Too Many Snakes

This in in response to WL Spring Challenge to write a Drabble

"It's not my fault" Jay said as he backed away from his partner, making
sure his butt was out of reach. "You said I could snake sit, and you're
the one who said they would be fine together. How was I suppose
to know it was a boy?" he claimed as he and his top looked into
Amie's cage to see fifteen newly hatched baby corn-snake of different
colors. "Do you think Billy would want one?"

Jack's eyes widened at this question. "The question is not whether
Billy would like them but what Mason would do if we offered. We'll
put out the word we have snakes to re-home. I'm sure we'll get
good homes for them." He looked at Jay. "Next time make sure the
snake you sit is another female."

The End

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