The Crash and Its' Aftermath

By Jo, Carol and Tarabeth

Jackson, Jason, Mason and Billy.

Jay thought there was one good thing about working at the post office. ‘Your TOP doesn't get to see what YOU got in the mail unless you want him to,' Jay thought as he dropped his credit card statement into a box that was in the storage area of his workstation. In addition to the credit card bill, Jay was hoping Jack wouldn't realize he had bought a new skateboard. Knowing he was grounded and had to by home by 12:30 sharp, he slid the box the board came in under his worktable, and headed up stairs to enjoy lunch with his favorite person, and hopefully a little fun.

"Jay," Kay yelled for him. Jay stopped on the stairs, and looked down over the rails at her. "Jack had to head out of town; he didn't say why. He just asked me to let you know he'd be back late tonight." She told him.

"Thanks Kay," Jay told her as he headed up to the loft. Once behind closed doors, he shouted, "Yeeessssssss," and jumped up and down. Now he could test ride his new board before Jack got home. He changed in to his skating clothes, and grabbed something to eat as he headed down to the storage area to grab the new board.

Jay did a few practice runs up and down the sidewalk, jumping over a trashcan, and a bench. The board handled like a dream. Jay headed over to the steps with the handrails; he bent his knees and grabbed the edge of the in board in one swift move. He was up, and then sliding down the handrails, but just as he went to jump the opening between rails, the board shifted under his feet. Jay flew through the air, landing first on his shoulder, and then sliding ten or twelve feet on his side, before his head stopped the slide, by hitting the cement flower box. Jay shouted in pain as he felt and heard a pop in his arm, and then again when he heard and felt the thunk of hitting his head. His world went black.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Captain Mason Monroe, Jade Heights fire captain and one of the small town’s two paramedics arrived by Jay’s side, as he was coming to. “Jay, Jason, this is Mason. Do you know where you are?”

Jay’s eyes opened then closed, he tried to shake his to get his bearings straight. He opened his eyes again and saw Mason staring at him, "On the ground dude." Jay told him as he tried to get up.

Mason placed his hands on either side of Jay's head, to hold it still. "Jay, I need you to lay still so I can check you out." Mason looked down into Jay's eyes, checking his pupils. He did a quick assessment noting that Jay's arm was fractured and bleeding.

Mason’s husband, Billy, arrived moments later with the fire captain’s first aid gear.

Mason opened his first aid kit and pulled on a pair of latex gloves, and grabbed his scissors. "Jay, I need to get a better look at your arm and shoulder, I'm going to cut open your shirt."

"No, it’s brand new dude, just pull it off." Jay told the big man, and he tried to pull the shirt off himself. "FUCK!" Jay yelled out as the pain hit him.

"Jason!" Mason's voice grew very stern. "I need you to lie still now, so you don’t injure yourself anymore. Do you understand me?"

Billy bit back a smile. "Better listen to him dude," he said, "He ain't kidding around."

"Just let me up so I can go home,” Jay demanded. Jay tried to fight Mason off, but stopped when he felt a wave of nausea. He closed his eyes tight and tried to roll onto his side. "Sick!" Jay said as he tried not to barf. Jay heard what the other guy had said and wanted to tell him to shut up but was to busy fighting off the fire captain at the moment.

Mason helped Jay onto his side. “Take slow breaths,” Mason instructed. Jay’s breathing returned to normal, and Mason ran soft circles on his back, until he was sure Jason wasn’t going to vomit, and then he rolled Jay onto his back. “Better?” Mason asked. He brought his voice down to a more calming tone. “Okay, sweetheart, I know you’re scared. I can’t let you go home, you’re going to have to go to the hospital. I’ll take good care of you until you get there. Now, why don’t I have Billy call Jack, and you be good and lay still for me while I finish checking you out?”

"What am I, a fucking telephone exchange?" Billy asked. "And he's not your fucking sweetheart I am." Billy paused. “Ok, grab his cell phone, and I'll call Jack."

‘Jack oh shit, grounded, no bike, or skate boarding, stay in the loft.' Jay had to think fast. "He's out of town. And I don't know when he'd be home." Jay told Mason. Jay licked his dry lips "And you can't take me if I don't want to go." Jay tried his best.

"You are correct, I can't take you if you don't want to go. But, if you aren't going to let me take you to the hospital for your own health, than I think you need to think of your partner. Jack loves you very much and he would be devastated if you had a bad head injury that you let go untreated. And whether he is out of town or not, he would want to know, and needs to know that you are hurt. Billy, please call Jack and tell him that Jay has had a skateboarding accident and needs to go to the hospital."

Jack picked up his mobile and smiled when he saw the caller id "Hi Jay," he said. He paused and listened to the answer "Billy?" He questioned, "Why have you got Jay's cell phone?" His face turned white. He heard his Brat yelling in the background, "Tell Jay from me to stop arguing with Mason and I'll be back as soon as I can."

"Hey prat," Billy said, "Jack says to calm down and listen to Mace. He'll be back as soon as he can."

"Fine, my medical, information’s in my wallet." Jay told him. "He's going to kill me," Jay mumbled out loud.

"He's not going to kill you, he loves you," Mason said. As Jay settled, Mason placed a bandage on his arm and secured it in a brace. "Thank you," Mason said to Jay.

Mason started an IV, and than began a more thorough examination of Jay. He ran his hands down Jay's body, examining his abdomen, hips and legs. "Okay Jay, I need to check out your back, I'm going to roll you over, this may hurt a bit."

Mason rolled Jay over, and discovered that Jay had ripped out the back of his jeans. His butt and upper thighs were pretty badly scratched. "Jay, honey, I'm going to cut your pants off. I need to get the material away from your abrasions."

"Cut my pants off." When that revelation cut through the fog in Jay’s brain, Jay reached up and grabbed a fist full of Mason's shirt and pulled him down. "Dude, nothing’s on under them," Jay whispered to Mason.

Mason gave Jay a sad smile. "Sorry kiddo, but I think you’d rather be embarrassed than have to deal with the ED staff trying to get your pants off if that blood clots. I'll just cut off what I need to, and I'll keep you covered in the front, okay?"

Jay let out a sigh. "Yeah alright, go ahead." Jay told him. He could still feel his ears burn, Jay heard a small giggle and turned his head to see Billy standing with the IV bag, and smiling. "What’re you laughing at?" Jay asked Billy.

"You, man. You're lying there with a busted arm and you're worried you don't have underpants on. Didn't you listen to your mother about wearing clean underpants in case you had to be taken to hospital?" Billy laughed, "Jeez it's not like you've got anything special."

"Fuck you asshole." Jay tried to give Billy the finger but it was difficult with one arm tied down to his chest, and the other one with an IV hanging out of it. "And my mom could hardly care less if I was alive or dead, say nothing about clean underpants." Jay snapped back.

Mason looked at Jay, and gave him a wink. "I'll bet you ten bucks, my husband's going commando."

"Lucky guess," Billy accused Mason.

Jay let out a laugh, but stopped because it made his arm hurt. "Why couldn't you find Winnie the Pooh Underoos for him?” Jay asked with a smiled.

"Fuck you man," Billy replied. "You interrupted a great picnic with your fucking accident. Bloody show-off."

Mason reached over and applied a firm swat to Billy's butt. "I don't want to hear one more word from you, unless I give you permission to speak."

Mason reached into his bag and withdrew a vial and syringe from his bag. As Jay began to laugh at Billy, Mason swabbed Jay's hip and injected the painkiller. "That goes for you too, Jason. I don't think Jack would be very thrilled with your behaviour today. So, from now on you are both are going to do EXACTLY as I say. There will be no arguments!"

Jay looked at Billy, and then to Mason, he did wonder how help got there so fast. "Sorry." Jay told him.

"Owww! You're not..." Jay stop short he didn't like the look he was getting "Fine," Jay snapped. 'Do they take a class on giving that look,' Jay thought as the medication started to work.

Jay struggled through Mason’s poking and prodding, but was eventually settled and covered by a blanket.

"Okay, Jay it shouldn't be too much longer before we can get you to the hospital. How's your stomach feeling? Are you still feeling nauseous?" Mason asked.

"Yeah it's fine for now," Jay told him. When Mason went to stand up Jay grabbed his hand and pulled him down. "Umm, Mason can you go with me, please? And stay until Jack gets back, ‘cause I don't like hospitals?" Jay asked giving Mason a scared look and a weak smile.

Mason brushed Jay's hair out of his eyes. "Of course I will, honey. I've got the day off, so I can stay with you as long as you need. Jack’s a good friend, and I wouldn't want him to worry that you were all alone. Jay, did Jack ever tell you about the time I was baby-sitting him, and he put a snake in the mail box to scare our mail lady?"

Mason smiled at Jay's purring. "I'm glad that shot is doing some good, kiddo. Hmmm, let's see, Jackson must have been about twelve. That boy was hell on wheels, and not very happy that his parents were still calling me to come sit with him. I was eighteen, and one of the few people in town who could keep up with him, let alone catch him. So his parents hired me quite a bit, and because of your partner's rambunctious nature, I was given full reign to discipline him."

"Well, Jack had recently gotten in trouble with his parents, because the mail lady had caught him mooning cars coming into town, and she told his mother. Jack's mother made sure that if Jack decided to show his butt off again, he would be showing off a bright red well spanked bottom."

"Yeah his mom is something else, she smacked him just for being on my bike." Jay gave Mason a sweet smile, and without thinking he gave the back of Mason hand a gentle rub. Jay let out a yawn, "No, don't stop that feels nice." Jay said through half closed eyes, when Mason stopped rubbing his head.

Mason resumed smoothing the hair off Jay’s forehead as he continued with the story. “So sweet Jackson McCallum, the devil child, decided to get back at the postal carrier. He had decided he was more likely to get away with his plan when I was watching him, because his mother had been watching him like a hawk.

“Jack asked if we could play basketball in the front yard. I of course said yes, because any type of activity that might wear down some of that boy’s energy was a good thing. At some point during the game, Jack said he needed some water, and asked me to go get if for him. I don’t know how I fell for it, but I traipsed into the house and came back out with a glass of water for him. About five minutes later the mail lady appeared, as she opened the mailbox, Jack’s corn snake came slithering out. She screamed and threw her mail sack in the air. Letters and magazines flew all over the yard, and Jack fell to the ground laughing.

“I picked Jack up off the ground by his ear, landed a swat to his butt, and sent him over to help retrieve all the mail. Once the three of us had the yard cleaned up, I made Jack issue an apology, before I took him in the house and paddled his bare butt with a wooden spoon.”

"Wow my Jack was a total brat as a kid huh?" Jay giggled. "We have a snake her name is Amie." Jay told Mason. Jay licked his dry lips. "Thirsty," Jay told him.

"Hands off, He's my husband not your play toy," Billy hissed.

"Huh?" Jay was a little confused he had no ideal he's been playing with Mason hand.

Mason bent down to Jay. "I'm sorry you're thirsty, honey, but I don't know how bad your arm is, they may need to do surgery, and if so we need to keep your belly clear."

Mason helped Craig move Jay onto the stretcher, and loaded into the ambulance. "Jay, I'm not going anywhere. I promised you I'd stay. Thank you for you kind offer, but Billy had to get back to work anyway. I'll make it up to Billy this evening." Mason ran his hand through Jay's hair. "Now when we get to the hospital there are going to be a lot of people poking and prodding, I'll stay with you and describe everything they're doing, okay?"

Jay closed his eye's to fight back the tears that tried to escape, by shaking his head he was able to clear the medicated fog he was in. "OK, could you call Jack again to find out how much longer he's going to be? Pleeeeease." Jay whined.

Mason noticed the forming of tears, being in an ambulance was often an overwhelming experience. "Of course I'll call him," Mason assured. Mason took Jay's cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Jack's number.

Jack was driving hell for leather keeping his eyes open for any traffic cops that may be patrolling. His frustration with a wasted trip, had disappeared with the worry he felt for Jay.

The only thing he felt good about was that Mason was with his Jay. He just hoped Mason wasn't telling too many tales of his childhood. Jack grinned wryly; he'd been a little hellion. Hard experiences while traveling had calmed him right down.

Jack had a hands free cell phone set up in his car. "Hello Jack speaking, is that you Jay?" he asked. He listened for a minute to the reply. "Hi, Mace," he replied, "I'm about 30 minutes away. Are you taking him to the local hospital? Tell him to hold on I'll be there as soon as I can. I really appreciate you being there for him."

"He'll meet you at the hospital in about thirty minutes, so not much longer," Mason said, as he continued to smooth Jay's hair off his forehead.

“Jack I love you, drive safe," Jay yelled out when he heard Jack's voice. "Please don't be mad." Jay whispered then bit his lower lip to stop it from quivering. He knew he was going to get a sound scolding and much more when Jack got to his side.

Mason took the phone away from ear and held it for Jay.

"Baby I'm not angry at you. Just worried," Jack replied. "Relax Baby let Mason look after you. He's the best. He can even tell you about the snake and the mailwoman to keep you entertained."

Jay laughed. "Yeah I can't believe you did that." Jay told him. "Mason says my arm is broken, but I don't feel it like; I did last time, and it the same one." Jay told him as he watch Mason trying to figure out what he was doing with that needle. "Humm, Jack tell Mason no needles he won't listen to me."

Mason took the phone away from Jay's ear, after he said goodbye, and wiped a tear off of Jay's cheek. "It's going to be okay; Jack loves you. He won't kill you, and luckily for you your butt isn't going to be in any condition for a spanking anytime soon. Now, we're just pulling into the hospital."

Mason held Jay's hand for as much of the time that he could while the ED team examined him. Jay was just being taken away to x-ray when Jack arrived.

"Baby," Jack rushed over to his Brat "I'll be right here when you get back from X-ray. I love you sweetheart," he said softly kissing Jay's forehead gently. As they wheeled Jay away, Jack turned to Mason. "What happened?" he asked "Is he going to be ok?"

"He'll be fine," Mason said, giving Jackson a reassuring hug. "We'll have a much better idea of what kind of treatment he'll need when he gets back from x-ray." Mason's voice turned sterner, "Jackson I told you that boy was hell on wheels. He was jumping the stair railing at the park, and lost control of his board. Luckily, he had his helmet on, or it would have been much worse. He landed on his arm, slid through the gravel and has some nasty road rash on his butt and upper thighs, and got a pretty bad wallop to his head."

Jack stiffened, then relaxed. "Hell Mason, the Brat was grounded. There is no way I could have foreseen this. As for skateboarding injuries, I remember a few times you drove me to this same place, after coming off." Jack's smile was one of his best.

Mason shook his head at Jack. "I'm tempted to see about talking the Mayor into installing some of those handrails that prevent skateboarders from these types of accidents." He laughed when Jack told him he was becoming a boring old man.

"The kid was grounded, huh?" Mason asked Jackson. "Go, easy on him. His butt's pretty torn up, he's not going to be a very happy camper for a while. Come on let's go sit down. They'll come and get us when he's done in x-ray."

"I'll go easy on him," Jack replied "I'd never punish him when he's hurt. I think he's probably punished himself enough, although he won't believe it. He's been in an abusive relationship, and his family is pretty rough, so I have to be careful I don't bring up any bad memories. It can be a tricky line to walk." Jack had always felt comfortable talking to Mason.

As a nurse came through the swinging doors Jack and Mason heard." Jack tell this Stupid Son of a Bitch to give me back my shoes." Jay yelled all the way down the hall.

"The dulcet tone of my Brat," Jack joked to Mason, his eyes twinkling.

"And such sweet tones they are," Mason teased, and he and Jack laughed together.

"I will need to leave shortly Jack, but I would really like to know what showed up on Jay's x-rays, and see what treatment his doctors recommend. My own beautiful little Brat had quite a difficult afternoon watching me care for Jay. I could see him turning green with jealousy more and more each minute, but I couldn't abandon Jay to go back and picnic with Billy. I'm hoping that a night of spoiling and reaffirming his place in my heart may resolve the situation, otherwise your Brat is not going to be the only one suffering a sore bottom as the result of his skateboarding accident."

Mason felt his phone vibrating. "Speak of the devil," Mason said.
He looked at the text and frowned. "Go ahead and tend to Jay, I'm going to text Billy back, and then I'll come see what the x-rays showed and say my goodbyes."

"Jack, Jay's been asking for you." A nurse told them as she stood with the swinging doors open, so he could follow her into the examination room. She pointed to the room Jay was in.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

"I don't want to talk about it." Jay said. Jack could see someone in a suite talking to Jay. Jay was laying in fetal position on the bed, his arm in a sling, his eyes darted back and forth, he was chewing on his bottom lip, every few seconds his foot would jerk, a sign of nervousness, and a sure sign that he was about ready to bolt, naked or not. "You have many old fractures, many not attended to, properly." The man said. "And they were not done by skate boarding, motorcycles accidents or simple falls." The man told him. "You've been in and out of ER rooms since the age of five …. "

Can you go find Jack for me, please?" Jay asked cutting man off in mid sentence.

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Jack got up and headed down the hall. He saw his Brat on the hospital gurney having already been x-rayed. "What's going on in here?" Jack asked moving to Jay's side, all his protective instincts firing up.

"Hi I'm Mr McNutt, I am a social worker here Mr. Copeland's file came up with a red flag on it so I have to investigate his injuries.” Mr. McNutt said as he held out his hand.

"Jack make him go away, please." Jay demanded.

"Settle down, baby," Jack ordered Jay gently. "Mr. McNutt this can be sorted out very quickly. My partner came off his skateboard," Jack saw the social worker open his mouth and held up his hand to forestall any comment. He raised his voice "Mason, could you please come in here and tell this social worker what you witnessed earlier today."

Mason had heard the goings on, and entered the room, giving a very stern look at the Social Worker. "It's fine Toby, my partner and I witnessed the skateboarding accident. I brought Jason in. I can vouch for both Jason and his partner. Those injuries all happened before he was with Jackson."

Mason turned his attention to Jack and Jay. "The doctor says it's a bad break, but it won't need surgery. They would like to keep Jay over night because of the head injury. Jack, they'll bring a cot into his room for you."

Mason gave Jack a hug. He squeezed Jay's hand and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. "Jason, I recommend you behave for the nurses." Mason winked at the nurse. "They just love to whip out their rectal thermometers for naughty young men with cut butts."

Mason gave a wave and laugh as he heard Jay whining to Jack, "They wouldn't really would they Jack?"

"Only if you complain too much," Jack said, laughing. He looked at his lover tenderly. "I can't wait to take you home and spoil you," he said.
Jay watched Jack walk Mason out into the hall. After the door softly shut behind them Jay laid back in bed more or less on his hip. With the room being quiet and his arm having a dull throb in it Jay's mind started to reply to the events that happen that afternoon. When Jack walked back into the room Jay look up at him and burst into tears. "I'm sorry, don't be mad, I was going to be back before you got home. How dare you tell Mason you spank me!" Jay said in a loud whisper as he tried to hit Jack with a pillow.

"I didn't have to tell him. He's known me since I was little, he was one of the first people I came out to. He explained what a DP was, and how it worked from his experience, when my first boyfriend suggested one. It's pretty obvious you and I are Top and Brat just as he and Billy are.""Oh Ok," Jay told him as Jack sat beside him on the bed. "Can't I just sign myself out so we can go home? I really don't want to stay here." Jay told Jack. "I don't like hospital and the food is just plain nasty." Jay said just as they brought dinner into to him.
"No," Jack said firmly "You are staying in until the doctor says it's okay for you to leave and they're keeping you in for observation so here you stay." Jack stretched out on the cot bed they'd set up for me and hid a grimace. This was not going to be a comfortable night. "I'll stay right here beside you," he promised

Jay gave out a huff and snort it was his way to tell Jack he was not happy about it. "Fine." Jay snapped and pushed his bed table back away from him, causing the try to slid off and crash to the floor. Jay's eyebrows shoot up in shock "oh sssshit" He whispered glancing over at Jack, not liking the look on Jack's face. "Hide" Jay said as he grabbed the sheet and pulled it over his head.

Jack laughed, he couldn't help it. "It was an accident, baby," he said "And even if it wasn't, you're too hurt to be spanked for a flash of temper. In fact, I guess this one time you're entitled." Jack popped out and requested a mop and bucket. An orderly came in and cleaned up and another tray was brought in plus one for Jack. "Eat," he ordered his Brat, "It's not too bad, and you need food in your stomach." This time he gave the look that could stop complaints in their tracks.

Jay's face twisted a little, and then he took a bite of food stopping himself from gagging on it. "Fine but you owe me Chicken salad." Jay informed Jack.
Once dinner was done, and the nightly bathroom issues was finished, night time vitals, pain meds, and a fresh dressing on the backside the nurse left the two men alone. Jay slid close as he could to the one rail of the bed Jay patted the bed beside him. "Jack lay with me until I go to sleep ok, please." Jay asked with a need to be cuddled.

Jack looked at the hospital bed. "Baby this bed is not made for two," he said, he reached out and took hold of his Brat's hand. "I'll be right here, while you go to sleep."

Jay took Jack's hand and pulled it to his face, giving it a light kiss. He shook his head, "Man,I really screwed up this time, this is the first time we've slept alone since I moved in with you." Jay said, as a tear slipped down his cheek. "Maybe, I am more trouble them I am worth." Jay mumbled out as he settled into the bed with out Jack.
My poor Brat," Jack cooed, "You must be hallucinating. " His voice lowered "Baby, you will never be too much trouble for me. You are my lover, partner and I love you and always will. When we get home tomorrow, I'll cuddle with you all day." Jack watched his Brat drift off to sleep, knowing it was only a brief respite. His Brat would be woken up hourly and his vitals taken, to make sure his head injury was not more serious than mild concussion. It was going to be a long night.
And a long night it was if Jack was not awakened by the nurse checking up on Jay, it was the groans of that came from Jay that caused Jack eyes to open. "What do you mean that he won't be in here until later on today? That's just fucking stupid; I want to go home NOW." Jay had his back pressed against the head of the bed, arms crossed, knees pulled up to take the pressure off his lower half, and scowled his cheeks puffing in and out. Jay absentmindedly tugged at the IV site.

"Jason," Jack rumbled "Apologise to the nurse now and stop playing with the IV. You will stay here until the doctor discharges you. That is non-negotiable. I know you're hurting but that's no excuse." Jack just looked at Jason. He leaned over and whispered in Jay's ear "The motorcycle can easily be shipped back to Shane, if you push me any further little boy."
Jays arm dropped back to his side, legs relaxing a little. "I'm sorry," Jay told the nurse. "I didn't mean to be rude or snap at you." Giving her his best lost child look. "It's ok love, I understand it can be frustrating." The nurse told him as she checked his IV. After making sure his lower half was alright she patted his hip and left the two men alone.
"You wouldn't really would you?" Jay asked.

"Probably not," Jack admitted. "But I can and will lock it away, for as long as I feel is appropriate. With the injuries you've got I doubt you'll want to ride on it for the next month or so. Anyway you can't for two weeks anyway." Jack grinned at his Brat's downcast face, "Oh yes, you're still grounded. You are just lucky, I feel you've punished yourself enough, for breaking the grounding this time."
“Yeah, you are right. I won't be able too ride for at least 6 weeks with a cast on. Well I could, but I don't think you would allow it." Jay told him. Just before lunch the Doctor came in with the orders to rest, no heavy lifting, and on Monday he could return to work. The Doctor handed Jack three prescriptions, one a pain killer, antibiotic cream, and one for calcium. "And you need to follow up with your own doctor in a few days to see how your arm is doing," the Doctor told him. "Now the nurse will be in here soon to remove your IV and then you can go home," the Doctor said "Not without pants or shirt! I'm not" Jay told Jack, who rolled his eyes. "Oh could you bring my Mountain Dew sleep set please?," Jay asked giving the wide eyes and innocent look.
Jack just looked at him "You've got that right," he said. He turned to the nurse after the doctor left. "I don't suppose you've got anything to cover my partner's lack of clothes?" he asked. "Rather than me having to go home and then return, I know he's eager to get out of here." Jason ended up in a set of hospital scrubs and was wheeled to the front entrance. Jack picked him up gently and placed him in the car. "I'll stop and pick up the prescriptions then we'll go home," he told Jason.

Jay was not too happy about wearing scrubs home but decided to keep his mouth shut. Once in the truck Jay shifted his weight so most of it was on his hip and not his battered backside. As they pulled up to the drug store Jay could see Zach helping an older man. "I'll stay in the truck." Jay said as Jack got out. "I don't think he likes me much." Jay said, when he got a strange look from Jack.

"What have you done that would upset Zach? Jack asked, curiously.

"Nothing but every time I go in there he watches me and just shakes his head." Jay told him. "Try not to take to long ok, 'cause my butt's starting to itch again." Jay told him as he scratched his thigh.

Jack sighed, "Sometimes baby you are a little over sensitive," he said. "I'll get the prescription done now." He entered the shop, smiled easily at Zach and handed over the prescription. He took out his cell phone and wasn't hugely surprised that Mason's phone went straight to voicemail. He left a brief message informing his former babysitter, that Jay had been released from hospital with a clean bill of health.He was given the prescription and drove home. He carried Jay up to the apartment, placed him carefully on the bed face down and got out the cream. He carefully applied the cream to the scrapes. "Okay baby. I'll make a sandwich and you can take your painkillers," Jack said cheerfully.

"Hey can you call Mason and ask him to bring Billy over when he brings my board home, I need to apologise to him for some reason he thinks I was after Mason, why I don't know that man scares me."

"Mason is a pussycat," Jack said laughing "Unless you're making trouble." Jack thought for a moment. "I'm not sure inviting Billy over is a good idea. I'm not sure he'd be very receptive to anything you say just at the moment."

"Fine, if he wants to be an ass." Jay said pulling Jack's pillow under his head. "Like I knew him and Mason was having a picnic in the park. Besides he needs to get over himself and I have you why would I want to even look at another guy. So I cuddled into Mason's hand hell it was a distraction from the pain in my arm." Jay rattled on not realizing he really wasn't making much sense.

Jack's heart swelled at Jay's statement. "Sweet talker," he said gently, kissing his young Brat. He dug into his fridge, found some chicken salad and grinned. He made up a plate, grabbed a glass of water and Jay's pain meds. He got into bed next to his Brat and gently sat him on his knee, making sure his Brat's sore butt did not make contact with anything. A position they often found themselves in after a spanking. "Better?" he asked Jay, softly.
"Much" Jay said with as he snuggled closer to the man he loved giving him a kiss on his jaw. When Jack handed him his meds and water Jay face twisted he hated taking pain pills they always made him feel high, and water was just plain nasty. "It says to take with food," Jay told Jack as he put the pill on the night stand. "Let me eat a little first alright." Jay asked when he got the ok from Jack he dug into his lunch, not even a crumb was left. After Jay was finish eating he stretched out laying his head on Jack's shoulder "So, ummm, beside me still being grounded, ummm how are we going to put my little screw up behind us." Jay asked as he looked up.

Jack handed him the pain meds, and watched as Jay took them. "I think you've punished yourself enough over this," he said, quietly. "So I think apart from the grounding, it's over." He gently kissed Jay, "Now I think it's time you got some sleep and I ring down to Kay and say I won't be down today." By the time Jack had finished with Kay, his Brat was asleep, in his Mountain Dew sleep set. Jack curled in behind him and dropped off to sleep.

The End

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