A Surprise for Jack

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

Note- This takes place before Jack and Jason visit their respective mothers.

At four forty five Jay flipped his phone open and typed out “May B Late” and sent it to Jack's phone.

What Jack didn’t know was Jay and two of his friends were standing on the roof of the building, trying to get things finished for Jack’s birthday dinner with dancing under the stars. Now that everything was in place, the stars were not coming out like planned so now Jay and his buddies were stringing old Christmas lights out. Jay looked at his phone; it was now six thirty, “God, Jack was going to be pissed.” Jay thought, as he heard the bell on the rope by the edge of the building ring, going over he looked down to see Marty standing there, with a hot package giving him the wave. Marty put the hot package into the box that sat tied to a rope, Jay waited, then hoisted the box up while Marty came up the fire escape to join them on the roof. God they smelled good, “I hope these taste as good as they smell,” Jay told Marty, as he came out the up over the edge of the building.

“Hey, my bro is a fine chef.” Marty told him.

Jay has spent the last two weekends getting the little yard area ready for this night. He had gotten some of that prefab picket fence, so he fenced off about ten feet by ten feet of the roof with artificial turf for grass; he found some artificial plants to hide the five gallon buckets that held up the fence. On the small gate hung a sign that said “Welcome to our yard.” He was even able to get a patio table and chairs up on the roof without Jack noticing; Jack is going to laugh when Jay tells him how he got every thing up there with out being seen.

Jay quickly changed into his suit he had up on the roof with him, and the three guys changed into black slacks and white shirt their long hair brushed back and put into pony tails. Grabbing his phone he typed out “Meet me on the roof,” and sent it to Jack's phone.

Marty was waiting by the door looking like a maitre'd in a fancy French restaurant.

Jack wasn't worried about Jay, as he received his first message about being late. He was puzzled by the next message about the roof, but shrugged and made his way up. He saw Marty first and his eyebrows went up he was more used to seeing him in skating clothes and couldn't believe he scrubbed up so well.

His eyes opened wider when he saw the picket fence, patio furniture and his beautiful Brat in a suit. “Wow,” he managed to stutter out “This is amazing. Let me guess some little bird told you about my birthday?”

Marty turned and looked at Jay, Jay gave him the sign to go ahead as planed.. Marty shrugged and turned back to Jack. “This way Sir, you table is ready.” Marty told him. Jay thought for sure Marty was going to say ‘follow me dude.’ When they got to the table Jack also saw Philip and Scott dressed up nice. Scott was holding Jack’s chair for him while Philip was standing back by a table with the warmer on it. Once Jack was seated Scott pushed Jack’s chair under the table and then stepped back.

“I took the liberty to order for us.” Jay told him with that said Philip brought two covered plates Scott then sat Jack’s plate down first then Jay's taking both covers off at the same time, Jack was shocked to see a carpetbag steak with wedges. Jack was surprised he didn’t even know his brat knew his favorite foods.

He cut into the steak and closed his eyes in bliss as the combination of steak and oysters hit his taste buds. “Oh God,” he breathed “This is wonderful.” He looked at his lover with sparkling eyes, “have I recently said how much I love you?” he asked.

“Yes, this morning but I don’t mind hearing it again.” Jay told him with a shy smile, God he hoped Jack didn’t see him blushing. While Jack and Jay enjoyed their romantic meal for two, a soft sound of a violin came from behind them. Jay gave Jack a smile, “Yes, who knew a skater could play so well?” Once the main course was finished with and the dishes were cleared, Scott placed two small dishes in front of the men, as he uncovered them Jack saw strawberry cheese cake, Scott then placed a small brandy glass in front of Jack, and a glass of milk in front of Jay. “You do like Cognac, right?” Jay asked. “I hope you like it? I made it myself. ” Jay told Jack as he held a bite up to Jack's mouth.

Jack took the cheese cake and closed his eyes in sheer bliss. “It's beautiful,” he replied. “I love Cognac and will savour it after dinner.” He looked at his beautiful Brat “I really appreciate all you've done for me lover,” he said gently “I can't remember enjoying a birthday dinner more. I love you sweetheart.”

Jay watched as Jack ate the last bite of his desert, He stood up. “ I love you to Jack will you please dance with me?” Jay asked as he held out his hand towards Jack. “Don’t worry I won’t step on your toes.” Jay said with a smile.

“I'd love to dance with you love,” Jack replied “Don't worry about stepping on my toes I've been told I'm a strong lead.” Jack winked at Jay and they began to dance. Jack pulled Jay in close and whispered “Why don't you thank your friends and we'll take this downstairs and I can unwrap my present.” His hands roamed possessively over Jay's back moving down to cup his ass.

While Jack was taking the boys quietly cleaned up as they started toward the fire escape.. “You owe us” Marty mouthed as he and the other two boys left leaving the two love birds behind. “They are already gone.” Jay said as he looked into Jack's eyes.

Jack leaned in and kissed Jay. “You're the present I want to unwrap the most,” he whispered, then laughed at Jay's glassy eyes, “You need some help to get downstairs?” he joked.

Jay let Jack help him down stairs but once down stairs Jay pulled away from Jack “Close your eyes” Jay yelled as he headed toward the closet. “Oww shit,” Jay yelped when something landed on his foot. “Sorry,” he said as he came across the room. “Open them.” Jay told him when Jack opened his eyes Jay was holding a black, wide box on the top of the box in gold letter said Harley Davidson. “I hope I got the right size!” Jay said as he handed the box over.

“Oh my god,” Jack said as he opened the box and saw a black leather motorcycle jacket. He took it out with trembling hands and put it on. It fitted perfectly and the smell of fresh leather assailed his nose. “It's beautiful,” he breathed, kissing Jay deeply.

As Jay pulled back from the kiss he took in a deep breath, “Breath taking,” He told Jack with a smile. Things were not going as plan Jay had it planed out that they would dance have more cheesecake and brandy and then sex but between Jack's body scent and the smell of new leather combined Jay was getting hard fast, his body shivered as Jack touched him his butt twitched at the soft kiss Jack placed on his neck. Jay shifted his weight to get Jack to dance toward the bed between steps Jay slowly undressed Jack .

Jack was as eager as Jay. As they moved back towards the bed he let Jay undress him as he undressed jay. He grabbed a bottle of lube from the bedside table and slowly began to prepare Jay. Kissing him, teasing him and slowly working his fingers in and out gently stretching his young lover.

Jay moved his legs apart so Jack would have better access. When Jay felt Jack's finger brush his sweet spot, his leg twitched and moved involuntary. Their lip touched and Jay gently rubbed Jack's chest, playing with it. “Jack, now please,” Jay begged as he pushed back onto Jack's fingers.

Jack slowly pushed into Jay, then pulled out and thrust back in powerfully. He was going to make this last as long as he could. “Love you, sweetheart,” he murmured as he slowly moved in and out of his lover.

Jay gasped as Jack entered him. This time he was not able to hold back. As soon as Jack penetrated the ring, Jay felt it hit. Quickly pulling Jack down to him, he locked lips with his lover and ground his erection into Jack’s hard stomach. Jay grunted his release as he came hard between the two. “Sorry,” Jay blushed when he let Jack up for air.

“That's ok,” Jack said as he kept moving in and out of his lover. “I'm not done yet, sweetheart. Just relax and enjoy.”

“I hoped you'd say that,” Jay said as he thrust his ass toward his lover, wrapping his legs around the lower part of Jack's ass. Jay wriggled his toes until he found the right spot which was under Jack's balls. Jay was able to tickle Jack's sack and taunt with his toes Jay knew Jack like it by the way he grunted with each thrust.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” Jack knew he wouldn't be able to hang on too long so increased his speed and came with a howl. It took him a few minutes to recover then he rolled over and looked into Jay's eyes. “Thank you for the best birthday I have ever had.”

The End?

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