. ‘Here goes everything,’ he thought. “Iamscaredshitlessofopenwaterandcan’tswim,” Jay told his lover as he turned around and high-tailed it out of the water.

Jack was fluent in brat-speak and cursed under his breath. "You idiot, Jackson. Why didn't you ask if he could swim or not?” He moved quickly and caught up with Jay. "I'm sorry, baby," he whispered in Jay's ear. "I didn't think. Do you forgive me?" He turned him firmly around and gave him half a dozen swats. "That's for the temper tantrum," he said firmly.

“Oww, Jack, oww; wet bare ass here!” Jay yelled as he got swatted. He stomped his foot. “That hurt!” he almost yelled as he tried to rub the sting out. “Yes, you are forgiven,” Jay told Jack as he was pulled into a hug. “And that was no temper fit,” he pouted as he rubbed his burning backside. “I thought you wanted to fish?” Jay asked, making sure Jack's hands stayed well away from his backside.

Jack smiled down at his Brat. "I want to teach you the fine art of fly fishing," he said. "But first we should get dressed and have some lunch.” The two of them ate lunch and then Jack began to teach Jay some of the basics of fly fishing. He demonstrated by casting expertly over the lake. He was lucky on his second cast and pulled out a good-sized eating fish. He quickly killed it and put it in the basket.

Jay was all eyes as he watched Jack flick the fishing line out over the water, slowly reeling it back in. On the second cast Jay jumped when he saw the fish snag the fly out of air then drop back down into the water. Jay watched with excitement as Jack reeled the fish up to land. However, Jay's excitement soon died as Jack cleaned and gutted the fish. Jay’s nice healthy tan started to turn a turn a sick green. Jay blinked and looked up at Jack. "I am not eating that," he told him in a matter of fact tone.

'Why not?" Jack was confused. "You have no problem eating fish. I've even brought home fresh fish before." He looked at Jay and saw his colour. "What's wrong, lover?" he asked, slightly alarmed.

"Yeah but that was fresh from the market, not fresh from the stream." Jay stood up straight and took a step back, his hand over his mouth. After Jay took a couple of deep breaths, his color started to turn back to normal. "Sorry, never seen that done before," Jay told his lover as he pointed to the fish guts on the ground. "But I'll get use to it, I promise." Jay told Jack, giving one of his winning smiles. He hoped he hadn't ruined Jack's day.

It didn’t take long for Jay to become bored with the fishing lesson; just not enough excitement for him, no thrills or mud and just too quiet. Jay could not figure out why anyone in their right mind would do such a boring hobby; besides which the damn fish were not biting. Jay let out a sigh and turned to Jack. “Can we go home?” Jay asked with a small whine in his voice. Jay did have fun and he knew once they were back in the loft he would be back on restrictions, but right now he didn't care.

Jack recognized that Jay was getting bored and therefore cranky. He smiled easily. "Sure we can pack up and go home."

The two hour trek back to the car was made mainly in silence. Jack was drinking in the scenery. He'd missed the hills recently and silently resolved to take more trips. For his city lover he wouldn't mind alternating with some time in the "big smoke". They both got in the car and drove home. Once there, Jack set to and started to cook the fish he had caught. "Jay, why don't you set the table, these won't take too long to cook."

“Sure," Jay said as he got up and headed for the cupboard. Grabbing the stuff that was needed, Jay quietly set the table. “Is it alright if I have soda with dinner?” Jay asked, opening up the freezer and not seeing something that was supposed to be there. “Shit! Fuck! Son of a Bitch!” he yelled as he slammed the door shut.

"Jason," Jack's voice was pure steel. "Language like that is not acceptable and you know it. We'll talk about it more after dinner." Jack served up the fish and sat down and began to eat calmly.
Jay slumped into his chair and starred at his plate. Knowing Jack would say something about not eating; he grabbed up his fork and poked at the fish for a second. Then taking a bite and finding it didn’t taste as awful as he thought it would, he started to eat. “Sorry about the language. I just forgot about Amie's food. She ran out last week and I forgot to tell you she needed more,” Jay said around a mouth full of food. Taking a swallow of his drink, he looked up at Jack. “Besides, what’s the big deal? You say worse things then I do,” Jay told him and not liking the look he got, he dropped his eyes back to his own plate.

Jack glared at his Brat. He knew his language was not always the purest but he did object to the volley of abuse directed at the fridge. After dinner finished, the two of them did the dishes in silence. Jack gestured for Jay to take a seat on the sofa. "I really didn't want the day to end like this," he said sadly. "You know I don't like it when you swear. But having agreed that I also have a problem, I think we ought to institute a swear box. For each word, we pay a certain amount of money and at the end of the month we decide what we do with the money." He looked at his Brat. "Your punishment for swearing before dinner will be to write out the rules for the swear box and then to make the first contribution.”

Jay sat with his arms crossed. The last swear box Jay had to put money into was at Shane’s house and it was a dollar a word and it was always full at the end of the month. Jay thought this was just plain dumb, rules for a swear box. After a bit, Jay got up and hunted around for his writing stuff. Finding it under the bed, he laid across it. After a few minutes he had the rough draft laid out. Walking over to where Jack was, he put the rules in front of Jack’s face. SWEAR BOX. $1.00 PER WORD. USE OF G-D WORD $5.00 AND A SPANKING. “And I’ll have to do an I.O.U cause I won’t get paid until Friday,” he said.

Jack raised his eyebrow. "I get spanked if I use God-damn?" he asked. "Remember these rules are for both of us."

Jay gave Jack an evil smile. “Yeah, I know but I don’t say that word,” he told him, holding out his hand “And that is five bucks for the box, my love,” he said.

Jack laughed out loud. "Brat," he said affectionately. He dug into his pants and put $5 into the box. "If you want to spank me, you're going to have to catch me," Jack teased, sauntering towards the bed.

Jay dropped the rules and box on the table with a thud. Now Jay was miffed ‘He thinks I’m joking, well I'll show him,’ Jay thought as he crossed the room. Before Jack was able to get to the bed Jay caught up with him and gave him one hard swat across the seat of his pants. “Ow!” Jay yelped. “Your butt is hard,” he said as his shook out his hand.

Jack felt the swat land and couldn't resist laughing when he heard Jay's complaint. "Come here, Brat," he said, lifting Jay into a fireman's lift and depositing him on the bed. Much later they both fell into a sated sleep.

The End

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