Who's The Top?

By Jo and Carol

Jackson and Jason.

Jay lay quietly staring at the ceiling, once again he was awakened by a dream he wished he could forget, glancing at the clock it read four in the morning. Letting out a sigh he rolled over and snuggling close to Jack's warm, naked body Jay took a deep breath, breathing in Jack musk. Jay could feel himself growing harder with each breath he took in.

Jay's mouth found Jack's neck, kissing it so lightly, moving down the shoulder and then back up, as his fingers slowly stroked Jack's side moving so lightly down toward Jack's hips. Jay's finger slowly traced the under curve of Jack's ass cheek, Jay smiled as Jack shifted his leg allowing Jay's fingers to gently slip in between the two hot mounds of flesh. Jay's mouth found one of Jack's hot spots on his neck and shoulder Jay began to gently suck while his fingers gently caressed Jack's firm ass. Jay smiled to himself when a soft moan came to his ears.. Jay slowly moved to where he could butterfly kiss Jack's back, he gently kissed, licked and then nipped the cheek he could reach, then with the tip of his tongue, he slowly licked the crack.

Jack woke slowly to the wonderful sensation of his Brat stroking him. He couldn't hold in a moan when Jay caressed his ass and he grew hard as Jay started to lick him. Nowadays Jack topped exclusively, but in his past with his first lover he had been a switch. He knew Jay had experience of being a top, and Jack made a sudden decision. “Jay, would you like to cum in me?” he asked.

“Are you sure?” Jay asked, getting a slight nod and smile. “Ok stop me if you change your mind.” Jay said, as he continued the assault on Jack's ass. Jay noticed pre-cum on the end of Jack's dick. Wrapping his hand around the hard shaft, Jay easily stroked Jack until he was able to get enough pre-cum to use as lube. Jay moved Jack's leg so it was bent and he had better access to take Jack's mind off the small discomfort. Jay took Jack's hard cock into his mouth and slowly started to suck him.

Jack arched into Jay's mouth. “Oh God, baby, that feels so good,” he gasped. He just gave himself over to the sensation. He gasped as Jay stopped sucking his cock and slowly started to enter him. He hissed at the friction as Jay's cock breached the first ring of muscle. He’d forgotten how this felt. “Easy, baby,” he said. “It's been a while.”

Jay stopped when he felt the head pop through the tight ring and at Jack's hiss. He didn’t want to hurt his lover. Hell he was not even sure if Jack had ever bottomed before. When Jay felt Jack relax, he continued to enter only stopping when he felt Jack's ass hit his balls. Jay leaned over and took Jack's mouth into his, giving Jack the time he needed to get used to the fullness. Jay was in heaven when he got fucked by Jack, but hell this was even better. “God Jack, you're so tight,” Jay whispered into Jack's ear after he came up for air.

Jack laughed “Not a surprise,” he replied “It's been years since I've done this. I'd forgotten how good it feels.” He groaned, as Jay began to move in and out of him. “How did his Brat know exactly which spot to hit?” he wondered

Jay shifted a little, enough so he could take Jack's cock into his hand, even though he was on his hurt arm, he was able to shift his weight so he was not hurting, but never taking his lips off the one he loved. It didn’t take Jay long to get into a rhythm, that he and Jack enjoyed. Jay shifted his weight to hit the sweet spot inside Jack. The only thing they could hear was their own breathing, and the sound of two men making love. Jay felt his balls draw up, at the same time Jack's cock twitched. Jay began to move just a little faster, he came with a roar of Jack's name as Jack followed. Jay shifted once again, so he was able to stay in Jack a little longer, as he lay across Jack as he caught his breath. “I love you Jack,” Jay told him, as he felt himself slip out of Jack.

“That was fantastic,” Jack said, after getting his breath back. “I love you,” he said, leaning in and capturing his Brat's mouth.

Jay broke the kiss, and gave Jack a cockeyed grin he then moved down toward Jack's belly, licking the spilled cum off his lover's body, then taking Jack's semi soften cock into his mouth, he licked his lover tool clean. He gave Jack's hip a pat and got up padded into the bathroom for a warm face cloth, for a quick clean up. Jay then tossed the cloth into the hamper, and climbed into bed, with his lover curling as close as possible Jay laid his head on Jack's chest as he gently played with one of Jack's nipples. “Wow that was so awesome, you’re the best.” Jay told him, “thank you.”

You're not so bad yourself,” Jack replied, idly running his hand over his lover. He felt himself beginning to harden again. Sometimes he couldn't believe his recuperative powers, but with Jay as a lover he was glad. “Like me to repay the favour,” he asked with a feral grin.

Jay didn’t have to say anything. He just reached over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand. Handing it to Jack, “It warms up after a while,” Jay said with a sly smile.

“Don't worry, I'll make sure you're so hot, the cold lube won't matter,” Jack promised and proceeded to do just this. By the time he needed to use the lube, Jay was keening so loud with need, that Jack was glad, they were the only apartment in the building. He thrust in strongly making sure he hit Jay's prostate with every thrust. He began to stroke Jay's cock, “Don't cum until I tell you,” he ordered, whispering in Jay's ear.

“Yes sir,” Jay grunted, he was harder then he was before. Jay snuck his hand to grab his cock, only to have Jack grab it, and pin it to his side. Jay wiggled and shifted his ass “Oh so good, not going last.” Jay rambled. Jay could feel himself getting too close to back off he started to panic a little he wasn’t sure what Jack would do if he came with out permission. “Jack, need to, please.”

“Cum now, baby,” Jack said, as he felt his own release come over him. The two came simultaneously and collapsed. This time it was Jack who padded through to the bathroom to fetch a cloth to wipe them down. “Now we get back to sleep,” Jack said firmly looking at the clock. “You can catch about 20 minutes of sleep before you have to get up for work.” He grinned at Jay's moan.

The end

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