All I Want For Christmas

By Jo and Carol.

Jackson and Jason

The alarm went off at five am, like it had for the last several months. Jay woke,, turned off the alarm, so it would not wake, Jack. Then he climbed out of bed, to get ready for work. The loft was getting colder in the mornings, since winter has finally decided to show its’ ugly head, but not quite cold enough to turn up the heat, since both men slept better, when the room was cool. As Jay made his way across the room toward the bathroom, he could smell the fresh smell of pine, then his nose started to itch, causing him to sneeze a few times the last made him hit his head on the door before he could open it. “Damn door” Jay mumbled, as he opened it.

When Jay was dressed for work, he went over to the microwave, and pulled his cocoa out then he went over to the corner, where a naked tree sat in the corner. ‘Can’t wait to help Jack with this,’ Jay thought, as he looked at the tree, sipping his cocoa. His mind was seeing bright lights, shiny ornaments, popcorn strings, candy canes, hanging from the tree. A smile came across Jay's face, ‘Yap this was going to be the best.’ Jay thought as he took a deep breath, sneezed again and his eyes started to itch. ‘As long as I don’t end up sick’ Jay thought, as he put his mug down on the table. Going over to a sleeping Jack, he bent over and gave him a kiss goodbye, “See you at noon,” Jay whispered to him, like he had for the last several months, then grabbed his jacket and headed for work.

Jack mumbled, and rolled over. Although Jay didn't know it, he hardly ever stayed in bed for long, after Jay left it. He missed it when his young Brat wasn't in bed with him. He'd found after his first cup of coffee, his mind was quite creative in the early morning. He got up, poured his coffee and got a bowl of muesli for himself.

“Getting low,” he muttered to himself. He made his own muesli, “Need ingredients for chicken salad as well. Wonder if Jay wants to go shopping with me this afternoon? We can pick up candy canes and stuff for the tree.”

It was a busy day, everyone kept busy, before long it was time for Jay to clock out and head home. As Jay came by the window, in front of the shop, he glanced in to see Jack not standing behind the counter or helping some one. Jay rushed up the stairs “Honey I’m home,” Jay yelled, as the door slammed shut behind him. Jack was about ready to say something, when Jay’s mouth covered his in a long hard kiss, so passionate it made Jack's toes curl, “Missed you” Jay said, as he broke the kiss. Seeing the yellow list in Jack's hand, Jay gave him a smile as Jay's thumb rubbed the corner of Jack's mouth. “Cool food shopping” Jay said, as he took the list. “Oh hey, your mom sent you something,” Jay told him, digging the mail out of his jacket as he handed it over. Jay gave him a smile and then a sneeze or two.

Jack opened the letter and out fell a Christmas card. “That's nice,” he said smiling. “I guess that means tonight we'd better start doing our Christmas cards, otherwise they won't get to people on time. Better start making a list of who you want to send cards too.” Jack smiled at Jay, “I only send cards to clients I like.”

Jay was a little disappointed that the kiss he gave Jack got no response. “That’s will be easy, DJ, Marty, Scott, Kermit” Jay said as he held up one finger for each person. “Oh wait, Kermit’s Jewish.” He said as he put one finger down. “When and where are we going for the food?” Jay asked, giving Jack the innocent smile. The last time they went shopping together, Jay ended up sitting in the truck because of his mouth. Jay also mentally checked his wallet to figure if he had enough cash in it, so he could buy the stuff he wanted, that Jack would not buy him, or is he going to have to use his bank card.

Jack laughed, he was not unaffected by Jay's kiss and there was nothing he'd rather do than fuck Jay all afternoon, but they really needed to go shopping. “I think you can still send Kermit a card,” Jack replied. “I though we'd go to Kelowna and maybe find a nice place to have some lunch. Then we can do some food shopping and then maybe part and do some Christmas present shopping,” Jack smiled, and winked at his lover.

“Cool, there’s a neat burger joint by the mall, they’ve got the best onion rings.” Jay said, as he went over to the closet. Jay dropped his work pants, and pulled up a pair on a pair of baggy jeans, then he pulled a T-shirt on that said “Your boyfriend thinks I’m sexy” then he slipped his feet into his Vans skaters shoes, that had seen better days. “Ok ready,” Jay said, as he gave his body a quick spray of the Tag body spray that Jack loved on him. “Oh and I need MD,” Jay said, as he pulled on his skull covered sweat jacket.

Jack was a lot more conservative, than his skater bad boy Brat. His t-shirt and jeans were tight enough to make people look, and he shrugged on his black leather jacket that gave him a slightly darker edge. When Jay was in that kind of mood Jack wanted to make sure his Brat knew his Top was watching him. “Let's get moving,” was all he said.

“Oh hell, forgot something,” Jay said, as he grabbed his white skull beanie pulling it down over his head. it came to rest above the eyebrows, Jay's bangs peeked from under the edge of the beanie giving Jack a smile “its just for looks” Jay said, as he pulled a white cylinder out of his backpack. He opened it and then slipped a cigarette behind his ear as he grabbed his CD case. “Ok let’s roll” Jay said, as he headed down the stairs.

Jack growled and took the cigarette from behind Jay's ear. “You do not smoke and I am not interested in 'looks'” he said. “I'm willing for you to dress the way you do, that's just part of who you, are but no cigarettes.”

A sly grin crossed Jays face “Ok how about a joint.” Jay yelled back, over his shoulder making a run for the truck. Once there, he climbed in and fastened his seat belt before Jack got there. Jay looked out the driver’s window to see Jack. “What took you so long?” Jay asked giving him a goofy grin.

Jack growled, “That mouth of yours is writing a cheque, your butt doesn't want to pay,” he warned, “Scoot over, you can't drive with that arm of yours. It's not due out of plaster until next week.”

Jay wondered how many more cheques he could write, before his butt had to pay. Jay smiled and kiss the tip of Jack's nose “Yes, daddy” Jay said, as he undid the seat belt and slid over, making sure his ass did not raise more then it had to. Once Jay was buckled up in the passenger side, he pulled out a black CD that said Pitt Sounds, and slid it into the player. “You know I was joking right?” Jay asked, Jack started the truck, and a ear piercing scream came from the CD player, and the sound of banging drums.

“Oh God,” Jack moaned, “Your taste in music does not improve.” He turned the volume down and said “Yes Brat, I do know you were joking, but it had better stay a joke. If I find you with any drug, what Shane did to you will seem mild. Understand?”

Jay shivered at the memory of what Shane did to him long ago. “Yeah I understand” Jay said, as he undid his seat belt and slid to the middle of the bench seat. He did up the middle seatbelt, and then taking in a deep breath “That’s all the high I need” Jay said, as he laid his head on Jack's shoulder. It was not long before Jack felt shift in the seat and Jay's head rolled back a little then a soft snore came from him.

Jack drove to Kelowna smiling to himself. “Wake up sleepy head,” he said, as he pulled into the mall. “Lunch first then we shop. Maybe we'll go clothes shopping as well,” he mused eyeing Jay's clothing.

Jay let out a big yawn and a smile, “Did you find the burger joint?” Jay asked, as he slid out of the truck on the driver’s side. “Yeah, there a great sale going on at the skate shop” Jay said, as he stretched his long frame, his jeans slid a little further down, off his hips causing his hip bones to stick out a little. Once inside the burger joint, Jay pointed Jack to a booth, once there Jay leaned over “ I got to pee order me a six with a DM, no ice, catshit, lots of mayo, and ranch dressing on the side. Please.” Jay told Jack, as he headed toward the bathrooms.

“Instant heart attack it is,” Jack replied, and ordered exactly the same for himself, substituting coke as the drink of choice, plus extra onion rings.

Jay came back from the washing with a smile on his face. He stopped on Jack's side of the booth and gave him a kiss to the cheek. “I promise no footsy under the table.” Jay told him, as he slid in to the seat in front of Jack. Once the food got there Jay waited until Jack cut his in two then he dug in. “Now this is a good burger,” Jay said, as he lifted the burger, as the grease and mayo dripped on to his plate. Jay picked up an onion ring, and dipped it into the ranch dressing. He chewed slowly savoring the taste. “I could eat here all week” Jay said giving Jack a smile. “Good huh?” Jay asked.

“If we ate here every day we'd get huge,” Jack replied, smiling, “It's nice for a change however. Really nice burgers,” he agreed. “And you were right, the onion rings rock.”

Jay let his burger drop to the plate, as he picked up an onion ring, dipping it into the dressing he gave Jack a smile. “Yeah I guess you're right,” he said, as he let out a sigh. Jay feel silent as he ate, the waitress came by to see if they needed a refill which Jay declined. Jay soon pushed his plate away from him, with maybe a bite of burger left and a few rings. Jay finished his drink and then played with his straw, while Jack finished eating.

“OK,” Jack said, having polished off his meal, “What do you want to do first? I guess the food shopping should wait until last, although with this weather nothing will spoil.” Jack looked sourly out the window at the cold rain, which all his weather sense said wouldn't take long to turn to snow.”

“How about the mall, so I can check out the skate shop?” Jay asked, as he stood up and pulled on his sweat jacket. “Hey do you know how to snow board or ski?” Jay asked, as they stepped out into the cold. “Wow, cool look at this,” Jay yelled, as he pulled a flyer from he windshield his eyes scanned it fast. “They having a skater competitions next week end over at the skate park, Can I do it?” Jay asked, as he waited for Jack to unlock the door.

“Don't see why not,” Jack replied. “You'll be out of plaster by then and I know you'd have a good time. As for skiing I was doing that almost before I could walk,” Jack smiled “Can you ice skate?” he asked.

“Yessssss” Jay yelled, pumping his good arm up and down a few times, he hasn’t competed for a while now, so this was going to be a blast for him. “Ice Skate” Jay's eyes brows knitted together, “No, that one I never learned, because it was too expensive and people don’t toss those out in the trash” Jay told him, as he slid into the seat and pulled his seat belt on, even though the mall was only a few blocks away, he knew Jack would insisted he buckled up. “But it can’t be that hard. Can it?” Jay asked, as they pulled out of the parking spot.

Jack hid a smile. “You've got natural balance,” he replied, “But like most people you'll fall over in the beginning. There is a rink here in Kelowna, but soon there'll be somewhere in Jade Heights, frozen enough to use. We'll also get you skiing or snowboarding, probably boarding, before the winter is over. I love winter,” he said, “especially wood fires at night, snuggling with my lover.”

Jack found a park in the mall car park and they wandered into the mall. “Skate shop first,” Jack suggested, “then we can split and do our Christmas shopping.”

“I got what I want, already,” Jay said, as he slipped his hand into Jack's hand. When they walked into the shop they were met with loud music and rough language. Jay was able to find a few t-shirts and a pair of pants before a couple other skaters that Jay had met before one was Marty younger brother, and the other was just a skater. Jack could not tell if they were male or female, it only took a few words before Jay turned back into his old self, the shy lover Jack knew, was now a loud, foul mouthed, disrespectful terror just like the others, the F word came out of Jay's mouth, every other word.

His hand landed heavily on Jay's shoulder, “Jason,” he said, “Let's go pay for those clothes and get out of here.” His hand tightened in warning, as Jay turned to face him. “Don't,” he warned, his voice pitched low enough, that only Jay could hear it.

Jay’s eyes narrowed but he didn’t say anything “Bye guys, got to get.” Jay told the guys hanging out him. They walked over to the counter he looked over at Jack. “What’s you problem?” Jay asked, as he laid the stuff out on the counter.

“Think it over,” Jack suggested. “How you acted with those two skaters, and get back to me if you think it was appropriate.”

Jay chewed on his bottom lip, as he handed over the cash for the clothing, he knew he had to think fast or his ass was grass, and Jack was the lawn mower. ‘Shit, forgot about tops, enhanced hearing. “Cool lip ring” Jay told her, as he grabbed up the bag, she handed him. She just gave him a wink ”Don’t forget you drinks on your way out “ she told them, as they headed for the door. Jay stopped by a cooler and grabbed up two of the energy drinks in it, stuffing them into bag, he took Jack's hand, then he pulled him to the hall way that lead into the bathrooms, too many empty stall with standing room. They stood in the hallway face to face. There was no way Jay was going to take Jack into the bathroom to chat. “I’m sorry, as your partner, no that was not appropriate language to use around you, but as a skater yes it was. I meant nothing, but calling the little one a bitch, it just how we talk around each other.” Jay told him. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have talked that was around you.”

“It wasn't just the language, Jay,” Jack replied, in a serious voice, “It was the whole attitude that I didn't like. It makes me wonder how you act with other people when I'm not around. Let's go and do the food shopping and then head home,” he said, “Somehow I'm not in the mood for Christmas shopping.”

‘Shit,” Jay thought, as they walked out of the mall. Jay felt horrible that he ruined Jack's Christmas shopping plans, tears stung his eyes and a few slipped down his cheeks Jay turned his face to look out the passenger window so Jack would not see. When they turned into the parking lot Jay closed his eyes tight fighting the lump in his throat. “I’ll stay in the truck,” Jay told Jack, as he turned off the engine.

Jack saw the tears in Jay's eyes. “Baby,” he said, very gently, “I love you, I was just upset when I saw you act in a totally different way, from who you really are. You're a kind, gentle, loving man not a foul mouthed, cheeky, little so and so. I don't hear the professional skaters talking like that, so saying it's skater culture is a bit of a cop out in my book. If you want to stay in the truck you can, but I'd really like my lover to come shopping with me.”

Jay gave Jack a weak smile, “Alright,” Jay told him as he open up the truck's door. “Jack I don’t use the kind of language or attitude around the kids at the park, at least I don’t think so,” Jay told him as he watched Jack come around the other side of the truck. They both walked hand in hand to the store, once inside Jay grabbed a shopping cart he made sure it didn’t bump, thump or pull to one side before he handed one over to Jack. Everything was going well until Jay found what he wanted. The things Jay dropped in the cart was Oreo cookies, hostess cupcakes, Twinkies, and few other junk food items then he turned to give Jack the sad eyes when he put his hands on a case of Mountain Dew.

Jack laughed, “It's Christmas, so this once, I'll give way on the no energy drinks rule.” They reached the Christmas aisle in the shop and Jack stopped in front of the Christmas ornaments. “I think in honour of our first Christmas together, we should each get an ornament. What do you think of that Christmas tradition?” Jack asked, somewhat anxiously. He had no idea of Christmas traditions, Jay had grown up with.

Jay gave Jack an odd smile, then he looked over the ornaments, “Jack I don’t mean to sound stupid but what’s a tradition,” Jay asked as he fingered a small gold reef that had two doves with the words, Our First Christmas 2008, on it.

“Something that you do so often it becomes a habit,” Jack replied. “Like if we buy an ornament every year it becomes a tradition. If we open one present each on Christmas Eve and the rest on Christmas Day, that's a tradition. We make our own Christmas traditions, so our little family has our own special Christmas, not quite like anybody elses.”

“Oh ok, I understand,” Jay said, as he let the ornament slide from his fingers, “I’m not crazy about these,” Jay told him. ‘Nope I want the right one for our first Christmas traditions,’ Jay thought, as he looked over at Jack. “You never told me what you want for Christmas?” Jay asked as watched Jack look at the ornaments,

Jack picked up the small gold reef with the doves on “I love this one,” he said, smiling. “I'll be happy with whatever you get me sweetheart. I have no real needs or wants.”

‘Great what do you get a man that can buy anything he wants to?’ Jay thought, as he looked at the reef, “Yeah that's cute,” Jay told him. It didn’t take long for Jay to get bored with the shopping, once Jack found the ornament he wanted, it was can we get these or these. Since Jay was controlling the cart every once a while he purposely ran into Jack with it, when he stopped. As they walked by the liquor isle Jay grabbed a bottle of rum along with Jack Daniels, and slipped it into the cart. Jay got the munchies, so he went to open a bag of cheetoes cheese puff.

Jack was getting tired of Jay's fidgeting. The fourth time Jay ran into him he turned to him. “Pay for those on the way out, and go and sit in the truck,” he ordered. “Straight to the truck, no sidetracking,” he warned.

Jay stuck out his orange tongue as he pushed the cart toward Jack. on his way to the registrar he grabbed a bottle of MD, he paid for the stuff and then went to the truck. Once he got to the truck, he patted his pockets for the keys remembering he left them at home, he started to head back toward the store to get Jack's from him caught sight of a little second hand shop. Going over to it, he glanced into the window, then he went in. Jay looked around the small shop, he knew the workers were watching because of the way he was dressed. He was about ready to leave when he saw a small table. Walking over to it he saw a ring box. He knew he seen the design before, but was not sure of it until he opened the box and there sat two rings, both men’s, but one smaller then the other. Jay was about ready to put the box back down on the table, when he saw piece of paper sticking out from under the cotton. Jay emptied the contents out on to the table and pulled open the paper. A smile crossed his face, he knew where he seen the design before putting thing back together, Jay went up the counter and bought the set. Jay gave the two elderly ladies a big smile, and a thank you headed back the truck his smile faded quickly when he saw a pissed off Top standing by the truck scanning the parking lot.

“Was I not clear about sidetracking?” Jack asked, “Get in,” he ordered abruptly. The ride home was silent and the spanking Jay got was swift but painful.

And then before they knew it, Christmas Eve had arrived,

Jay sat on the sofa and waited until Jack to come back up from the shop, one of the older ladies gold necklace broke and asked Jack if he could fix it since she wanted to wear it to her granddaughter wedding and they would be leaving tomorrow morning. Jay was pissed that Jack had actually agreed to do this for her. He didn’t care if it took her a while to climb all those stairs. “Just tell her no and shut the door” Jay told him ‘Not smart stupid” Jay thought as he gently rubbed the hand print that laid across his ass cheek. This was their first Christmas Eve together, and the old bat was going to ruin it.

Jay got up and went over to the tree taking another swallow of his eggnog, as he pulled the small package out of his pocket and rolled it around in his hand. A small smile crossed his face when he heard the door knob turn he shoved the package back into his pocket.

Jack smiled at his Brat. “Shop is all closed and is going to stay that way until mid January,” he said. “Plenty of time to spend with you skiing, skating and snuggling.” He poured out two glasses of whisky and sat down next to Jay. Now to exchange one present each,” he said, “But first, my sulky wee Brat,” Jack leaned over and kissed Jay, claiming him.

Jay slowly sucked on Jack’s tongue, as his hand found the present he wanted to open. Jay hated that all of Jack's pants had to have buttons instead of snaps; snaps were easier to get undone. Jay slowly slid the zipper down, once the pants were loose enough Jay slipped one hand down the front of Jack's pants and grasped the hard member helping it out of the enclosure it was in then the other one slipped around and down the back of Jack's pants grasping one of the two smooth globes. Jay pulled back to catch his breath giving Jack a smile “All I want for Christmas is you, my love” Jay said

Jack growled and started to strip Jason. Jay had finally lost his plaster and been declared perfectly healed so Jack wasn't gentle, as he picked his now naked lover up, and briefly prepared him. “Get ready for a hard ride, boy,” he breathed into Jay's ear.

“Oh baby, yes,” Jay said as he relaxed into Jack's strong arms, it been a while since they’ve had hard sex. “Give what you got, old man,” Jay said, with a smile and a pinch to a nipple. Jay was hard and ready to cum just by the light foreplay. Just as Jack entered him, Jay let out a gasp and came hard before he was able to stop himself like he normally did “Sorry” Jay whispered softly.

“No worries,” Jack replied, angling himself so he hit Jay's sweet spot, “I've got some time to go.” Jack rode Jay hard, and finally came hard himself. He rolled off Jay and reached under the tree. “Merry Christmas,” he said handing Jay, his present. Jack had made a silver and jade bracelet, with a matching pinky ring, etched with a celtic design, with a Harley motorcycle etched into the jade of the bracelet. Carefully carved inside the pinky ring was 'Jack loves Jay'.

Jay squealed as he flung his arms around Jack's neck giving him a kiss hard enough to bruise lips. Jay held out his arm so Jack could put the bracelet and ring on his wrist and finger. “I’ll never take them off.” Jay said, as he jumped to his feet and to find the shorts he had on before Jack tossed them across the room. It took Jay a few minutes as he scrambled around the room on his hands and knees until he found and retrieved the small box that fell out of his pocket and slid under the table by the door. Jay jumped over the back of the sofa and bounced as he landed beside Jack. “Here,” Jay said, as he handed Jack the small box wrapped in a sapphire blue paper with a small bow and ribbon on it, On the paper written in red was, “Our first Christmas 2008” Jay was all smiles as he watched Jack turn the box in his hand.

Jack opened the box and looked at the two rings. “Sweetheart, are you asking me to marry you?”

Jay gulped; he didn’t expect that to come out of Jack's mouth. He would love to marry him some day, but his family never could stay married long. “Umm they're more like a promise rings,” Jay told him. Taking the box he pulled the slip of paper out that laid under the cotton, I saw them in that second hand store by the supermarket.” Jay told him as he unfolded the paper, Written on a sales receipt it was. To my dearest friend and the love of his life May your love be forever even though it is forbidden. Your dear friend, McCallum 1982. “This is your grandfather right, I mean you got the same boxes in you store room” Jay asked hoping he hadn't make a big mistake.

“Yes, sweetheart, that is my grandfather's work,” Jack replied “And I remember him making these, although I was only about 5 at the time. They're what sparked my interest in jewellery. If you'd searched a hundred years you couldn't have found a better present.” he slipped the smaller ring onto Jay's hand and the bigger one to his, they fit perfectly. “Could have been made for us,” Jack joked, “I love you baby.”

“Those are why I couldn’t tell you way I got sidetracked at the market.” Jay told him, as he remembering the spanking he got for not being where he was told to go. “It would of spoiled the surprise.” Jay told him as he sat back and looked into his lover’s eyes. “Can I play with this one some more?” Jay asked sliding his hand down to Jack crotch.

Jack grinned. It was going to be a very interesting Christmas.

The End

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