Jealousy Is The Shade of Jade

Disclaimer: All mistakes and doubtful or missing punctuation are my fault. Jo.

Jay looked at the envelope in his hand, it was light brown, and the penmanship
was extremely fancy and delicate. He was not too sure who RJ Cotton was but he
defiantly knew who Jackie (pooh-bear) McCallum was. The envelope smelled of rich
cologne, he'd only smelled once before. It came from a small stack of letters
Jack tossed in a box and stuck up on a top shelf out of Jay's reach, when they
cleaned up the storage area in the building. Tossing it into his backpack with
the rest of the mail going home with him, Jay said goodbye to his co-workers and
headed home.

Jay entered the loft quietly as possible, he wrapped his arms around his lover
taking his Sweet's ear into his mouth he gently pulled on the single earring his
man wore "Hey Pooh-Bear, your honey's home" Jay whispered in his lover's ear as
he gently rubbed against him .
Jack stiffened, "Where did you get that nickname from?" he growled.
Jay didn't like the way Jack's body felt in his arms; it made him feel uneasy
and a little scared. "This," Jay said quietly, as he picked up the envelope,
and brought it around so Jack could see it, laying his head in between Jack's
shoulder blades. He whispered "I'm sorry my sweets." Hoping his own nickname
would make his lover relax some.

Jack relaxed, "Sorry. That name brings back some good and some bad memories. I
don't know why RJ keeps writing we split up years ago." Jack opened the
envelope, and his brow furrowed as he read. "RJ's coming to Jade Heights for a
visit," he informed his curious brat.
"Oh," he said laying his head on his lover's shoulder blade, and then something
registered to. "Wait a damn minute," he yelled, catching Jack off guard placing
his hand on Jack's shoulder he spun the man around. "You mean to tell me that
fool's been writing you, HOW?" his voice raised just a little. "I haven't
brought but that one letter home," he demanded as he held up one finger as his
eyes snapped, he was pissed that Jack had kept that his ex-partner was still
keeping in contact with him.

"E-mail," Jack replied, looking a bit shamefaced. "He's recently come out of a
relationship that turned bad, I was helping him out a bit. "We were very close
once. I did make it clear I had a partner I was madly in love with." He then
kissed Jay.

Jay didn't return the kiss. He let Jack's lips touch cold lips, he was still
pissed and a kiss no matter how bone melting it was would not make this go away.
He knew what it was like to be in a bad relationship, hell Jack has helped him a
great deal to get over it, the nightmare, and the fear of being touched.
Pressing his lips together he let out a breath, "Would you of told me he was
coming, if he had e-mailed you instead of sending that?" Jay asked, pointing to
the letter in Jack's hand. He had a funny feeling this RJ dude was going to try
to do something sneaky.

"Of course," Jack replied, "I don't keep secrets from you. It was only a couple
of e-mails, there is no way I encouraged him to visit. I should have known
better, he was always a high maintenance brat."
Well that answered one question; Jay thought when Jack said the word brat. "I
don't like this." Jay said, relaxing a bit. He still felt uneasy, `Why didn't he
just email and let Jack know he be in town why the letter?' Jay thought. "I'm
going to the garage" Jay said, as went to change his clothes.

Jack could understand Jay's anger, so let the attitude slide. It was a couple of
days later when Jay arrived home to find RJ sitting on the sofa, glued to Jack's
side that the headaches began.

When Jay opened the door he saw a head laid on Jack's shoulder, giving the door
a extra hard push causing it to slam behind him, in which made the window
rattle. When he had both their attention he gave the person that he thought
might be this RJ Brat, a murderous look. He then looked at his man who was
holding this stranger in his arms. "WHAT the FUCK is going ON?" he did his best
to keep his voice from rising, but he knew it would not last long.

Jack's eyebrow rose at the language. "RJ this is Jay, the love of my life," he
said, "Jay this is RJ, he's a bit upset about his recent break-up, so I was
reassuring him that there is someone out there for him. I made it abundantly
clear I was not the one." He glanced down at RJ and frowned when he saw the
smirk on his ex-Brats face.

Jay put his hand on the arm of the sofa and snarled at RJ. Doing his best to
keep his voice at bay Jay looked at his lover with cold dark eyes. "I don't give
a good GOD DAMN if his ex-lover is the king of FRANCE; the FUCKER is SITTING ON
YOUR LAP." Jay turned to RJ and pointed a finger at Jack. "THAT'S MY LAP NO ONE
SITS ON MY LAP," he yelled, losing the battle with his voice. He saw Jack reach
for him. "Don't fucking touch me," he said, turning on his heels and headed for
the door.

"Someone is gonna get it" RJ singing quietly
"Don't move Jason," Jack ordered. He stood up dumping RJ on floor. "And you can
shut up," Jack said to RJ, "You are a visitor here and if Jay wants you out,
you're out." He looked over at Jay, "do you want him to find somewhere else to
stay?" Jack asked Jay, "He is a brat, but he's no child he is fully capable of
looking after himself. I'm just a soft touch for a hurting friend."
Hearing his full name after a scene like that, he knew better then to move
another step. He stopped and laid his head on the door he swallowed hard and
fought back the tears that were trying to escape. He could be the better brat in
this. Turning he put his hands behind him, and glowed at the man on the floor,
taking a few deep breaths. He then gave Jack one of his sweet smiles "This is
your house, not mine whatever or whoever you want here I'll accept." Jay told
him. He was hoping with RJ there he would not get his ass handed to him on a

"Our house sweetheart," Jack replied moving quickly. He quickly enveloped Jay in
a hug, "We're together and I know you don't want to be married, but it'll take a
crowbar to get me away from you. It's our house."

Jay buried his face into the area of the Jack's neck he took a deep ragged
breath smelling his lover's scent, that usually would send him over the edge,
but would also calm him down a lot, but all he could smell was the expensive
cologne he smelt on the letter RJ sent to his sweets, which made his stomach
tighten. "He's your friend I don't have a problem with him being here, as long
as he stays off MY lap." Jay told him. "Sorry I swore and yelled like a mad
man." he told him turning his head just so. "Why is Amie's tank covered?" He
asked seeing the towel over his pets cage, "It's not that cold." he said.
RJ shuddered, "I hate snakes," he said, "I don't know how you can have one as a

"It doesn't hurt her to have the cover on," Jack said, "And I promise no-one
else on my lap except you. And the shouting and swearing I understand, and you
get a free pass this once."
`Oh this is going to be soooo much fun' Jay thought, as he looked up into Jack's
face "Thanks" he whispered, and gave his lover a kiss, he could hear RJ puff and
then stomp out of the room, when the door slammed shut behind him. "Where is he
going to sleep and how are we going to umm-you know? He waggled his eyebrows at
Jack laughed, "I'm sure you won't die if we're celibate for a couple of days. As
for where he sleeps, the sofa is fine for a couple of nights." Jack sighed as
he looked towards the door "Why do I always attract Brats that slam doors," he
wondered aloud.

Jay laughed at that remark as he went to change his clothes, after lunch he
headed down to his work area. While Jack and RJ figured out where it went wrong
with the other guy. `God was I that whinny' He thought, as he closed the door
behind him. An hour later Jay headed back upstairs to wash the grime and gear
grease off his hands. To his surprise, he found RJ fast asleep on the sofa.

Not seeing Jack in the living area, Jay opened the closet door, finding a
realistic plastic slimy toy snake he used for Halloween he laid it on RJ's
chest. Taking Amie out of her cage, he put the snake close to RJ's face, and
waited for Amie to stick out her tongue to scent what was around her. Her tongue
touched RJ's face a few times causing him to open his eyes a little. When he saw
what was curled up on his chest "JAAAAACK" He screamed, and bolted from the
sofa, Jay doubled over in laughter. "You're a pest" RJ yelled at him, shaking
just a little "JACK, he screamed again, and then stomped his foot.
"Yeah, well that what you get for seating in MY Lap" Jay said, putting Amie back
into her cage.

Jack ran into the room and immediately understood what had transpired. He cut
off RJ's spluttering complaints. Fixing Jay with a glare he said quietly "RJ go
take a walk and calm down." Once RJ left, he grabbed Jay and put him over his
lap. "Why don't you tell me why you ended up earning a spanking?"

It was an automatic reaction, one hand grabbed Jack's pant leg and the other
grabbed the pillow from the sofa, "For scaring Amie," Jay told him looking back
over his shoulder, trying to read his lover's face,.`Idiot' Jay thought to
himself. When his shorts were lowered, one hand went flying back with fingers
spread to cover as much as possible. "Ok, Ok," Jay shouted. "I scared RJ with
the snake knowing he didn't like them. I'm sorry, please don't, he'll know for
god sakes." Jay begged.
"I don't really care," Jack replied, grabbing his lover's hand out of the way,
"He is not my brat, you are and I don't approve of you scaring a guest. As for
him knowing, he is well aware how I deal with inappropriate practical jokes." He
started to spank Jay, slowly, turning his Brat's bottom red.

Jay jumped at the first swat, he always did. "Oww, Jack come on," he twisted on
Jack's lap, he did his best not to kick his feet when the swats hit the tender
area, he just wanted his ass out of the way. As the swats got harder instead of
stopping and after several swats Jay gave up the fight and sobbed into the
pillow he was biting into to keep his cries silent.

Meanwhile RJ was standing by the door listening to the punishment. He knew Jack
didn't tolerate jokes, especially ones that could harm a person. He also knew
he should just walk away and not listen but the spoiled brat deserves what he

Jack was tuned into Jay's cries, and when he felt his Brat go limp he landed two
last swats and finished. It took Jay a few minutes to realize the spanking was
over. Jack pulled his young Brat up and held him tight. "No more practical
jokes," he said to Jay. "Just remember RJ is a guest and you are my Brat. I hold
your behavior to a much higher level. Got it?" He smiled grimly and raised his
voice "Do you understand that too RJ?"

RJ jumped back, he didn't think Jack would know he was listening.
Jay face turned bright red, it was one thing to be spanked in front of other
submissive boys, but to be punished while another Brat listened in without
permission, embarrassed Jay to all ends. He just shoved his face into Jack's
shoulder "Oh God," Jay muttered. Once Jay was somewhat calmed down, he got up,
and headed for the bathroom.
Jay kept his eyes down when the door was opened, "Sorry about the snake" he told
the other man, who said nothing in return. How could he look Jack's ex-brat in
the eyes now? He shuddered to think that this older brat may just get what he
wanted. Going into the bathroom he quickly washed his face and blew his nose.
Slipping his feet into a pair of flip flops he stepped out

Jack and RJ were talking, RJ looked ashamed of himself and Jack looked pissed,
not wanting to bother either of them, he slipped out quietly and headed down
stairs to the garage. Grabbing a sweat jacket, he headed for the Jack's truck.
Crawling in to the cab he stretched out and rolled the jacket up under his head
for a pillow, there he cried himself to sleep.

It was there Jack found him. Jack would have loved to have carried him to the
loft, but the stairs were pretty steep, and he wasn't like some story book Tops
who could carry their Brats without throwing their back out. "Jay sweetheart,
wake up the bed is much more comfortable." He gently steered a bleary eyed Jay
up the stairs, and pulled Jay over to rest on his shoulder, once they both lay
down. "You awake enough to listen to me?" Jack asked.

Jay muttered something that sound much like Fuck you and rolled over, shoving
his head under his pillow.

"Brat I'm cutting you some serious slack for that," Jack growled. He was
gratified when Jay came from out under the pillow, his eyes wide. "RJ is leaving
in the morning, I've arranged for him to stay with an old friend of mine in
Vancouver. He's going to slowly get RJ back into the scene so he can find
someone new. I have told RJ that I am not interested in him, as I now have a
partner who fulfills my every need. That person is you my Brat. There is no
negotiation, you are mine and I am yours. Understand?"

Jay smiled "Understood." he said, moving closer to his man, Jay let out a yarn
and laid his head on his Tops shoulder. "I'm sorry I've been such a pain. But
it's ok for RJ to stay a while. I'll be a good boy." He said lying as close as
he could get without actually laying on top of his man.

Jack sighed, "Another crisis averted," he thought to himself. He looked down at
Jay, who had fallen asleep again, and smiled "I love him and the odd crisis is
going to come up, but I wouldn't change him for the world."

The End.

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