April Brat

Co-Authors: Jo and Carol.

Once he was ready for work, Jay headed into the kitchen, seeing the date on the calendar, Jay thought to himself but was unable to think of anything. After eating a quick breakfast, he went over giving Jack the usually morning/goodbye kiss, like always, he headed to work.

Once down stairs, he glanced at the big window, that had a beautiful Easter painting on it for the up coming holiday. Then a thought came to him he turned on his heels dropped his pack by the inside door, and headed back up stairs, once there he calmed his nerves, and barged in,

"Jack, oh shit, Jack wake up," he yelled, letting the door bang behind him as he bounced on the bed, panting hard as if he'd been running.

"Your shop, "he pointed at the door, "it's been broken into" he told his lover, very fast, so he would not laugh. He was also hoping Jack would go look before he called the police.

"It's been what?" Jack bolted upright, and grabbing his robe, he pulled it on, as he rushed down the stairs, leading to the shop. A couple of minutes later, he was back up the stairs and glared at Jay. "Explain," he growled.

Jay was laying on the sofa laughing; he looked up at Jack, and started to laugh again. Once he got himself together, he stood up opening his arms wide, "April Fools," he sang out with a big smile across his face. "Dude, you should have seen your face" tilting his head to one side he gave Jack a good look, "Umm, why you tuning purple?" he asked, wondering now maybe it was the wrong joke to pull.

"Tell me what was so funny about pretending my store was broken into," Jack replied, slowly advancing on his Brat.

Seeing Jack was not amused with his joke, he quickly pulled himself together. He started to say something but closed his mouth and thought, `Yeah Jack was right nothing was funny about it him thinking of all his hard work gone, the expense,  the cost of having it replaced, the paperwork,' he thought to himself. Jay gave Jack a sheepish grin "I'm sorry you're right, it was not funny." he told his lover as he tilted his head to one side "I should have told you I was pregnant."

Jack choked on that, his mind providing a vivid mental picture. He pulled his mind back to the matter at hand "Any reason I shouldn't spank you for a bad practical joke?" he asked.

Letting out a sigh Jay laid his head on his Top's strong shoulder "It was a stupid joke, but can it wait until after work? 'cause I am going to be really late if you do it now," Jay asked him, trying to keep from laughing at the mental picture of Jack's face as it flashed through his mind.

It took Jack the best part of the day to calm down. Just the thought of his shop being broken into caused a cold sweat. Yes, he was insured, but the amount of time he spent on his special pieces could never be recovered. He knew Jay spent the afternoon at Billy's garage, so just told his Brat he'd deal with the punishment after dinner.

When Jay got to the shop Billy gave him a long list of stuff that needed to be done, which kept him too busy to even think about what happened that morning. It was like only a few minutes, instead of hours, when Billy told him it was time to clean up and go home.

On the walk home, he thought about what had happened that morning sometimes he'd laugh to himself, and then he wanted to kick himself in the ass for scaring Jack like that.

Finally, he stepped into the loft. Jack was busy at the stove. "Do I have time for a shower?" he asked, in a low voice from across the room. He really didn't want to look at Jack right now, he didn't know if he would bust up laughing again from the look on his lover face that morning, which would make it worse, or into tears for scaring his love they way he did.

"Of course you do," Jack replied, looking over at his Brat. "but don't I get a kiss before you shower? Hey look at me sweetheart, no matter what you do I always love you. We'll talk after dinner about inappropriate pranks."

"Of course you can," Jay told him, coming across the room. The kiss was just that, a simple kiss. He did his best to make eye contact but was unable to, he didn't trust himself yet so he just looked at Jack's shirt. The shower was over quickly, but it got him to think. Before he knew it, he was sitting across from his lover, picking at his food, instead of eating it.

"You know it was just a simple stupid joke," Jay finally spoke up. "I didn't mean to scare you like that, or hurt you in anyway there was no harm done to you or the shop so why should I be in trouble cause you have no sense of humor?" he asked, pushing his plate away from him. "Hell, even Donna, pulled a prank on us," he said, getting up and going over to the sofa where he plopped down, with a bounce.

Jack looked at Jay and sighed. "How about lines instead?" he suggested, "A couple of hours writing the definition of joke might be more effective."

Jay let out a snort, as he crossed his ankles and let his legs drop on the coffee table with a thud. "Now I know you're nuts," he said, engaging mouth before brain. "I tell you what. You tell me why I should be spanked and let go from there," he told his lover giving wise ass smile.

"Giving me a heart attack," Jack countered. He slowly began to smile, his eyes twinkling "Heck, I can't do it anymore," he said, "Why would I spank you for pulling a prank on April Fools? You gave me a perfect opening to pull one myself."

Giving his lover a confused look, Jay had to think on that remark. When he got what his lover meant he got up shaking his head he stalked over to where his lover was sitting, "Are you kidding me? You were going to act like you were going to spank me, then tell me April Fools while I was bare ass over your knee," he said, sitting on his lover lap. "Dude that is soooo not funny," he told him.

"It's hilarious," Jack replied "And I love your bare ass."

"Yeah, maybe it was," Jay told him, looking deep into his lover eyes. "That's good 'cause I love your mind, soul and whole body naked or not," he said . "If I am not in trouble can we?" he said, as he jerked his head toward the bed. "Please"

Jack's answer was a deep chuckle, his eyes shining.

Jay licked his lips, waiting for an answer, when he saw the shine in his lover's eye. "Oh goodie," he sang out, as he sprung up off Jack's lap. Grabbing Jack by the hand he pulled him to his feet.

Later, after making love twice. Jack curled around his lover. "Got you," he said softly into Jay's ear, "April Brat."

The End

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