Out Of Balance

The loft was quite except a clicking sound that was being made by Jay tapping
his tongue bar against his teeth he did it when he was nervous or out of sorts.
Something was not right, he could feel it. He wanted to go for a ride, but the
weather has not permitted it lately, he got up and shuffled across the floor. He
glanced out the window and let out a heavy sigh, it was drizzling and the skies
looked nasty, looked like snow clouds, rain clouds did not look that grey.
Looking at his reflection in the window he saw that he was chewing on the side
of his thumb, another nervous habit he had. Giving up on his thought, he headed
for the key rack that was by the front door. "I am going for a ride" he stated,
palming the keys to his bike.

"In your dreams," Jack replied that clicking noise drove him bats, and it was
never good when Jay was doing it. "What's up?"

"Nothing, just bored," Jay replied with a low growl he rolled his eyes "I've
drove in the rain millions of times," he gave a snide remark.

Jack raised his eyebrow. In patented Top style, "Pardon me," he said, "since
when did that attitude change anything?"

He knew the warning but didn't pay any mind to it with a frustrated grunt he
roughly put the bike keys back and lifted the pink and purple beaded key chain
"Then I'll take my car to K-town to see the guys," he jerked the door open.

"Close the door and get your ass over to that corner," Jack's voice was firm and
deadly serious. He held up a hand as Jay opened his mouth. "Don't say a word.
You know tantrums and disrespect will get you in trouble every time. I have no
trouble placing you in a corner with a freshly spanked bottom if that's what you

Gently closing the door Jay side stepped Jack, "No thank you." He said in a much
calmer voice, facing the dreaded corner, he listened to make sure Jack was still
in the room. It's been over three years they'd been together but it still scared
him to death standing in a corner in an empty house. Standing there he started
thinking back, `Maybe I do want that. Is that the problem?' he asked himself. `A
simple spanking would not fix this feeling, no to fix this it would have to be'
Jay shuddered `nope not this time.' he thought as he stared at "remember I love
you" written in a heart. Jay closed his eyes and laid his head on the spot. "God
I've been an ass" he said, without realizing it.

Jack grinned when he heard that come out of Jay's mouth. The corner did tend to
work and calm Jay down when he was wound up. It never occurred to Jack to leave
the room, let alone the loft, when he had placed Jay in a corner. He had put the
heart with its legend in place almost from the beginning. "You ready to come out
and talk to me Jason?" he asked. The use of his Brat's full name was calculated,
it was a clear message he was deadly serious.

`No I'll just stand here wait for the Apocalypse to comes' Jay thought. "If you
want" he muttered, "Umm Yes Sir" he quickly replied.

"Okay let me make a wild guess at what's got you upset," Jack said, after Jay
sat down next to him on the sofa. "It's the spanking you gave me." Jack waited
for the wary nod and continued. "I know it disturbed you and I am sorry about
that, but I'm not sorry it happened. I deserved to pay a penalty for what I did,
and you did a very good job of making sure I paid in full. One thing you have to
get through your mind is that no matter what I am still your Top. This does not
change anything. If you tried to put me in a corner or ground me you would be
spanked, and put firmly back in your place. Do you understand that?"
Jay blushed a little when Jack said he'd done a good job. "I understand," he
told him, "I'm sorry for being a twit." Even though he heard and understood the
things had never changed between them, he still felt that it had. Jay spun
around and snuggled up to Jack.
Jack returned the hug. Then said cheerfully." if you really want to see your
buddies in K-Town. You can catch a lift with me. I need to go in and buy some
supplies I can't get here in Jade Heights. I've got to break it to you that I
have a large commission coming up, so I'm afraid I won't be around a lot." When
Jack had a lot of work on, he tended to spend a lot of time in the shop
downstairs. He'd design the actual pieces in the loft, usually getting up around
three to do so. He's never craft the pieces anywhere other than his workshop.

Jay hated when Jack had large projects, it left him sexually frustrated and he
was usually asleep when Jack finally did come to bed. However since he'd just
bought the new truck money was just a little tight. "Sounds good" Jay told him,
he was not ready to get up just yet, slipping his hand up around Jack's neck Jay
pulled him down, he licked his lip then gave Jack a long kiss, letting go he got
up, "I'll meet you down stairs" he said, and headed for the door. "Cool, I'll
get my eyebrow pieced?" he asked, just as the door closed.

"Brat," Jack said ruefully. Jay had been trying to persuade Jack for the last
six months that getting his eyebrow pierced would be cool. Jack normally didn't
have a problem with tattoos or piercings, but he had a sinking feeling if he
gave way on the eyebrow Jay would move to more intimate places, and Jack at zero
interest in that.
Unsurprisingly a week later Jay did not have his eyebrow pierced and Jack was
beginning to come up for air after finishing his project. He was whistling as he
entered the loft fully intending to have his wicked way with his Brat tonight.

While Jack worked down in the shop Jay would bring dinner down to him, what
finally pissed him off even more was that Jack had not eaten the last few
dinners he had brought down to him, and when Jay had told his lover he really
needed to eat, all he got was a raised eyebrow and that look that told him to
chill it.

The loft had an odd smell to it, kind of like burning sugar, and it had been
cleaned and polished to a shine. Jay sat on the sofa with a box of ding-dongs on
his lap and a bottle of Mountain Dew in his hand, watching Saw 6, He was in a
pair of tight briefs, and his feet were on the coffee table.

Jack stopped as the smell hit him. His eyes narrowed slightly, there was only
one reason he could think of for Jay to burn incense, especially one with such
an acrid smell. He shook his head, there had to be another reason, Jay knew his
position on marijuana, and the use thereof.

Jay heard the door open, when he jumped up to greet his lover wrappers scattered
across the floor, as well as an empty box., Jay stumbled into his lover's arms
and laughed as Jack caught him. "Sorry, legs sleeping" he just laughed and then
busted up laughing, as if he slightly flying. Even though he has not touched
anything in many years he still knows how to act it. "Whaaaaaaat?" Jay whined,
knowing the look he was getting.

Jack grabbed Jay's head slightly and looked into his eyes. "Well," he said
finally, "I'm glad if you're looking for a spanking that you didn't go all the
way, and be stupid enough to actually smoke the stuff. That would really have
pissed me off. " Jack pinned his Brat with a sharp look, "I know the signs
Jason, and although the act was good, I know you too well."
Jay laughed and pulled away. "There's nothing wrong with it, if you do it
smart," he told him turning away from him. "Dinner almost ready," he stated and
started to walk away.

"Want to bet about that," Jack said softly. Jack didn't yell, but the softer his
voice got the more intense he became. Some in the know would recognise it as
getting into the "Top" zone. Jack just laughed himself sick when RJ had used
that phrase, he couldn't take things like that seriously.

Before Jay could register what was going on, Jack had grabbed him and he was
over his Top's knees with his briefs being pulled down to expose his naked butt.
"What to make a guess as you why you find yourself in this position Brat?"

"Owww," Jay yelled and slid back just a little when his front landed on Jack's
lap. "I didn't smoke any the guys did outside" Jay said, trying to lift himself
up. When he felt the cool air against his ass "My mouth" he muttered and grabbed
the pillow.

"Tell me why you tried to make me believe you had smoked pot?" Jack suggested.
"And don't try to get up; you tend to talk better in this position."

Jack was right, he would sing like a canary in this position, even if it didn't
save his ass sometimes. "I don't know, to see if you're paying attentions I
guess. " Looking back at him "I didn't do anything wrong except being a smart
ass." Jay told him "Please let this one go" he begged, he knew it probably
wouldn't work but he had to try.

"Oh I pay attention," Jack replied grimly, "And if I let this go what will you
do next? Try heroin? I think we probably need to re-establish who the Top is
around here."
Jay couldn't believe what he just heard and it did was piss him off even more.
He actually wanted to punch something, tightening his hold on Jack's leg, "I'm
not like him and I know who the Top is here" Jay told him.

"Who's him? " Jack asked his voice softer.

Jay swallowed hard; he hated thinking of him, taking a deep breath. "Mac," He
told him, "He would get violent and I would end up on the receiving end when he
came down from it. I was too scared to tell Shane," he told him.

It was not the first time Jack wished he could get his hands on Mac again. That
someone could hurt Jay that badly made him see red.

"I know I've getting my ass busted, but can I turn off the oven so the meat loaf
doesn't burn." Jay asked.

A laugh bubbled out of Jack. "What miss an opportunity to watch your cute butt
go over to the oven? Never." Jack watched in appreciation as Jay walked over and
then walked back. He pulled him onto his lap and held him. "Do you truly
understand why you're going to get spanked?" he asked.

"My mouth, and tricking you," Jay told him he still thinks he should not be in
trouble, but Jack was the Top in this household, and what he said goes.

"It's not tricking me because you didn't," Jack replied, "Partly for the
mouthing off, you know that's not acceptable, partly for allowing your friends
to smoke illegal drugs, even if it was outside but it's mostly because I think
you're still unsettled about last week and you need some normality. Let's be
truthful your normality usually involves a tender butt. I need to know if you're
on board with this."

Jack could see the light finally came on. "Oh God those guys," Jay dropped his
head onto Jack's shoulder. "I never thought about it, since they've been smoking
on the roof since I've lived here." Shaking his head "God, I'm so dumb
sometimes. I'll put a stop to it," Jay sat up and looked at Jack giving him a
tender kiss. "As much as I hate to say this, yes I'm on board, "Jay told him
standing to the left of Jack's legs.

Jack gently placed Jay in the traditional OTK position. Jay reached over and
grabbed a cushion to bury his face into. Jack's hand rose and fell. He grinned
as he landed the second swat eight on top the previous one. He had learnt
something from his spanking.

Jay tried to get his ass out of the way, by the time Jack got to the other
cheek; he bucked hard when the hand started to fall on his sit spot. Jay finally
gave it up and stopped fighting. Jack could feel Jay's nails dig into his legs
as he held on for dear life, as the cries became deep sobs. When the spanking
stopped Jay didn't wait for Jack to help him up like normal, this time he sprung
to his feet with both hands behind him trying to get the stinging to stop.
"That's ... Shanes... way," taking a deep breath, "that... was... unfair" Jay
told him between hiccups He slightly danced on his tip toes.

"I'm a fast learner," Jack replied catching Jay in mid-hop and hauled him onto
his knee making sure the sore butt didn't land on anything hard. "I caught it
like that so I decided fair is fair I should give it back. Never let it be said
a Top can't learn from every experience." Jack grin was clear in his voice as he
gently ran his hand down his still sobbing brat. "However on reflection I think
I'll revert back to what I know best. Shane's method is a little inflexible."

Jay snuggled as close as possible, for some reason this time just felt
different, maybe because it was harsher than normal or he just needed it,
rubbing his face on Jack's shirt. "I need to finish dinner cold meatloaf is not
that great" Jay said as he got up "the rest of the stuff should only take half
hour or so, if you want to shower. "

Jay grabbed one of Jack's aprons and tied it around his waist; he was not
putting anything against his ass until tomorrow. Jay turned around and gave his
sweets a smile. "I am eating at the counter"

Jack laughed out loud as he walked towards the shower. "That doesn't surprise
me," he said. As he stepped under the shower he thought to himself "I think
things are back on track."


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