Oh No, You Don't

Jay stuck his head into the shop early on Saturday morning. Finding the shop
almost empty, he walked over to his lover. "Hey, Sweets, I'm headed to K-town to
skate. See you later," he announced, giving him a kiss on his cheek.

"How are you getting there?" Jack asked, giving Jay a hard look. "Plus, I can
count. You're technically grounded until midnight Sunday. Just because you
managed to get your grounding down to 14 days doesn't mean you get another 2
days off. You should just be lucky that stunt on the roof didn't earn you
another week."

Jay blushed; he didn't expect to be reprimanded in front of clients. Kay was
different; she was used to seeing him get scolded. "My bike, and my stunt on the
roof brought in an extra five grand, if I heard right, so that should count for
something," he said with a smug look. "Or not," he mumbled, looking at the

"No, it didn't," Jack replied. "Surprising as it may seem, most of my clients
aren't swayed by skateboarders on the roof. Maybe we've had a few more of the
`just looking' crowd, which may lead to extra sales eventually."

"Well it should have, and it's a two hour bike ride from here to town. I'll be
home by dinner," Jay told him and headed out to the hallway, letting the shop
door slam behind him. He stood by the stair to see if Jack would come after him
or not. Knowing his Top, his ass was against the wall as he spun his bicycle
helmet on his finger.

Jack felt a headache start. He'd obviously been neglecting his duties recently
if Jay thought he could get away with this attitude. His Brat was asking for a
spanking and Jack was more than half tempted to give him one. He opened the door
to the hallway. "Upstairs," he simply said to Jay.

Taking his helmet by the strap, Jay flung it into the open door of the storeroom
and there was a loud bang as the helmet hit something in its path. "You're being
so unfair, "he yelled, as he stomped up the stairs.

"10, 9, 8," Jack chanted silently to himself. He had a temper and tried very
hard to control it. He followed his Brat up the stairs and made it to zero. "If
you want a spanking, why don't you just ask for one?"

The windows vibrated as the door slammed against the wall next to them. Jay
stormed into the room, taking off his bicycling jacket. He balled it up and
threw it across the room, then spun around when he heard Jack.

his arms around. Closing his mouth, he held his jaw tightly, taking a few deep
breaths. "I am bored out of my tree, and there's only a few days left of warm
weather. By next week it will be too DAMN cold to do much of anything but
freeze," he said in a much lower voice, but far from calm.

"Who decided to drive drunk?" Jack replied. "And who decides when your grounding
ends? Being bored is one of the reasons it's called a punishment, Sunshine. You
have about 36 hours left and at the moment I am about 1 step away from pushing
that back out to a week." Jack held up a hand when Jay opened his mouth. "And
yelling at me will get you spanked every time."

Jay sat on the back of the couch. What Jack had said had hit home. "I drove
drunk, and you decide on punishment," Jay told him, trying to give him the best
moon eyes he could. "I understand how grounding works, I've been grounded more
times, than I can count before I met you. But you know what happens when I get
beyond bored." Jay ran his hand through his hair. "I didn't mean to yell at
you. I'm just frustrated, I guess. Hell, I don't know what's wrong, I just feel
trapped," he said, giving his lover the pouty lip.

Jack just laughed. "That lip doesn't work on me lover," he pointed out. He
sobered down and his eyes took on an evil glint. "I can keep you from getting
bored," he said. "The windows need to be cleaned. You do the inside today and
we'll do the outside together tomorrow."

"Fine, but I wanted to be outside," Jay told him. "Help me move your work area
out of the way."

Jack helped Jay move his work station. He had vivid memories of Jay climbing
onto his work station to wash windows once. His lover had slipped, and almost
cracked his head open on the corner of the desk. Once he'd been reassured Jay
was OK he'd paddled him for putting himself in danger. It hadn't helped when Jay
admitted he'd almost fallen a couple of times before.

Once the inside was done, Jay looked around. Grabbing his iPod he opened the
window and climbed out onto the fire escape. `Why waste a perfectly good Sunday
washing windows, if I can get them done today?' he thought as he washed the
outside of the bedroom windows.

About an hour later Kay came in shaking her head. "Jack, I know it is none of
my business but wouldn't it be safer to hire window cleaners then to have Jay
hanging by a rope washing the outside windows?"

Jack's heart almost stopped. He quickly apologized to his customer and raced
upstairs. He moved quietly and quickly, and stood in Jay's direct line of sight.
He mouthed, "Get your ass in here now."

Jay was singing to himself with his eyes closed. He got the feeling he was
being watched, and opened his eyes. His smile quickly faded when he saw his
lover; his man did not look happy.

Putting the cleaners and rags into the bag he looked up and then down. He'd
been wall scaling before at the park; going down was easy, but going up was
something he had problems with. Giving Jack a nod he swung over to the wall and
made his way back up to the roof. He half excepted Jack to be waiting for him
and he took a deep breath of nice clean fresh air, which was probably going to
be his last for long, long time.

Letting out a breath he was holding, he opened the door to the kitchen and
walked in to find his lover standing where he'd left him, looking deathly white
and shaking. Dropping his harness to the floor, he said, "Oh shit," as he ran
over to his mate. Grabbing him he hugged him tight and, pulling a chair behind
Jack, Jay actually forced his man to sit. Dropping to his knees he looked up at
Jack, "Sorry, Sweets, I am so sorry," he whispered.

Jack took in some deep gulps of air and concentrated on slowing his heart rate.
He looked at Jay. "What the hell did you think you were doing?" he asked. "And
don't say washing the windows."

Jay bit and chewed on his lower lip. How was he supposed to answer the question,
if he wasn't supposed to say what he was doing? "Umm, doing what we were
supposed to do tomorrow so we can spend a full day together," Jay said, giving
him an impish grin.

"Silly me. Thought we'd use a scaffolding ladder, not abseiling down the goddamn
building," Jack replied, running his hand through his hair. "It would have taken
less than an hour, and then I thought we could drive to Kelowna so you could
meet up with your friends." He looked straight at Jay. "What happens if you put
yourself in dangerous situations?"

Jay really didn't want to answer that question. He dropped his head into Jack's
lap and let out a moan. "I was just trying to help, that's all, and I was done
in thirty minutes. I had gear, I wall climb at the park sometimes. I was
perfectly safe," he told him.

"Climbing on a purpose built wall does not compare to what you were just doing,"
Jack said. "As for safety gear, I see no sign of a helmet. And to answer my
question, I believe you get paddled for taking risks like that. Maybe letting
you off that stunt on the roof was a mistake."

Letting out another groan, Jay's body shivered, not out of fear, he didn't fear
Jack, but he hated the paddle. `As long as it's not the strap,' he thought. "I
was safe, I had it double tied, and I was not going to fall. I'm a dare devil, I
get stuck on stupid, I'm an idiot," he said, into Jack's legs. He also knew he
was making excuses. He looked up into his lover face. "Please, Sweets, don't
paddle me," he begged, his eyelashes spiked with tears.

"I know you thought you were safe, honey," Jack said gently, wiping a tear from
Jay's face. "However, one mistake could be deadly and I'm not willing to
overlook that. If it takes the paddle to drive home the message, I'll use it
every time."

"I know, I'm sorry," Jay said, rubbing his cheek into Jack's hand like a cat
would. He sighed as his lover's soft as well as gentle hand caressed his face.
He loved the feeling of his lover's hands on his person; it always made him feel
loved, safe, and owned. He also knew that the soft, gentle, loving hand that
touched him now would soon be very strong, tough, and hard on his bare ass, even
though his lover didn't want to harm him. Jay looked up into his lover's face,
"You do know I love you, right?" Jay asked. The question hung in the air as he

"I never doubt that," Jack replied, drawing his lover to him and planting a kiss
on his lips. "And I love you." He slowly pulled Jay's pants down to reveal his
bare ass and pulled him across his lap. "I almost had a heart attack when I saw
you out there," he said conversationally as he laid the first smack across Jay's
bottom. "If I lost you my heart would break." He then started to turn Jay's
bottom from white to a blazing hot red.

Since Jack did not move them to the sofa, Jay knew this was going to be bad. He
hated it when he got spanked while Jack sat in a chair. When the first swat
landed Jay grabbed his lover's legs. He knew he deserved this, maybe even wanted
it. He clamped his teeth shut and dropped his head, and the swats continued and
the heat rose from ass cheeks to sit spot. He tightened his hold on Jack's
ankles and his legs jerked with each swat. When the swats became harder, he
tried to keep his legs still but it he couldn't stop himself wriggling and
kicking. He did try but he could not stay silent. Soon the umps and the owws
became owws and cries, and Jack hadn't even laid the paddle on him yet. "Sweets,
please, I'm sorry, stop please, no… more... stunts," he cried out. The only
thing he was glad about was his Sweets was not angry at him, and the people down
on the streets could not hear him.

Jack only stopped when he was sure the message was learnt. He didn't reach for
the paddle. He kept Jay over his lap until the cries lessened slightly. "Jay,"
he said gently, "You need to listen to what I'm about to say. Are you calm
enough to listen?"

Jay gulped a few times, he was glad it had stopped but he knew it was far from
over. His breath came out in hiccup and quivers, he was too hoarse to talk so he
turned just a little to look Jack in the face. His eyes were swollen and his
face was red and wet with tears. He sniffed deeply and wiped his nose with the
heel of his hand, and wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. His other hand
was still holding tightly to Jack's ankle. He nodded his head, "Yes."

Jack could read his Brat's mind. "This is over," he said calmly. "I'm keeping
you over my knee so you remain focused. If I ever find you risking your life or
courting serious damage again I will strap you. Understand?"

"Und... under… stand..." Jay stammered out. He couldn't believe his ears. "No…
pad... ul..." he asked as his eyes grew large with concern.

"Do you need me to paddle you?" Jack asked. "I think the message has been driven
home enough. I also think the thought of the strap may be enough to make you
think twice, third and fourth about endangering yourself."

Jay shook his head no when he was asked if thought he needed the paddle. Of
course, he was going to say no; he hated the paddle. He hated how Jack could
make it sting for days afterwards. He then nodded his head yes, the message got
though alright, and he placed both feet on the ground, for now that is.

"Okay we're done then," Jack said. "Tomorrow we do the outside of the windows
safely." He grinned when he heard his Brat moan softly. "After that we'll go to
the Skate Park in Keleowna."

Jay let out a soft moan when he felt his Sweet's arm under his chest. Jay
slipped around and hung onto Jack for a while and, once he was calmer, he rubbed
his face on his man's shirt. "You want to learn to wall climb?" he asked, giving
Jack a small grin.

Jack just groaned, his Brat was irrepressible.

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