By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

That evening on the five o'clock news: "This just in, a motorcycle verse big rig on Highway 97; all north bond lanes are closed, traffic is at a standstill, no word if there are any injuries or fatalities. Emergency crews are on the scene. Stay tuned for an up date. And now, here's AJ with the weather."

`Jack is going to kill me,' Jay thought as he watched the brake lights of the car in front of him come on for the hundredth time in the last fifteen minutes. This stop and go traffic was driving him nuts. He'd already weaved in and out of traffic as much as possible, only to be stopped by a big rig flipped on its' side.

Jay was tired, thirsty and hungry; he stunk and he had to piss like a race horse. All he wanted to do was get home, eat, take a shower, go to the bathroom and lay in Jack's arms; it didn't have to be in that order. But he had a funny feeling he was going to be over Jack's lap instead. He used the shop's phone to call to tell Jack he was on his way home. That was at five after five and he didn't see any reason to tell Jack his cell was dead. Looking at his watch, he saw it was now a fifteen after six and he was only half way home.

He sat ten more minutes when he heard the rumble of Harleys passing him on the shoulder and watched them go around the back of the big rig. `Jack can only kill me once,' he thought as he slid in beside them. Once he got closer to the big rig, he saw what used to be a motorcycle sticking out from under the trailer. He didn't see anyone that looked like a rider but he was not really looking either. Now he knew he had to get home. Once past the accident, Jay gunned his engine and headed home, breaking the speed limit by a few miles an hour.

Jack looked up when Jay entered the apartment. "Thank God you're alright," he said, running across the room to hug his Brat. "When I saw there was an accident with a motorcycle and I couldn't get your cell, I thought it was you." His face was tear-stained.

Jay felt awful when he saw Jack's face. "I'm sorry; I forgot to charge my cell last night," Jay told him as he gave Jack a hug. Just as his lips touched Jack's lips, he remembered he forgot to take his tongue barbell out. He wasn't sure what Jack would say about that.

"What the hell is that?" Jack asked in shock as their tongues touched. "And what was that about the cell? I know we've talked about keeping your cell charged at all times." He glared at his Brat.

`Shit, big mouth' Jay thought as he pulled back. "It's a tongue bar," Jay said as he headed towards the bathroom, striping on his way. "Babe, I really need a shower. Oh by the way, I love you." When Jay finished with his shower, he stood a looked at himself in the full mirror behind the door. `Yeah Sam was right, I am getting fat.' Jay let out a sigh and pulled on his boxers. Jay went to remove his barbell but stopped. Jack already knew about it so he might as well leave it in. Jay took a deep breath. 'God don't let Jack kill me' he thought and opened the bathroom door "What's for dinner cause I'm starved."

"Steak and baked potatoes," Jack answered. "They'll be ready in 15 minutes, which if just enough time for you to spend facing the corner and thinking how you could have done things better tonight."

"Shit," Jay thought as he stomped his foot. "That's not even fair. I went around the accident to get home to you…" Jay stopped sudden. `Big mouth,' the little devil on his shoulder yelled at him. He went to his own little corner of the loft. Man, he hated corner time. "What am I, ten?" he mumbled, not realizing he said it aloud.

Jack was already in his socks, so he made no sound as he approached Jay's corner. When he arrived, he made a quick impression with six quick hard swats to Jay's bottom. "Backtalk will get you nowhere quick," Jack said. "And we will be talking about how long the motorcycle is being locked up after that little stunt."

"Owww!" Jay yelped, his hand automatically going behind him to put the fire out. "I only went around so I'd get home to you so you wouldn't worry." Jay tried to keep the quiver out of his voice but hell those swats hurt. Jay didn't like the look he was getting so he turned back toward his corner with one hand trying to rub the sting out while the other one wiped the tears away and one foot gently kicked the wall. "You're being a big meanie"

"Stop kicking the wall, Jason," Jack said calmly. "If your cell was charged, you could have called so I wouldn't worry. As for driving around an accident scene...." Jack's voice trailed off. "I'm going for a walk," he said abruptly. "I'm too angry at the moment."

Jay slumped against the wall. He folded his arms tightly to his chest as if he was trying to hold himself. "Please, don't go," Jay whispered just before he burst into tears. His body shook as he tried to control the sobs, his knees became weak and he slowly started to slip toward the floor.

"Shit," Jack's anger drained out of him. "Oh Baby," he said, going over to Jay, picking him up and carrying him to the sofa. "I was just really worried about you." He rocked Jay, gently soothing him.

When Jay felt Jack pick him up, he grabbed a hold for dear life. One arm went around Jack's neck while the other one grabbed a fist full of shirt. His face went straight to where the shoulder and neck join, rubbing tears, snot and sweat into Jack's shirt. Once Jay was assured Jack was not leaving him alone and he got his voice back so he didn't sound like a scared five year old, he mumbled, "I'm sorry." Jay took a deep breath. "I'll make sure I plug my phone in every night. I'll even get one those quick charger things; but I had no choice but to go around the accident. It was either that or stay put for four hours." Jay took a deep breath and hoped for the best.

"We've talked about making sure you charge the cell," Jack said, "and if the cell had been charged that would have solved the problem. No?"

"But it hasn't happen for a long time," Jay mumbled into Jack's shirt. Jay knew he wasn't going to get out of this but he had to figure out a way to keep his bike for the two weeks. "Do I at least get a last meal?" Jay asked under his breath.

Jack laughed; his Brat was irrepressible. "Sure," he said. "You might as well sit down while you can still sit comfortably."

Jay let out a sigh. Sliding off Jack's lap, he went and sat at the table and watched Jack fix supper. The news guy just said traffic was still backed up for several kilometers because of the accident but there was one lane finally open so traffic was moving slowly. Jay let out a huff and turned around to slap off the TV. "Oh shut up," Jay growled at the TV.

"Don't take it out on the TV," Jack said mildly. "Set the table. Do you want sour cream with your potato or butter?"

"A little of both," Jay said as he pushed himself up from the table. As he gathered the stuff that was needed, he gave Jack a side ways look. "Jack, do you think I'm getting fat?" Jay asked as he leaned up against the counter.

"No," Jack said firmly. "You're eating sensibly and you get plenty of exercise. In fact you can't really afford to lose much weight," he said. "Who on earth said you were getting fat?"

"One of the guys that use to hang out at a club Mac and I used to go to," Jay told him. "He said I'm getting the house wife bulge," Jay told him as he sat the table. Jay let out a yawn and rubbed his eyes. Man was he getting tried.

"Rubbish," Jack said. "Sit down and eat, Then we can get the unpleasantness out of the way and get some sleep." He put the steak, potatoes and vegetables down and began to eat.

When Jay heard that his stomach felt like he ate a ton of bricks. After a few bites of this and that, he started thinking as he pushed his food around trying to make it look like he had eaten more then he had. "How did I screw up today? Let me count the ways: didn't charge cell phone, bad; went around accident, bad; told Jack about it, really bad, stupid dumb ass. Well I didn't lie about it, that's good; but had a temper fit, not good." Jay clicked his barbell on his teeth. "Oh yeah, not sure about that. Oh yeah, Jack was going to beat his ass raw." Jay was in his own thoughts and not even paying attention to what he was doing. His potato looked like it had been mashed instead of a baked.

Jack sighed. He should know by now that his Brat stewed when he was due a spanking. "Come on baby," he said. "We should get this done now." He went over to the sofa and sat down. Jay had followed him and Jack pulled his Brat's boxers down and drew him over his lap. "I'll just go over what this is for," Jack said, changing his usual pattern. "Not charging your cell-phone and driving through the site of an accident. On consideration, I'm not taking your bike off you but somehow I doubt you'll be happy riding it anytime soon." With that, he turned Jay's bottom bright red.

The first smack made Jay jump as the first one always hurt the most. Jay tried to take it but lost it after the fifth swat. "Oww, Jack oww, hurts," Jay yelled out between swats. He did his best to wiggle off Jack's lap, even knowing he would not be able to. Jay threw his hand back to protect his butt but only to have it stopped and held tight to the small of his back. "Jack, please stop!" Jay was not ashamed to beg.

Jack didn't stop until he felt Jay was well punished. He wanted him still feeling it the next day when he got on his bike. "All over, babe," he said and started to gently rub his hand gently over his Brat's back and lifted him into a hug, making sure the sore butt hit nothing hard.

Jay buried his face into Jack's chest and let it all out. He cried for a good fifteen minutes before he was able to form words. He let out a breath. "I'm sorry for worrying you and upsetting you," he said. Taking Jack's face into his hands, he gave him a butterfly kiss on his lips. "Thanks for not locking her up," Jay said as he got up. Seeing a curious look on Jack's face, he said, "I got to charge my cell."

"There are some restrictions on you riding your motorbike," Jack said. "You can ride it to and from work but this weekend it stays in the garage." He braced himself for Jay's protests.

Jay's face twisted. He wanted to head over to the skate park. "Ok, she needs a bath anyway," Jay said he headed toward the bath room where his pants were. Once in there, he did his thing and checked his butt out in the mirror. `Yeah I going to be sore for a while,' he thought as he gathered up his dirty cloths shoving them in to the hamper.

Later that night Jay leaned over to look at Jack. "Can I keep my tongue piercing?"

"Of course you can as long as you make sure you take care of it," Jack replied calmly.

"Cool, thanks," Jay said, giving Jack a kiss. "You know they make one that vibrates." Jay told him with a seductive smile while he wiggled his eyebrows.

The End

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