A Snake in the House

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

Jay sat on the sofa playing with his new pet. He was tickled to have such an uncommon pet. When he heard the keys in the door, he quickly put the pet back into the shoebox and slid it under the sofa. He was not too sure how Jack would like the ideal of having a snake in the house. He jumped to his feet and met Jack at the door.

Jack smiled when he saw his partner. He hugged him and leant in for a long, deep kiss; passionate, demanding, and claiming his lover all over again. He drew back his voice husky, "Let's take this to the sofa," he suggested.

Jay was more then eager to do what Jack had suggested. With all thoughts of what was under the sofa out of his head, he quickly led the way, stopping only long enough to toss the throw pillow on to the floor.

Jack gave Jason a gentle push which caused his lover to fall backwards onto the sofa. He followed him down and began plundering his lover's mouth again while his hands began to gently caress him. Jack groaned deep in his throat as his body began to react.In one swift movement, he ripped off Jay's t-shirt. Then he slowly removed his own top to reveal his bare torso. "Mine," was all Jack said as he straddled his lover

Seeing a half naked Jack made Jay go wild and all hands. Jay ground his hard cock into Jack's while one hand rubbed the bulged in Jack's pants while trying to get them undone. The other hand was busy gently playing with a hard nipple.Jay wanted to get to the sex already. However, since Jack is in charge, he would have to be patient. He licked his lips and gave the 'I want you now look'. "Yours," he whispered.

Jack reveled in the feelings that assailed him as his talented lover played with him. He knew his lover wanted to get to the sex, but he intended to drive him wild before giving in. He grinned down at Jay. "I'll look after you, Brat," he promised. "Eventually."He continued to play with Jay's body and before long they were both naked and Jack had grabbed the lube. He prepared Jay making sure he was ready and then he slowly entered his lover.

"Jack. Please. Now," "Jay panted as Jack prepared him. When Jay felt the penetration, he almost came with the pure pleasure of the feeling alone. He arched his back as he wrapped his legs around Jack's ass so he could get his lover closer to him. His hand slipped between them, wrapping around his own hard cock.

"Mine," Jack whispered into Jay's ear, deftly removing Jay's hand and replacing it with his own. "You come when I say you can." He slowly began to move, making sure with every thrust that he brushed Jay's prostate. He began to pick up the pace with both cock and hand and just before he exploded, he whispered into Jay's ear, "Come, boy,"

As Jay came, Jack followed him over the edge, screaming his lover's name. As he caught his breath, he wrapped his arms possessively around his lover. "Mine."

Jay got his breath back. "Yours," he said as his mouth found Jack's mouth. After a seductive kiss, Jay pulled back and smiled. "Can we do it again?" he asked. Just then something caught his eye as it slithered across the floor and under the entertainment center.

Jack saw the snake in all its’ glory. "Bloody hell, it's an amethyst corn snake," he said in shock. He turned to his Brat. "Jay, is there something you'd like to tell me?" Jack arched an eyebrow in enquiry.

Jay almost jumped off the sofa when Jack spoke. If Jack had not been there, he probably would have. Jay's eye locked on to Jack's. He thought for a moment. He was bare-assed with his Top on top of him.`Don't lie, stupid.' Jay took a deep breath. "ThisguywasgoingtodumpitsoIaskedifIcouldhaveit." Je took a breath and gave his lover a knowing smile as he moved his hips. "Round two?"

“No," Jack said firmly. "We get dressed, we catch the snake then you and I go down to the basement and see if we can find something down there to make the snake more comfortable." He smiled as he looked down at Jay. "I used to own a corn snake; they're great pets. I'm not angry, baby, but he will be your responsibility," he added.

"Fuck, should have closed the box better. And he is a she" Jay mumbled as he grabbed his shorts off the floor.Pulling them up as he went over to the entertainment center and dropping down to the floor on his belly, Jay looked under it and saw the snake curled up in one corner. "Come on Amie, don't be scared mean old Jack. He won’t hurt you."

Jay talked as he reached in under the center to catch the snake. He jerked his hand back. "Fuck, she bite, me," he yelled as his hand went to his mouth.

Jack smiled. "Why did you reach with your hand then?" he asked reasonably.

It didn't take long for the two of them to catch the snake after moving the entertainment centre aside.

"No wonder she made a break for it," Jack said, looking at the shoebox. "She needs a heat source. I've got my old aquarium in storage downstairs in the basement and everything to make a perfect home for this little lady. Come on, I'll need your help to carry it upstairs," he beckoned to his young Brat.

“That and more," Jay said as he took Amie back. Letting the snake curl around his arm, he let Jack lead the way down to the basement.
Once in the storage area, Jay just shook his head. "And you thought I was untidy," Jay said as he looked around the storage room. "Man, you really need to clean this!" he said as he held up a magazine dated nineteen eight-seven and dropped it back into the box. "Hey, while we’re down here, can I skate?" Jay asked as he spun one of the wheels on his now dusty skateboard to see if they needed greasing.

“Good try," Jack chuckled. "You've got another two weeks of your grounding to serve before those come out again." He looked around. "I have to agree though; this basement needs a good sorting out. Maybe we'll go through it together this weekend." He started moving some boxes, uncovering an old aquarium. "Here it is and the box next to it has the heating pads and hidey holes for young Amie." He placed the box in the aquarium and gestured for Jay to grab the other end. Together they carried it upstairs and put it on the kitchen table.

"Okay, back in the box for now," Jay told Amie as he put her in the box and tape it shut this time.

Once the tank was clean, Jay looked around and placed his hands on his hips. "Okay, what do we use for bedding? She just can't sleep on a cold glass floor, ya know," Jay told Jack as he placed Amie in her new home. "Oh yeah, another thing; I got to grease those wheels so they don't rust," Jay told Jack with a matter of fact voice.

"We can use paper towels tonight and we'll discuss if we continue to use them or change to reptile bark later." Jack looked at Jay, his eyes turning hard. "Can the attitude, Jason," he said. "A simple, ‘Jack can I grease the wheels on my skateboard as I don't want them to rust?’ is a much more acceptable way to address me." His eyes softened slightly. "I don't want to end today with you over my lap."

Jay swallowed hard. He knew what he said came out wrong. "Sorry." Jay made his way over to Jack and wrapped his arms around Jack’s waist, tucking his head under Jack’s chin. "It`s just I am not use to having to ask permission to care for my things," Jay told him. "I don't want to end up over you lap either; on it, yes, over it, no," Jay told him as his fingers played with the waist band of Jack’s pants.

“You're forgiven," Jack said breathlessly, his cock responding to what Jay was doing. "This time, I suggest we take this to the bed. I'm getting too old to do this on the sofa more than once a night."

“You are not old, but the bed is good because it has more room to move," Jay said as he followed Jack toward the bedroom area. As he was lead toward the bed, he watched the hips in front of him swish back and forth. He undid his shorts and let them fall to the floor as he walked. 'Nope, not old at all.'

Jack did not waste any time. Before long both men were on the bed. Jack was buried deep in Jay's ass, stroking Jay's cock and almost ready to come. "Come for me, baby," he breathed in Jay's ear.

"Oh yes, oh God, sir," Jay said between gasp and pants. That was an order he had no problem following.

Jack came, calling out Jay's name as he did so. "God," he said when he got his breath back. "That was great." He slid out carefully and went to get a washcloth and proceeded to clean both of them up. He'd woken up stuck to his lover a few too many times to neglect this step. He then got back into bed and spooned in behind his lover, basking in the afterglow of some mind-blowing sex.

The End

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