by Carol
Warning no. all mistake are mine, sorry.
Thanks Jere for the beta job
Jay stood staring at a red spot in the corner; his ass stung from the several
swats that Jack firmly placed across his sit spot, again, for mouthing off at
him, again. It's been one of those days, and it's not even noon yet. Since this
was not his normal corner, he was unable to see Amie in her cage, or the little
spider that Jack could not reach to kill, which has gotten a little bigger now.
He wondered what caused the red spot, as he poked it with his finger. Since he
feared being left alone, while standing in a corner, Jack had placed him close
to the air vent, while he ran down stairs to repair a ring for an established

`It's a bright cool Saturday, for fuck sakes; I should be out skating, or better
yet, rolling around with Jack in bed; not standing in a fucking corner," Jay
thought, as he stomped his foot. When his phone vibrated, he glanced at it. 
"Stop stomping" came the text. Jay stuck his tongue out at the vent, only to get
"I see that" on the next text. He wanted to kick something, but since the walls
were brick, he would probably break his toe again.

So he just stood there thinking . . . of what got him here; like always, his
mouth. The swats were just a warning to shut up, but did he listen? No, he
didn't listen; that's why he's staring at a fucking red dot on the wall. Letting
out a sigh, he cocked his head toward the door, as he listened for footsteps on
the stairs. Not hearing any, he fiddled with his cell phone to find his music,
and turned it on low, just enough for him to hear, but not loud enough to be
heard down the vent. While he bobbed to the music, he was unaware that Jack had
entered the room.

Feeling strong arms wrap around him, he jumped. "What are you doing?" was
whispered in his ear.

"Missing you," Jay told him, with a shy sweet voice. As he turned around, his
lips found his lover's. The kiss was hard, but ice melting. Never breaking the
kiss, Jay pushed his lover back toward his work chair. Once his man was seated,
Jay straddled his lap. It may not be the bed but he had his man.

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