Hurricane Jay

Any and all mistakes are the responsibility of the authors.

Someone did kindly beta for us, so you should be able to take a breath as you
read this one.

When Jack walked into the loft it looked like it been robbed or hurricane Jason
had gone through it. Clothes were tossed about, the top mattress was off the
bed, books were out of the shelf on the floor, and the small closet was
completely ransacked.

Jack's work corner was riffled though also. The kitchen and Amie's area were the
only places intact. Jay lay on the floor with a dust mop, pulling out dust
bunnies, lost mail, socks, and other missing stuff from under the entertainment
center, while turning the air blue with profanity that he'd picked up from

"What the heck is going on?" Jack thought. Considering the mess the loft was in,
he stayed remarkably calm

Jay sat up. His face was dusty and tear streaked, his eyes were red and swollen,
an indication that he's been crying hard for some time. "I'll find it, I
promise." He looked around. Yeah the loft was in chaos but right now he really
didn't care. Crawling around on all fours he looked under the sofa again and the
coffee table. Going over to a pile of clothes, he started to shake thing out and
then toss them this way and that.

Jack was truly alarmed at the look on his Brat's face. "What can't you find,
sweetheart?" he asked gently.

Jay grabbed his T-shirt and cleaned his face. He looked at Jack and slowly
lifted his arm. The bracelet that had been on his arm since the day it was put
on him three years ago was gone, and the area of his skin was lighter than the
rest. Jay rubbed his wrist and just said, "My bracelet." He let out a ragged
breath and burst into tears again. "I can't find it," he told his lover.

Jack had made the bracelet and the pinkie ring that went with it. It had been
his first Christmas present to his Brat. He knew Jay almost never took it off.
"Hold on a minute sweetheart," he said, knowing his Brat was in a full blown
panic attack. He grabbed Jay and held him close. "Think," he instructed, "Where
did you see it last? Why did you take it off?"

"I DIDN'T TAKE IT OFF!" Jay snapped at his lover. "It was on my wrist this
morning. I noticed it gone after I got to work. I've been looking for since I
got home," Jay told him pushing his face into his lover chest. "I'm sorry;
please, I didn't mean to lose it," he said, trying not to be sick.

Jack automatically closed his arms around his Brat to comfort him. "Did you
phone work to see if it slipped off there?"Jack asked, deciding to cut Jay a
little slack on the yelling. "As for meaning to lose it, of course you didn't.
It's not life or death."

Taking a deep breath, "Yes, to me it is," Jay told him. He looked up into his
lover's face, eyes bloodshot with long, wet, spiked eyelashes. "Find it for me
please," he begged.

Jack helped Jay look for the bracelet. He first stood in the centre of the loft
and looked around. The sun was shining, and he was looking for a flash of light
off the silver of the bracelet. "Let's tidy up the loft," he suggested mildly.
"It might be under the piles of stuff you tossed while looking for it."

Jay rolled his eyes. "Jaaaaaaaack," he whined with a small stomp of his foot.
"I've checked this stuff six million times already," he said, waving his arms
around. Yeah, the loft looked like a small hurricane has gone through it.

Jack started to count to ten under his breath. He really was trying to cut Jay
some slack, but if his Brat continued to throw a tantrum, the slack would end up
strangling him. "Then 6 million and one might be the charm. Don't make me go all
Top on you," Jack suggested softly.

He knew the warning, but his mind was on finding something that meant the world
to him. Giving his lover a weak smile, Jay went over to a pile of clean pants,
dropped down on his backside and started in. As he picked each article up he
gave it a violent shake, checking each pocket and then folding it. Then promptly
threw it across the room.

Jack picked Jay up and swatted him sharply three times. "You don't want to play
these games with me," he advised his Brat. "I know you're upset but we will find
it." He held up a finger as Jay opened his mouth. "Have I ever lied to you?"

Rubbing his ass, Jay only nodded and continued to clean up the loft the right
way. It took longer to clean it than mess it up. By the time they were done Jay
was even more upset; he was hungry and angry. Crossing his arms he leaned up
against the wall. His lips were tightly shut to where they were almost white and
his eyes were narrowed; he knew if he spoke he would be in world of hurt. He
just glared at his lover in a way to say, see I told you it's not here.

Jack just smiled. "Let's go down to the Maple Grill for dinner," he suggested.
He needed to jerk Jay out of this stress attack and staying in the loft was not
going to accomplish this aim. "This is not negotiable," he added as Jay opened
his mouth again. "This one time, obey me," he said, his voice steely. It was not
often Jack was quite so overtly Toppy.

There were times when Jay needed a firm word, if not a hand and tonight was one
of them. When he heard the simple words in that tone, his body relaxed and he
shivered. "That sound great," he said, and went over to where Jack stood. "Thank
you," he whispered, then gently kissed his lover on the cheek.

They had a good dinner: steak, egg and chips with apple pie to follow. Jack felt
well fed and was happy that his Brat was cuddled against him when they reached
the loft stairs. Something caught his eye: a gleam that seemed out of place. He
bent over and picked up Jay's bracelet and held it out silently to his lover.

Jay blinked a couple of times, looking at what Jack held out to him. "YOU FOUND
IT," he yelled, bouncing on the step he was standing on. He held up his arm so
his lover could put it back where it belonged. Jay felt tears roll down his
cheek as his lover closed the clasp. Giving Jack a well earned kiss, he said,
"Good thing I obeyed you this time, huh."

Jack laughed, "Things usually work out when you obey me. At least your butt
stays a nice white colour. Let's go and celebrate finding your bracelet." When
Jay was sleeping, the sleep of the well fucked, Jack gently removed the bracelet
and fixed the clasp. He never wanted to be visited by Hurricane Jay again.

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