Over The Top

I love our beta who makes this so easy to read. All mistakes are ours.

A small crowd of tourists, as well as the local residents of Jade Heights, were
starting to gather in front of the big window of McCullum's jewelry store. As
the crowd grew larger people started to point upward toward the roof of the
building. Many even ducked their heads as small objects fell from above. Some
glanced in the window at the display that was laid out for the public to see.
Children and even the adults were laughing and catching things or picking them
up off the ground.

"What the hell ….." Jack thought, as he came out of his shop.

Shielding their eyes from the sun the crowd looked up to see a person on a bike
doing wheelies along the edge of the roof, just as the bike rider disappeared
someone on a skate board would do a handstand on the edge while flipping the
board with their feet.

"Bloody hell," Jack breathed out he set out for the roof, "I'm going to kill
Jay was looking over the edge when he heard.

"Umm, Bird, he looks pissed," the young man with a Mohawk said, as Jack stepped
out onto the roof.

Turning around, Jay saw his lover. "Did you see it man? Wow just think, dude,
it's going to be hit on YouTube," Jay said, coming across the roof to meet up
with the love of his life. "Umm, Sweets, is something wrong?" he asked, not
understanding why Jack look like he was about to pass out.

Jack was breathing hard. "YouTube," he said, his voice shaking, "you risked your
life for a YouTube video." Without turning around he pointed at Jay's friend,
"You stay," he ordered.

"Yeah, sure, ok," the boy told him going over to the cooler, and grabbing a MD
out of it. "It's Birds time to fly anyway," he stated.

"Want a bet on that?" Jack growled out and the boy looked startled.
Realizing Jack was in no mood to play around and he was in some serious trouble,
again, Jay pleaded, "Jack, come on, we do this stuff all the time, well not
this high up. We're just having some fun." Jay stepped closer to his top so he
could only hear, "Please not in front of the guys," he begged.

"Say goodbye to your friends, Jason," he replied, "I'll see you downstairs."
Jack turned to a young girl hiding in the corner "Good to see you again DJ. No
snakes on you I hope."

"Nope," DJ said giving Jack a small smile.

Jay turned to his friends and gave them the `What can I do?' look. "Come on guys
wrap it up. Mr. Spoilsport's not having it," the one with the Mohawk said.

Jay helped his buddy gather stuff and gear up then loaded it up into the VW van
behind the store. Giving DJ a small hug and peck on her cheek he watched as they
drove off, in a small cloud of exhaust.

Shaking his head, Jay locked up his bike and boards, he grabbed a towel from the
dryer and scrubbed his sweaty hair somewhat dry, trying to gathered up his
courage to face his pissed off lover.

"You know Jack you really need to lighten up on some stuff I do. We were
perfectly safe doing what we were doing," Jay said as he entered the loft.

"You were on a roof two stories up, doing tricks that work 95% of the time. It's
the 5% that worries me. Excuse me if I don't want to see my lover freefall from
the top of our building."

Jay leaned against the back of the sofa, he let out a huff as he crossed his
arms, and he could see where his Sweet was coming from. Jay ran his fingers
though his damp hair, he was coming down from an adrenaline high and his body
shook just a little. "I'm sorry we, I mean me, um, I didn't mean to scare you
like that," he finally said. "It didn't start out to happen, shit man, we just
got talking about this and that, and the old times, aw hell, it just happened
that's all. It was just for fun and, oh hell, dude, it's cool man, no one got
hurt," Jay told him, looking up at his lover face. `Hurt yet,' he thought, not
liking the reading he was getting.

"Jay do you have an edit button? What I mean is, stopping to think things
through is something you should seriously consider trying." Jack ran his hands
through his hair. "I don't like being scared."

Jay dropped his head, he felt like he got smacked across the face; he never
expected his Sweets to say something like that. Looking down, he found a hole in
his shirt a little interesting. "Yeah I do stop to think sometimes; you just
don't see it," Jay told him. "The other day I was going to take off on the
bike, but I remembered you said no riding for 90 days. Oh yeah, that reminds
me," Jay reached into his shorts pocket and handed Jay the handmade gold and
blue key ring that said Jack's Brat on it. "I know you think I'm a total idiot,
but I'm not, I just get stuck on stupid sometimes." Taking a deep breath Jay
blinked back tears that threatened to fall, letting out his breath slowly so it
would not catch. "I know you don't like being scared; I'm really, really,
sorry," he said, scrubbing his face with the heel of his hand.

"You are not an idiot," Jack said forcefully, "you're my Brat and I love you to
distraction. I don't know what I'd do if something bad happened to you." He
pulled Jay into his arms and held him tight. "Please don't scare me like that

"I can't promise but I will try not to," he told him, holding him tight. Burying
his face into the crook of his top's neck he snuggled as deep as he could.
Taking in a deep breath, "Do I need to go get the paddle?" he mumbled, fearing
he knew the answer.

"I'm giving you a choice," Jack replied, after thinking for a minute. "I can
paddle you for endangering yourself or you can write 100 lines. I want you to
choose which would drive the message home." Jack hid a smile, he thought it was
about time Jay took responsibility for his actions, and that included the
punishment for the actions. He was somewhat shocked that Jay had offered to get
the paddle.

Jay's body shuddered. He'd just finished a writing assignment on the dangers of
driving under the influence of alcohol. He snuggled closer to Jack thinking.
Lines would only take him about an hour or so, a paddling would only take
fifteen minutes or so, but the cuddling afterwards would be worth it. However,
the after effect would take a few days to go away. "If I choose the lines will
you cuddle me after I finish them?" Jay mumbled into his lover's neck.

"Try and stop me," Jack replied. He knew Jay's choice wasn't as easy as it
appeared his Brat really hated line writing.

"Lines," Jay told him, "but you've got to admit those stunts were awesome." He
let a sly, wild smile cross his face as his eyes lit up.

"If they're done at the skate park and not on our roof they're awesome," Jack
replied, "but if I ever catch you doing it again, you'll be writing more lines
while sitting on a freshly paddled butt. Do you understand?"

"Yeah, I understand," Jay said letting his hand slide up and down Jack's back.
Jay nuzzled Jack's neck finding the one spot he knew drove his man wild. He
began to suck on the tender flesh, feeling his lover relax into what he was
doing. Then he began to undo the clasp on his lover pants. After years of being
together, Jay had finally learned how to unclasp dress slacks with one hand.

"If I was any kind of Top, I would insist on lines first," Jack said, giving Jay
more access to his neck, as his cock hardened under Jay's expert hands.

Wrapping his arms around his lover's waist he maneuvered Jack around so it was
he who was against the sofa. "I won't tell," Jay said, sucking the flesh harder
until he heard a gasp out of the man he loved. Not wanting to bruise the area,
Jay ran his tongue bar across the spot, and then moved down toward Jack's chest.
With one jerk the shirt was undone, and Jack's arms became trapped in the long
sleeve. Dropping to his knees Jay took his lover's hard shaft deep into his
mouth, running the ball in his mouth against the underside of the hard smooth
flesh, and then running the ball into the slit, sucking him to a fast, screaming
climax. Taking what was given to him, Jay stood and claimed Jack's mouth with
his. He usually let Jack lead, usually when coming down from a spike of
adrenaline he'd drink a couple of beers, but sex would work just as well. "Bed!"
he whispered.

Jack was dazed. It was not often Jay took command but when he did "Wow" was the
only way to describe it. Once they hit the bed Jack took control again; he
slowly undressed his boy. Kissing each area as it was revealed. By the time he
was finished Jay was almost purring. He stripped quickly, struggling with the
cuffs of his shirt. When Jay looked up with a smile in his eyes Jack just
growled. Then he lent down and kissed Jay stupid. As Jay recovered, Jack moved
down to his lover's nipples and played with them, sucking and pinching until Jay
was drowning in sensation. It was a quick move down and Jack was at Jay's cock.
Jack prided himself on his blowjobs.

Jay grabbed the sheets and his heels dug into the mattress as his ass came up
off the bed an inch or so. "Aww" escaped his lips as he came hard. He lay
panting, trying to catch his breath, giving a stupid smile. "Awesome," he
chirped as he opened his legs a little, giving his love access to him.

Jack leant over his Brat and grabbed a bottle of lube; he coated his cock and
slowly slid into his Brat.

Letting out a small hiss as he stretched to accept his love, Jay gulped in a
small amount of air. He could not help it, his body tightened as his man
continued to push his cock into his body. After a second Jay felt Jack still; he
knew his lover was waiting for him to become adjusted before they continued.
Reaching up he drew his lover's mouth to his and said, "thank you." He then
kissed his Sweets and a purr escaped his lips as his man began to move.

Jack grinned as he slowly began the age old rhythm. He loved it when his Brat
purred. He began to pick up the pace and drove his Brat to the edge and over it.
He followed, and collapsed making sure he didn't land on Jay. "Don't get too
comfortable," he said about 5 minutes later, "we need to eat, and then you have
lines to do before we sleep."

Letting out a small groan, Jay smiled and maneuvered Jack to lie on his back,
snuggling close to his lover. Jay laid his head on his man's shoulder. "Only a
top would remember lines after mind blowing sex like that," he mumbled into his
lover's ear.

Jack just laughed. "Guilty as charged," he replied. He rolled off the bed, and
strolled gloriously naked across to the bathroom, and turned on the shower. "If
you hurry we can share the shower." It was one of the first things he'd changed
when Jay moved in; the shower was now made for two.

Kicking off his shorts that were caught on one leg, Jay jump to his feet and
slid into the bathroom before Jack had a chance to close the door. He became a
little disappointed when this shower was just that: a shower.

Jay sat looking at a note pad, while Jack searched the kitchen for something to
eat. When Jay's friends showed up for a visit the food seemed to vanish with
them. Luckily Jack had set up two steaks to marinate, and there was still some
potato salad left.

"So what do I write?" he asked taking a sip of his MD.

"I shall not scare the hell out of my Top by performing dangerous stunts on the
roof," Jack replied. "You can start after dinner. I have some work I can do up
here whilst you do it." He put a plate in front of Jay, and the two men ate

Two hours later Jay placed the note pad in front of Jack's face as he was
sitting on the sofa. "Done! Now can I have my cuddles?" he asked.

On the header of the page was `To my beloved Top' and below, neatly written 100
times, was `I shall not scare the hell out of my Top by performing dangerous
stunts on the roof' double spaced.

On the last page was, `I Jason Copeland (McCullum) promise to do all my skate/
bike stunts at a park that is designed to do such things, where it is safe and
equipped to do them. I LOVE YOU.'

Jack choked with emotion. It was the first time Jay had ever used the last name
McCullum. "Come here you," he said, and pulled Jay into a hug. He then pulled
him closer for an extended cuddle. "I love you Brat."

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