Out Of Date

Warnings: Lots of sex and spanking with a twist.

When Jay entered the loft he spotted Jack sitting on the sofa watching some old
chick flick. 'I wonder how he's going to get himself out of this?" Jay thought.
He gave the yellow ticket in his hand another look. Jay stopped at the back of
the couch and draped his arms around his lover's neck giving him a gentle kiss,
then a nip on the side of his neck. "Since I don't drive this without your
permission, do you care to explain this, my sweets?" Jay asked, as he held out
the ticket that clearly stated Jack's truck tags, registration as well as the
insurance was out dated by a month.

Jack went with his first instinct and grabbed his lover claiming a deep, long
kiss. He then smiled at his kiss stupid Brat, "Forgot," he said, "What with the
drama around RJ and all that."

Jay licked his swollen lips for a minute while his body stopped tingling. He
climbed over the back of the sofa and sat with his legs under him "Well yeah I
can understand how that can happen but according to you my love "Forgot" is not
acceptable when it comes to something that important." Jay told him in a mock
stern voice.

Jack laughed he loved it when his Brat tried to be bossy. "I'm thinking of
buying a new truck anyway," he said and he slid his hand up under Jay's shirt.
"Want to come shopping with me?"

Jay wriggled as the fingers touched his ribs. "Jack that's not the point, I
could have been in an accident and then what?" He asked as his shirt was
pulled off and tossed to the floor. `might as well give up, when he's in sex
over drive there's no stopping him.' Jay thought as fingers caressed his back.
Actually he really didn't want it to stop.

Jack quickly stripped his Brat and went to work, his mouth and tongue flickering
all over Jay's body until he finally began to deliver a mind numbing blow job.

Jay arched his back and came hard, he laid there for a few minutes panting while
he watched his sweets undress, he smiled, he could feel his ass twitch when he
saw Jack's hard cock. Sliding his hand down between the cushion and the back of
the sofa he pulled out a tube of lube. Even though at times like this he liked
it dry and rough he also knew his man would never hurt him. He gave his lover a
sly smile, tossed the lube across the room, but for tonight spit and pre-cum
would have to do.

Jack growled a little as he saw the lube disappear from sight. He knew his Brat
enjoyed a little rough play, but Jack had no intention of dry fucking Jay, in
fact he had every intention of finding multiple ways to pleasure his Brat. Maybe
the final time this night would be a little rougher.

He grabbed Jay, grabbed another bottle of lube that had scattered around the
loft, lubed his hard cock and slide into his lover's body. He slowly began to
move in and out. and told Jay in very explicit terms the plans he had for that

As he stretched out Jay rubbed his wrist, he loved the feel of silk on his bare
skin, and the sex was totally unbelievable it'd been awhile since they've fucked
like teenagers. Rolling over, he folded one arm under his head tucked himself
into Jack's wet sticky body laying the other arm across his lover's side he then
pinned his lover down with his leg. Giving Jack's nipple a little lick he looked
up into his lover's face. "So, what about your truck?"

"You expect me to think about trucks after that?" Jack moaned. "And if you keep
licking me like that I can't promise we won't go for round 4 or is it 5, I've
lost count."

"Let me see, sofa, floor, against the wall, chair, bed twice" Jay said, as he
held up a finger for each act. " 6 but who's counting?" Jay told him nipping the
nipple instead of licking he then pressed his body closer to his lover and
laughed, "Yeah," he said pushing hard enough so Jack would roll over on to his
back. "I like that truck" He said while he moved his body to lie on top of his
man. "We've had some good time in that truck," he mentioned, as he pressed his
cock into Jack's, pushing, just hard enough so it felt good, but didn't hurt.
Taking both of Jack's hand he brought them both over Jack's head. "Beside you're
the one who say responsibility is up to the owner," Jay then lightly nipped and
sucked Jack's pits. While Jack's mind was in lust land again Jay found the silk
tie and secured Jack's hands to the head board and abruptly stopped what he was
doing, and climbed off, and headed to the bathroom. "I'll be back" he said, and
closed the door behind him.

"What the hell," was the only thing Jack thought through the lust haze. He
gently pulled on the silk tie and smiled when it gave a little. His Brat was not
too experienced at tying up a lover. Jack relaxed he was willing to play along
for the time being.

Jay washed himself up, grabbed a clean, wet wash cloth, and then he found a bag
he had hidden . Filling a basin with warm water, he then put the contents of the
bag into the water, lifting a towel from the rack he then went to his lover. He
smiled when he saw his lover still tied to the head board. He then took the wet
cloth, and wiped the sweet and dry cum from his lover's body.

He then laid the towel on to the bed, and straddled Jack's body once again. He
reached over and picked up a small jar, wiping the water off, he twisted it
open. Holding it over Jack's body Jay poured a small amount of oil onto his
lover's skin. He smiled as the body under him jerked; he put the jar to the side
and began to massage the oil into the naked chest before him. He moved down so
he was on his knees, he scrapped the excess oil with his hands massaging the oil
around Jack's groin area, bent forward and gently blew on the oil from nipples
to cock, causing it to chill just enough make his lover wriggle. Shifting his
weight he moved away to make Jack open his legs, now sitting between his lover
legs, he massaged the groin. "Don't worry I know the rules to the game" Using
his thumbs he massage the perineum of his lover. The massage was more for
relaxation then sexual, he wanted his man to be relaxed when he suggested the
next step.

"Hmmm good," Jack responded, his body relaxing, but his cock was rock hard.

Jay smiled he knew by the sound Jack was ready. Jay used the cloth to wipe clean
the hard member, as well as his hands. Finding the tube he flipped the top, and
squeezed a large amount of edible gel over Jack's cock. He watched as the gel
slowly melted coating Jack's cock. Jay smiled when he saw Jack pull on the silk
tie, chuckling to himself, he reached above Jack's head long enough to tighten
the hold on his prize. "Don't want you to escape just yet." Jay told him, in a
lustful voice. Jay moved his hair back, pulled the rubber band off his arm, and
quickly tied it back, then he lowered his mouth just a inch about Jack's cock,
and blew again, causing the gel to heat up a little. With the tip of his tongue
he licked the top of Jack's cock. Hearing what he expected out of his lover, he
quickly went to work taking his lover's shaft into this mouth humming all the
way down.

Jack arched in pleasure. Jay was really good at this. He hadn't thought past his
own ideas for the night, but Jay had been equally as inventive. He thought his
days of fucking through the house were over, but as he came for the seventh time
in 12 hours, he thanked the gods for his quick recovery time and for granting
him such a sexy lover.

Jack couldn't sleep, He looked over at Jay and grinned, his Brat always slept
soundly after sex. Jack logged onto the computer and pulled up his dream truck.

He had just finished two special projects, so he had the cash available, In
spite of the global crisis, the shop still held its own and paid its way. His
exclusive designer jewellery had slowed somewhat. but it was something that had
always come in waves, rather than steadily.

Jay's whole body hurt, he was glad it was Saturday, because he probably would
never be able to make it though a day at the post office. Getting out the bed
took a little time, seeing Jack was already up, Jay did his morning things, and
headed toward the kitchen snagging a slice of bacon, he rubbed against Jack's
ass and kissed his neck, "Glad you are awake cause we need to finish a
conversation about tags." Jay told him.

"Okay," Jack replied rolling his eyes, "Sometimes I wonder who the Top is around
here. There's no point in getting new tags as I was going to pick up the new
truck today, and figured you could give me a lift to Kelowna on your perfectly
legal bike. However I have put it off until Monday since for some reason I am
sore this morning.

Sometime Jay wondered the same thing. "Damn it Jackson that not the point" Jay
thought out loud; when he realized what he did he put his hand over his mouth.
"Sorry" he mumbled through his hand.

Jack ran his hand through his hair. "No need to say sorry when you right Jay,"
he said. He looked up at the ceiling and said out loud, "I don't believe I'm
doing this," he muttered. He looked at Jay his voice serious, "If you'd done the
same thing I would spank you," he said. "I guess if I screw up I should pay the
same price."

Jay dropped his hand and looked at Jack `has he lost his mind?' was the first
thought that went through his mind. Jay could tell that Jack was serious about
this. He opened his mouth and then closed it shaking his head. "What?" He
finally managed to ask.

"I stuffed up," Jack said, "I'm a Top who enforces discipline, so I should be
liable to take it as well. Do you really need me to spell it out?"

"No, I get what you mean, I get to punish you on my terms" Jay ran his hand
though his hair. `That's a bridge he never thought he would have to cross,' he
thought. Sure he swatted Jack in play, but that always ended up in sex, Jay
licked his lips thinking. `Would this make the relationship awkward would he
still respect Jack as his top?'

Jack was adept at reading his Brat and mentally kicked himself, not that he was
going to back down. "Sweetheart," he said softly, "This is a onetime only
situation. In reality, it's not that different from the odd time you top me
during sex." He suddenly had a flashback to the night before, and grinned

Jay smiled a little, knowing full well what he was talking about, he could feel
his face get a little warm. "Yeah that was awesome, God you're the best," Jay
told him. wrapping his arms around his man. "Well then shall we get this over
with or do you want to eat breakfast first?" Jay asked him. Jay stomach was a
bundle of nerves. He had no idea how to actually spank a person, especially his

"Take it easy sweetheart," Jack said, he still couldn't quite believe he'd
suggested this.

As a kid he would have done anything to avoid a spanking, not that it had ever
saved his butt. He knew this would have little or no effect on the dynamics
between himself and his Brat. Jay knew he, Jack, had never been an uber-Top and
he'd never pretended to be one. He really felt this one time he'd worried his
Brat and he couldn't blow it off. He'd never allow Jay to do so.

"We'll do it now," Jack knew any delay would un-nerve his lover even more than
he already was. "Don't stress, you've been on the receiving end often enough to
know what works best. Don't go easy because you feel guilty, just remember how
worried you were when you realised I hadn't renewed the tags or insurance."

Jay let out the breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "Alright," Jay took
Jack by the hand, and led him to the sofa, He been on the receiving end more
than once by Jack, and even more with Shane, it still didn't make it easy.

Sitting on the sofa Jay looked up at Jack, he could feel the back of his eyes
sting "You know what to do luv" he told him. Once Jack was bared and over his
lap, Jay laid his hand on Jack's back and rubbed it softly. "Do we need to go
over why you are in this predicament?" he asked.

Jack was feeling ashamed by his behavior, especially in this position. "Yes," he
said, "I didn't pay the tags or insurance for the truck and that could have
caused serious trouble for us."

He heard the first swat before he felt it. He opened his eyes wide, for a novice
spanker Jay knew what he was doing. He had been pretty certain he'd be getting
off fairly easily; it was clear from that first one that he was going to pay.
The second landed on the same spot. He let out a grunt of pain. His one thought
was "I don't use that pattern; he must have learnt this method from Shane." It
was almost the last coherent thought he had for quite a while as the heat built,
and it wasn't long before he was crying freely. By the time it was over he felt
well punished and found himself lying on his side with Jay's finger carding
through his hair. He could hear Jay's hitching breaths as though he'd been
crying as well.

"Sweetheart," he said his voice hoarse; "I can promise you that I will never put
myself in that position again. I value my hide far too much for that."

Jay held him tight and kissed his forehead. "Glad to hear that, because next
time I'm calling Mason or your dad" Jay told brushing a tear away with his
thumb. The room was quiet, all both men could hear was the street noise below.
Jay held his lover tight in his arms and hummed softly to him. It wasn't too
long before both mens' stomachs let them know that breakfast was needed.

"Meany," Jack teased, "I'm making pancakes and bacon for breakfast. And I'm
going to eat standing."

Jack was sitting comfortably on Monday when he and Jay became the proud owners
of a brand, new truck with registration and insurance fully paid up.


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