Jack and Jason.

Co-Authors: Jo and Carol.

Jack stalked into the police station. He nodded to Police Chief Chandi Barrett. "Hi," he said. "I'm here to pick up Jason Copeland." As Jason was led out, Jack almost gasped. His Brat was gorgeous. He pulled himself together and handed Jaya pair of skater shorts and an old t-shirt he'd grabbed. "Get dressed, Sunshine," he said. "I'll deal with your fine and we'll be off home."

Jack noticed Jay was shivering, and he had a feeling it wasn't from the cold, since the sun was still shining. He drew Jay into a hug. "You're in trouble," he said, in a low voice, "But I love you and everything will be alright."

Jay was relieved to see his lover, but he was more relieved to find out that Jack was not too upset with him. Giving Jack a sly smile, he slipped in to the shorts and t-shirt. He tried to read Jack's expression, but, being a top, Jack was good at hiding them. When Jack pulled him into a hug, he rested his head on Jack's shoulder. "I know, I love you more," Jay whispered into Jack's ear. He then waited patiently, biting his nails, while Jack paid the fine.

Jack gently led Jay out to the car and they drove home in silence. "OK, baby," Jack said, when they'd both sat down on the sofa. "Spill. What were you thinking about...streaking through the Park?" He pulled Jay into a hug, and his nosewrinkled as it smelled the beer. He decided not to challenge Jay on the drinking, for the moment.

Jay leaned into Jack, with his back against Jack's chest. He felt safe in the strong arms that held him, and the soft hand that gently rubbed his bare hip. It didn't matter that in a few minutes that soft hand would be hard as steel on his bare ass. "We, I mean the guys and I, decided to see if we could sell a homemade calendar of us with our body art. So we went to see if we had any takers." Jay took a breath. "We had no idea that there was a bike rodeo for the kids today, honest," he said, picking at the paint on his leg. He then tipped his head back so he could look up at his lover. "We were supposed to paint our bodies to surprise our partners," he said. "Please tell me you like it," Jay said, with pleading eyes. He was hoping Jack would at least like the way he looked, for all the trouble it caused.

"You look really hot," Jack replied honestly. "And it was a hell of a surprise. I would have appreciated it more if half the town hadn't seen it. As for the calendar, I hope somebody took photos, because I'll be interested in purchasing one. Is there anything else you need to tell me?" Jack asked gently.

Jays eyes moved back and forth for a moment, then he winced. "Yeah, I kind of had two or three beers while we painted each other. I know I'm banned from it for a month, but I didn't want to be the only one who was not drinking." Jay gave him a pleading look. "I think one of the guys took pictures"

"I understand the peer pressure," Jack replied, "But I am disappointed in you. The alcohol ban was put into place because you were drinking too much in secret. Maybe if you'd stayed sober, your decision making would have been sounder." Jack raised his eyebrow at Jay. "You know, I was very close to taking the belt out of the closet," he said, and saw Jay turn a pasty white colour. "Hey," he said, drawing Jay close. "I said 'close', not that I did. However, I think this littleescapade does mean a paddling."

When Jay heard the word belt, his stomach knotted up, and he felt like he was going to barf, but relaxed a little when he heard it was still in the closet. The word 'paddle' always made his stomach do flip-flops, and this time was no exception. "If you say so, sir," Jay whispered, as he turned sideways so his and Jack's legs were touching. There was no way he was going to put himself over Jack's lap.

"Did you expect something less?" Jack asked, concerned by his Brat's white face. "Do you think I'm being abusive?" After Jay's experience with Mac, Jack was always concerned his Brat would not speak up if he felt he was being mistreated.

"Actually, I thought it would be worse. " Jay shivered, thinking of the belt. "Abusive, you? Hardly," he said, wrapping his arms around Jack's arm, hugging him tight. "You're always fair with your punishments, except the time yougrounded me for a month; that sucked." He gave his lover a big smile. "I just don't like that thing, but you're the top, and what you say goes, and I'll have to deal with what you decide," he said, with false bravery.

"I know you didn't enjoy the grounding," Jack replied. "That was the point. I didn't enjoy it much either." He maneuvered Jay over his knee. "Why don't you tell me the reasons you're here," he suggested.

`I thought we just went over it,' Jay thought, as he grabbed a hold of Jack's ankle. "Drinking, parading around naked in a park full of kids, and getting arrested," Jay said, fighting back the tears that were about to escape. "I'm sorry," he said, swallowing the lump in this throat.

"Good," Jack said, and began spanking. He never said anything when he spanked; he knew Jay wouldn't be able to listen. He paused a minute, and picked up the paddle.

Jay was in tears after the first few swats. He shifted a little when he realized the spanking had stopped, but his ass tightened automatically when he felt Jack shift to pull the paddle out of where it was hiding. Jay swore to himself thatif he ever found that place, he'd burn the damn thing. He then started to wriggle enough to get both hands behind him, interlacing his finger together to protect his ass. "Please, no!" He'd had his hands smacked with a paddle before, but he knew in his heart Jack would not smack his hands.

Jack moved Jay's hands, and held them out of the way as he began to paddle Jay steadily, He waited until he felt his Brat was truly repenting his actions. Then he gently released Jay's hands and began to massage his back. "All forgiven," was all he kept saying.

Jay cried hard; the spanking had hurt, but the paddling was worse. His butt was on fire, and he was sure he would not sit for a month, well, at least a few days. When Jack started to rub his back, Jay curled himself up around Jack to where his body was still on Jack's lap, but his head and legs were on either side of him. His cries soon became hiccups and sniffs, while Jack gently massaged his back. "I'm sorry I'm a fuck up; I don't mean to be," Jay mumbled into the pillow he had grabbed when the paddling started. He always waited for Jack to help him up so that he was sure the punishment was over.

"You're not a fuck up," Jack said, helping Jay up and holding him close. "Sometimes your decisions are not the best, but that's why I'm here to catch you. I love you sweetheart, and that's never going to change."

Jay didn't say anything; he just laid his head on Jack's shoulder, hugged his lover with one arm, and played with his shirt button with the other. He started to calm down with the gentle rocking and the calming whispers Jack always did after a punishment. For some reason, it always calmed Jay down faster. "Well at least I didn't shave my head like Kadyn did," he said with a laugh.

"Thank God," Jack said under his breath.

About a half hour later, Jay climbed off Jack's lap and headed to the bathroom. `I'm not wasting this paint job, no matter what,' he thought, as he looked for something. Finding his boots and leather cap in the bottom of the cupboard. He put them on and washed his face. Grabbing two of Jack's ties off the tie rack, he stepped out into the room. Once he caught his lover's attention, he smiled, with ties in hand, and wrapped them around his wrist. "Wanta play big boy?" he said, giving Jack a sexy smile, growling at him, winking, and then licking his lips, all at the same time.

Jack just smiled at his Brat, "Always."

The End

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