A Plan in the Making

By Jo and Carol.

Jackson, Jason and Billy

As Jay's eyes opened, he looked at the bed side clock, it read 6 am. ‘Why can’t I sleep in on the weekends,” Jay thought, as he flipped the blankets back, he slipped out from under Jack's arm, that pinned him to the bed. Making his way over to the bathroom, he did his morning things. His butt still hurt a little, grabbing the hand held mirror, Jay stood with his ass toward the wall mirror, and turned the hand held one, until he was able to see his ass in the mirror behind him, it was still a little red, and he could make out a few paddle imprints, but nothing that’s going to burst or last long.. ‘Yeah going to feel that for a few days,” Jay thought, as he put the mirror down, back on the sink, and grabbed a pair of boxers out of the linen cabinet

Making his way toward the kitchen, Jay turned on his lap top, and headed for the fridge. Opening it, he saw what he wanted, and grabbed the OJ, leaving just a swallow, so he wouldn’t be the one tossing it away. He put it back in, then went to make coffee for Jack, cause he was a total pain in the ass, with out his morning coffee. While the coffee was making Jay went back to his laptop, and signed onto his Yahoo messenger, to see if his friend DJ was on. ‘Damn nope no DJ.” Clicking on the name an IM came up, Jay quickly typed out, “Hey Brat, when you get this either call me on my cell or IM, need to ask you a favor, probably get us into some deep trouble, but it sounds like a blast. OK, thanks, Love Ya Jay.” reading it over a few times to make sure things were worded right, and spelled correctly. Seeing it was alright, he clicked send, he waited to see if DJ was playing hide and seek, getting no response, Jay turned off his lap top, just as Jack awoke with a growl..

“Do I smell coffee?” Jack asked, “You're a life saver,” he staggered out of bed, and kissed Jay soundly. Then made his way to the bathroom, and after emptying his bladder, and cleaning his teeth came out, and poured a black coffee, adding plenty of sugar. He took a deep sigh at the first sip. “I got bacon, cheese and mushrooms,” he said, to Jay, “Fancy an omelette for breakfast?”

Jay lowered his laptop screen, and got up “Sure why not?” Jay told him with a shrug of his shoulders. “I’ll make the toast.” Jay said, as he pulled the bread down from the cupboard. “So what kind of chores, does my Lord and Master have in mind for his humble servant to do today, while he is at the office?” Jay asked giving Jack a bow, with folded hand. ‘God, please tell me you going to the shop, for a few hours.’ Jay thought as he waited for answer.

Jack raised an eyebrow. “The windows need washing,” he said, casually. “Inside,” he added quickly, “The outside was done yesterday while you were at work.” Jack was busy cutting up the bacon and cheese, “Slice the mushroom will you, Baby,” Jack asked, getting some eggs out of the fridge. “I have to go pick up the truck from Mason's, then I need to do some shopping,” he said, throwing the egg carton into a box, he kept for the local kindergarten.

Jay face twisted a bit, “umm can I go with you when you go get the truck?” Jay asked while slicing the mushroom. “It won’t take long to wash the windows, I can do them when we get back” he said, as he popped a piece into his mouth. Jay gave him a grin “Or not”

“Oh they'll be done,” Jack replied, easily, deftly pouring the eggs into the pan. “Why would you want to come get the truck with me? Maybe the fact that Billy is there?” Jack teased gently, adding the bacon, cheese and mushroom to the pan. He flipped the omelette out, and divided it between the two plates. “Tuck in while it's hot,” he urged, tossing a soft cushion onto Jay's seat.

“No, just wanted to spend the day with you but,” Jay shrugged his shoulders as he took a bite,” but if you don’t want me around, I’ll do as you say” he said sitting softly, on the cushion. “Oh and we need OJ, get the stuff with the pulp in it this time, can you,” Jay demanded. Jay’s ears perked when he heard a dog bark. ‘Damnit DJ’s on.’ Jay thought, as he tried to wolf down his breakfast.

“I always want you around, sweetheart,” Jack replied, “but you get really bored, when I shop. That sounded like DJ on-line. I'll head off while you chat with her, and then when I get back we can spend some time together, washing windows.” Jack's eyes sparkled with laughter.

“Sounds like a ton of fun,” Jay said, as he got up an put his plate in the sink. Grabbing the cushion and tossing it on the sofa. Giving Jack a kiss good bye, Jay sat down at the computer.

SkaterJboi: Hey how my little girl doing this morning,” Jay asked

Skaterchick: Get fucked, If I can get in trouble I am all for it, what you want me to do?

Jay sat and typed out what Billy wanted, DJ, sent a few LOL, while Jay explained things to her. After a brief paused “Oh yeah, can you video it for him” Jay asked.

Skaterchick” Sound like a laugh, ok When (date) Where (address) Who (what’s moms name) yeah I can do it, cost you a case of the best and a dollar for the movie.

SkaterJboi: I’ll find out and send you the info.

After that was taken care of DJ and Jay caught up on things that had happened, since the last time they talked.

After signing off, Jay sighed, this was going to be funny as hell, Jay thought as he got up ‘shit backpack in the truck, can’t watch my movie, fuck,’ Jay thought, as he got up to find the pail, they used to wash the windows with. “This fucking sucks,” Jay yelled out, as he found his ICP CD, he cranked the music up, and started to mix the vinegar and water, to do the windows.

Billy looked out the window, and saw Jack at the truck. “Hey Jack, hold on a minute,” he yelled out, and walked outside. He moved a bit stiffly, he was going to be feeling Mason's paddling for the next couple of days. “I've been trying to ring Jay and he's not answering. Can you get him to ring me sometime today?” Billy's blue eyes were wide, innocent and Jack despite being a Top, fell for it.

“Sure,” Jack answered, assuming it had something to do with Jay's work schedule.

Jay was just finishing the last of the windows, when he saw Jack's truck pull up to the curb. Tossing the rag into the pail, Jay headed over to the stereo and turned it off, then grabbed his shoes, he slipped them on, as he headed down to help Jack unload the truck.

“Hi sweetheart,” Jack said, “The windows look great. You must have had the music up high, Billy has been trying to phone you most of the morning.” Jack laughed as he saw Jay turn around to head for the loft, and the phone. “Hey grab a bag,” Jack protested, “You'll save me two trips if you do.”

“Oh yeah,” Jay blushed, “That’s what I came down for.” he said, as he grabbed up one of the bags, by habit Jay nosed around it as he went up the stairs. “Did you happen to pick up some MD?” Jay knew no was coming, but he had to ask. “What did Billy want, did he say?” Jay asked, as he opened the door for Jack.

“You know better than that Brat,” Jack growled. “I never buy mountain dew, even if you want to build that MD Christmas tree. No, Billy didn't say what he wanted to talk about. I guess it must be something to do with that job offer. I have to go down to the shop, I have a lot to do before Christmas, so I may be late tonight.” Jack headed downstairs and became immersed in his work.

”Ass,” Jay sneered at the door, after it closed. Grabbing up the phone, he opened the window, sitting out on the fire escape, for the last two weeks it been the only way, he’d been able to get fresh air once he got home. Jay dialed Billy number. “Hi can I please speak to Billy,” Jay asked the person that answered the phone, not sure if it was Mason or Billy.

“It's Billy, is that you Jay? Are you safe to talk? Mason has gone to help his Mom in the deli. Just wondered how the snake plan is coming?”

“Yeah its safe, Jack's in the shop, DJ said yes, all I need is When, Where and Who. And what time you want the package delivered and what date?” Jay said, “DJ, can only get a garden snake, this time of year,” he added, “And it’s going to be recorded also. Maybe you can let your friend know what going on, so DJ will be able to make an escape fast, if anything goes wrong,” Jay told him.

“Great,” Billy said, “How about I come over? I can ring Johnno and find out when they're going to be home and give him a heads up. He won't spoil the surprise.”

“Yeah, come on over, see you in a few, Bye.” Jay told him, as he slipped back into the loft. He headed down stairs to grab his backpack out of the truck. On his way back, he went to his shop area, and grabbed two dews out of his stash, just in case, Billy may want one.

Billy turned up about 15 minutes later, a six pack of mountain dew in his hands. “Great minds think alike,” he laughed. when he saw the two cans sitting on the table. “I guess mountain dew better be on the shopping list for the garage. from now on.”

Billy frowned slightly. He'd wanted to go down to the garage and Mason had firmly vetoed the idea. It still rankled somewhat, but with his sore butt, he hadn't pushed the issue. The couple of swats Mason had given him to reinforce the decision had stung. It made him even more determined to follow the snake plan.

“You sure your friend's okay with this?” he asked Jay. “Hey I'm not doubting you or her but my parents don't tend to play fair, and my mother is terrified of snakes.” Billy's smile was pure evil.

“Yeah, DJ's all for it.” Jay said, as he set down a bowl of chicken salad and some crackers, “She’s already called me, texted me twice to find out if it was still go, she may have a King snake instead, I think a Gopher Snake is better cause they look somewhat like a rattle snake.” He told Billy, as he popped open a can with his teeth.

Billy grinned. “How about both, one for my darling mother, one for my bully of a father.” Billy took out his cellphone and sent a text message. “Now to wait for Johnno to get back to us. He's going to have to get DJ out safely and then collect the snakes, so they don't get hurt.” Billy's phone beeped and he scanned the text message. “Fucking hell,” he exploded “They've fucking fired him, he's working out his notice. He'll be more than happy to help with the plan.” Billy looked at Jay, “Can we arrange it for next Saturday?” he asked. “Johnno will help take photos, and make damn sure DJ gets away safe.” He took a mouthful of chicken salad, “Hey, this is really good.”

“Hold on,” Jay took out his phone, and typed in a message. “She will get back to us in a minute,” Jay got a silly grin across his face. “Too bad we can’t go and watch the fun ourselve,.” Jay told him. Jay picked up his phone and looked at the text, “Yeah, Saturday is a go.” Jay said, taking a bite of the salad. “Yeah Jack makes it for me so I wont eat junk food.” Jay said with a smile. “Speaking of I got some Ding dongs and Ho Hos” Jay got up, and went to the closet.

“Maybe he can pass the recipe onto Mason,” Billy replied “That way I might get out of eating that god awful salad.” He looked at Jay. “You do know if our Tops find out about this stunt, our butts are toast, don't you? Just giving you a chance to pull out if you want to. I'm personally going to be hiding all the wooden spoons we own.”

“Yeah, I’ll probably hide that damn paddle of his, and the thing he has in the closet.” Jay shivered, at the thought of getting another strapping. “But oh, well we’ll live.”

Jay IM DJ, and the plan was laid out, once the blue print was made, DJ informed them, she had to finalize it all before Saturday, she wanted to plan her escape route. Just in case something went wrong, she had a back up plan.

SkaterChick: I will get back to you either by IM or text. no later then Wednesday at 15 hundred hours. That’s 3 pm Jaybird.

SkaterJboi: Ok that’s fine Jack won’t be home.

After a brief conversation, DJ signed off, and Jay went into his files, and deleted the conversation.

“Ok, if all goes well she should mail out the DVD on Sunday, it should be here sometimes Tuesday or Wednesday,” Jay told Billy. “Oh I guess I should tell you that DJ and her family are all Private Investigators, so she knows what she doing,” Jay told Billy, to give him a little peace of mind.

“I got to work on Wednesday,” Billy said “And if I skip out to be with you, Mason will be asking questions. Nasty suspicious mind my Top has,” he grinned at Jay. “Any problems text me. You're coming to the garage Thursday right? I need to write up some advertising and if anyone asks that's why I came to see you. Mate, I really appreciate this.” Billy looked around and his eyes fell on Amie's aquarium. “Can I check out your snake? Unlike my parents I love them. I'm just not sure Thomas would be too impressed, if I got one.”

“Yeah sure, she friendly, I’m thinking of letting her get bred. A guy at the pet shop in Kelowna has a albino male, and he wants to see what we get” Jay told him taking Amie out of her aquarium. “Some guy was going to let her loose, so I took her.” Jay said, handing her over, so Billy could get a better look at her. “Yeah that’s a good plan to keep this business like, don’t want them to get any wiser.” Jay said with a silly grin.

“If we get really lucky, they won't get to hear about it,” Billy replied, letting Amie slide up his arm and across his shoulders. “She's cute,” he said as he carefully handed her back to Jay. “I'm just hoping my parents don't over-react. When I got into a fight at school, I got expelled and stuck in juvie for about a month on assault charges, before I got shipped off to my uncle.”

Jay took Amie back and put her back in her home, making sure the lid was closed tight. He turned to Billy. “I’ve been in Juvie once, Shane put me in it for the weekend, when he caught me high, and then when I got home he beat my ass black and blue, I was about fifteen I think.” Jay told him. “How come you got sent off,” Jay asked, being nosy.

“Like I said assault. I was at a boarding school and some of the town kids started picking on one of the 11 year olds. I stepped in, I was 14 and the kid couldn't fight for toffee, I put him in the hospital. The kid's parents pressed charges, so I ended up locked up. I think my parents in the end paid them off, and suddenly juvie was too crowded and I got shipped to my uncle who took a strap to me, until I couldn't walk, for a week.” Billy shrugged. “Old news, I got out, and found Mace.”

Jay let out a low whistle, “Wow, So what kind of stuff do you do for fun? I mean working on cars and stuff can be a blast but boring, do you skate, ride, bike, play games?” Jay asked, he was running out of things to say. “I’d show you the yard up on the roof , but I not allowed out of the loft, on the weekends and after 1pm on week days, but that will only be for a few more days,” Jay told him. “Well at least Jack didn’t make it a month like the last time. God was I bored out of my tree.” Jay mentioned, as he headed over to the fridge for dew, “You want one, or would you like a beer instead.” Jay asked him giving him, it don’t matter to me, look.

“Beer would be great,” Billy replied, glad to get off the subject of his background. “I bought the Dew for you. I don't really like the stuff. I guess I'm lucky my job is my hobby. When I'm not at work I tinker with other things. I want to super power Mason's stand mixer, but he says if I even touch it with a tool, he'll paddle me. Despite what we're planning at the moment, I don't go around asking for it.” Billy grinned. “I play some pool but Mason usually has me on a pretty short leash.”

Billy could see Jay was thinking something, as Jay got him the beer, Jay opened his mouth to say something, and then shut it shaking his head he laughed, “My sister-in-law used a 18volt cordless drill to mix cookie dough once. God was Shane ever pissed.” Jay told him. “Jack lets me do pretty much do as I want on my free time, as long as he knows where I am, stay out of trouble and I am home by dinner time.” Jay said, grabbing himself a beer, as well. Jay was not sure how Jack would react to him drinking this early in the afternoon, but one never knew until they do it. “Hey you want to watch movie, I got most the new one that’s, playing now” Jay asked

“Cool,” Billy replied, “I love the movies it the one thing I miss by being in Jade Heights. Mason's really strange, he once got a movie that you had to read to understand.” The two Brat's sat down and got lost in the movie.

“Yeah I don’t like those either, If I wanted to read the movie, I buy the book,” Jay told him.

Jack stomped upstairs in a bad mood. One of the pieces he was working on, was just not looking right, and he wanted to check his sketch. He was upset when he found out he'd left it upstairs on his work desk. It took him a minute to identify Billy reclining on the sofa with Jay next to him. He casually looked at the screen and his temper let loose “Jason, what the hell are you watching?” he roared.

Billy jumped almost ten feet in the air, and landed right on his butt. “Ouch,” he said, bouncing up. He looked at Jack and gulped. “Man, did that Top look pissed off.”

Jay jumped, dropped his beer, spun around and about wet his pants all in a split second after Jack's voice, boomed across the room and Billy was right, Jack did look pissed. Jay swallowed the lump in his throat. ”Humm, Twilight,” Jay mumbled, as he kicked the now empty can under the coffee table. ‘Hell why didn’t I put the chain on the door?” Jay thought as he looked at Jack.

'The bootlegged copy,” Jack said, in a dangerous voice. “Did I not make my opinion about that clear yesterday.?” Jack throttled down his anger. “Billy I suggest you leave, I want to have a discussion with Jason.”

Billy shuddered under Jack's gaze, and glanced at his fellow Brat sympathetically. He knew the full name was never good. “Yes sir,” he said, and almost crawled out.

“Clean up the spilled drink,” Jack ordered Jay. “I am not happy at the moment, so I suggest you stay quiet, and do what you're told.”

Jay seen that look once before, he knew Jack would never actually strike him, however he was not taking the chance. Jack was pissed off over something, Jay didn’t think the movie had anything to do with it, it just didn’t help matters. Jay grabbed his backpack off the sofa. Before Jack could grab him, Jay was out the door, he almost dragged Billy down the steps. Jay quickly went into the storage area and locked the door. “Come on I’ll show you out the back way.” Jay told Billy, as he headed toward the garage. “I’m going to stay up there until he cools off,” Jay pointed to an area in the rafters. Once Billy was gone Jay climbed up into a small closed in area that most of Jack decorations were kept. Which was not an easy task with one arm.

Jay sat on one of the old wooden boxes, and stuffed his backpack hind him. Jay closed his eyes tight. fighting back the tears.

“What the fuck ....?” Jack was dumbfounded as his Brat ran out of the loft. “Oh shit,” Jack sat down heavily, and put his head in his hands, “What had he done?” He'd taken his temper out on his beloved Brat. “No wonder he'd run with his past history.” He had a sudden idea, and rang Jay's cellphone, praying his Brat had it on him.”

Jay felt his backpack buzzing, slipping his hand into the side pocket. he pulled out the phone and glanced at it. Jackson danced across the screen, Jay thought about letting it go to voice mail, but figured he was already up to his neck in trouble. He cleared his throat as he flipped the phone open, “Yes, sir”.

“Oh thank God,” Jack's was relieved. “Jay, sweetheart all I can say is sorry. Please come home, I promise I'm not angry with you. I was pissed about something, and took it out on you. I can't say sorry enough. Please come home.”

Jay looked over the side of his little hide away, gulping. Getting up there was hard enough, but how hard is it to get down with out breaking his neck? “Be up in a few,” Jay told him, as he closed his cell phone. Jay crawled to the edge of the platform, then turned himself around so his legs were dangling off. If he had two good arms, he could do this, pulling himself back up. He grabbed up his cell phone, and pushed Jack's number. “ I’m in the garage,” Jay told his lover, in a very small voice “I’m hidden and can’t get down.” Jay said, with a hint of humour in his voice.

Jack took the steps two at a time. He looked up at the rafters and couldn't help a smile crossing his face. Lower yourself down, sweetheart,” he said, “I'll catch you, I promise, I won't let you fall.”

“Catch,” Jay said, tossing the backpack down toward Jack, once it was safe on the work bench, Jay let his leg slip over the side again, wiggling his way over the side when he felt Jack grab his legs, he let a worried breath out; it only took a few minutes for Jay to be down where he belongs and that was in Jack's strong arms.
“I didn’t mean to run, I just panicked, I guess,” Jay told his lover

“I'm sorry for scaring you.” Jack replied, kissing Jay. “I should never ever take my bad mood out on you.” He carried Jay back up to the loft and laid him on the bed. “The DVD goes back to it's owner tomorrow right?” he questioned, as he started nipping and sucking on Jay's body.

“Yes,” Jay said slowly undoing Jack's shirt. ‘even with one hand I still got it,” Jay thought, as he got the last button undone and started to work Jack's left nipple with his finger tips. Jay let his hand slid down Jack's body to his belt, as he slowly undid it. “Thought you had work to do?” Jay asked. Once Jack's pants were loosened it didn’t take long for Jay's hand to find what he was looking for. “Oh wow,” Jay gasped, as he gently stroked Jack's hard, hot, dripping cock. “umm Jack, umm, Oh, yeah, mmmm Yeah that’s the spot.” Jay murmured, as Jack found hot spots, on Jay’s body.

“Work can wait,” Jack mumbled, “Part of the joy of being the boss.”

He groaned as he felt Jay's good hand on his cock, while the fingers that stuck out of the cast worked on his nipple. He slipped out of his shirt and then got his hands to work, stroking Jay's chest, he ripped the t-shirt and began tweaking his nipples. He leaned over and ran his tongue down Jay's neck, and then bit down hard on the junction, between the neck and the shoulder. Then as Jay gasped in pain, licked the spot. His other hand slipped down Jay's pants, and he released his lover's cock.

Jay gasped loudly, when he felt Jack's teeth bite him, then he giggled when he felt Jack's tongue on his neck. Jay was about ready to cum, just from the foreplay. Jay had to tell himself ‘no, not yet’ a few times, Jay wiggled under Jack, “shorts, off, now,” Jay grunted. Jay matched Jack's strokes. Jay mouth soon replaced his fingers on Jack's nipple sucking it hard, then flicking his tongue across it, when Jack gasped Jay bit lightly, just enough to hurt, but not to leave marks, when he felt Jack's body jerk, he started to suck again.

“Who's the Top round here?” Jack growled, as he flipped Jay over. He quickly stripped Jay and then kicked off his own pants. Reaching over in grabbed some lube and slowly began to prepare his lover, first inserting one finger, then two and finally three, gently stretching him. He heard Jay keen, as he removed his fingers and leant over and whispered in his ear. “Do you want my big, hard, throbbing cock to fuck you now?”

“Yes.” Jay said as he spread his legs, so Jack could fuck him. His ass was still a little tender from the paddling, however, he was not going to let Jack know this. Getting fucked with a sore ass was a turn on for Jay. Jay wanted to hurry it along by pushing himself back toward Jack, but feared all activity would come to a stop if he did so, Jay let out a low moan, “Jack please just fuck me.” Jay whimpered into his pillow.

Jack didn't hesitate, and the two men fell into a rhythm, they'd established brought the most pleasure to both of them. Jack brushed his Brat's prostate, as he thrust in and then almost fully out, until thrusting fully in again. He felt his balls tighten, “Cum my love,” he ordered Jay, as he came hard.

When Jack hit Jay’s sweet spot, he saw stars. Jay bit down onto his pillow to keep form yelling out, as he came hard, soaking the sheets under him. Jay panted, as he collapsed onto the wet sheets, pulling Jack down with him, his body quivered from the climax, his breathing was hard, he could fell Jack's breath on this neck. Jay let out a sigh as he came down from the high. Stretching like a cat, he turned his face to look up at his lover. “Damn, Jack that was the best, yet,” he said, giving Jack a smile.

Jack smiled back at him, leant over, and kissed him. “Pretty damned good,” he replied. “Let's get cleaned up and I vote we snuggle up and watch a DVD. How about you get dressed, make some popcorn and grab a couple of drinks and I'll choose the DVD.” Jack pulled on some jeans, and bare chested made his way over to the DVD machine. He smiled lazily, as he turned on the screen, His eyebrows raised slightly, when he saw Jay had Mountain Dew, but made no comment.

“This DVD gets returned tomorrow,” he said, firmly “But while we've got it we might as well watch it.” He turned on Twilight.

The End.

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