Fight For His Rights

Billy and Jason and the tops

Jo, Carol and Tarabeth

Warning Hand and paddle,

It was a late Saturday afternoon as Jay made his way over toward Billy's house. He hoped Mason was out on a run, or something, because he really didn't want to explain to him why he was a little scuffed up. Taking a laser light out of his pockets he flashed it into the room where the cats were playing. He hoped this would get Billy's attention as well and he'd come out to see what was going on. Jay gave the door a good couple of knocks that only set the new puppy to come running barking as loud as he could, and the two cats to scamper off to a safe place, probably the sofa.

When the door opened Jay stepped back into the shadows of the ivy covered porch. "Hey I kind of need a favor." Jay asked as he licked the cut on his lip then dried his mouth off with his bloody knuckles.

Billy looked at his friend, "Come in," he said, making sure Nip didn't escape through the open door. "Sit down," he ordered, "I'm just going to get the first aid box." Billy wasn't long and he started to clean Jay's knuckles. "Want to tell me what happened," he asked gently, "It looks like you were in one hell of a fight."

"Owww dude lighten the touch," Jay barked out as he jerked his hand back. "Sorry," he muttered as Billy guided his hand back over the bowl. "I want you to teach me that shit you used on me when we fought," he told him before he lost his nerve.

"What the boxing or the karate?" Billy asked. "Man I spent about 10 years learning that stuff. And take it from one brat to another; fighting is not on a top 10 list of approved behaviors. I could probably teach you some defensive moves, from memory you've got a pretty handy punch already. I need to know why, in case Mason finds out, I need a viable defense."

"Both, we can tell Mason what I'll tell Jack if he asks that it's just for the fun, build up the muscles or to tone the body," Jay told him. "Dude," Jay let out his breath; he knew his friend was not buying this ticket. "In High School I could kick any jocks ass across campus, hell I even had one transfer schools, my ex made me into a coward." Jay looked at his friend and swallowed. "There's a guy he comes up behind me and slaps the back of my head then he calls us fairies and a few other names, but what gets me is that he says as fairies we don't need to use skateboards, we can just fly the course. I tried to defend myself today, but I ended up getting face planted into one of the ramps," he said biting down on his lip and wincing at the pain. "And I got told to leave the park." Jay gave Billy his hurt puppy look. "One brat to another will you teach me to fight?" He asked.

Billy laughed, "I got the same look when I want to convince Mason of something. Okay we can work on a few things that could help you out. If I thought it would help I'd pound the bastard, but I guess he'd learn the lesson better if it came from you. Besides picking a fight would lead me straight over Mason's lap."

"Cool, you helping me that is, not you getting into trouble." Jay said. He got up, and his knees popped as he stretched. "When can we start, and where so we don't get caught?" He asked, "Oh yeah if any-top asks I skated into a wall ok, and yeah it happens sometimes." Jay looked down at his knuckles they looked like he scraped them from a fall. He wasn't sure how he was going to explain the lip though, but he'd think of something.

"OK," Billy replied easily. "Just make sure you stick to the keep fit story. If Mason thought I was teaching you how to fight I'd be lucky to escape the paddle."

"Yeah you and me both," Jay told him. He knew for fact if Jack found out about this so called plan fight his ass would either meet the paddle or that other thing Jack had hidden in the closet.

Jack took Jay's reason at face value--although he was suspicious at the split lip. He decided not to push the subject; he thought Jay might be embarrassed about his spill.

Jay decided if he was going to get into a fight with this guy at the park it was going to take more than re-learning how to fight. He was going to have to muscle up and get into shape. He also knew if he joined a gym Jack would start asking questions he didn't want to answer at the moment. With the help from a friend's friend he was able to get his hands onto some low strength steroids.

Between the steroids, protein quick muscle power drinks, the hour long boxing training Billy and he were doing each night, along with the early morning runs--his body was starting to tone up a little faster than it would with normal exercise. As he bent over to kiss Jack goodbye for the day, he was met with a pair of brown eyes. "Morning love," he said with a lump in his throat and a sweet smile.

Jack smiled back, his eyes running up and down his lover. "You're looking really good," he said. "I hope this is just the exercise you're doing and you're not abusing appetite suppressants again. Or something equally as stupid." The last was said in a teasing tone, but Jack sat bolt upright when he read the answer in his Brat's eyes. Jay was not a good liar and Jack could usually see right through him. "What are you doing?" he growled.

`Damn,' he thought. "Just those protein drinks which you approved of," Jay told him, which was not a lie. "I've got to go," he said. Jay gave his lover one last kiss for the morning and headed of the door.

Jack was waiting for Jay when he came home. On the table were the paddle and the strap he'd retrieved from the cupboard. "Would you like to tell me again what it is you're taking that helps you build muscle," his eyes were pure ice, "and your answer better be a damn sight more convincing than this morning."

Seeing what lay on the table, Jay's ass automatically clenched tight his legs went stiff, his stomach flip flopped and he felt like he was going to be sick. He swallowed to keep his mouth wet and to calm himself. "I asked Billy to teach me to box," he told him. `I didn't lie.' He thought watching his lover for fast movements.

"It's not only exercise that's given you those muscles," Jack replied, "or protein drinks. I have no objection to you training with Billy to keep fit, but I want to know what else you've been doing. You're not lying, you're withholding. The strap only comes into play if you continue to hold out on me."

`Yeah and telling the truth gets me paddle.' Jay thought to himself. "What do you want me to say that I am popping steroids to bulk myself up, so I can beat the mess out of this guy who keeps slapping me at the skate park!" He snapped. "Is that what you want me to say?" Even though he knew the truth was going to cost him a very sore ass, he felt better about getting everything off his chest.

Jack snagged Jay and pulled him to sit on his lap. "Someone's been hassling you, and you thought the only way to solve the problem was to pound on the guy? What about calling the police and having him arrested for assault? Tell me is Billy in on this plan?"

`Oh god, why bring him into this?' Jay thought as he struggled to get out of Jack's loving arms. He realized his Top was not going to let go. He let out the breath he was holding, and he maneuvered himself to sit sideways so he could lay his head on his lover's chest. "I don't like the police, so I didn't call them. It would probably do no good anyway," Jay told him while he played with the buttons on Jack's shirt.

Jack just sighed; he knew Jay had been brought up disliking the police so he was not too surprised at the answer. He knew from Jay's answer that Billy was heavily involved in all this. Without letting Jay go he grabbed his cell phone and rang Mason Monroe, Billy's husband. Under Jay's shocked eyes he quickly outlined what had been going on between their brats. He didn't disclose Jay's use of steroids.

"Oh come don't get Bill in trouble, he has nothing to do with this, Christ dude be cool about this," Jay said as he tried to grab the phone from Jack, `If he can't talk he can't tell' he thought quickly covered Jack's mouth with his, taking Jack by surprise.

Jack just looked at Jay. One eyebrow raised.

Not liking the look he was getting Jay quickly dropped his head until his chin touched his chest then leaned forward until the top of his head touched Jack's shoulder, "Sorry," he whispered. Jay closed his eyes and chewed on his bottom lip.

Mason hung up the phone with Jack. He wasn't sure he had the information he needed, but from what he could tell, Billy knew that Jay had been beaten up by a homophobe, and instead of sharing that information with him, Billy had decided to teach Jay how to fight. He would wait until he had confirmation from his partner, before he doled out any punishment, but sadly this was looking like this was a spanking offense. "Sweetheart can you come here please?" Mason called out

Billy walked into the room, and tilted his head to one side in question. "You called," he said, "Who was on the phone?"

"Jack," Mason answered. "Did you know that Jay was in a fight?" Mason wasn't usually one to give his brat rope to hang himself with, and he hadn't really meant to today. But he did feel it was important to find out what Billy knew, and what his intent had been when he was 'exercising' with Jay for the last several weeks.

Billy looked up at Mason, his eyes radiating innocence "Yes, I knew," he admitted, "He came here and I did some first aide on him. He was pretty messed up."

Mason raised his eyebrows at his Brat. "And why didn't you think you need to tell me about that?"

"Since when is ratting on a friend one of our rules?" Billy spat, "You would have told Jack about it. Jay wanted to deal with it himself. I even volunteered to beat up the guy for him." Billy suddenly realized what he'd said and refused to meet Mason's eyes.

Mason shook his head at his Brat. "'Ratting on a friend has only ever been important to me if the friend is in danger. Jay could have had a concussion. Without proper medical help he could have died. Not to mention he didn't need to get into another fight. And you my Brat have been spanked before for fighting. Obviously if you still felt I didn't make a good enough impression."

"Now let's not be hasty," Billy replied , "You always make a good impression when you spank me. Anyway Jay said he wanted to deal with it so I withdrew my offer. And I know enough to check for concussion," he huffed. He was hoping desperately that the training sessions weren't going to be brought into the conversation.

"Congratulations, I didn't know you had picked up a medical degree. Jay needed to be seen by a doctor. Jack needed to know how badly he was injured. I would go mad if you were suffering like that and I didn't know." Mason pulled Billy close into a tight embrace. "Jay's a brat, he needed his tops comfort, care, support and protection. He was too worried about being in trouble to realize he needed that. Instead he's been spinning out of control for weeks. He's been using steroids. Steroids did you know that? If you would have told me, I could have helped him talk to Jack. Jay would have never gotten this out of control. You wouldn't have felt you needed to go help your friend beat someone up. This could have ended badly. You two could have ended up in jail, the hospital, or the morgue!" Mason kissed his Brat with complete desperation. "That is not okay. I need you with me. Jack needs Jay with him." Mason planted kisses all over Billy's face. "Do you get that?"

"I get it," Billy tried to maneuver Mason's kisses to his mouth, He was hoping the ultimate distraction would work.

Mason separated from the kiss and smiled at Billy. "Oh, my love you are so completely irresistible." He kissed Billy a second time. Mason could feel his Brat smiling in triumph during the kiss. They separated from the kiss. "Right now I just can't resist taking you upstairs and paddling your butt."

Paddling," Billy objected, "Come on it wasn't that serious." He felt himself being lifted off the ground in Mason's patented fireman's lift. "Bully," he muttered.

Mason landed a swat on Billy's vulnerable butt. "Ah, but I am your bully," he replied. He marched up this stairs with his husband protesting the whole way. They entered the bedroom, and Mason put Billy on the floor. "Drop 'em, Monkey," he instructed.

Billy sighed, "This isn't fair," he tried a last complaint.

Mason crossed his arms and gave his partner a stern look. "What isn't fair about it--that I'm punishing you for breaking core rules of our relationship--or that you weren't able to charm your way out of a spanking?" He raised his eyebrow at his Brat and waited for answer.

Billy fluttered his eyelashes at his Top, he couldn't help it. Mason was so hot. "Both," he admitted, reluctantly. "I really thought this would never get found out. I forgot about the Top network."

Mason rolled his eyes at the batting eyelashes. He took Billy's hand and led him over to the bed. Mason sat down and began to undo his partner's pants. Upon getting the fly open he realized Billy had spent the day going commando, so he slipped pants down and pulled the younger man down over his lap. He rained down half a dozen swats, one on top of the other before going to the cheek and landing another half dozen swats there. "So, Monkey what are the things that landed you bare assed over my lap?"

Billy was crying but he heard the question and managed to stammer out his answer. "Lying to you about what was happening, endangering a friend and forgetting that fighting isn't an acceptable way to act." Billy was desperately hoping Mason had forgotten about the paddle. He always forgot how much a spanking hurt.

Mason spanked long and hard, well past the point that his hand would be sore the next day. He wanted to make sure that Billy fully got the message that fighting was unacceptable. After paying particular attention to Billy's sit spot, Mason stopped and shook out his hand before he reached into the bedside table for the paddle.

Billy was way beyond noticing that Mason had stopped. It was a long time since he'd been spanked this hard. He only noticed Mason had started again was when the paddle impacted for the first time. "Mason," he wailed, as he attempted to levitate out of his Top's lap, "That hurts. I've learnt my lesson. I'm soooorrrryyy."

"I'm sorry, darling, but you said that the last time I spanked you for fighting. I think I need to make sure the message thoroughly sinks in this time." Mason continued to paddle, ensuring that the tops of Billy's thighs and the under curve of his butt had been paddled to an angry red. When he was finished, he softly placed his hands on his husband's cheeks. "It's all over baby."

Later when Billy was snuggled in Mason's arms, and all was good in his world, he was praying Jay wasn't still intent on facing down the bully. After all he had promised Jay he'd stand by him.


Jack said goodbye to Mason and turned his whole attention to Jay, "Open your eyes sweetheart," he said quietly running his hand through Jay's hair. "I want you to get the steroids you've been using and then we'll talk." Once Jay had got up, Jack picked up the strap and replaced it in the closet. He'd never intended to use it but he had to impress on Jason exactly how serious he was.

Jay quickly headed to his work area in the storage room. Grabbing the bottles he had hide behind some boards he started to go back upstairs but stopped when he heard a roar of a bike going by. Glancing up he looked at the closed door of the loft, then he looked toward the garage where their bikes sat. He closed his eyes and leaned against the door jam, feeling his pockets, 'keys, wallet, helmet on the bike I've rode in shorts and runners before, I'd be half way to Kelowna before he knew I was gone, " he thought as he glanced at the bikes again shaking his head he flipped the light off and pulled the door shut. `not worth it,' Stopping at the door he took a deep breath in and let it out, opening the door he headed toward his lover, not sure if Jack would still love him after this stunt. "Here, there a low dosage, so no harm done," He said trying to read his Tops face, "Billy had nothing to do with those." He added to be on the safe side.


"I know," Jack replied, calmly. He looked closely at Jay, and his expression softened, "Don't look so scared," he suggested, "I don't like the choice you made but I will always love you. There's nothing in the world that can change that." He pulled Jay into a hard hug, and then let him go. "How long have you been using?" he asked, "I think it's pretty safe for you just to stop and to help you with that, you're grounded for a week."

Jay let out a load groan as he thumped his head into Jack's chest a few times; he hated being grounded but it better than writing an essay "About two –three weeks, I'm not sure what will happen if I just stop taking them," he told him, taking a quick glanced at the table he noticed the paddle still there but the belt was gone. Letting out a sigh he looked up into his lovers eyes, "I shouldn't be in trouble over this, I have a good reason for doing all this" He said trying to look brave and not scared out of his wits.

"There is never a good reason for taking drugs not prescribed by a doctor," Jack replied, "And luckily they're not addictive, so you can just stop taking them. And wanting to provoke a fight is never acceptable. Involving Billy in this plan was a wee bit thoughtless. He's in the same sort of relationship we are and I'm guessing Mason takes a dim view of him teaching you to fight. Any questions on why I'm going to paddle you?"

Jay stepped back and looked at his partner, "What the hell. I do not want to fight, the guy is asking for it." Jay told him "There is no fucking way I am going to come running home to "daddy" so he can fight my battles," He almost shouted out. "And for the pills I bought them over the counter at the health store they're legal." Jay told him as he crossed his arms across his chest. "I'll take the blame for Billy but, why should I be in trouble for wanting to protect myself."

"I am not your daddy," Jack said quietly but intensely. "I'm your lover and Top. You did not get those legally as you well know, in Canada; these things can only be obtained if prescribed by a doctor or illegally. If this guy hassles you call the police, Do not start a fight or tell me someone is asking for it. You have alternatives to fighting. And if you keep pushing I'm sure writing an essay outlining what else you could do will be in your immediate future." Jack grinned at the look of outrage on Jay's face.

"I'm not…" Jay started but stops snapping his mouth closed in mid-sentence hard enough to chip a tooth,' He knew from past history if he kept on he'd end up writing out an essay about the use steroids and other non-prescribe drugs. "No, I have no questions for you." Jay told him

"Drop your pants," Jack ordered, placing the paddle in easy reach. Once Jay was over his knee, he asked "Why don't you outline what got you here?"

"We just went over that, but to make you happy," Jay thought but to his surprise it was verbal.

Jack pulled down Jay's underpants to bare his bottom. His hand went up and came down sharply leaving a blazing hand print. He then landed a second one. "Want to try that again?"

"Owww," Jay screamed as his hand came back to rub. Closing his eye to fight back the tears threaten to escape, "Steroids, Planning a fight, Getting Billy involved, attitude, that's all I think" He rattled out not wanting to anger Jack anymore then he already was. Having a pissed off top spank you was one thing but to have an angry pissed off top was another he didn't want to relive. He was going to show his Top that he could take paddling even it did hurt like hell.

Jack felt the change in Jay's body. "Relax honey," he said, softly "I'm not going to lie and say this won't hurt but I promise you I won't give you more than you can handle. Just remember I love you. Now move your hand out of the way."

Jay didn't say anything as the hand that covered his butt moved to grasp Jack's pants leg tightly with his other hand he grabbed his favorite soft squishy pillow, as he bit into it as he buried his face into it he, his body stayed tight.

Jack started to spank slowly, steadily staying alert for a change in Jay's body posture. He had no intention of using the paddle until Jay relaxed.

When the first swat landed Jay tightened the hold on Jack's pants and his body tightened even more. It didn't take long after the spanking started that he started try to get his ass out of the way of the falling hand. The swats hurt, grunts soon escaped followed by a few Owww's that was muffled by the pillow he was biting into to so he would not cry out. He felt like his ass and thighs were on fire and acid was be poured over it, the more he moved the worse they stung. He knew his lover would not beat him into submission but he also knew if he didn't give in the spanking would continue, letting out a hitched breath, he finally gave in and gave up, Letting go of the pillow "Please… m' sorry," he whispers as his body went limp over his lover's lap.

Jack was relieved. He picked up the paddle and landed one stroke across the middle of his Brat's butt, "All over," he said and gently began to stroke his Brat's back.

Jay jerked up when the paddle landed; he waited for the next swat, then Jack's finger gently moved up and down his back he knew it was over. He was glad it was over the spanking hurt like hell, and he was just glad the paddle didn't have a play in it for long, As he laid across the lap of his lover he swallowed hard, fighting back the urge to cry he rubbed his face into his pillow to dry his wet cheeks "May I get up?" he asked his voice came out extremely soft.

"Do I get to hold you?" Jack countered, he was a bit worried about Jay's reaction to the spanking. That's why there had only been one swat with the paddle. "Do you think I was unfair?"

Jays first thought was to tell him `no you can't, go F yourself' but then decided he wanted to be held so he maneuvered himself around so he could snuggled as close as he could get. He had to think on the next question Jack had asked,' yes, you were unfair how can I stand up for myself or what I believe in when I get told to back down or run, when someone make fun of who I am or what I believe in' was the first thought that went to the tip of his tongue `but if you say yes, then a why or talk to me would be asked' was his second thought and he really didn't feel like talking at the moment, so he just shook his head no, hoping that would satisfy him.

Jack just held Jay. He wasn't going to push, it was rare that Jay wanted to talk after a spanking.

Jay was kind of glad Jack didn't push the issue of talking rubbing his eye with the heel of his hand he then relaxed even more into Jack's arms the only sounds he could hear was the beating of Jack's heart his breathing and the damn clock that had a loud tick. Letting out a few small yawns he knew if he didn't get up he'd fall asleep and he really didn't want to do that now. He finally shifted to sit up giving Jack's chin a kiss he stood up. Then headed for the bathroom, turning on the shower he turned to see Jack's hand mirror laying on the counter, he usually didn't inspect himself after he been punished but tonight he felt like he had to picking up the he maneuvered it around to see his blazing red backside, `yeah that's going be sore in the morning' he thought. When he stepped into the shower he didn't see the soap, the next thing that was heard through the loft was a crash and a very loud howl of pain, as Jay landed on his butt.

Jack still couldn't stop laughing the next morning. He'd acted quickly the night before by soothing his Brat's butt with aloe. Then they'd snuggled down and watched a couple of DVDs then Jack had carefully made love to Jay.

As Jack finished cooking the last of the waffles Jay grabbed up his cell phone locating Billy's name his finger flew over the key pad quick checking the text before sending it 'Hope you didn't get in too much trouble.' He hit send and as he looked up at his lover "beside going to work, what can and can't I do this week." He asked stabbed one of the waffles.

Jack looked at his Brat. "Go to work in the morning. Home for lunch. Check with Billy to see if he's got any bikes for you to deal with and if he does you can go over to the garage, Home for dinner by 5.45 at the latest."

Billy heard his cell chime and he grabbed it to check the message. Hr grimaced at the message and typed "Hate the paddle. How about u."

Jay let out a low growl "So going to the skate park out of the question huh, " He asked as he flip open his phone grimacing at the text he "Ground 1wk and paddled. Tops don't understand." after he sent the text he gave Jack a smile.

"I didn't think I needed to add that," Jack replied raising his eyebrow slightly, "I also didn't think I needed to add no texting and no internet. That's a given."

Billy exclaimed aloud and sent another text. "I've got four bikes booked in this week. WTF am I supposed to tell the clients."

Jay felt his phone vibrate slipping the phone under the table he read and then sent. I can work if U need me' Jay flip his phone shut and the slid it into his pocket. "Yeah well that's not fair." He said finishing off his breakfast.

"You should have thought about things before you started using steroids," Jack replied, "And give me the phone now. I can always sit you down with a freshly spanked butt and get you to write an essay on the use and misuse of steroids. Don't tempt me Jason."

Jay narrowed his eyebrows but handed over his phone the promise of another spanking and essay was more then he could take, his butt was still sore from the paddling and the fall. Knowing the rules from the previous groundings, once Jack left to go to the shop, Jay got started on what he usually did when grounded. Once he got the loft clean, he changed into a pair of short tight shorts and a half t-shirt got all his dirty clothes together he headed down to the washroom. Once the washer was started he headed for the shop, he was going to show Jack what a bored brat can do. "Jack, Can I help with anything?" He asked standing by the door was a sweet smile.

Jack whirled around not fooled by his Brat's sweet tone. His eyes glinted and he saw his Brat lose his cocky look. "Sure can," Jack said his voice silky smooth, "A ten page essay on steroids, the use, misuse and chemical formula will suffice. That should stop you from feeling bored."

Jay let out a snort he muttering as he left the shop heading back upstairs he let the door slam shut behind him turning on the stereo 'how stupid can you be dumbass you just had to kept at him until you got the damn essay ' he scolded himself as his body kept in time with the music, Grabbing the stuff up to make B.L.T's and soup for lunch he hope to hell Jack was just joking about the essay.

Jack enjoyed his lunch. He looked at Jay and said "Billy called and said he had some bikes booked in so I said you'd be over this afternoon if you felt up to it." His eyes twinkled slightly at the next comment, "You can start the essay tomorrow."

After letting out a frustrated breath Jay got up and cleared the table. "You're not serious?" He asked. After he washed the dishes he went to change into his garage cloths, He really never like the coveralls but once he removed the sleeves they were not all that bad. "I'll see you tonight, do me a favour and rethink the essay things ok.. please... with strawberry lube on top" he told him giving Jack a kiss.

Jack just laughed. "You pushed," he reminded Jay, "And if you don't like the way I pushed back that's your problem."

Jay just huffed and went to work. "Ok where's the bike?" Jay asked as he came into the garage. He knew once he got into it he mind would relax enough to deal with the writing assignment.

Billy was not amused, he still hurt like hell and was in a prickly mood. He knew that Jay had asked a reasonable question he just wanted to lash out at a relatively safe target. "You and your big mouth landed me in enough shit last night," he hissed at Jay, "Why the hell did you blab everything to Jack. Or at least stop him from ringing Mason?"

"Wow dude," Jay said putting his hands up and taking a step back.. "It was either talk or get my ass whipped, and I did try to stop him, damn dude I even kissed him in mid-sentence to shut him up, but Hell you know how tops work once their top sense turns on there no stopping them. I'm sorry I got you in trouble, that was the last thing on my mind." he gave Billy the smile.. "bad thing is I really want to kick the guys ass even more now."

Billy visibly shook himself and then winced slightly. "Sorry," he mumbled and cocked his head slightly to one side. "I can't believe I'm saying this," he muttered, "But do you still need back up? I used to live in Kelowna and I think I know the guy, or at least his brother. I reckon I can keep his friend's off your back."

"Yeah that would be great, cause man my guys can't fight worth shit." Jay said grabbing the work order and glanced at it. It was an easy job probably take a few hours.. "Hey do you know anything about steroids?" He asked over his shoulder as he pushed the rolling tool box toward the bike.

"If it's who I think it is I probably won't have to fight," Billy grinned tightly, "I think I still have a good enough reputation to stop them from taking me on. Then it's just up to you and him. As for steroids why take that shit? You have speed and stamina on him and enough power. Don't rely on something that can harm you. Besides with Jack will make sure you never see natural light again."

"yeah you're telling me," Jay told him with a laugh.. "Well all I know is he goes by Wheels and he thinks his shit don't stink, I've asked around and according to what I hear this guy is a piece of work. " He told him what he knew of the guy and it was not good. By the end of the day Jay was more than ready to call it a day. "So do I tell Jack you have more bikes so I can get out of my grounding another day? Jay asked as the closed up the shop.

Billy just laughed, "I don't have to lie," he said, "I've got bikes booked in every day.

Jack sighed it had been a long week but it was finally over. He saw Jay walk out of the shop, skateboard in hand and prayed that nothing untoward happened.

Billy was waiting for Jay and once he arrived pulled on Jay's spare helmet and the two men roared off to Kelowna.

The guys only made one quick stop so Jay could show Billy how to lean with him not against him. "You have to learn with me so we don't flip the bike,".. He saw Billy blush "That's ok. it took Jack six trips to get the hang of it and one spill." He told him once they were off again

When they got there Jay scanned the park seeing his buddies they walked over toward them, with a quick introduction the four of them where off toward one of the hardest ramps. Jay pointed toward the watcher bench behind the mash screen . "That just in case a board or skater loses control they don't smash into you" He told him. Jay strapped his helmet on and went to the top of the ramp, He could handled it well doing flips and stunts in mid-air after the second round with helmet in hand he came to a skidding stop just inches from Billy. Taking the water Billy handed him he down the bottle in no time, the next thing the boys knew was Billy getting spread with water and Jay getting a hard head slap.

"Look boys, Peter pan and the lost boys found Tinker Bell," The one called Wheels said with a laugh giving Jay a shove backwards.

Billy just looked at the one called Wheels. "Why Julian if I'd known it was you I'd have turned up earlier. How's Marion, your older brother? Did he ever walk straight again?" Billy's smile was pure evil and Wheel's friends stirred uneasily. Billy had only left Kelowna a couple of years ago and before that he'd got into a lot of fights.

Billy just looked at the one called Wheels. "Why Julian if I'd known it was you I'd have turned up earlier. How's Marion, your older brother? Did he ever walk straight again?" Billy's smile was pure evil and Wheel's friends stirred uneasily. Billy had only left Kelowna a couple of years ago and before that he'd got into a lot of fights.

Jay could not help himself he busted up laughing "Julian?" He said giving Wheels a smile.

At first Julian was not sure who the smaller man was, all he knew was he seen him before, when he mentioned his brother Marion, his memory came back. In a rush he stepped forward shoving Jay out of the way in the process "This is between me and The Bird here you just go back to Never Never Land ," Wheels told Billy, standing his full height.

Jay was able to maintain his balance and step in beside his friends, he knew not to step in front of Billy, 'cause he probably would just get pushed out of the way again. Jay crossed his arms and stood his ground, even thought his buddies could not fight as well as their friend, they also stood behind the he and Billy to show they had no fear of the bully.

Billy lazily smiled, "Hey," he said, "I'm just here to make sure everything stays fair. Your buddies here stay out of it and so will I and the rest of the skaters. Then if you still think you can take Jay, he's ready for you. If you beat Jay fair and square we'll leave in peace, if Jay beats you, you stay the fuck out of his way from now on."

"My dad taught me not to hit a girl" Wheels said over his shoulder and left the four alone.

"Something is wrong that's so not like him," he told everyone. "Come on let's get a few more rides in before we have to go." Jay said, grabbing his board and headed back over to the ramp. A while later Jay came running by saying something grabbed his stuff and ran out of the park. When the guys finally caught up with him, a fight was already in progress.

"Oh for fuck sake," Billy muttered, "I hope there are no cops around and all juvie records are sealed," He waded into the fight and despite the weight of numbers, the training Billy and Jay had done showed out and Wheels and his friends ran. Billy looked at Jay and smiled wryly. "What's the story we spin to Mason and Jack? Or do we just 'fess up?" He wasn't going to get more explicit with Jay's friends around.

Jay spat out a mouth full of blood then ran his tongue around his mouth to make sure all his teeth were intact. After he assuring his friends he was fine and they needed to get before any cop showed up, if anything came up Billy would handle it. "I don't know yet but before we go home we need to clean up." He said as he fastened his skate bag to the bike. "Saddle up let's roll." He said straddling the bike. Once they got back into town Jay pulled his bike in behind Billy's garage. "Man my head feels like I got smacked with a bat. Thanks for having my back dude, I thought I was goner" He told his friend.

"You should see a doctor if your head is that bad," Billy replied concerned for his friend and remembering Mason's comment from a week before "And don't say no to me," he said as Jay opened his mouth. "I'm calling Mason, he's a paramedic."

At first Jay was just going to walk out, but figured he rather have Mason look at him instead of the ER doctor, they poked around too much and he really hated hospitals, "Fine but we tell them that I got jumped in the parking lot,, and you got the other guy off me, so it is not a total lie." Jay told him. "God I just glad I had on my head gear," He said closing his eyes, "In all the fights I've been in I've never been in a racial one." Jay said as he looked up at Billy.

Billy sighed. "I'm in enough hot water," he said, "If Mason asks I'm telling the truth. And it wasn't racial," Billy added, "It was a bigoted, homophobic bastard who liked to bully people. I guess he ain't going to advertise he got beaten up by a couple of fairies." Billy's smile was twisted.

Jay laugh then grab his head. "Dude don't make me laugh." He said pulling his cell phone out of his pocket, "You call Mason and I'll call Jack, neither one is going to be tickled about this. "

Jay pushed the speed dial number for Jack's phone, he was not sure if he still at the store or home but he knew he answer the cell no matter where he is at.. Jay smiled and his eyes light up when he heard Jack's voice,, "Hey sweets, can you come to Billy's garage, I need you." He asked trying to keep his voice calm. At this point right now all he wanted was Jack to hold him and tell him was alright. After he hung up the phone he laughed out "How original was that remark, Peter Pan and Tinker bell. Well, you are blond, small framed your hair does do that flip thing and you do have green on,." He told Billy with a smile. "sorry M'bad." he mumbled and listened to Billy's side of the conversation.

"Hi Mason," Billy said into the phone, his stomach twisting slightly, "Can you come over to the garage? Jay got jumped in the parking lot and I don't think he's badly hurt but I need your paramedic skills to check him out."

"Does he need an ambulance? What about you? Where were you? Are you hurt? Have you called the police? Have you called Jack?" Mason was overwhelmed with fear as to what was going on at the garage. He took a deep breath to calm himself while he waited for Billy's answer.

"No I don't think he needs an ambulance that's why I'm calling you," Billy answered, "I'm fine," Billy didn't think at this stage Mason needed to know he had a few bruises around his rib area (one of the friends had known some minimal self defense). "No we haven't called the police, we dealt with the problem ourselves. Jay called Jack a minute ago. Can you get over here please," Billy's voice broke suddenly. He thought he'd left this life behind him a few years ago.

"All right love, I'm on my way. When you hang up with me I want you to call the police, and then If you haven't already lock all the doors of the garage. Only open then for Jack, me, or the police." Mason took another deep breath to focus on the calm he was going to need. He locked the house and drove over to Billy's garage. When he arrived he knocked loudly on the front door and announced his arrival.

Billy opened the door and Mason pulled him into a hug, and Billy groaned at the pressure. Mason stepped back and lifted Billy's shirt. He frowned when he saw the bruising around Billy's ribs. "I'll be checking you put as soon as I finish with Jay, and then you and I will most likely be taking a trip to the ED for x-rays."

Mason picked up his first aid box. "Where's Jay?"

Billy stepped aside and let Mason see Jay sitting in Jack's lap in the office. Jack was talking urgently in Jay's ear making sure he stayed awake. Jack lifted his eyes to Mason. "I'm not sure if he's concussed, something more serious or just dazed," he said his voice shaking slightly, "He's just complaining his head hurts. Billy tells me someone hit him from behind."

"He seemed okay after," Billy said, "We were in Kelowna and he was ok driving us back and was joking around. Then he complained his head was sore and wanted to go to sleep. That's when Jack arrived. Billy turned his worried blue eyes to Mason, "Is he OK?"

"I'm fine I had my head gear on, he's just a worry wart, I had to drive home you can't drive a bike, Everything went fine until they fucked with my bike no one touches my bike and lives, well except for Jack " Jay rattled on as he tried to bat Mason hands away. "I'm sorry I really am," He mumbled into Jack chest trying to hide the tears.

"Kelowana?!" Mason growled. He glared at Billy. "You told me this happened here. We will be having a long conversation about this later."

Mason turned to Jay, much calmer and much sweeter. He had his pen light in his hands. "Jay can you turn around and face me so I can check you out. Can you tell me today's date? I'm worried about you wanting to sleep. Jack I'm thinking it would be safest if he was checked put by a doctor."

"I agree," Jack replied filing away Jay's comment for later consideration. "Do you and Billy want to come with us?"

Billy looked at Mason his blue eyes pleading.

"Yes, I want Billy to get checked out as well. And the Police will need a record of their injuries."

Billy rolled his eyes, "I'm just bruised," he complained, "And I don't get why we get the police involved. They all hurt worse than we do." He quailed slightly under Mason's gaze and trailed off, "Well they do." Whilst this discussion was going on Jack had carried Jay to his truck.

"You're going to the hospital," Mason replied, making sure that his partner understood that clearly. "And what if ALL these other people that hurt worse than you two have called the police? What if the police are out looking for you? What then?"

"They got the shit kick out of them by a couple of fairies, they won't be calling cops" Jay muttered into Jacks chest

"We're ready to go," the jeweller interjected quietly. "I'd really appreciate someone sitting with Jay to keep him awake during the trip." Billy moved with alacrity and slide into the truck next to his friend.

Before he knew it Jay felt Jack help him into the back seat of the truck, looking over at his friend beside him "I'm sorry Billy really I am. Hey Mason, Billy said I got jumped in a parking lot he didn't say where you just assumed it was here." He said laying his head back, he closed his eyes and thought about what had happen that day, "POLICE" He yelled grabbing onto Jack's arm and pulling "Jack no please not them, don't call them, please don't call them," he pleaded.

Billy pulled Jay back. "Steady down mate," he said, in his friend's ear. "We could talk ourselves until we're blue in the face but they're Tops in protective mode. Don't mess with them. We just tell the cops the truth and we're in the clear. You got jumped and I helped you out, simple. I have a horrible sinking feeling Mason ain't going to accept that as a valid argument." Billy shifted uneasily, "I'm going to forget what it's like to sit comfortably."

Letting go of Jack arm he settled back against the seat turning his head slowly but so he could see his friends, "Yea telling me, thank god I stand most the day." He whispered.

They were in the hospital for four hours while both Jay and Billy were checked out. It transpired Jay had a bad bruise but no concussion. He was issued pain meds and Jack was briefed on what to watch for. Billy stuck his tongue out at Mason when his x-rays came back clean. "Told you only bruised." He was more subdued later, with the imprint of Mason's hand still stinging, whilst he talked to the local police. They assured the four men there'd be no further action taken about the fight. The ride home was silent.

"Can we go get my Bike," Jay asked

"It'll be safe at the garage," Jack replied, he dropped Mason and Billy at their house. He pulled up at the loft and once they were inside pointed at a corner, "Go stand there while I calm down," he ordered.

"I'd rather stand in the corner of the shower" Jay said as he made his way toward his corner. He hated standing in it, but common sense told him just do as your told and shut up. Once there he was not sure how to stand, if he crossed his arms Jack would think he was mad or being difficult, if he let them hang by his side they hurt, and he didn't want to stand with them behind him, or on top of his head unless told to, Closing his eyes he hooked his thumbs into the loops of his shorts and relaxed he knew he was suppose to think on what put him there, but right now he couldn't think his stomach gave a little flip with a little twist, then it rumbled softly.

Jay felt his body tremble, his mind went over the things that had happened that day, their men were right things could of been worse he and Billy could of been killed, he could never have lived with himself, he could never face Mason again or even face his own lover if anything like that had happened to Billy. He wrapped his arms around himself in a self hug he closed his eyes even tighter, he thunked his head on the wall before him 'no your bike is not worth this neither is skating' Jay thought, as he thunk his head once again into the corner. As his stomach did a flip and a roll he could taste something nasty in his mouth, he dashed to the bathroom.

Jack just watched Jay dash and poured a glass of water. He'd half expected this, a delayed reaction to everything that had happened. "Sip this slowly, sweetheart," he said holding the glass out to his shaky brat. He watched as Jay slowly calmed down and sipped the water. "Do you want to get the paddling over and done with now or wait until tomorrow?" he asked calmly. He saw Jay's mouth open and cut in before his Brat could say anything, "Oh yes, going out looking for a fight. means a paddling," he said firmly.

Shaking his head slightly, "Now," He said quietly he could not understand why Jack was being so unfair about the whole thing.

A couple of minutes later Jay was over Jack's knees, his pants around his ankles. "Tell me what got you here?" Jack asked wanting to make sure Jay knew what he was being punished for.

"Cause I got into a fight with Wheels over my being gay and he was fucking with my bike," Jay told him "Which you'll probably never understand." He said grabbing his pillow to bury his face in.

"No," Jack replied, ignoring the last bit, "Going looking for a fight, and finding one. It could have gone horribly wrong, you could have died from that blow to the head or I could be bailing you out of prison again. You need to think before you plunge into things and if I have to spank you until we're both old and grey I will." with this Jack started to spank Jay.

Even though he knew it was coming Jay jump when the first swat landed.. He did his best to stay quite. At first he tried to wiggle out of the way of the falling hand but he only felt the arm around him tighten, as the small grunts and hisses escaped he twisted. After the second circuit he finally gave up and let it out. "Oww, I.. sorry..." Jay cried out "No.. more.. please..." he begged in between the swats.

Once Jay's butt was red, Jack stopped, but only long enough to pick up the paddle. This time he did not stop at one. He laid twelve hard paddle swats on his Brat's bottom. He was determined this time the lesson was going to last.

Letting out a ragged breath, Jay felt the arm that held him slacken off a little, knowing it was not over yet, he braced himself for what was to come next. He knew his top was going to make this lesson stick with him for the rest of their lives together. When the first swat of the paddle landed Jay let out a howl, and then after until the last one landed, he promised he never would fight again, he wouldn't even watch ally cats fight.

"All over love," Jack said, "And for once that's it. No grounding this time. I just hope you've learned your lesson."

Sitting up Jay tucked himself into Jack he nodded his head in agreement. yes he learned his lesson but he still thought Jack was not listening to him. It took him longer to calm down this time, but it was a harder punishment then the last one. Between being beat on, the pain meds, the punishment he just received, he was just plain wore out, letting out a yawn he pulled himself up against his lover and closed his eyes. He knew he should least make an effort to get up and go lay down, 'oh hell with it let him carry me' Jay thought as he drifted off.

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