Don't Think So

Team Room September Challenge, Leather.
By Jo and Carol

This little story takes place right after Jack allowed Jay to have his

Jay wore a pair of leather chaps, and a silver snake skin pouch over his
genitals; the only thing that covered his ass was a fishnet type garment; his
leather vest hung open. "I don't know what the bitching is about; you're the one
who said I had to wear my leathers when I ride; you never said I had to wear
jeans under them," Jay said, as he slid past his irate lover, keeping his barely
covered ass away from him.

"I didn't think I needed to state the obvious," Jack replied evenly. His eyes
glinted with laughter, as he said, "Do I need to point out that being dressed
like that is going to chafe things you don't want chafed?"

Jay gave his lover a confused look, then made the `o' shape with his mouth, as
if he finally got what Jack meant. "That's ok, my sweets; if I chafe, you can
rub the cream on those areas," he told him, as he caressed his pouch-covered

"Check under the bed, sweetheart," Jack replied. He smiled when he heard Jay's
yelp of surprise. The leather pants he'd bought his lover had been expensive,
but when he laid eyes on him on them, Jay's planned ride was abruptly cancelled.

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