The Suspension

Written by: Jo and Carol

Jay slowly walked home; he was in no hurry to get there; he had to think about what he was going to do or say. He could not believe a few pranks got him suspended for the rest of the week, Hell, how was he going to tell Jack, and what would he do when he found out?

Letting out a sigh, he trudged up thestairs to the loft. All thought of his suspension went out the window when he saw the man he loved standing in the kitchen in only a pair of very tight cut-off shorts.

Closing the door softly behind him, he slowly and quietly made his way over to where Jack was standing. Licking his lips, he gently kissed the bare shoulder. "I think those are mine, luv." Jay said, smiling when Jack jumped.

"Mine are in the wash," Jack replied. "So are my t-shirts, and since I closed the shop early for once, I decided it didn't matter what I wore." He grinned at his lover. "Like what you see?" he asked.

"If you have to ask, the honeymoon's over," Jay said, as he sensuously moved his hands around Jack's waist to hold his lover's butt captive. "I feel a little over-dressed," he said, giving Jack a sly smile.

Jack looked into his lover's eyes, and wasn't fooled. He gently disengaged from Jay's embrace and tilted his head slightly. "Had a good day at work?" he asked.

Jay was taken back a little. "Yeah, it was like always," he told him, shrugging his shoulders. `He knows stupid,' Jay thought, as he looked into Jack's handsome face. `Just tell him and get it over with; it's not like you got suspended for smoking at school,' he thought again, when he noticed Jack was not buying into it.

For a moment, Jay thought about it, but then pulled away from Jack, and headed toward the bathroom. "How come you decided to close up early today?" he asked. Then he snapped his fingers, and turned to face his lover. "Come to think of it, something did happen today," he said, turning back toward the bathroom. "It's kind of funny actually. I've been suspended for two days," he told him, over his shoulder, as he closed the bathroom door.

"You've been what?" Jack's voice was deceptively quiet, but intense, when Jay came out of the bathroom. Jack was sitting on the sofa, his eyes glittering dangerously.

`How DO you explain a two-day suspension to your top?' Jay thought, as he swallowed hard, but stayed were he was. He opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again. His mind was silently going over the rules they had, not remembering anything on work ethics.

Taking a deep breath, he said "We've been pulling pranks on the new guy, Travis; nothing harmful. One of the pranks meant for Travis ended up being pulled on Donna, and she must have been in a snotty, bitchy mood, because she suspended Doug and me for two days," he said, still not moving from his spot.

"Why don't you tell me everything, without the attitude," Jack suggested. "At the moment, I'm not happy that my Brat has been pulling pranks on his boss."

Jay nervously scratched his thumb with his index finger, as he told Jack what he'd been up to for the last few weeks. Pacing back and forth behind the sofa, he did his best to keep the attitude at bay. "We were just trying to get him to quit," Jay told him. "And he's the assistant boss, anyway. According to Donna, neither Doug nor I have the brains to do that type of work," he said, the last with a sigh, remembering the remark Mac had made to him when he said he wanted to go to college to be a motorcycle mechanic. Shaking his head to get the voice out, he half-leaned, half-sat on the back of the sofa, as he faced Jack "So why did you close up early?" he asked, giving Jack a flat grin.

"It's been slow and I've got a lot of commissions I need to work on," Jack replied. "And I can't believe Donna said that to you. Think about it; you've been there about a year, getting a promotion to assistant manager within a year is very rare. Did you give the new guy a chance to prove himself to you at all? I thought we were better than that."

"Well, she did say we were considered, but not responsible enough to handle it," Jay told him, pulling on the loose thread on his shorts. "No, I didn't, and yes, we are," he said, sliding down on to the sofa, and then he turned around so that his back was against Jack's chest. "I've already apologized to him, just in case you're wondering." Letting out a sigh, he tipped his head back so that he could judge Jack's expression. "I'm not in trouble with you, am I?"

"Should you be?" Jack asked, his expression becoming serious. "This is one time you have to make the decision. I'm not really happy with your actions, but this is your job that you might have put in jeopardy."

"What? " Jay almost fell off the sofa when he spun around to face his Top. Making a face, "You know I can't make that kind of decision. If I say `no', you won't, and then I'll just fret over it and get myself in more trouble than I would have been in the first place," he said. Hell, even to him, it didn't make sense. Taking a deep breath, "So `yes', I should be," he finally said. "But no grounding, only because I am working on a bike for a customer, and Billy is up to his eyeballs with cars." As much as he hated being spanked or paddled, it was like a ton of bricks being lifted off his shoulders.

"Grounding was never on the agenda," Jack replied, as he calmly put Jay over his knees and pulled his Brat's pants down. "Neither is the paddle; this is just a spanking to help remind you to make better choices." Jack's hand raised and the spanking began.

Jay did his best to stay quiet; this was his decision after all; he should be able to handle it. After the second round, he started to let out small gasps, and wiggled to get his ass out of the way. Half way through the third, he was crying hard, and he let his body go limp over Jack's strong thighs.

Jack felt Jay's surrender, and smiled somewhat grimly. He knew the stages his Brat went through during a spanking. He finished the circuit, and landed the last two swats on Jay's sit spot. "Okay, baby," he said softly to Jay. "We're all done." Jack knew Jay wouldn't register that for a while, so he gently ran his hand across his Brat's back.

Once Jay realized the punishment was over, he pushed himself up and snuggled up against Jack's chest. After he got himself under control, he pushed himself back and looked into Jack's face. "You do know that was mean?" he said, giving his lover a watery smile.

"So were the pranks you pulled on your new co-worker," Jack replied, holding his Brat close, taking the sting out of his words. "Maybe writing a letter of apology will help you repair the relationship quicker. However, that is your choice."

Taking a deep breath, Jay snuggled closer to his lover. He could smell the sweet scent that always made his body take over and his mind go numb. "Giving him a verbal one was hard enough," he said, as his thumb rubbed over the small nub on Jack's chest, shifting slightly so he was able to still rub against the man he loved, but being careful not to cause his ass anymore pain. Giving Jack's neck light kisses, he stifled a small yawn; he wanted to make out, not take a nap.

Jack turned his head and turned the kisses slightly more serious. He had no intention of initiating sex but he had no objection to making out with his Brat.

Jay hated to break this little necking party up but when his belly let out a soft rumbled he captured Jack's bottom lip between his and pulled back breaking the kiss, licking his lips. "Tell you what feed me and then you can have your way with me" he said giving Jack the sexiest grin he could muster.

Jack made his famous chicken salad, and later after a long period of driving Jay crazy finally ending in bed, he let out a huge groan. He'd have to close the shop tomorrow, so he could get to the work he needed to complete.

The End

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