You're Not Listening

Hearing a slight click, click, click coming from the open
door of the washroom, Kay looked over at Jack, as she got
ready to leave for the day. "Jay's not doing a K-town for 
a session with his bro's today?" she asked, using the lingo 
she'd picked up from Jay. 

Jack smiled, as he heard the lingo, while his mind worked 
furiously to translate. "No, it's a bit strange; he's not 
going to Kelowna to skateboard with his friends," he 
replied. Jay had recently been giving Jack the cold 
shoulder, and, for the life of him, Jack could not figure 
out why. He had decided Jay would tell him sooner or later, 
so he had decided not to push.

Hearing Kay leave for the day, Jay slid his board under his 
workbench, letting out a snort, as he gently rubbed his ass 
cheeks in remembrance of the day Jack stepped on one of the 
boards and went for a ride across the room. Even though Jay 
did manage to catch his lover before he landed on his ass, 
the swat he got to remind him to always put his toys away 
hurt like a bitch, and stung for a while. Going across the 
hall to the shop, he leaned against the door and watched his 
lover put the trays of rings away in the safe. Jay noticed 
the worn out look on his lover's handsome face. "Need help?" 
he asked, finally feeling like he could actually talk to his 
lover instead of hiding from him. 

"Sure," Jack replied easily. "Could you sweep the floor for 
me?" He was glad Jay was finally talking to him.

Pushing off the door frame, Jay headed into the office to 
retrieve the needed items. Once the floor was swept and the 
shop was "Jack" clean, which, to Jay, took forever, and 
letting out a sigh, he knew it was now or never. "How come 
you didn't listen to me the other day?" he asked, just as 
Jack locked up the safe.

Jack looked up, confused. "You think I didn't listen to you?" 
he asked. "Let's go upstairs, and then I promise to listen to 
everything you say."

As he stepped into the loft, Jay kicked off his deck shoes 
and flipped on the light. Going over to the the sofa, he sat 
down, then pulled his legs up to wrap his arms around them 
in a self hug, resting his chin on his knees, thinking on how 
and what he was going to say. "How come you didn't listen to 
me when I said the fight was waiting for me?" he asked, as 
Jack sat down.

Jack slightly raised an eyebrow at that. "I thought I had 
listened to that," he replied, "But I believe there were 
other things you could have done before walking into a fight; 
maybe called the police and reported this "Wheels" guy after 
he attacked you the first time. According to the policeman I 
talked to, while you were being checked out, they've been 
itching to arrest this guy for ages. But I am listening if 
you want to explain why you think the fight was waiting for 
you." Jack resisted the urge to pull Jay into a hug at the 

Jay let out a sigh "Skaters don't call cops, especially a gay 
skater. Besides, they would of wanted to know his name, and I 
didn't know that until Bill said it," Jay told him. "As for 
it waiting for me, what would you call it when every time you 
went to your hangout, that same dude was there waiting to 
knock your head off because you're different." Letting out a 
breath, he said, "The only way that fight would not have 
happened is for me to stop skating at that park. I've been 
trying to avoid him for three months. If he's there the next 
time I go, I'll rip up my park pass." Looking up at Jack, he 
asked, "I'm not making sense, am I?"

"Yes, you're making sense," Jack replied. "He won't be there 
the next time you go to the park. The police have picked him 
up for assault, and he's been denied bail. This is not his 
first offense. What worried me, for a while, was that Billy 
would be in trouble as well. I suppose it's lucky for him 
that juvenile records are sealed, and the two policemen 
didn't know him. I think it might be an idea to cure you of 
this fear of cops you have," Jack mused, pulling Jay into a 
hug, as he saw his Brat's eyes widen. 

"Here in Jade Heights and Kelowna, you are Jason Copeland, 
partner of the jeweler, Jack McCallum, not Jason Copeland, 
son of..., or brother of.... Being gay is of no interest, 
especially when you know our police chief openly lives in 
town with his boyfriend. I understand that you feel I didn't 
listen to you, but in this particular case, you went looking 
for him. Now if my impression is wrong, tell me. I don't see 
Billy going with you because he wants to learn how to skate." 
Jack's voice was even, but firm.

Pulling back just a bit, Jay looked into his lover's eyes, 
opening his mouth to protest about it. "Yeah, you got me 
there," he replied. Relaxing back into his man's arms, he 
felt comfortable there, as well as safe. "Sorry about the 
cold shoulder," he said, giving Jack's chin a nip. "So do 
you want to go watch the skate-offs that I'm in next weekend?" 
he asked. This would be the first time he invited Jack into 
this part of his group.

"Hell, yes," Jack replied, with an easy grin. "Baby, next 
time, don't give me the cold shoulder; talk to me. This is 
a two-way street; I'm your partner. I need to know if things 
are wrong." He stood up, carrying Jay over to the bed, and 
started to kiss him all over, slowly removing bits of 
clothing as he did so.

Fumbling with the button on Jack's shirt, Jay finally got 
frustrated and pulled the shirt open, sending buttons flying.
Taking his lover's mouth with his, he kissed him deep, while 
working the belt loose of his partner's pants with one hand, 
while the other one was busy playing with the hard nipple 
under his finger tips. At first, he would gently rub the 
nipple. Then, when he heard the soft moan come from his lover, 
he let his thumb rub across the hardened tip, as he heard the 
growl come from the man he loved. He would then drag his nail 
across it, sending light shivers through the body above him. 
"Fuck me, my sweets," he whispered, when he broke the kiss. 
Jack didn't answer, but held his lover's hands still, as he 
leaned over and began to lick Jay's nipples. Then he slowly 
went down to Jay's belly button, and letting go of Jay's hand, 
he took his lover's cock into his mouth.

Grabbing bedding with both hands, Jay's eyes closed tight, and 
he arched his back. "Ohmmm," was all he said, as he came. He 
knew Jack loved it best when they both came together; actually, 
they both loved it when that happened, but sometimes it just 
happened. "Sorry," he mumbled, when he got his breathing under 

Jack just laughed. "If I didn't want you to cum, I wouldn't 
have sucked your cock." He reached over and grabbed the lube 
from the side table. Then he flipped Jay over, and began to 
run kisses down his back. He waited until Jay was humming 
again, and gently inserted a well-lubed finger in to Jay's 
opening. Slowly, he added a second. When he heard Jay keening 
in need, he withdrew his fingers, lubed his cock, and plunged 
in, driving deep with the first thrust.

Jay loved the way his lover made his body feel; at the moment, 
his mind was mush; he was unable to think or respond to what 
his man was doing to him. He purred as Jack finger-fucked him, 
but pushed back when his lover plunged deep into the waiting 
cavity. Placing his arms under him, Jay lightly stroked 
himself with one hand, while the other hand gently slid under 
Jack's hard cock, as he was fucked. 

Jack managed to hold on until Jay came, and followed close 
after. He curled around his lover, as they both came down. 
"Jay, I want to make sure we've sorted everything out," Jack 
said, a little bit later. "Do you feel I've listened to you, 
and do you understand why you got paddled for fighting?"

Rolling over onto his back, he looked up at Jack. "Yeah, in 
your own way you did listen to me, and, yeah, I know why I 
got paddled," Jay told him. "I'm sorry I got Bill involved, 
and he got into trouble because of me," he said, looking 
totally ashamed of himself. "Yeah, I know, I think, it was 
me who was not listening to what was going on around me." 

"Okay," Jack replied. "From now on we make sure we listen to 
each other more. What better way to seal the deal than with 
more sex," he smiled wickedly at Jay, and then pounced.

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