Jay's Family Reunion

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason

Jay was brought out of his slumber by the faint sound of coffee being stirred but the clinking sound the teaspoon made it sound more like clang of cymbals being hit together. His head pounded, his backside throbbed, his bladder ached and his mouth felt like he had eaten a bag of cotton balls.As he sat up, his backside protested. Letting out a whimper, he jumped to his feet. He did his best to rub the soreness out as he made his way to the bathroom. Once he was finished with his morning rituals, he washed his hands. `Did I actually barf in the sink?' he thought as he opened up the medicine cabinet. Finding what he was looking for, he downed two pain-killers.Jay started to leave then thought for a minute. Turning back, he quickly grabbed his tooth brush to get the fuzz and icky taste out of his mouth. 'Now to find my man,' Jay thought as he left the bathroom.

Jack heard Jay getting up and smiled grimly. He had no sympathy for his young Brat. He'd deserved everything he'd got. He turned around as Jay entered the kitchen area. "Sit down," he said, indicating a chair with a pillow on it. "I've got some toast here for you and a cup of hot, sweet tea perfect for a queasy stomach."

Jay looked at Jack and then at the chair. He would rather sit on Jack's lap and snuggle but seeing Jack was in one of his Top moods, he took the seat offered to him. Sitting down gently, he winced once and let out a sigh as he picked up his tea mug and took a drink. His definition of sweet tea was different than Jack's, but he’d just keep quiet this time. Knowing Jack would say something about the toast, Jay picked it up and bit one corner of it off.

Jack was pleased to see Jason eating something. He knew he wanted to snuggle but guessed Jay had forgotten about his grounding. "When you've finished your breakfast we'll discuss your chores for the day," Jack said to his young lover.

Jay dropped his toasted back onto the plate, crossed his arms and flung himself back into his chair. “It Saturday, I’ve got plans this morning,” Jay told him, somewhat frustrated.

"You are grounded; for a month. Or have you conveniently forgotten that?" Jack's voice was pure steel. "You can start by sorting the laundry."

“I got my butt toasted last night, so why am I grounded also?” Jay almost yelled as he flung his arms around. “You can’t punish me for the same thing twice, that’s just not fair.” Jay snapped as he got up.

"Jason, you are writing cheques your butt doesn't want to pay for," Jack rumbled. "You got spanked for the temper tantrum, but you got grounded for the lying, staying out, drinking and worrying the hell out of me. No matter what, this is not negotiable."

Jay winced at the use of his proper name. Thinking back, "Oh yeah, forgot about that," he said. "You, know I am going to go nuts being locked up here with nothing fun to do, right?" Jay told him. Calming down a bit and taking his seat again, he picked up his now cold tea. "Do I have to sort laundry?" he whined.

"I can keep you busy enough," Jack said calmly. "And yes you do have to sort laundry. I know you're not feeling well this morning, so I'm cutting you some slack. I advise you keep that temper of yours under control; otherwise my hand will be talking to your butt again. Understand?" Jack arched an eyebrow in question.

"Yeah, I bet you can," Jay muttered with a mouthful of toast. After breakfast was over, Jay got up and straddled Jack's lap. Laying his head on to Jack's shoulder, he snuggled deep into it. Smiling to himself, he gently nipped the area of Jack's neck that would get him squirming. "Sorry, for the attitude."

Jack gave into the sensation his Brat was causing. He knew what was in his Brat's mind but he had no objection to reaping the benefits. Who in his right mind would refuse an armful of hot Jay?

"We haven't got time for this now," Jack said after a while. "I need to go down and open the shop up, and you've got laundry calling your name." He kissed Jay hard, possessively. "We'll continue this tonight," he growled into Jay's ear.

"Maaaan," Jay grumbled as he got up off the hot lap that was under him. "Can I at least take a shower first or we can take one together?" Jay gave him a wicked smile and jerked his eyebrows up and down.

Jack laughed out loud. "We definitely don't have time for where that will lead," he said. "As long as when I come up for lunch around noon, the laundry is sorted and ready to go, you can do anything you want." He held up a hand before Jay could ask. "In the apartment," he admonished. Jack headed downstairs to open up the shop.

"Bugger," Jay said as the door shut. As he walked past the stereo, he turned it on and headed for the bathroom. Backtracking, he pushed a button to his channel as he didn't like the stuff Jack listened to.Taking a quick shower he did as he was told, he sorted the laundry.Meanwhile, downstairs in the shop Jack could hear the faint sounds of something being banged and thumped, and wheels on the floor above him. "What the hell is going on up there?" he wondered idly. He didn't have time to investigate as the shop was very busy.

He turned to serve a customer and opened his eyes wide in surprise when he saw the bracelet the man was wearing."Hi," the man said. "I'm looking for Jackson McCallum. I need to ask him some questions about this bracelet.""Well, I'm Jack McCallum and judging by the fact you're wearing that bracelet; I'm guessing you must be Shane, Jay's brother?" Jack smiled easily. He knew it was Shane who'd kept Jay on the straight and narrow during his childhood."Yes, I am Shane," the man said with a sigh of relief. "Please tell me he's alive, so I can kill him when get my hands on him," the man told Jack. "We have been trying to find him for the last few months, right after I received this gift from him. Do you know where he lives by chance?""I know exactly where he is at the moment," Jack said with a straight face and winced when he head a bump coming from upstairs. "He's my partner and at the moment is upstairs in our apartment. It's almost time for lunch and I'm sure Jay will be pleased to see you. It's only soup and toast but you're more than welcome to join us.""Soup and toast sounds great," Shane stopped and listened to the noise. "Let me guess; skateboard?" he asked with a smile."It better not be," Jack growled. "I've got polished wood floorboards up there. I'll bloody tan his hide if he skateboarding up there. He knows better than that." Jack and Jay had discussed this issue before. It had provoked the first spanking Jay had got from him.Shane thought of the deep grooves on his own floor. "Not anymore you don't," Shane told him. He knew for fact what Jay's skateboard can do to a hard wood, linoleum or tile floor."Follow me," Jack said; his eyes flinty. "It's time for lunch and to deal with a Brat."

Shane's eyebrow rose slightly. "Brat?" he questioned. "You two live a discipline relationship?"

It was Jack's turn to be surprised. "Partnership; discipline partnership," he said. "I guess Jay's told you something about that type of relationship," Jack said. He knew Jay had been in a abusive discipline relationship before. "Come on up. I can promise you I don't abuse your brother, no matter how angry I may be." He started walking up the stairs.

Jay glanced at the clock. `Shit!' he thought as it read 11:55 am. He quickly slid the skateboard back under his side of the bed. Pushing the laundry basket up against the wall, he pulled up a pair of shorts just as the door opened.

Jack just gave Jay 'the Look' and was pleased to see his young lover blush. "I've got a surprise for you," he said and stood aside to reveal Shane.

Shane gave his young brother his own version of 'the Look'. When he saw Jay's look of surprise, he got ready for the tackle and held his ground even though his baby brother had not tackled him yet."Shane!" Jay came running across the floor and as he came to a sliding stop, he grabbed his brother around the neck with both arms and jumped into the man's arms, wrapping his legs around Shane's waist.Shane gave Jay a bear-crushing hug and then stood him on his feet. "Oh, one more thing," Shane said as his hand connected with Jay's backside."OWW, Shane!" Jay yelped, turning back to his brother. "What's that for?" Jay snapped as he rubbed the sting out.Shane wasn't to sure about the look he got from Jack. "You're lucky it's only one," Shane told him. "You scared the living hell out of us when you just up and disappeared with out a word." He scolded Jay but when he saw the single tear slip down Jay's cheek, he forgot all about being mad. "Aw hell, kid," Shane told him as he pulled him back into a hug.

Jack growled slightly under his breath when he saw the swat land and the look he gave Shane was not too friendly. That was his lover. He relaxed when Shane pulled Jay into a hug.

"I've invited your brother up for lunch," Jack said to Jay and then, “if you want, you can hang out up here." The look he gave Jay was slightly chilly "We can discuss the condition of the floor this evening." Jack turned to the fridge to retrieve the soup and took out the freshly baked bread. "Set the table, Jason," he said.

"Yeah, sure," Jay told Jack as he went to the cupboard. `Damn, again with the proper name; twice in one day not good. Nope, sure not,' Jay thought as he retrieve the stuff they needed for lunch."So tell me, Shane, how did you find me anyway?" Jay asked as he set the bowls on the table.

The three men sat and eat their lunch, when Jay got thinking. Getting up he started to pace back and forth, biting his nails as he did. "Jay, what's the matter?" Shane asked, knowing when Jay bit his nails he was worried about something.Jay took deep breath. "Umm, Bro, you did not, you know, ummm mention you found me, right?"As Jay spoke, Jack became aware that Jay's voice was now nervous and a little shaky and that the whole time he kept shifting his feet while his eyes darted back and forth and that he just was not talking right.

"What's wrong sweetheart?” Jack was concerned and he opened his arms, offering a hug to his quivering Brat.

Shane looked on, concern in his eyes. "If you don't want me to tell anybody else where you are I won't," he said firmly, trying to allay the panic in his brother's eyes.

"You can tell Sara and DJ if they ask, but no once else; not even Mom or Dad," Jay told him once he figured he could talk normal without sounding like a child. He figured Sara, his sister-in-law and his best friend in grade school, would keep it under her hat. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a baby," Jay whispered to Jack so only he could hear.

Jack, as the product of a large, happy, extended family, didn't understand parents who could shut their child out. “Sweetheart, you aren't a baby," he whispered back to his lover. "There's nothing wrong in showing your emotions." Jack held his lover closely, calming him down. "You heard Shane he's not going to tell anyone where you are." He shot a look at Shane that was unmistakable. ‘Screw up and you're dead.’ Jack could be extremely possessive.

Shane got the message clear as a bell. He would not dream of letting anyone find Jay who would harm him."I'm alright." Jay finally got himself together and pulled back from the comforting hold, turning to Shane. "So how are Sara and the kids?" Jay asked as he gave Shane a smile.Shane filled him in on the family and things that he would be concerned with. He looked at his watch and noticing that the time had gotten away from him, stood up. "I hate to leave like this but I've got to get back to the motel. Thanks for lunch, it was great. Jay would you please walked me out?" Shane asked, not to sure if Jack would allow Jay to leave his sight at the moment."Yeah, if it's alright with Jack," Jay said, looking up into Jack's concerned eyes.

"That's fine. Just to the bottom of the steps, Jay," Jack replied, not wanting to shame his lover in front of his brother by reminding him of the grounding. "You might as well take the laundry down while you're at it," he suggested gently. As Jay and Shane walked out, he picked up the phone and called down to his staff. "Sue, I need to stay up here for the afternoon," he said. "Call me if I'm needed urgently, otherwise I'm not available, okay?" Jack moved to the sofa and waited for the return of his Brat.

Jay tried not to roll his eyes as he grabbed up the laundry baskets. He made sure he didn't slam the door on his way out. He and his brother chatted a little while downstairs, and Jay made sure his feet did not leave the last step, just in case Jack was watching.After Shane left, Jay took a deep breath and headed back upstairs. When Jay opened the door he saw Jack sitting on the sofa. 'Man he doesn't look happy'.

“We need to talk about wood floors and why we should not be skateboarding on them,” Jack's voice was icy. "We've talked about this before. I've spanked you for this before. Why don't you explain why the message didn't get through?"

Jay glanced down at the floor and looking around, he did notice the scratches that the wheels had made. Making a sour face, he looked back up at Jack. "I don't skate on wood floors because it can cause damage." Jay swallowed. He didn't want to tell Jack he forgot, so he just stood there biting his bottom lip.

"First, when we have finished discussing this incident, you are going to polish the floor; all of it. That should take you the next couple of days. If the scratches are too deep to polish away, I'll teach you how to sand them and fix them. You will be paying for the materials, obviously." Jack looked at Jay sternly. "Any complaints so far?" he asked, his voice soft.

“No, Sir," Jay said.

“Go and fetch your skateboards, all of them," Jack ordered. "They're going into storage for the month you're grounded. Now, it’s time for the discussion which will involve me applying the paddle to your butt to try and impress the message you obviously didn't learn before."

Jay mumbled, "Polish that too," as he went to go fetch the skateboards that he had in the house. Jay set the boards down by the sofa, making sure the wheels didn't hit the floor too hard. "The others are in the basement," he told Jack as he stood with his hands behind him.

Jack decided to ignore Jay's muttering; it was a natural reaction to the restrictions he'd just introduced. He got up and retrieved the paddle from the side cabinet and sat back down on the sofa. He knew Jay knew what to do.

Jay slowly lowered his shorts and pants and bent over Jack's knee. Jack didn't bother with a warm up as Jay's bottom was still pink from the spanking the day before. It didn't take long for Jack to turn Jay's bottom a fiery red. This was a lesson that was going to stick.

Jay knew Jack didn't care if he cried; so cry he did and wiggled and kicked. Jay did his best to get his butt out of the striking zone but he was unable to. "I'll remember this time," he yelled out between swats. "Just stop. Please, just stop!"

Jack only stopped when Jason's cries became deep sobs. He pulled his crying Brat into his arms and held him. "Jay," he said gently. "I love you sweetheart but you have to think before you do things, otherwise we'll be here again and again."

Jay slowly calmed down and Jack picked him up and carried him to the bed. He stretched out next to Jay who fell into a deep sleep. The floor could wait.

The End

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