Sleepless in Jade Heights.

Co-authors- Jo and Carol.

Jay rolled over and glanced up at the ceiling it was one a.m. he's been awake since he and Jack went to bed at ten, actually he's been awake since five a.m yesterday. Even the hot sex they had didn't tire him out like it usually would,
but then again sex hasn't really been on his mind lately. Letting out a heavy sigh as he climbed out of bed, he had no idea what was going on with him, all he knew was he been this way since he got back from Vancouver.

He let the fridge door close, when he was unable to find anything to drink he leaned against the counter thinking, then he remembered he had half of a soda in his backpack, finding it, he took a drink. 'Flat' he thought, as his eyes hit the liquor cabinet, grabbing a bottle of vodka he poured some into the soda. He'd always wondered what a `Mountain Drive' tasted like, 'Not bad at all' Jay thought as he adding more, putting everything away, he headed for the sofa. He fired up his lap top `good things about Vodka, it has no smell, so it was undetectable once mixed with something.' Taking a long pull of his drink, `Might as well surf the net and listen to music while he waited for the stuff to make him sleepy," he thought, as he found his music file.

Jack rolled over, and was surprised to find no Brat there. Jay was usually a sound sleeper. He opened his eyes and looked at the clock, 1.30am was an ungodly hour to get up, unless you hadn't got to bed yet, Jack smiled to himself, he didn't really miss those days. He sat up in bed and saw Jay listening to his music. He sighed knowing he'd have to get out of his nice warm bed to talk to his Brat. He got up, went over and kissed Jay on the back of his head.

Jay jumped a foot off the sofa when Jack kissed him, "Jesus, Jack scare the willies out of me," Jay yelled, over the music that blasted in his ears.

"You're jumpy," Jack replied mildly. "I think you should come back to bed," He firmly turned off the laptop.

Jay ripped his earphones off "I'm jumpy because you snuck up on me!" Jay said "You go back, I'm not tired. Hey I was downloading" he yelled, as he slapped Jack's hand when he turned off the laptop.

Jack didn't hesitate he hauled Jay off the chair and swatted him hard twice. "You do not hit or yell at me," he said firmly, looking into Jay's eyes daring him to make a protest. "And I don't care if you're not tired, at 2 in the morning you will be in bed." Jack was not a morning person.

"Oww, Damn aren't we bitchy this morning," Jay huffed as he spun around headed back toward the bed trying to rub the sting out. "Fine if I keep you awake that's YOUR fault," Jay huffed, as he plopped back down on the bed.

Jack felt a headache start. It was way too early to deal with a cranky Brat. "Tell me Jason are tantrums acceptable in our relationship?"

No, tantrums were not allowed, and the price for having one, was a spanking. Jay shifted on the bed running one hand through his hair. "No sir" Jay whispered not liking the look he was getting he grabbed the sheet and slid his legs under
them. "But I'll go to bed now." Jay told him as he slipped under the covers.

"Too late, sunshine," Jack said grimly. "You know there's no slack on those tantrums of yours. Unless there's something you need to talk about." Jack's eyes tracked up and down his Brat, noticing little signs that all was not well with Jay.

Jay's brain was working so fast, he could almost smell brain cells burning. He had to think fast to get out of this one, if he could. "I don't know maybe its jetlag." Jay told him, then he watched the eyebrow arched. "Well that's all I got" He said trying to read Jack's expression

Jack didn't say a word, until he had Jay over his lap with his butt bared. "Jetlag? From driving?" He began to spank, slowing turning Jay's butt pink then red. The last six spanks landed on Jay's sit spot.

When the first swat landed Jay jumped, by the time the spanking was over, Jay was in tears and crying hard, almost as bad, as when Jack took the strap to him. When Jack lifted him up Jay just burrowed into Jack holding him tight mumbling "sorry" between hiccups.

"Okay sweetheart," Jack murmured, "It's over now." He gently soothed his lover, holding him tight. "We'll talk in the morning," he said, as he gently laid Jay in bed.

Jay laid there with Jack spooned against his back, he could feel Jack's warm breath on his neck as he slept. He tried to wriggle loose but the strong arms that held him only tightened, and tugged him back closer to his lover's naked
chest. Jay lay there as still as he could, he didn't want to wake Jack up. With eyes fixed on the clock, he watched the little red buttons flash the seconds away. Closing his eyes 'wonder what the hell was going on with me?' Jay thought as he took in a deep breath he could smell Jack's scent that usually made him hard, but not this time, breathing deep, again nothing.

At four a.m Jack's arms finally slipped loose from around his waist. Jay lay there about another fifteen minutes and then got up. It was close enough for him to get up, well he hoped so, grabbing his slippers, he slipped down stairs to work on his skateboards until it was time for him to get ready for work. Around five, he headed upstairs to take a quick shower, then dress for work, as he reached the door he prayed Jack was still asleep.

Jack was sitting cross legged on the bed. He wondered if his Brat ever got, that when he wasn't in the bed, Jack sensed it. He raised his eyebrows when he saw Jay sneak in, "4.30am?" he questioned, "Is only just acceptable. You will come
straight home after work and we will talk. I'll ring Billy and tell him you're not coming in this afternoon."

Jay just shook his head, "Fine get me fired, see if I care," Jay said, as he went into the bathroom. As he went to turn on the water, he saw something small move. Jay looked to see what it could be. "JAAAAAAAACK," Jay yelled as he opened the bathroom door and ran toward him, "kill it please kill it," Jay begged, as he flew behind Jack, as he sat on the bed, Jack could feel Jay's heart beat against his back.

"Billy wouldn't fire you," Jack said calmly, "He understands our relationship." His eyes widened as his Brat fled from the bathroom, and he kept his smile hidden. He entered the bathroom and using a piece of paper, took the spider out of the shower, and put it outside on a plant. "Safe now," he told Jay.

"You should have killed it," Jay told him, as he climbed off the bed. "And yes thank you" Jay said, giving Jack's ass a pinch. "Oh by the way you got greasy hand prints on your back now." Jay said, with a smile as he shut the bathroom door.

"Brat," Jack growled. After Jay had dressed and left for work, Jack had a shower and went down to work. He explained to his staff he wouldn't be available that afternoon and rang Billy. Billy didn't mind, he said no motorbikes were booked,
so there was no trouble. Jack set up lunch and waited for his young Brat.

Since the snow had stopped, the sidewalks were full of shoppers. Jay put his skateboard into his bag, then swung it over his shoulder and headed home. Once there, he glanced in the window to see if his lover was still at work, not seeing him he knew he was upstairs waiting for him. Jay dropped off the skateboard, and his bills, in his little area of the storage area and then headed upstairs. Just before he opened the door, he took a deep breath and smiled. "Hi," he said, as he made his way across the room, the hug he gave Jack was long lasting, Jay didn't want to let go. "I missed you," He told his lover as he looked up at him.

"After just the morning apart?" Jack gently teased, returning the hug with interest. "Lunch is ready. Vegetable soup and cheese toast," he said going to the fridge and pouring Jay, a Mountain Dew.

"Well yeah, that was like six hours ago" Jay told him, his eyebrows went up in curiosity as he watched Jack pour the soda; this got Jay wondering what was up. "Sound good," He said as he sat down. "So how did your day go?" He asked
watching Jack place the food on the table.

"Morning went fine," Jack said cheerfully, grinning when he saw Jay's eyebrows go up. "This is a one time thing," he warned. "I still don't like the stuff, but I guess a glass at lunch won't hurt too much."

"That's good." Jay said, eating his soup trying not to slurp it. After lunch, Jay put his plates in the sink. "Lunch was great." He gave Jack a smile then he went to change into slop cloths, as he called them. He remembered Jack wanting
to talk, but he didn't feel like it at the moment. "I'm headed down stairs I've got six boards and two bikes that need my attention," he said, as he headed for the front door.

"No. you don't," Jack replied. "Come over here we need to talk. I'm a bit worried you've bottled up your emotions. You haven't really grieved. I know you had mixed feelings about your Mom but underneath everything you cared for her
and by bottling things up your emotions are all over the place. You were gaining control of your temper before the crash and now it's starting to rear its head again."

Jay didn't go over to where Jack was sitting, he just leaned up against the door and crossed his ankles over each other and arms crossed over his chest, he gave Jack a blank look. "I have no idea what you're talking about, Dr. Freud," Jay
told him raising an eyebrow. "I'll try to keep my temper in check" he said as he straight up "Are we finished?" he asked giving Jack the "I'm as bored as hell here," look.

"No," Jack replied, "Come over here. You don't want me to come and fetch you." Jack was a great believer in communication.

Jay let out a frustrated breath, and dropped his hand behind him. "You know you are being anal about this!" Jay told his lover as he turns the door knob behind his back getting ready to run.

Jack tensed, "You better not make a run for it," he rumbled, "we need to talk."

Jay knew if he ran, it would only be worse, plus he had nowhere to run, Jack would either figure he headed for the bar or Billy's garage. Letting out a frustrated breath he gave in an headed over to the sofa he sat down between Jack legs with his back against Jacks chest. "Ok Doc, talk" He said letting his body relax into Jack's strong arms.

"Let's begin with a question," Jack said, "Why aren't you sleeping?"

Jay tipped his head back and looked at Jack. "Are you serious?" Jay asked. Not getting an answer Jay settled back against the warm body. "Guilt," Jay whispered in a low voice "This is stupid! How should I know, if I knew I'd fix it" Jay said as he tried to get up when he felt arms tighten around him, his body tighten. "Let me go," he demanded.

"No," Jack replied. "Let's go with the guilt answer. What do you feel guilty about, baby?"

"That she's dead and I don't care," Jay let out a breath. "I'm her son for Christ's sake; I should care, no matter how much I hated her. Hell, even Shane was grieving over the loss, to me it was no big deal," Jay said, as he turned to face Jack. "And I told Shane if the old man kicks the bucket don't call me, 'cause I won't give a shit." He said rubbing his eyes, with the heel of his hand.

"Oh baby," Jack's arm tightened around his lover, "There's no rule about how you should feel. She wasn't there for you and you hadn't rebuilt any sort of relationship with her. I think Shane had a much closer relationship with her, so that's why he feels the loss more. What I'm worried about is the fact you're not sleeping. Would going to see a counsellor help? Someone you could talk to and vent at without consequences." Jack smiled down at his Brat.

Jay pulled out of his lovers arms. "Have you been smoking crack? No way in hell," Jay told him as he stood before him "The last time I went to a counselor he blamed it all on me." He said running his hands through his hair. "I need a drink" he said, going over to the liquor cabinet.

"No you don't," Jack said firmly, "Alcohol will not solve the problem. Maybe seeing a doctor will help, maybe a sleeping pill could help. I really believe if we solve the sleeping problem, the other things may come right."

Jay knew he would not win, and if he continued to fight about it he probably get spanked. "Fine, like always we'll do it your way, I'll see a counsellor," Jay said spinning around to face Jack. "However" he held up one finger "if it doesn't help I get to tie you naked to the bed, and tell you I told you so, while tickling you the whole time" he told him with a grin.

"Deal," Jack said, "Even if it does work, I vote for that plan, with the roles reversed," he grinned back at Jay.

"Alright," Jay told him, going over to him and gave him a hug, "I'm sorry," He said laying his head on Jack's shoulder. Jay felt Jack's arm come around his waist while the other gently scratched up and down his spine. He closed his eyes and let his body relax into the comforting "Umm, am I, ummmm you know," He asked softly in Jack's ear.

"No, you're not in trouble," Jack rumbled, "Hopefully together we can solve this problem. I'll be there with you all the way."

"I wouldn't have it any other way." Jay told him and then he kiss his lover's neck. "But you find the nut doctor," he said as he pulled away. Looking at the clock it was now three, so what do you want to do for the rest of the day?"

Jack just grinned evilly. "Well," he drawled, "I'm up for a practice run with the tie to the bed and tickle thing. I might add something else in there," he warned.

Jay took Jack's hand and brought them up to his mouth, kissed the knuckles of his lover; he looked up into Jack's eyes. "Umm actually if it's alright with you, can we take a ride, drive, or catch the new X-men?" Jay asked, not really wanted to deny his partner sex, but with the way he felt right now it just a hassle. "Or we can watch a movie here," He said laying his head on Jack's shoulder.

Jack looked at his young Brat. "I guess snuggling on the couch watching a movie sounds good," he replied. "Your choice."

Jay thought for a moment they've seen all the movies they have at least a dozen times or more. Jack would kill him, if he found out he had the new Land of the Lost movie, so he could not bring that out. "Oh I don't know how about Back to the Future" Jay said knowing all three movies would take at least six hours, "Can you make popcorn on the stove top, pleeeeeeeease?" he asked, batting his eyelashes at Jack

All three?" Jack said, as he walked over to the stove, and began to make the popcorn. It was his snack of choice, so he had no objections. They settled down and the first of the movies started.


The counselor Jack had found did help Jay some, but not enough for him to get a full night sleep he's been able to sleep a few hours off and on during the night, and he finally figured out to stay in bed at least until 4.30am, so he would not get into trouble.

Since it was the weekend he didn't have work and Jack was down stairs for a few hours, Jay decided to surprise Jack with lunch by fixing BLT sandwiches. Jay forgot how hot bacon grease can get.

"Jack, you got smoke coming from your kitchen." The neighbour told him from his shop door.

Jack lost all sense of caution and pelted upstairs. He stopped dead at the sight that met his eyes.

When the smoke alarms went off, Jay snapped out of his thoughts, saw that the pan with bacon was on fire. He turned off the gas to the pan, but not thinking he dumped his drink on it, only to cause the flames to catch the hood of the stove on fire, as well as the cabinet beside it. By the time Jack got up stairs the fire was out, but not before it took out the top of stove and cabinet out.

Jay heard Jack gasp and turned around to see a very shocked Jack standing in the door. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for that to happen," Jay said, in a state of shock still holding on to the fire extinguisher and the water nozzle from the sink.

Jack gathered his scattered wits together. "Baby are you okay?" he asked, going forward to hold his Brat. He felt slightly sick when he saw the damage, and his fertile imagination could easily picture Jay being badly burned, even killed.

At first Jay jumped when Jack went to hold him but relaxed into the embrace. `he's not going to hurt you' Jay scolded himself, as he let out a wheezy breath, "Yeah I'm alright, all I wanted to do was make lunch for us," he told Jack as he
held on to him for dear life he closed his eyes tight to keep from crying. "Please don't kill me" he whispered with a shaky voice.

"Why would I kill you?" Jack asked, holding his Brat close. "I'm assuming the bacon fat spluttered, and before you knew it, there was a fire. The only thing I want to know is how it got so out of control, and that can wait until you're calmer. Now are you sure you're not hurt? No burns or sore throat from the smoke?"

"Just a little nothing major" Jay said, turning his hand to the side to show a Jack a red mark along the side of the hand. "Throat just sore, I panicked, tossed my soda on it then it just erupted" he said, as he shivered. Jay could smell the
burnt wood and stuff, he shivered again. "Do we need to call the fire department on this?" he asked, as he started to chew on his thumb. He knew if Mason was on duty he'd hammer on until he got the whole story out of him, and he didn't want to tell Jack the truth on how soda became a ball of flame.

Jack counted to ten, and then did it again. After he'd calmed himself enough, he went to fetch the first aid kit. "I think we can keep Mason and his friends out of this," he said, as he liberally applied burn cream to Jay's hand, and bandaged it up firmly. He handed Jay a throat lozenge and said "Suck slowly."

Jack went over and looked at the damage. A new stove and cabinet were the top of the list. He wondered idly if insurance would pay out, soda was not a good fire extinguisher, and he'd make sure Jay knew that before another day passed. He
turned and pulled his Brat into his arms, as he saw the tears well.

`Oh shit,' Jay thought when he saw Jack's face, he knew that look too well, "It was an accident please Jack don't do it," Jay begged as he tried to pull out of the embrace. "I just panicked," he told him. Jay tried to plant his feet firmly on the polished hardwood floor, but in stocking feet, all he could do was slide toward his Top. Jay just shook his head no.

"Sweetheart I'm not going to spank you," Jack replied, he held up a hand, "But you are going to write some fire safety tips out a few times." He held Jay close. "That will start tomorrow, tonight I just want to hold you and thank God
you're safe."

Relief washed over Jays face the instance he heard he wasn't being spanked for this. "Liiiiiiinesss," He whined a little, oh how he hated writing lines, however an essay was a lot worse. "I can do that" he said, in a low voice. `As long as it not a bazillion' he thought, as he snuggled closer. Jay laid his head on Jack's shoulder and relaxed. He was safe, his hand hurt, but he was safe. Opening his eyes a little he looked at the disaster of a kitchen, then closed his eyes even tighter. `It could have been a lot worse. Jack could have lost everything' his body shivered hard. "Maybe you should paddle me for being such a fucking idiot." He said not even realizing he said it out loud.

"Who makes the rules about punishments around here?" Jack rumbled in Jay's ear.

Jay let out a heavy sigh, "You do, sir." He whispered turning his head so he wouldn't have to look at his lover, after a few minutes he got up. "I need a shower." He said, first he stopped and dropped a dollar into the swear box, and then headed to the shower.

Jack called his insurance company, who promised to send someone around the next day. As Jay came out of the bathroom, he said cheerfully "Let's go get dinner at the Maple Grill. Tomorrow we can go shopping for a new stove."

"Sure, if you want" Jay told him he usually like going to the Maple Grill today his heart was not into it. "We walking or you want to drive my bike." He asked holding out the keys to his baby.

"Let's walk it," Jack replied, "The fresh air will do us good."

Once inside the Maple Grill Jay looped his arm around Jack's waist and stepped closer to him. Jay let Jack lead him to a table as he slid into his seat he picked up the menu and glanced at it. "You are going to let me order a beer" Jay asked knowing Jack didn't like to drink too much, however ordering milk was way out of the question.

"Of course," Jack replied, "Just the one. With the medication you're taking you'll feel awful in the morning otherwise."

Jack really enjoyed the steak and chips he ordered with an egg on the side. He made sure Jay ate a good meal as well.

"Thanks," Jay said giving Jack a smile. He was not too talkative during dinner. He watch the patrons came and go, one was dressed in leather pants and vest, Jay eyed him for a minute then shook his head as if to clear it. When they went to
pay the bill, Jay noticed a credit card sign glancing at it for a minute, everything came back to him. He let out a heavy sigh.

The walk home was in silence as they passed the library, Jay noticed the old handrails were replace with new one attached to the brick planter boxes. "When did they change those?" he asked, knowing Mason probably had a hand in it. `Now where the hell am I going too slide' Jay thought, as they continued to walk. "This town needs a skate park or some kind of entertainment for the kids, and us skaters" he thought taking Jack's hand into his. He was in deep thought as they
headed back home. `How the hell am I going to explain this to him?' he thought, as ran into Jack when he stopped to unlock the door to the building.

You're thinking deeply lover," Jack said, "Want to share?"

"Umm, no, not really" Jay told him, as he watched Jack unlock the door, he knew Jack would not push the issue.

Jay lay in bed staring at the ceiling he knew he could not get out of bed before 4.30am, taking a deep breath, he thought for a minute. `Jack always told him if he had something to tell him he could; however, Jack never said he had to be awake to hear it,' he thought, as he pushed himself up on his arm and his mouth close to Jack's ear. "Jack you asleep" Jay waited for an answer, but all he got was a "hummm"

Jay took a deep breath; "I know why I can't sleep. It not because of mom, it cause I let the uncles pay my credit card payment, but Leo paid it off, I went to one of my old stomping grounds." Jay laid back down, knowing it was a sneaky
way of getting it off his chest, "also, I had vodka in my soda this afternoon."

"Feel better?" Jack asked, his eyes opening and meeting Jay's startled ones. "We'll deal with this later on after work. Now lie down and go to sleep.”

Jay jumped when Jack spoke "You tricked me" Jay said. has he laid his head on Jack's chest letting out a very noisy yawn he closed his eyes, and slept pass the alarm.

There was a scramble to get Jay out of bed and to work on time. "Shit," Jay yelled jumping from the bed and made a mad dash to the bathroom, doing a quick bath he got dressed quickly grabbed his meds from Jack swallowing with juice and
gave Jack a quick wet sticky kiss and grabbed his backpack all in one move as he ran out the door.

Jack worked the morning in the shop, and had lunchtime by the time Jay arrived home, there was French onion soup being warmed up and cheese toast waiting.

Jay sifted through their mail on the way home, Jack liked to look through the sales ads, so tossing the junk mail out was a No. Stuffing his stuff in to his backpack, he walked up the stair to the loft.

Jay laid Jack's mail on the table then slipping his arms around Jack's waist he rubbed his crotch into Jack's backside. "Hey," he said, giving him a hug and a kiss to the back of the neck. "What did the insurance guy say?" he asked as he
watched Jack take the soup or of the microwave.

"We're fully covered," Jack replied, turning to add some heat to the kiss, carefully putting the soup out of range before he did so. "Let's eat before the cheese toast gets cold. Then we talk about what you revealed last night."

"I thought we were going shopping this afternoon, I brought home a kitchen catalog I found in the trash at work. They're having some kind of blow out sale," Jay said as he took a bite of his toast, pulling it away from his mouth as the melted cheese strung from his mouth to the toast, then he tipped his head back and slowing wrapped the warm cheese around his tongue. "Beside there's nothing to talk about, I figured out what was going on, and slept like a log," he said, once he used his teeth to slide the cheese from around his tongue, chewing it as he chatted. "Are we going to get white or can we get one that has a more pizzazz's?" he asked, as he leaned back into the chair balancing it on it's back legs.

"I thought stainless steel with four burners," Jack replied, flicking through the catalog idly, while eating his cheese toast. After demolishing his soup. "And we will be talking about withholding crucial information from me. You probably couldn't have stopped your Uncle from paying off your credit card, but the issue of sneaky drinking will be discussed. Plus what you did while you were away from me. What old stomping grounds did you visit?" Jack raised his eyebrow
in question.

"Well, it will be easy to clean, but it won't match the fridge." Jay told him eating the last of his toast. He spooned up his soup but instead of eating it, he just played with it. "It was just a Dungeon club. Nothing happened I didn't play." He pushed back the bowl slopping soup onto the table. "I am 23 in case you forgot I can drink alcohol, and I wasn't sneaking it, you just didn't notice," he snapped realizing he temper was on the rise he closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He folded his arm onto the table and laid his head down, "Sorry" he mumbled into his arms.

Jack ignored the flare of temper, "I'm proud of you," Jack said gently, "You were angry and you controlled your temper. I do want to know why you visited the dungeon. Also why you feel it necessary to hide your drinking?

"God, how the hell was he going to tell his lover the truth?" Jay thought, as he let out a heavy sigh, `Tell him the truth,' he told himself. "I went," he said as he sat up and looked across the table at his lover, "Because I miss the smell of leather, the funk in the air, and the sound, I had one drink, I didn't play, I just watched for a few hours, then went back to Shane's and had phone sex with you." He shifted his eyes to the table.

"The drinking I felt guilty about something but couldn't figure it out, I thought it was about Mom," He said looking up at the ceiling, so his Top could not see his lip quiver. "I didn't tell you about the other stuff, because it didn't click, until I saw that leather daddy at the Maple Grill and you paying the bill with your card. If I could have figured that out to begin with, I would have told you right off, and you would not have a fucked up kitchen," he said with a wave of his arms, Jay felt tears slip down his cheeks. "I got to go, I need to ride," he said getting to his feet in a hurry.

Do you want to visit a dungeon together?" Jack asked, snagging his Brat and dragging him into his lap.

After a brief struggle to get back up on his feet so he could bolt. Jay finally gave in, and relaxed into the strong arms, that held him tight against his lover's body. "Could we?" he twisted around so he could be face to face with Jack. "That would be so awesome, I could show off the hottest Dom, in whole of B.C," he said wrapping his arms around Jack's neck giving him a tight hug. Jay laid his head down on Jack's shoulder a let out a heavy sigh. "How much trouble am I in?" he muttered into his lover's neck.

"Not as much as you may think," Jack replied. "I am a bit hurt, you didn't see fit to tell me what was going on with you. The cards where not down to you, that was your Uncle's doing, although I'd prefer you not to run up such large debts
again. Going to the dungeon is fine, although if you'd played I would have been more than a bit upset. So that leaves the secret drinking. I think a month's alcohol ban is appropriate there. Any questions?"

Jay thought for a moment, "No, no questions," he said, shaking his head. "I am sorry about hurting you, I really didn't mean to," he told Jack as he relaxed when Jack lightly scratched his back. When his brain finally registered what Jack had told him, he sat back and looked at Jack, "Does that mean no beer also?" he asked with wide eyes. He always has at least one with Billy after work, and he sure didn't want to have to tell his Boss, even though he was a Brat himself, he couldn't have a beer.

Jack raised an eyebrow, "Last I checked beer was alcohol," he said, "I'm sure Billy won't mind you drinking Mountain Dew instead. Now shall we go look at some stoves or do you want to start your writing assignment?"

"Yeah, but not as refreshing," Jay mumbled. "As boring as it may be, defiantly stoves," he said as he got to his feet. After a few minutes both men headed out the door. "Can we get pizza for dinner?" he asked, over his shoulder, as he bounded down the stairs.

The only long thing about buying the stove was the drive. Jack was easily persuaded to have pizza for dinner. Then when they got home Jay proved that he had a renewed appetite for sex. Jack sighed things were getting back to normal.

The End

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