The Party

Jack, Jay, Billy and wee bit of Mason.
Carrol and Jo (with Tarabeth writing Mason).

FYI Billy wanted to come out and play.

Warning – drug use.
Implements – hand and paddle (wooden spoon mentioned in passing).

Our beta (who doesn’t want to be named) went truly above and beyond (3 drafts). This is why this is so easy to read. Any mistakes left (none to my eyes) are our fault (or Neo messing with the format).

Billy Fleming-Monroe
PO Box 26
Jade Heights Canada

A light blue envelope was in the mail.
Inside was an invitation.
On the front of the card was a Blue Jay flying high in the air with a skateboard clutched in his claws. His eyes were bright; on one leg was the band that Jay wore to show he was Jack’s.
The time has come we never would have thought of.  Our bird has been caught and, before he is caged for life to the man of his dreams, come join us at 1717 River street Vancouver BC.   On the 24th of the month, there will be Drinks soft and hard, and plenty to eat.  Live Music and entertainment (no strippers).
The party starts at eight pm and goes on until we drop. Designated drivers will be available for those who live close by and rooms will be available for those who live outside of the area.
Call DJ at (555) 689-9554 to R.S.V.P.

Hand written on the bottom of the invite was:
It’s a surprise party. Can you make sure Jay is there? We can always come and kidnap him if necessary. It was signed ‘DJ’
Billy just laughed. He could think of plenty of ways to get Jay to Vancouver. After checking with Mason it was ok to go to the party, he went to talk to Jack. Jack was slightly leery of letting Billy and Jay loose on the general public, but relaxed when he found out Sarah would be keeping an eye on the party.
When Jay turned up at the garage on the 24th he was surprised to find it closed and Billy at the wheel of Mason’s truck. “Hey,” Billy said, flicking his wheat blond hair out of his eyes, “I need to go to Vancouver to do a pick up and I need someone to drive this back. I’ve checked with Jack and it’s OK if you come with me.”

Jay looked at Bill with suspicious eyes then tilted his head to one, side shaking his dishwater blond head.  Suddenly making up his mind, he tossed his board into the back of the truck and climbed in, shut the door and fastened his seat belt. He laid his head back and put both ear buds in his ears. Bill and him might have a few things in common but music was not one of them. Jay still loved his head banging music that drove his Sweets insane.
"Let's roll," said Jay, slipping his skullcap down over his eyes, and stretching out. Half an hour later, down the road, Jay turned to his friend. "You drive like a TOP, slow and steady," Jay told him with a smirk, "Wake me when we get there."

“I get a ticket and I’m toast,” Billy replied slightly insulted. “And you don’t get to sleep. I’m an old, married man. You got questions I can answer them. Brat to Brat.”

Jay just looked at him, "Sorry about the TOP thing." Jay looked out the side window, "I should be tickled shitless and I am scared to death. I don't want things to change between us, I want our lives to be the same afterwards, but everyone says it's a big step and things will change once you tie the knot. Hell, even my own brother won't come to the wedding cause he says I’m not mature enough to get married, that I need to grow up before I take the biggest step in my life, cause if shit hits the fan I cannot run from it like I used to." Jay turned to his friend with wide eyes, "Tell me it's going to be the same and nothing will change between us.”

Billy grinned, “Things do change,” he said. “But it’s all good. You know there is always going to be someone beside you. Someone always on your side. Someone who you can trust with your deepest darkest secrets.  It’s wonderful.” He glanced sideways at Jay, “You haven’t run yet and you’ve been with Jack as long as I’ve been with Mace. Your brother is talking through a hole in his head. You’re way mature enough.”
Jay gave him a smile. "Some secrets are best to be left in the dark," Jay mumbled, turning back to the view. "We are going to have the wedding in Jack’s parents’ rose garden and, since the suit I wore when you got married still looks new, I’ll probably just wear that, cause Jack said I cannot get married in my skater shorts," he said with a laugh, remembering the look on Jack’s face when he suggested it.
“You were kidding right?” Billy asked, half seriously. “Hell you don’t wear those to work so why would you even suggest that for your wedding? If you want we could go looking for a tux while we’re in Vancouver. Why don’t you check it with Jack? After all getting married is a onetime thing so you might as well get dressed up for it.”
"Sure I wear my shorts to work, I wear them under the coveralls," Jay told him. "A tux?" Jay asked and then shuddered. "I don't know. Those are expensive and, well, even though my uncles said they’d help me with this, I kind of want to do it on my own." 

“Come on.” Billy coaxed. “I got married in October 2008; surely a new suit after 5 years and for your wedding is okay. If you want, I’ll chip in and you can see it as part of my wedding present.  What’s Jack wearing?” he asked curiously.
Jay gave his friend an evil smile and a twinkle lit up his hazel eyes. "Clothes I hope," he laughed.
“Well, for the ceremony definitely,” Billy laughed along with Jay. “After, however, is up to you. Mace refused to do it in the car, but when we reached the B and B …..” Billy just grinned to himself in memory.
Jay pulled out his phone, found the app and tapped it.
"Hey Sweets, umm what do you think we should wear, tuxes or suits? I think the suit I have will do but what do you think? Call me back when you can, ok, luv you." Jay tapped the screen again, then slid the phone into his breast pocket.
Billy was so lost in the thoughts of his marriage he almost drove off the side of the road and had to make a dramatic swerve back onto the road.  About a minute later he saw familiar flashing lights in his rear view mirror, “Fuck, I’m a dead man walking,” he joked to Jay about half an hour later as he stuffed the ticket he’d received into the glove box. “Mace promised a paddling the next time I got a ticket.”
Jay shuddered hard and moved slightly in the seat, "Yeah, Jack don't do tickets or reckless driving either," he told him, looking at his phone. Jay reached down into the bag on the floor and pulled out a Mountain Dew and, handing one to Bill, he twisted the top of his bottle with a loud pop. "What the fuck,” he said to Billy. “I'd get my ass tanned if I didn't call my partner back A.S.A.P. “
Jack was busy in the shop and had to think quickly when he received Jay’s text. He wanted to wear a tux but had hesitated to mention it to his Brat. There’d been enough stress around the wedding as it was until they’d finally found a venue, Jack’s parents rose garden. He finally returned the text, “Tuxes sound great to me.”
A snarl crossed Jay lips as he read the text, "Jacks wants to do the tuxes thing. I don't want to look like an undertaker on my wedding day,” he whined.
“Don’t be stupid,” Billy was not in a good place. “As if I’d let you look like an undertaker. Just stick with me and I bet you’ll feel a million dollars without spending a fraction of that.”
Jay flinched at the stupid remark and became quiet."So where are we going in Vancouver?" Jay asked. He was kind of hoping he could stop by and talk to Shane without a fight and he wanted to change the subject.
“I told you,” Billy replied, “to pick up a car. Look I’m sorry about calling you stupid. It’s just I’ve been keeping out of trouble recently and it pisses me off that I’ve landed myself in it again. Is there something else you want to do in Vancouver?” he asked. “I did tell Mace we might have to stay the night if the car wasn’t ready.”
"Not what, where?" Jay snapped, and then regretted his outburst. "No big deal we're cool," he said, giving Billy a weak smile. “Shane probably don't want me around anyway," he mumbled as he shifted his weight in his seat and looked out the window again, "When I told him I was getting married, he told me I was not ready and he was not coming.  I went to see if I could get him to understand my life and explain that what Jack and I do is ok with me, but instead of talking to him I punched him in the nose," Jay told Billy.  "Does Jack know we may spend the night?"
“Yes,” Billy replied, who had told Jack the real reason he was taking Jay to Vancouver. “He said it was cool with him. So do you want to go see, Shane? After we check in about the car that is.” Billy had arranged to pick up a car which he’d had fully restored for one of his clients in Jade Heights.
"Yeah if we can," Jay said after a few moments of silence and thinking. "Ok Bill, what the hell is going on? If you are picking up a car, you would have brought the car hauler so nothing happens to the car, and no, I am not calling you a liar, just sneaky. So what's up bro?”
“Now that would be telling,” Billy replied with an evil grin, “and I promised I wouldn’t spill. You’ll just have to wait and see.”

"You, Bro, are a brat," Jay laughed and sat back. "So is Mace going to be upset with the ticket?" he asked, getting his mind on something other than himself.

“You ever doubt it?” Billy replied. “Yeah Mace ain’t going to be happy. As he often points out, what good is a mechanic who has his license pulled?”
"Yeah I can understand that," Jay told him. "Bill, did your relationship change when you guys got married?"
“I told you before, it got better. We got even closer than before. Plus I got all his firefighter benefits,” Billy laughed out loud. “No really,” he turned serious, “it’s the best thing I’ve ever done, period.”
Jay laughed. "Jack’s self-employed so I don't think he has benefits. Bill, I am scared I’m going to fuck this up big time." Jay told him flat out.
“You’ve been together for years now,” Billy pointed out. “You haven’t fucked up so far so why do you think marriage is going to change the fundamentals? I can promise you being married does not save my butt when I stuff up. The ring is not a noose; it’s just a symbol. Jack will be wearing one as well you know. He’s probably as nervous as you are. After all, he’s never been married before.”
Jay laughed, "Jack nervous! Hell, he beat the crap out of Mac a few years ago and Mac can scare a rattlesnake to death," Jay said with a smile. "But you're probably right, Bill. We've been on the road for a nonstop two hours and I've had two big Monsters plus a litre of Dew, so um, I’m about ready to bust a bladder." Jay shifted in his seat.
“Hold on, there’s a service station coming up,” Billy replied. After they’d stopped and Jay had emptied his bladder they set out again. They made pretty good time and made Vancouver at about 4pm. Billy had rung ahead and found out the car he was due to pick up wasn’t ready. As he’d already told Mason and Jack about the bachelor party he saw no need to ring them. “So you want to visit your brother?” he asked Jay.
"Sure. I promise no fighting and you cannot drool over his 69 Dodge Charger or his GTO," Jay told him. He laughed when Bill’s eyes lit up. As they pulled up in front, Jay pointed out the house. "Fuck, Sis not home," he said when the only cars he saw were Shane's work truck and the motorcycles. 
Just as Billy turned off the truck the front door opened and Shane stepped out onto the porch looking confused. Then a smile crossed his face and he waved at the guys. Jay took a deep breath. "One major rule is no swearing in or around the house," Jay told him as he climbed out of the truck.
“I’ll behave, promise.” Billy replied. “Where’s the cars at?” he asked.
Jay let out a hearty laugh as he caught his youngest nephew in his arms and swung him around. "If he lets you anywhere near them, they are in the back yard." Jay told him. "Bill this is Benji and Steven."
"Nice to meet you, sir," Steven said, with politeness, shaking Billy’s hand firmly. "Hey Billy," Benji said with his toothless smile. Jay laughed when Steven rolled his eyes.
"Hey, didn’t expect to see you so soon," Shane said, pulling Jay in to a tight hug. His eyes were still a little black around the bridge of his noise.
Benji pulled on Billy’s pant leg when Bill looked down at him. "Uncle Jay punched dad," Benji whispered.
"Shane, this is my good friend as well as part time boss, Bill. He’s a total car nut." Jay introduced them.
Shane smiled and shook Billy’s hand. “Come on in. Sarah’s gone somewhere, so it’s just us guys," Shane said as he turned to the house. "Excuse the mess and the cars are off of limits," Shane added as he opened the door.

“What Jay forgot to tell you is I’m a mechanic,” Billy replied. “But I understand if you don’t like your babies drooled over. I’ve had a few cars like that.”
Shane gave Jay a look that made him shift where he stood. As Shane sat at the table he motioned Jay to have a seat. Jay gave Bill a ‘help me’ look but took a seat.  "I know what Jay drinks," Shane said, handing Jay a Dew. "We have Coke, Dew, water or coffee," Shane told Billy.
After a few minute Jay jerked his head toward the back door, Shane getting the hint to ask Steven to show Bill the cars out back. He told him there was some kind of electrical problem with the Dodge and reminded him they don't have computers in them and are not fuel injection. Shane laughed when Bill rolled his eyes at him. 
Jay took a deep breath. "I came here to see if I can get you to change your mind about going to my wedding. I can't tell you I'm sorry for punching you on the nose, because you did teach me never say sorry unless you mean it. I didn't come here to hit you the other day, but when I saw you I just got pissed cause of what you told me on the phone.
Shane nodded his head and smiled.  "Cut the crap, Jason," Shane told him.
"Jack’s and my relationship is nothing like Mac's and mine was. Jack doesn't beat me to get off or when he is mad at the world.  He loves me for me. Yes, we do have a kink but that’s us. What we have is a discipline partnership." Jay waited for the fireworks, when it didn't happen he continued, "If I screw up he punishes me. The punishment depends on my screw up, like when we left here last week, I was not paying attention to my surroundings and almost kissed the ass-end of a car. Jack spanked me for it. He has helped me get over many of my addictions. I stopped smoking and he was there for me. Shane even helped me stop drinking and eating all that crap I used to get a charge from. I eat a whole lot better now. Yes, I still have a nasty temper but I have settled down some. Like Jack told me when we first got started, I can stop the discipline anytime I want and right now I need it. Even at my age, I still need that helping hand. You've got to understand it’s what I want."
"I used to punish you for the same stuff and you just kept doing it, and you did the same stuff with Mac," Shane told him.
"There’s a difference. With you I did it to piss you off, with Jack I stopped because I didn't want him pissed off," Jay told him. "And for Mac, it's hard to stop when your lover is feeding it to you," he said. 
"You’re my only brother,” Jay continued, “and the only person I ever looked up to. I’m not going to beg or grovel for you to be there, I’m leaving it up to you. Sis has the invitation and the directions to get to Jack’s parents house, but please don't stop the boys from going," Jay told him as he stood up. He went around the table and hugged his brother. "I love you Shane Lee; you’ve always been there for me when I needed you", he said and walked out the back door. Going over to where the two cars sat on blocks, he laughed when he saw Billy’s legs sticking out from under one car. "I keep telling him it’s the wiring harness under the dash," Jay said, looking down at his friend.
“Could be,” Billy replied. “I’m no electrical engineer; I’m just your common or garden mechanic. I just love classics like this. She’s lovely,” he said to Shane who had followed his brother out of the house. “I could get a friend of mine to come round if you want. He is an electrical engineer.”
"I've been telling him that also but he won't listen to me’ cause I’m only fourteen." Steven said and walked off in a huff.
Shane laughed, "You two can use the guest house if you want, if you’re staying in town. I don't think Jay came all this way to talk to me, since Jack's not with him," Shane said, patting Jay on the back.
Jay walked off and took his phone out of his pocket; pushing the send button he waited until Jack picked up.
"Hey, the car Bill was picking up won't be ready until tomorrow, so we are spending the night here at Shane's."
Jay listened for a moment.                                                                                                        
Then he laughed. "No I didn't punch him and neither did Bill," he said with a smile.
“Yeah, we talked but, well, I am leaving it up to him. Like you said, the ball is in his court," Jay told his lover.
“Hey I am going to bring some of my old stuff back, if it’s ok with you. Most of it I can leave, but what I want to bring back my old bike. The boys were using it but Steven is too big for it now and Benji will have his own later. You know we really need to get those new video phones,” Jay suggested as he turned his back and gave Jack a phone kiss good bye before disconnecting the call.
“What’s up?” Billy asked curiously. “We have limited space in the truck, you know.”
Jay smiled and pointed. "My first motorcycle Mom got me. I was eight. God, I had fun on that thing," he said, going over and pulling the old bike out. It was a small blue and white bike with ‘the bird’ written across the tank.  "It should fit across the bed of the truck, under the window, but I will leave that up to you.”
“As if I would punch a total stranger,” Billy muttered after Jay hung up.
"Dude if a stranger came up and attacked me or any of your friends, you would take him down," Jay told him. “I’d do the same for you.”
"Yeah, and if remember right the cops brought you home more times in a month then there are days," Shane told him eyeing the small motorcycle with a jaundiced eye.
"You two go get your showers. Bed in fifteen," Shane told his boys.  "Do you two want to watch a movie or something?" Shane asked Jay and Billy.                                                                                                 
“We got somewhere to be tonight.” Billy replied.
"We do?” Now Jay was puzzled.
“Yep, we do,” Billy replied. “Get in the truck.” Making a hasty goodbye to Shane, Billy drove to Billy’s old hang out at the Skate Park. “Surprise,” he said as all Jay’s old friends popped up out of their hiding places. “Welcome to your bachelor party.”
Jay just looked at his old friends as well as his new ones, and then back to Billy. He didn't say anything; the lump in his throat would not let him. "Oh wow, I wish Jack was here to enjoy this," he said, looking at all the stuff.
“Man, this is your bachelor party, partner free zone,” Billy replied. “A chance for you and your friends to celebrate that you’ve found the man you want to marry.”
DJ jumped up and down with excitement, she’d finally got to surprise her oldest friend. "OK let’s party," she yelled.
Sarah came up and kissed Jay on his cheek. “You all have fun, call me if I am needed. I’m going to the mall, and for all Jack knows I was here all night," she told him. "Behave, Jason. No fighting or stupid stuff or Jack won't have anything left of you to love, when I am done, ya hear me," she told him. "And you young man," she pointed to Billy. "Thanks for bringing him," she said and off she went.
"Bill, me and Jack have this understanding, no alcohol; I've been dry for a few months now." Jay told him when he saw the kegs of beer and the bottles of liquor." Jay closed his eyes; this was going to be a big test. He knew he was going to get an F on.
“There’s some soft stuff around,” Billy said snagging a beer as it passed him. “I have to go slow, I’m driving tomorrow. A ticket is bad enough, a DUI would be terrifying.”
Jay growled a low growl. "Yeah I know," he mumbled and picked up a Dew. “Come on, let’s get some wings and stuff cause if I know this crowd, and I do, it's get it when you can. Oh yeah, watch your fingers, they bite," Jay said with laugh. Jay knew Billy came from the nice side of the tracks but had had a hard life. He was not sure if he ever hung out with a bunch from the hood side of the tracks. "Don't eat the green looking wings unless you want your intestines burned out,” he warned Bill as he filled his plate with the ranch flavored and honey mustard wings, "Not sure how DJ makes those but I swear she soaks them in Jalapeno juice before she cooks them,” he said as they made their way down the buffet line.
‘Buffet and soda,’ Jay thought in disgust and pulled his phone out of his pocket, "Is is ok if I have a few drinks since I won't be driving home tonight?" Jay sent the text and joined Bill at the table set up for him. Sitting down, he looked around and 'wow' was all he could think to say.
Jack answered the text immediately. “It’s your party, of course you can drink. Just be responsible.”
“I love hot food,” Billy replied and grabbed some chicken wings. “Bloody hell,” he spluttered, and grabbed a cold beer.  “They are truly evil.”
Jay grabbed his hand before he could swallow the beer. "Eat a few of these, it will take the burn away. Then take a drink." He handed him the bowl of chips that was on the table, "Sugar and yeast only adds to the burning,” he told him. "Trust me,” he said when Bill gave him a doubtful look.
“Ok I’ll believe you,” Billy replied. He took a handful of chips and found Jay had been right. He went to investigate other food sources and then hang out with some of Jay’s friends. After a couple of hours he went in search of his friend. “Wow, man, this is some party,” he said. “Some of your friends have some amazing pot over there.”
Jay’s mouth dropped like a lead balloon; he closed his eyes. Now Mace was going to kill him as well. ‘As long as Bill says nothing I’m not going to tell,’ he thought. Looking over Billy’s head he managed to see the friends Billy was talking about, "Bro, you smoke," he accused, looking into Bill eyes. "God, dude, how many hits did you take?  Your fucking eyes are redder than DJ’s shirt.” What did Rick bring? Grape Kush, Apple Kush, Goldilocks, or did someone manage to find Thai stick? Jay smiled. It'd been a while since he had a good high, "You know we’re both dead," Jay told him.
“Just about now I don’t care,” Billy retorted. “Don’t be such a buzz kill. Anyway who’s goin to tell? I ain’t.”
“Come on grab some and join me. You only have one bachelor party. Live a little.” This was Billy at his most persuasive.
 Half hour later half the room was buzzing from either the alcohol or a contact high from the pot. Jay was totally enjoying himself; he had the world in his hands right now.  Jay reached over and pulled Bill close to him "Glad Jack’s not here, I'd be dead where I stand."  Jay laughed and handed off the blunt to Billy.
Billy took a deep drag and then his eyes widened as he looked over Jay’s shoulder. “Hi Sarah,” he said weakly.
Jay closed his eyes, oh god he was deader than dead. Jay turned around to see a very extremely pissed off sis in law, "Hey, you're back," he told her with a smile. Sarah shook her head. "It's close to one a.m. I think it about time rides were called," she told DJ who was almost as bad as Jay and Bill put together. "I knew better then to trust you alone with this bunch," Sarah told Jay as she gathered up the gifts. Once all the rides were called and things were back in order, she spoke sharply, "Keys, neither one of you two are driving." She held out her hands for the keys to the truck.
"Shane is going to kill you, Jason," Sarah told him once they got to the truck.
I'm not worried about Shane, it’s Jack I got to worry about," he told her. "Shane's asleep by now. All we have to do is head to the guest house and go to sleep. We'll be ok in the morning, remember I don't get hangovers from the stuff I do," he reminded her as he rubbed his nose. Then Jay looked at his hand. "Shit, I only get bloody noses," he said, grabbing a napkin that was on the seat beside him.
Sarah shook her head."Tip your head back, dingbat," she told him.
Billy got the giggles and couldn’t stop. He was still giggling when his head hit the pillow. He slept like a baby and woke up grumpy. He peeled his eyes back, “What time is it?” he asked Jay. “Man what did I do last night?” followed with, “Oh…fu….ummmm heck,” as he suddenly remembered the no-swearing rule, “Tell me Sarah isn’t going to blab to Jack and by extension Mason,” he begged.
"I don't know, she’s anti drugs major time. I'm just glad the hard stuff was not there," Jay told him, taking a long pull of his morning Dew. "And what time are we supposed to pick up the car?”
“I wouldn’t have done anything harder,” Billy pointed out with alacrity, “And we can pick up the car anytime this morning.”
I've already text Jack to let him know I am awake and ok," he told him, checking his phone again. "He hasn't texted back, but then again Saturday is usually his busy day for last minute stuff," he said, going over to look out the window. "I'm taking a shower. I've got to get this smell off me before Shane bangs on the door," he said, disappearing into the bathroom. "I suggest you do the same. By the way, Sarah did wash our clothes last night." The shower turned on and Jay's music filled the room.  Fifteen minutes later Jay was dressed and ready to get the hell out of the danger zone.
Jack checked his text messages and frowned. He had two from Jay, and one sent last night that made very little sense. ‘What was my Brat up to?’ he wondered.
“Save some hot water for me,” Billy yelled out. Once Jay was out of the shower he hopped under the spray and once dressed said, “So where do we go for breakfast? I’m hungry.”
Jay gave him a strange look. "Come on,” Jay grabbed his stuff, then loaded the small cycle in the back of the truck and headed out to one of the old hang outs.

“This is one of the best places to eat after a high, it serves all kinds of meals all day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, whatever, "Jay told him. "I'm getting the stoner burger; it has everything on it and a ton of fries," Jay said as he slid out of the truck. "I'm glad they don't drug test," Jay said as he thought about his job on Monday.  He didn't want to think what would happen if Jack found out about this little escapade at the party.
Jack answered the phone, “Hi Sarah,” he said and then listened intently. After hanging up, he checked the local phone book and rang the fire station, “Hi Mason,” he said, “Want to know what our Brats have been up to?”
The pickup of the car went smoothly. They made good time and arrived back at Jade Heights at 5pm. Two very unhappy Tops were waiting for them.
"Hey, you want to see what I got at the party?" Jay asked, not paying any attention to the look on his lover’s face. "Some real cool stuff and I brought my very first motorcycle home, since Shane's boys are too big for it now." Jay rambled on. Letting out a breath, he gave Jack a look of innocence. "What?" he asked as if nothing had happened; however, his butt was telling him something else.
Jack just growled.
Billy looked up and then dropped his eyes under Mason’s glare. Mason glanced over to Jack, “Excuse us,” he rumbled, “I’ve got a brat to paddle.”
“Mmmaaaaacccccccceeeeeeeeeeee,” Billy whined, and then obeyed his Top’s non verbal instruction to head home.
Jay swallowed hard, he actually didn't know what to do or say but he knew he’d royally fucked up; he glanced around trying to see if any implements were lying around. Not seeing any, he let out a small breath but then again Jack was notorious for pulling that damn paddle out of thin air. Even though he and Jack were not into the Master and Sub roles, his old training kicked in. He put his hands behind him, he slipped his thumbs into the back belt loop, then he dropped his head. His long hair cascaded over his shoulders, he swallowed a few times to get the lump in his throat to go down. "I'm sorry," Jay said as his voice cracked.
“I know you’re sorry,” Jack rumbled, “That does not mean that I’ll go easy on you. Apart from the fact that marijuana is illegal, it’s not all I am angry about. Look at me Jason,” he said softly and waited until Jay had raised his head. “You let us down, my trust in you not to do something stupid. That is what I am most upset about.”
His given name used in any tone always made his belly tighten in a knot but it was those simple words that broke Jay’s heart. It was like he got punched in the gut. He didn't mean to let anyone down, including his Sweets nor did he mean to break the trust they had together. Someone lied to him: words really do hurt especially from someone you love. He let out a ragged breath. He wanted to turn around and leave, run like he normally did; maybe that was what Shane was talking about when he told him he could not run when things got bad but something told him not to. He knew his soon-to-be husband would not hurt him.
"I didn't mean to," Jay said, looking into Jack’s eyes. He shook his head; he couldn’t stand seeing the hurt or the lack of trust in his Sweet’s eyes. He turned and headed for the door, "I'll understand if you want to call it off. I understand if you don't want to get hooked up with an untrustworthy person like me."  He banged his head against the door. "I didn't mean to hurt you or us," he said and walked out. He didn't make it far, the last step was where he stopped, and Jay sat and laid his head in his arms and cried.
Jack sat next to him and dragged him into an embrace. “I do not want to call it off,” he replied, “You could never do anything that bad. I know you didn’t mean to hurt us but that happens in all relationships, it’s how we take the next step. I think the first thing we do is to draw a line under this incident and move on.” Jack was rubbing slow circles on his Brat’s back. “Now, given that I have no intention of beating you black and blue, you get an input into the punishment. What do you think would work to make you remember the lesson?”
Jay buried his face into the crook of Jack’s neck, just under his ear, slipping his arm around his man; he took in a deep breath smelling his lover’s scent that seemed to always relax him in a way that he could not explain. He honestly could not answer Jack’s question, last night was it for him, he didn't care if he lit up again as long as he lived. "You told me once that what Shane did to me when I was fourteen, and got sent to the hall for it, would be nothing compared to what you would do, if you ever caught me with pot. Hurting you like I did is enough for me. I will not ever toss your trust back at you like that again," he told him in a whisper.
“Well Billy is getting paddled,” Jack replied, “It seems unfair that you get more than your co-conspirator. So we’ll start there. I don’t think in this case grounding is appropriate, but you will be researching and writing an essay on the dangers of marijuana. Plus we spend a lot of quality time together planning our wedding. Now it’s time to get the paddling out of the way.” He pulled Jay up and led him back up the stairs.
Jay let out a small whine. He was grateful it was not the damn strap but he didn't like the idea of having to do research and an essay. Right now there was not time for such an option.  He followed as if he was going to the gallows, head down and a few steps behind Jack. Once in the loft Jay stopped where he normally did before a punishment.  Jack would normally do this part, however this time Jay felt he needed to let Jack know he accepted this punishment. He was going to man up on this one. Jay undid his jeans and slid his jeans and underwear off at the same time; once they were pooled around his ankles he slowly stepped out of them and slid them under the coffee table with his foot.  As he looked down, his manhood hid and he swore he could feel his balls climb up inside of him. His ass twitched and quivered, he knew this was going to be a bad one.

Jack was proud of his young Brat. It was not often Jay was so accepting of a punishment. He didn’t waste any time as he pulled Jay over his knee. The warm up had Jay wriggling as Jack slowly heated up the white bottom with his hand. It was a light pink when he picked up the paddle. That was when he began to turn Jay’s bottom into a blazing inferno.
"Oww," Jay yelled out when the first smack of the paddle hit his already warm ass. Grabbing his squishy pillow, he bit into it. His body jerked with each smack of the paddle. A couple of times he felt Jack’s arm tighten around his waist to keep him from twisting off the lap. He felt he was no longer able to take it; beside the pain from punishment there was the pain of his brother not wanting to be there for him on his special day, not understanding him, and then the fight.  It hurt like hell, but the pain that bothered him the most was the pain of having let his Sweets down yet again. Jay gave up and let it all out. The soft cries soon became gut-wrenching cries of pain. He soon stopped fighting the punishment and went limp across the lap.  

Billy shut the door and turned to look at Mason. "Bedtime?" he asked tentatively.

"Soon Monkey. We have a punishment to take care of first. Please go upstairs and wait in the bedroom corner for me, while I close up the house."

"Maaaasssssooooonnnn," Billy whined, "I hate standing in corners. You know that," he pouted.

"Tough," Mason said. He turned Billy towards the stairs with a light swat. "You've just woken up, and I would like you to have some time to think about why you're being punished tonight."

"This sucks," Billy groused. He stamped up the stairs, found his corner in the bedroom, and began to kick the wall to demonstrate his displeasure.

Mason stood in the bedroom doorway and smiled at his Brat. 'Well at least he's awake,' Mason thought. "Come here, Monkey," Mason said in a soft yet firm tone of voice. He held his arms open, hoping Billy would come to him. He sighed and kissed his husband when his grumpy love cuddled into his arms. Mason moved them both over to the bed, and sat against the headboard with Billy sitting between his legs, leaning against Mason's broad chest.

Billy sighed and leant back against Mason's chest. "I was only having some harmless fun.  However, I did know it’s illegal and was a really bad thing to do." Billy let out a sigh that was half groan. "I knew almost as soon as I took the first drag that you’d paddle me. If it helps any, I’m sorry. Really sorry.”

Thank you sweetheart," Mason said. He kissed Billy on the top of the head. "Let's get it over with, shall we?"

"Let's not," Billy grumbled.

Mason kept Billy sitting in front of him; he unbuttoned and unzipped Billy's pants and gently turned Billy over, so he was lying across Mason's lap. He then gave a little tug to the pants, pulling them down to Billy's knees. He caressed Billy's butt. "I love you Monkey." Mason rolled his eyes thinking of all the trouble Billy and Jay had got in. "But helping Jason to defy his Top is just like defying me and is not acceptable." Mason raised his hand and began to spank the soft white globes in front of him. He applied several swats first to the underside of each cheek, one directly on top of the other. He then raised his hand just slightly and repeated his pattern. He worked his way up Billy's butt, and then down his thighs.

"Hurts," Billy moaned, and not long after the tears began to flow. He was sobbing before the first stroke of the paddle landed and he cried out as each additional stroke blazed into his undercheeks. His bottom was burning and he just wanted it to be over.

Mason set the paddle down and lay down on the bed next to Billy. He began to rub Billy's back. "We're all done Monkey. All is forgiven. Except for some lines and a writing assignment to complete." Billy was too sore to even groan in protest.

Jay and Billy both spent most of the following hours in their partners’ laps. Billy, after stealing two pillows from the sofa, started writing lines. Mason had not set a number; he said he’d know when Billy had done enough. Billy wondered if he should confess about the ticket now or wait. As he shifted uneasily on his seat he decided to wait. A month later Mason made him regret that decision, resurrecting the wooden spoon. 

Jay did not escape sitting on his sore butt, as he researched his essay.

The wedding planning was completed and they all gathered together in the Rose garden.


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