To Save His Top

By Carol and Jo.
Warning Hand.

On the walk home, Jay glanced at the mail he held in his
hand, shaking his head. The special work orders for Jack 
had to stop - all these holidays were getting on his nerves.
Why Jack's designs became so damn popular all of a sudden, 
he'll never know. He was tired of Jack ignoring him; he knew
it was Jack's job; but, hell, he had to stop working at 
five, so why couldn't Jack? He no sooner gets a bunch of 
orders done, and then five more are in demand.

He wanted to rip them to shreds, and then toss them into the
storm drain. However, he knew he couldn't, for the simple 
reason it was against the law, even if he was just a mail 
sorter now. Jack would probably beat his ass black and blue 
when he found out, and he would find out, `cause Jack always 
found out when he did something he's not supposed to, or 
about to, and this time it was littering. 

Seeing Jack talking to a customer, he noticed how tired Jack
looked. `Yeah, these special orders have to stop, but how,'
he thought to himself, as he headed upstairs. He was about 
ready to drop the orders on Jack's workstation in the corner
of the loft, when he noticed something. A sly smile came to
him as he picked up a mag that Jack hadn't looked at in 
weeks, and he placed the orders under it. He then placed the
rest of Jack's mail on the counter. He felt satisfied with
himself, as he headed for the shower. 

As his latest customer left, Jack closed the shop. He sighed;
he had to make time for a quick dinner with his Brat, after
just snatching a sandwich for lunch, and then he had at 
least another four hours of work to do. Maybe that article 
in a prestigious jewelry magazine had not been too smart; 
he'd been inundated by orders. He had rejected almost two 
thirds of them, but the rest had fired his creative urge. He
knew his Brat was feeling frustrated and there'd been some 
brat behavior, which Jack had dealt with firmly and swiftly.
The paddling Jay had received about a week previously had 
settled him right down.

Jack opened the fridge and his eye settled on the chicken 
salad he'd made the previous day. As Jay came out of the 
shower, Jack called out, "Dinner's ready."

Coming out of the bathroom, Jay wore a new tan T-shirt with
white lettering that said, `I have a bad - mouth want to 
see what I can do with it?' Going over to the fridge, he 
turned so Jack could see `open for businesses on the seat
of his boxers. Grabbing the chocolate milk, he closed the
door and turned to see a raised eyebrow from his lover. 
He gave his lover a kiss, before sitting at the table. 
Glancing down to see left-overs again, he served his plate,
passing up the green beans. "So how was your day?" he asked,
taking a bite of chicken.

"Busy," Jack replied. "New t-shirt and boxers?" he asked 
casually. "I hope that t-shirt isn't going to be worn in 
public. I'm the only one who gets to find out what your 
mouth can do."

Jay just shrugged his shoulders. "Don't know; thought about
going to the pool hall after dinner. Cam would get a kick 
out of it." 

Jack just raised an eyebrow. "Did I not make myself clear?"
he asked. "I don't normally object to what you wear, but 
that t-shirt veers over the good taste line. I don't object
to it in private; it makes me smile, but, as my partner, 
wearing it in public is not acceptable. The boxers are fine,
because I assume you'll be wearing pants over them."

"So come with me, so you can protect me," Jay told his Top.
"Actually, no; they're boxer shorts. See? "Jay said, as he
stood up. "No fly, so no pants required," as he lifted his
shirt just enough so his treasure trail would show, 
knowing what it did to the older man. He picked up his 
plate, and carried it over to the sink.

"Can't come with you," Jack replied, telling his libido to
behave. "I've got too much work on. And if you go out, you
will put jeans or pants on. You can wear the t-shirt, if
you put a shirt or top over it."

Realizing he used the wrong method to get what he wanted,
 he had to re-think his plan. `Fine; I pull a Jack.' Jay 
turned around and placed his hands on his hips, and tried
to give his lover a stern look, as he looked down at his
partner's tired, but handsome face. "Oh, no you don't 
buddy boy. It's after five; it's time to put all work 
things away, and enjoy our time together." He wagged his 
finger between the two of them. "We can watch a movie here;
I have a few new ones, or we can go to the pool hall." He
turned, and headed toward the bedroom. "You pick; I'll go
put pants on," he said. 

Jack just looked at Jay. "Don't try and Top me, Jay; it 
doesn't suit you. You knew when we got together that my 
work was a priority. This is not a 9-5 job. If it makes 
you happier, I'll bring some work up here, and we'll at 
least be together."

It was not what he had planned, but at least they would be
in the same room for a change. "Whatever," Jay said, 
rolling his jeans into a ball, then tossing them across the
room; he was not a happy brat at the moment.

Jack felt a headache coming on. The last thing he needed 
was a brat acting up at the moment. "Pick those up," he 
ordered. "And find a corner and plant yourself in it. And 
you can think about your attitude." 

Jay's mouth dropped open with that command. Without saying 
a word, he snatched the jeans off the floor, folded them, 
and dropped them onto the bed. He intended to head for his
corner in the loft, but headed for the corner right behind
Jack's work chair instead. `Let's see if he can work now,'
Jay smugly thought, as he stood tall, with his hands 
behind him.

Jack just sighed, and went to get his designs from 
downstairs. He sat down in his chair, and moved the 
magazine from the side of his workstation. His eyebrows 
rose, when he saw the letters Jay had left there. He 
turned around, and glared at his young Brat's stiff back.
"Jason," he growled, "Want to explain these?"

When he heard the door shut, Jay closed his eyes tightly,
taking in deep breaths, and letting them out slowly, to 
calm his nerves. He knew in the bottom of his heart, Jack
would not leave him standing there for hours on end, but
he still had to keep reminding himself that his lover
would be back in a few minutes. When he heard the door 
open and shut, he let out a sigh of relief.

"Explain what?" Jay asked, looking around to see what 
Jack was talking about. `Oh, hell,' he thought, when he 
saw the very envelopes that started this whole mess. "It's
your mail; I put your special orders on your station so 
they would not get lost," he told him, and then turned 
back toward the corner with a sly smile. 

Jack gave into impulse, and swatted Jay once, hard. "Try
again," he growled. "Why where they under the magazine?"
He flipped through the letters. "Are you aware that 
three of these are final payments?" he asked.

Jay jumped at the swat, but he was determined not to let
Jack know it stung. "Final payment?" Jay turned around,
and snatched them out of Jack's hands. "I thought they 
were more of those special orders you've been getting," 
Jay told him, as he looked at them again, not seeing the
difference. `Dude, you screwed up big time this time,' 
he told himself, as he handed them back, not liking the 
look he was getting. He faced the corner again, but 
realizing his butt was in the line of fire, he spun back 
around again to face his upset lover, and lowered his 
head in submission. "I'm sorry," he whispered, wishing 
now he was standing in his corner across the room. 

"Baby," Jack replied softly, "I know it's been crazy 
recently, but it's nearly at an end. I haven't taken any
new projects, and have cleared my calendar for the next
month. I thought we should take off each weekend and do
some exploring. I know you can't take time off work, so
that's why the weekends." He sighed heavily. "We do 
need to take care of the hiding of the letters, don't 

Next month was too far away, as far Jay was concerned. 
He wanted to get Jack away from all these, before his 
man stressed out completely, and he himself went postal.
"The postal oath says I must deliver the mail, not 
make sure you see it," he said, as he leaned against 
the wall beside him. 

Jack was fast losing his patience. "Jason," he growled, 
"The longer you talk back or stall, the worse the 
spanking gets. Any more back chat, and I'll get the 
paddle out. Your choice."

Jay's whole body shuddered when the P word was mentioned.
"How was I supposed to know those were payment and not
orders?" he said, coming to a stop by Jack's legs. `If
he didn't like what I have on now, he's definitely not 
going to like what I have under them,' he thought, when
he remembered his underpants. They had `lickable' on 
the front of them, and `spankable' on the back of them. 

Jack choked, when he saw the underpants. Not from anger,
but amusement. He liked Jay's sense of humor; it's just
that he didn't want to offend the staid people in the 
town. He peeled them down and asked, "Do you know why 
you're here?" Jack rubbed his hand gently over the white 

Jay could not help himself; his whole body shivered with 
delight, when Jack's soft hands gently rubbed over his 
butt. He wanted to say `because you're over-worked and 
stressed out,' but thought better of it. "Hiding your 
mail, back chat, attitude, for caring about you, and 
being me." Jay checked off each one with a finger. "Have 
I forgotten anything?" he asked, looking back over his 

Jack swatted him once. "You know better than that," he
said. "There is no way in the world I would ever spank
you for the last two things. However, with the first 
three things, you hit the nail on the head. We talked 
about the back chat and attitude a couple of weeks ago.
I will not accept you acting like a brat, and you know
it. That will find you over my knee every time. And 
you must have known that hiding my mail was a very bad 
idea. It's almost as though you planned this spanking."

With this last comment, Jack began to spank Jay. Three 
swats on the same spot, then moving down to the next 
spot, and so on, until Jay's butt turned from white, to 
pink, to a glowing red. 

When Jay saw Jack's hand go up, he turned his head, 
closed his eyes, even tightly clamped his mouth shut. 
One hand grabbed the chair runner; the other grabbed 
Jack's ankle. With each swat, Jay tightened his hold on
Jack's leg, until fingernails dug in. He was determined
not to make a sound, but after the second round, where 
the same spot got smacked, he started to squirm and 
wiggle. "Owww… I … did... not... plan... this...," he 
yelped between swats. He could feel his ass and thighs 
burn, he knew, after a few more smacks. His body just 
went limp; he finally stopped fighting the stress and 
frustration, and gave in and cried.

Jack stopped spanking, and slowly rubbed Jay's back. "I
know you're trying to look after me," he said, once 
Jay's tears slowed. "But there are better ways. I guess
tonight, at least, you've got your wish. We'll hang out
and watch a DVD together." There was no way Jack would 
abandon his Brat after a spanking.

Once Jay found a comfortable position to sit, he curled
himself up close to Jack's side to watch the new Avatar
movie. Every now and then, a hiccup would escape, or 
his body would quiver. While the movie played, Jay thought
of a way to get Jack away from all these orders, for a 
least a few days.

Jay stood on the front porch of a lakeside cabin, watching
the fish jump up out of the water. He was just glad that
Kermit's parents let him use it for the weekend. It was 
perfect timing, and he enlisted Kay's help to get Jack's 
fishing equipment out of the storage room, and packed in 
the car to be hauled to the cabin, without his hawk-eyed 
partner finding out. 

As he waited for Jack to pick up the phone, he took in a 
deep breath of nice clean fresh air. Even though he was 
not the outdoor type he knew that just being here would 
relax his lover. When he heard his lover's voice, he 
quickly went into the line he had practiced for the last 
hour. "Hey, love, can you come get me?" He did his best 
to slur his speech just a little. "Too many for bike; guys
left me," Jay told him. The low growl that Jack let out 
told him that his man was not happy.

Jack had just finished his last commissioned piece when he
picked up the phone. To hear his Brat had gotten too 
drunk to trust himself on his bike, was not something he 
needed to hear. "Stay where you are," he ordered. "But be
aware that when I get up there, you're in trouble. We've
talked about your drinking before. I thought you'd learnt
the lesson." He jumped into his truck, and headed toward 
the lake. When he arrived, he was surprised that Kay's 
sedan was sitting outside the cabin, with no sign of Jay's

`Yeah, and we've talked about my lying, also' Jay thought,
when he hung up the phone. Knowing it would take Jack just
over an hour to get there, he let out a sigh. He went into
his plan; if he was going to die, it was going to be with
a full belly. He had just finished rewrapping the corn on
the cob, when he heard Jack's truck pull in. Taking one 
last look at the table - BBQ steak, twice baked potatoes, 
homemade macaroni salad, a strawberry cheese pie for 
dessert, and a nice red bottle of wine.

Taking a deep breath, he stepped out onto the porch with 
a bounce in his step. He made his way down toward his 
lover; giving the man he loved a deep and powerful kiss.
The only thing Jack could taste on Jay's lips was 
strawberry and MD. Pulling off the kiss, he said, "Missed
you," as he wiped his thumbs over Jack's lips. With a 
jerk of his head, "Come on; dinner is going to get cold,"
he said, taking his top by the hand, and pulling him 
toward the cabin.

Jack allowed himself to be towed into the cabin. He was 
aroused by Jay's kiss, and gaped at the feast laid out. 
"You did this for me?" he asked. "God, I love you." He 
grabbed Jay, and kissed him deeply.

The kiss was hot, and got him hard instantly. He was 
thinking that maybe a cold dinner would not be that bad 
after all. Letting out a sexual moan, Jay was the first 
one to break off the kiss. Licking his lips, he smiled 
and looked deep into his lover's eyes. "Not as much as 
I do you," Jay told him, once he was able to think again.
"Dinner first, then sex," he said, pulling Jack towards
the table. "Oh, yeah; I brought up your fishing stuff,"
he told Jack, as he sat across from him, taking Jack's 
hand into his. "You're not mad at me, are you?" he asked.
He had to know if he was in trouble or not, even though,
to him, this was worth anything Jack could hand out.

"No. I'm not mad," Jack replied, piling his plate high 
with food. He leered at Jay, "I suggest you eat, because
I intend to let you come sometime tomorrow."

Jay's body shivered, either with lust or excitement; he 
was not sure, but he like the feeling anyway. `Yep, this 
was going to be one stress-free weekend.' That night, as
Jay lay with his head on Jack's chest, he listened to 
his man's light snore. His heart beat through his chest,
and he could smell the scent that he missed so much 
these last few months. Letting his hand wonder down 
towards his hard cock, his finger touched the cool brass 
of the cock ring Jack had placed on him that night. It 
was tight, but not so tight that it hurt. He smiled to 
himself, as his sleeping lover reached down and took his
hand, and pulled it across his chest. Jay nuzzled closer
to his man, as he patted Jay's hand, to make sure it 
stayed where he wanted it. `Am I a brat?' Jay asked 
himself, taking one last deep breath to breathe in his
lover's scent. `Defiantly, I get what I want, when I 
want it, and my own way,' he thought, just before he 
closed his eyes. `Just don't let your Top find out," a 
voice said in his head, as he fell asleep, close to the
love of his life, and the man he loved.

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