Hey Bro, I'm Getting Married.

With Shane and Sarah.

Someone is not too happy about what's going on with his little brother's life.

It had been about two weeks since Jay said yes to Jack and he thought it was
about time he told someone. He thought he'd tell DJ first but then thought
again. Jay picked up his cell phone and pushed a number; he then pushed the
speaker so he didn't have to hold the phone. He had no idea Jack had come into
the loft as he was making the call.

The phone rang a few times.

"What's up bro?" Shane's voice filled the room.

Jay smiled. "Hey, is Sarah around? I have something I want to tell you both," he
said as he sat back.

"Yeah, hold on." Jay laughed as he could hear something going on. Then there was
an audible click. "OK bro, go ahead I've got you on speaker," Shane told him.

Jay took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

"Jack and I are getting married," he said.

"Yeaaaaaaaaah, it's about time, I'll do the flowers," Sarah said.

Jack smiled. He liked his soon-to-be sister in law. She loved Jay.

"What, wait, no, are you nuts?" Shane said. Jay just looked at his phone. He
expected his brother would be a little upset but not like this.

"Yeah, I finally said yes," Jay told him.

"No, you can't Jay, bro, you are not ready," Shane told him.

"Dude, I've given up almost everything for him," he said. "I've quit all the bad
habits I've had, except Dew and skating but that's not going to happen and Jack
is ok with both of those," Jay told him as he started to pick on the loose
strings on his jeans.

Jack could cheerfully have strangled Shane. It wasn't as if Jay had an excess of
self confidence.

"Yeah, but what about you know?" Shane asked him. Jay looked at the phone.

"What?" Jay asked his brother. Jay heard Shane say something but wasn't sure
what it was.

"Ok hon. I guess big bad bro wants to chat so I'm going off now," said Sarah, "
I am happy for you, no matter what dumb ass says, so don't let him get you down.
Let me know your colors so I can do the flowers; this is so awesome," she said,
giving him a kiss to the phone.

"Ok dude what's your problem?" Jay asked once he was sure his sis in law was out
of the room.

You're not responsible enough to get married; marriage is a big step," Shane
told him.

"And you are? If I remember right you and Sarah got married because she was
pregnant, got divorced because of something, and now you live together," Jay

"That's not it," Shane snapped back.

Jay was getting frustrated with this.

"I work. Yes it's part time, but it's a job, and I help with the stuff around
here. My credit is better than yours, and I don't have many bills; I keep that
shit caught up. I own my own bike and car," Jay stated, bouncing his foot on the
floor. He was getting pissed and wanted to punch his brother. "And I only had
the uncles bail me out of one credit card payment years ago," Jay said, trying
to figure out what the hell was wrong with Shane.

Jack almost stood up and cheered.

"That's not what I mean, and you know it," Shane yelled at him.

"Stop fucking about and tell me what you mean," Jay yelled at the phone.

"What's going to happen when things get too tough for you to handle like it did,
six years ago? If you get married you'll have responsibilities to face up to and
you just cannot run away," Shane told him

"I took off because Mac was beating the shit out of me," Jay told him.

"And what does Jack do to you when you fuck up?" Shane asked.

"That's between us, but he doesn't beat me," Jay told him.

"Yeah, that's what I thought," Shane told him. "I'm sorry bro but I cannot give
my blessing on this. If Sarah wants to play wedding party that's up to her, but
I won't and neither will the boys," Shane said and the line went dead.

"You don't understand," Jay said as he reached over and pushed the end button.
It felt like Shane had reached through the phone and slapped him hard. He felt
tears slip down his face.

Jack walked over and just held his lover. Families could be a right bitch.

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