Parade Challenge

"I don't see why you're so upset." Jay pointed out as he put away the three poster boards that he and his skater friends held up as they skated past the camera crews during the parade. Each one read `Come check out our Jewels at Quality Jewellers in Jade Heights. 

"I wore my helmet," Jay told him.

Jack just groaned as though he was in pain. "With a pink wig, make-up and sequined, gold mini-dress."

Jay took the wig off his head and tossed it at Jack as he walked toward the bathroom. The mini-dress came next. "I could've gone like this," he stated as he turned toward his lover. The light in the loft caught the glimmer dust on Jay's body making it sparkle. He wore a green thong. On the front of it was a yellow happy face with a rainbow color hair GAY PRIDE in bold yellow letters. Every time he moved his hips it would either wink or lick its lips.

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